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  2. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Announcing Reflex Monthly Cup EU#5 The date for the fifth rotation of the European cups is finalized! Start Time : Sunday, May 20th, 2018, 05:00 PM CEST (UTC+2) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/deftv Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCEU5 Sign-up : https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/R6rNgTowpd Communication : https://discordapp.com/invite/CepJUfS Prizepool: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10701 We hope to see all of you on tournament day! Please consider donating to the prizepool or volunteering for one of the following positions: - Another Public Relations member who can advertise the cups on discord and other sites and platforms - 2 to 4 additional tournament admins, especially those who can be available at NA cup times - Streamer for NA cup #5 on Sunday, April 29th If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact @DazedSpartan on discord. Thanks!
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  4. SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Judging criteria released.
  5. Reflex Monthly Cups

    It could make sense to just add Abandoned Shelter and also keep ruin. This, together with the new map picking system would improve the variety of map played. I like this new system because it should reward players that are more versatile, that can adapt and play different play-styles on different maps, and it punish players that just over-learn one or two maps. Like people in QL that can just play aero/ztn. that's bad. In my opinion we could just make the map pool grow and keep maps that play decently good like ruin.
  6. SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Wow. A special thanks to uaedude for the $420 donation! Due to the mapping competition gaining a lot more traction recently (and that donation) many have asked for an extension in the deadline so there you go. Can't wait to see what you all bring to the table.
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  8. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Good Thank fucking god Not bad This is problematic. How does this solve anything? I'm assuming the issue here is that Ruin is very rarely practiced and played in tournaments, but what makes you think that dp4 will be any better? As far as I can tell, there has been no community vote, no real testing of the map apart from the extremely short ammo remix testing, and it seems like it's just a hastily made decision. What even happened to the mapping tournament that was planned during the first months? It's not like Ruin is a bad map either, it's just not played because only a few people from the main regions play it. Just look at the aussie boys, they seem to play nothing but Ruin. The issue with this decision is that you already fixed the problem: the map picking system. If you want people to practice the least played map in the pool, then just have people pick first instead of banning. If a player doesn't practice a map, then they risk having their opponent pick the said map on their first pick. If the map still doesn't get picked after that change, then feel free to ditch it out. If you just want more variety to the map pool, then don't keep the maps that have been played 24/7 for years now. Regardless of what you do to the other maps, people will always favour the usual trio of t7/t2/thcdm13.
  9. Custom Ruleset 2

