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  4. jim01q

    46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

    I think it was a 5 min limit before. I upped it to 10 and now have 92 kills in 10mins. Phenomenal skill
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  6. Sharqosity

    46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

    You can actually play with bots on any workshop map that supports it, just click host game and find a map with a bot icon next to it. Then after loading it type in console (hit the tilde ~ key): sv_addbot x y and you can add as many bots as you like. with x being the difficulty, 1-100 and y being the team 0-1 (this doesn't matter if you're just playing ffa). To change the timelimit you can do callvote ruleset competitive, the only difference between casual and competitive rulesets is 5 vs. 10 min timelimit and competitive has item timers disabled. Alternatively if you are on your own listen server, sv_timelimit_override x where x is the timelimit.
  7. Hi. I suck at this game but have got 46 kills vs the bots in the default setting of Play>> Bots >> Play (FFA: Fusion selected) I know all the bots predictable behavior. I would be grateful if a pro could upload a demo beating my 46 kill record. Most grateful. Thanks , bye. PS Does anyone know how I can increase the length of these games. They are only 5 or 7 mins long (not sure). I would prefer 10min to be the default
  8. lolograde


    Some more recent movies:
  9. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0

    Will there be a 1.3 in March 2019? 🙏
  10. I believe this tool had been broken for a bit but is now functional again with assistance from Donald and donny. All credit belongs to scuti, Donald, donny, and the other folks who helped to make this tool. You can download the .zip here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pg4rVdB2_r7XYa3sQM585wEHYadZDWXw Copy+pasta from the README.txt: reflex2q3 - Map conversion from Reflex to idTech 3 engine This is a command line application for Windows. Sample usage: reflex2q3.exe input.map output.map -e sample.ent Help and all command line options: reflex2q3.exe --help For extra information refer to: https://blog.teknik.io/antares/p/370 Source code repository: https://git.teknik.io/scuti/reflex2q3
  11. Kridlo

    How could I setup a game in China?

  12. lolograde

    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    I just asked if anyone had replays to share and these were some of what was sent to me. I used probably 30% of the replays people sent me and picked from those my favs.
  13. Furioness

    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    Why this specific frags, there some so old like that with terrifire on non-release test dp5 version, just collection of moments that have waited for their time?
  14. LoubiTek

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQpy7eVhNMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIXpSkzfBas
  15. No, not that i know of.
  16. Well, this was interesting. My brother is always interested in knowing about such things. He will like this post a lot. We are watching some good shows by Andy Yeatman now days and I am scared of the day these get over. I must find more of his shows online somewhere.
  17. fr4gbAit

    Customized Sounds | Armor and Mega problem

    So.. there isn't a way to unlock them again?
  18. Those two sounds are now locked. You can't change them iirc after patch 1.2
  19. This is my first post here, so I'll be quickly. I have customized sound pack from Quake Live and Quake World. Everything works perfectly nice except by 2 things, the mega and armor. I don't know why happen this. In a oldest version that I had it works perfectly. I have the theory that the name files aren't any more "health_mega_pickedup.wav" or "armor_color_pickedup.wav" So If somebody knows the current file name I could be placed. I need have the full mix of sounds for my reflex ^^ Ps: Yeah, I'm kinda perfectionist btw.
  20. clankzki

    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    very very nice. Loved it.
  21. © Dieu Nicolas Urvoy

    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    Nice video! Thanks for the frag!
  22. © Dieu Nicolas Urvoy

    [e-sport] Project ATDM e-sport 16v16 players 3+3 coaches ! (futur of ATDM) :)

    Hello there, This is my minoan project for HenHouse, ra3map12, by Firestarter! Work in progress... First, this is some minoan remains: And now, my actual minoan work, have fun: Have Fun! Addictus © ⰏⰉⰐⰑⰔ. © Dieu faune Nicolas Urvoy.
  23. © Dieu Nicolas Urvoy

    [e-sport] Project ATDM e-sport 16v16 players 3+3 coaches ! (futur of ATDM) :)

    Surprise here: Firth December 2018! Have Fun! Addictus
  24. © Dieu Nicolas Urvoy

    [e-sport] Project ATDM e-sport 16v16 players 3+3 coaches ! (futur of ATDM) :)

    Hello there! We really need: Mutator fastrail 1 for this e-sport TDM Project! Work in progress... Have Fun! Addictus
  25. MnstH

    Reflex Demos from Community Servers

    Update: - added CR2 DE#1 & #2 - fixed a few little errors
  26. © Dieu Nicolas Urvoy

    [e-sport] Project ATDM e-sport 16v16 players 3+3 coaches ! (futur of ATDM) :)

    Hello everybody, Have a nice week-end: Work in progress-progress... Have Fun! Addictus
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