    All 5 tournaments have been successfully hosted ! Congratulations to the winners, thank you to admins, streamers, donators and supporters ! More details can be found here : https://reflex.fun/rmc During the tournaments, feedback was collected it appeared that some changes were still needed. The following changes have been applied to the CR2 ruleset : - Rocket ammo has been increased from 4/8/16 to 5/10/20 (Box/Wep/Max) - The CR2_team ruleset has been synced with the CR2 ruleset, it appeared ammo changes did not prove useful, there is now only a single ruleset. Official CR2 servers (https://reflex.fun/cr2#Servers) have all been updated, we encourage everyone to make the CR2 ruleset available on their server using the official config file : http://reflex.fun/ruleset_CR2.cfg
  10. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups NA#5, Map Pool Changes, Rule Changes, and CR2 Changes Announcing Reflex Monthly Cup NA#5 The date for the fifth rotation of the North American cups is finalized! Start Time : Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at 02:00 PM EST (UTC-5) Stream : TBA, please message @DazedSpartan#3488 if interested Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCNA5 Sign-up : https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/xsoKq8mnn2 Communication : https://discord.gg/CepJUfS Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10617 Thank you to donators and we hope to see you all on tournament day! Changes to RMC After 4 complete rotations, we have decided to make some changes to various aspects of RMC including map pool, map selection, server selection, and ruleset. All following changes are effective immediately: Map Pool Abandoned Shelter (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608404670) will replace Ruin (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=595872330) Map Selection System : The following map picking system will now be used : - Use the 'roll' command in console to determine which player drops first. (The player with the highest roll is the roll Winner) W: Roll winner L: Roll loser - BO3 : Pick(W)-Pick(L)-Drop(W)-Drop(L) - The remaining map is the tiebreaker map (Maps are played in order of picks). - BO1 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Drop(W)-Drop(L) - The remaining map after drops is the map to be played. https://reflex.fun/rmc_rules#MapSelectionSystem This Pick-Pick system rather than Drop-Drop system will lead to more variety and force players to practice the entire pool as there is a risk of the opponent forcing any map. Cross Region Server Selection Rules : - EU Editions : EU_player vs NA_player matches are played on a London (UK) server. If the EU player's ping is higher than 80ms on the London (UK) server, a Frankfurt (DE) server is used. - NA editions : NA_player vs EU_player matches are played on a New Jersey (East) server. If the NA player's ping is higher than 80ms on the New Jersey (East) server, a Chicago (Central) server is used. - Manipulating/Inflating ping to mislead admins will result in a disqualification from the tournament. https://reflex.fun/rmc_rules#Servers This rule change will help west NA players have a greater advantage when playing against an EU player in an NA edition. CR2 Ruleset changes : The latest CR2 ruleset changes will be used in future RMC events : - Rocket ammo has been increased from 4/8/16 to 5/10/20 (Box/Wep/Max) - The CR2_team ruleset has been synced with the CR2 ruleset, it appeared ammo changes did not prove useful, there is now only a single ruleset. Thank you for supporting competitive Reflex and see you at RMC NA#5 on April 29th!
  11. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cup EU#4 Results Reflex Monthly Cups EU#4 has been concluded! Thank you to the players, RMC staff, and everyone who came to watch. Special thanks to def for streaming and stepping in to cast almost all of the cup (and doing a great job). Congratulations to Ramagan for another victory, continuing his reign in EU with a decisive victory over Vigur in the grand finals. : Ramagan : Vigur : LKO See you all next time. Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCEU4 Complete Broadcast : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CT7xzfGZg4&feature=youtu.be Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7t9oa0rqr0qb4o/RMCEU4_replays.zip?dl=0 Donations are open for the upcoming monthly cup : RMC NA#5 : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10617 Thank you for supporting competitive Reflex!
  12. AMD users with game crashes - read this

    I can confirm that, for me at least (on RX 480) the crashes have stopped after disabling Bloom and Sun.
  13. Why do you play Reflex?

    I play because: Q3 has had its day QC feels slow and the champions are irritating (I still try to like it from time to time) Warsow is gone So reflex is the only modern arena game that feels lovely to play.
  14. AMD users with game crashes - read this

    I have the same issue using a RX480. I've now disabled both bloom and sun and will report back...
  15. Reflex Monthly Cups

    CR2 Cups Results Reflex Monthly Cups hosted three tournaments last Sunday to showcase the finalized CR2 ruleset. They all differed from events that RMC has hosted in the past. The first was an AU duel cup, the second was a JP duel cup, and the third was a 2v2 cup. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, the players, and especially the broadcasters and RMC staff who worked to host all these tournaments on the same day. See you all next time! CR2 AU Cup Results : Dacca : Cat_Smoker : Oldmatesc Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/CR2_AU Complete Broadcast : https://youtu.be/GJ7ab5_O268 Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ru76d43d673hflq/CR2_AU_replays.zip?dl=0 Payouts : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9943/payouts CR2 JP Cup Results : Chortas : shoushink : Alvajp Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/CR2_JP Complete Broadcast : https://youtu.be/_5TfXTJQbqc Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/tkydqjjn20rtxqu/CR2_JP_replays.zip?dl=0 Payouts : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9942/payouts CR2 2v2 Cup Results : kimi+lako winner squad (Kimi + LKO) : bigdoinks (dev_ + Gala) Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/CR2_2v2 Complete Broadcast : https://youtu.be/w-pVpqCwwzg Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gr9iquuqn4230zg/CR2_2v2_replays.zip?dl=0 Upcoming Events : https://reflex.fun Thank you for supporting competitive Reflex!
  16. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cup NA#4 Results The fourth NA Reflex Monthly Cup was concluded on Sunday! Thank you to everyone who came to watch, to the players, and to the Reflex Monthly Cups staff for another great tournament. Special thanks to Pan1c from the CPMA community for cocasting. Congratulations to Vigur, who came out ahead of Hoyt in a surprising turn of events on 118 ping! This marks the first time that Hoyt has not come 1st in NA RMC, and the first time a player has won a cup outside of their region. Impressive from Vigur! : Vigur : Hoyt : Sharqosity See you all next time. Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCNA4 Complete Broadcast : https://youtu.be/uAL6FHNH_ik Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/jme7hezio0g9dev/RMCNA4_replays.zip?dl=0 Payouts: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9839/payouts Upcoming Events : https://reflex.fun Thank you for supporting competitive Reflex! Reflex Monthly Cups is looking for more volunteers! - Another Public Relations member who can advertise the cups on discord and other sites and platforms - 2 to 4 additional tournament admins - Someone with videomaking skills to join the highlights video team - A newswriter who can write pre and post cup summaries If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact @DazedSpartan#3488 on discord. Thanks!
  17. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    yall should totally do the robot werewolf from the Scandroid - Thriller music video hard to get good pics of it, you can find the video here
  18. Sushiflex March Madness!

    Hi, where can I find the results and VOD for the EU 1v1 cup?
  19. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (NA) : DazedSpartan RMC NA#1 - 2nd Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. DazedSpartan 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) The first real game I played was Call of Duty world at war on the wii when it came out (you may not like it, but that is what peak fps looks like). I played a little Halo 1 on the PC around this time on little kid modded servers and then moved back to console when I got an xbox 360 for christmas. I played probably 3000 hours of xbox Call of Duty, all the games from world at war until Modern Warfare 3 in 2011-2012 which was the last time I played console. Not relevant to fps but I played a lot of Runescape from 2007 until 2011. I got more into PC games and hopped between Combat Arms (bad game but this was the first PC fps that I played a ton), Battlefield 3, tf2, starcraft 2, and a lot of singleplayer games but had no commitment to get good at a game. Mass Effect 2 was/is my favorite singleplayer game. I was pretty good at everything except TF2 and I was especially bad at starcraft. I began having unrelated hand issues and looked for a game that required fewer clicks. I tried League of Legends early on (around Vayne release I believe) and got hooked totally. This is funny looking back since this game is actually very click intensive. I played primarily League of Legends since Season 1 for almost 5 years. I got to Diamond 1 high LP before master tier existed, which I was/am proud of since so many people played. I played AD Nidalee top, Twisted Fate mid, and Lee Sin/Jarvan jungle during this time if anyone is wondering. After that I continued to play for years but just got really bad and tilted. The game itself also slowly changed to a game that was not fun for me but I was too invested to leave and it caused me a lot of stress honestly because I hated it but continued to play because I could never find a replacement game. It wasn't one game that pulled me out of League of Legends, instead it was a combination of a ton of games that I all enjoyed more. Tribes Ascend, Nosgoth, Old School Runescape, Call of Duty 4 and 5 on PC, Overwatch beta, Path of Exile, Terraria, Hearthstone, Age of Empires 2, and many single player games. And then in Doom 2016 I beat the singleplayer and loved it and looked online about the multiplayer. I stumbled on a bunch of elitist sounding kids complaining about the multiplayer not being “real” afps. So then I saw rapha vs evil quakecon finals, and from there I was split whether to buy Reflex or QL, since they are both 10 dollars, but I ended up getting Reflex and now I’m one of the elitist kids. In real life I am studying medical science at UT and currently preparing for the MCAT. I do wheel to wheel racing in a competitive sprint series and sometimes endurance team racing in amateur orgs like WRL/Chump/Lemons. I love cars and I also enjoy mountain biking and working out with friends. I thought it would never happen but I feel like I am transitioning away from videogames in my life. 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? The truth is in around 2009 I saw a guy who looked really cool in runescape who had an ags and full void running around at castle wars entrance so I stole his name. 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) According to steam, I have 1200 hours. I first played September of 2016. 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? I think I am consistent in my decision making in each situation and usually take good options. I think I am too mechanically slow and my comfort with unusual or messy situations is really low, especially because of relatively weak aim. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? I play on a 640*480 15 inch CRT running at 160 Hz. I got the CRT 4 months ago or so and it is definitely an improvement even though it is small and not a very good one. I use 750 dpi with 4.8 in game sensitivity for 44 cm/360. I play on 90 fov. I use the Logitech G203 mouse and would highly recommend it, it’s cheap and better than almost everything. I use a rosewill keyboard. And I use the steelseries desk sized mousepad but I don’t put my keyboard on it, so I can extend my mouse arm all the way straight and still be on mousepad. 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? I would improve the dev team so they had a good vision for the game and could devote more time to give Reflex the amount of development it deserves. Need a very passionate dev team to spread the feeling to the community so more content is created and more people invest time in improving it. 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? Reflex does nothing to insulate anyone from their skill level. In pubg you only see evidence that you are bad once every 20 minutes+, and it’s mixed in with small successes here and there like looting or almost shooting someone who didn’t see you. So your brain justifies the badness or forgets about it. Reflex gives no hope like this and if you are weaker than the opponent you are reminded every few seconds for the whole match. The worst or best part is that there is also no excuse, the game is 1v1 and not much is left to chance. This makes it a great and rewarding platform for developing a skill, and that’s one of the best things about the game. However, to devote such time and effort, a reason needs to exist for players. A sense of caring and mattering needs to spread through the community and beyond to attract competitively minded players because we need a reason to justify putting in such effort. But when the future of the game is uncertain from a development perspective and a lot of people don’t care or are just destructive it’s tough to spark the “mattering” that Reflex needs. There needs to be a reason to play, like a drive to compete, for duel to grow because it’s not fun to just play around and be bad at Reflex. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? The game is mostly mental, in the back of your head you always know when you are learning the game that there are no shortcuts and improving is just playing/analyzing about the game a lot. It really comes down to not quitting. One thing I see a lot are people starting to complain just to complain (I complained just to complain a whole lot when I was learning) or to get attention but after a while they start to believe what they say and can’t improve passed the wall they have created, especially because it’s always easier just to make excuses and not improve. You hear dumb things from some people when you are learning and maybe you will focus on the wrong things at first but the truth is that you need to be fairly strong at all aspects of the game to be a high level. Imo focusing on movement a lot as a new player is overrated and it’s only focused on because it’s an easy and obvious thing to teach. Being good is all about building patterns, you shouldn’t be thinking in a duel or analyzing any situation during the game ideally. You should just recognize the good options and pick one. You learn what the good options are by making mental notes of mistakes or things you see good players doing, then when you are in that situation just do the same thing. Then pick up speed from there. This just comes from playing a lot and thinking about the game outside of it. 9. Are there any specific Reflex players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? I like playing Kalameet because we just play duels back to back for a long time and don’t talk during it. He plays in a consistent strong style and because of that consistency it’s easy to try individual things and see the result and learn. I don’t like playing against people who do stupid things and get away with it and pretend it was good. 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Xytaglyph, Sol, Soh, Hoyt, DazedSpartan? It’s hard critiquing other players since I have barely played in ages and I'm bad now but I’ll pretend it was months ago- Hoyt: Hoyt has very good dm and sense of positioning and has built his item control up to a high level also. He can be hard to predict and puts out a lot of damage and pressure all the time, especially in scramble situations where he has nothing to lose he can come out way ahead. He’s very hard to keep in control against because of his damage and strong dodging just wears down resources until he takes a risk and wins the fight. He is also very comfortable in mechanics based situations. Soh: Good mechanics, good at abusing opponent weaknesses, not afraid to try things in duels. Likes to pretend he’s not trying or doesn’t care and that’s weird. Ezormer: Strong rockets and wants to fight all the time. Improves greatly in tournaments because he is even more surprising. His in control play is fast and hard to deal with, but his out of control play is not up to the same level. Xytaglyph: I haven’t played him as much. I think he has a very good sense of the game and plays at a high level but doesn’t practice enough (not fast enough in decisions) and sometimes makes a play that might be the right play but just too committed/invested to it, then when it goes wrong he can say it was the right play and went wrong because of something else, which is true, but it went wrong so it doesn’t matter and it’s just self-limiting. Sol: He has improved fast at the game. He has high level mechanics/dm since he comes from TF2. He has been able to improve his decision making and play otherwise and it has put him up to a decent level in an impressively short amount of time. 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? Just more competitively minded players from other games. I don’t care much about any individual well known afps players playing the game, but more of them playing it would bring in more players which would be nice. 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? RMC is a very well done platform but needs an improved surrounding atmosphere for it to really thrive because people need to care more in general for a healthy competitive scene to grow. In the short term, RMC needs more staff. 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? I am using the spartan head with the pipe. 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? Offclassery mastery - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ4oWR7LVGI Pizza time by Sharqosity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpuveN_uXfc 15. ESREALITY: Cancer or benefit to all mankind? PlusForward (>,<,=) ESReality? No opinion on which is better because I haven’t used either much, but plusforward looks better and ESR could use a visual overhaul I think. 16. Anything else you'd like to share? Shoutouts or whatever you want. Here is a picture of me at an amateur race event a few years ago Thank you to DazedSpartan for participating in RMC NA Player Profiles and good luck to him in future cups. More RMC NA Player Profiles to come.
  20. Custom Ruleset 2

    RL ammo is annoying as fuck with this revision.
  21. What do you want for race mode?

    Just FYI, with 1.2's formal use of custom rulesets, I've set up a new server called "Tokyo Drift (Slick Map Server)". The default ruleset sets gconst_playeronground_friction 0 to reproduce the "slick" effect from Q3 defrag. Currently, the timelimit is set to 600 so that the Steam tables (being used unofficially for the race leaderboards) are not affected. Sadly, there wasn't much for race mode in 1.2. Maybe 1.3 will show some love for race mode?! I think we could come up with a HUGE wish list for race mode but, right now, the priority would be an official leaderboard since the current community workaround is kaput due to custom rulesets in 1.2. :pray:
  22. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups 3rd Editions Highlights video created by lolograde! Upcoming Events : https://reflex.fun
  23. Reflex Replay Helper

    I just got this working and it is ballin
  24. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Custom Ruleset 2 Tournaments are here! Now that Custom Ruleset 2 has been finalized, Reflex Monthly Cups events can resume! Following the Custom Ruleset 2 timeline, RMC is hosting additional events in early April. For the first time, in addition to RMC NA#4 and EU#4, duel cups in AU and JP and a 2v2 cup are being held! Upcoming Events Info: https://reflex.fun See you there.
  25. Custom Ruleset 2

    Custom Ruleset 2 has been finalized! Custom Ruleset 2 has been finalized, and the CR2 tournaments are here! The goal of Custom Ruleset 2 was to improve the current competitive ruleset by refining balance. After thousands of games on the current ruleset (CR1), some problems with the ruleset became apparent. Issues with the current competitive ruleset were also gathered through the custom ruleset 2 tester starting form. This in depth poll received 29 responses on the direction the ruleset should move. Some noteworthy results include : Most responders had a positive view of the the current competitive ruleset (CR1) More than half of the responders felt that some weapons were too easy to hit in CR1. Among this majority, 88% said the ion cannon was too easy to hit A significant percentage of responders felt that the current competitive ruleset discouraged aggressive play Custom Ruleset 2 has specifically addressed these issues, primarily by making major weapons harder to hit and tweaking the other weapons accordingly to retain balanced tiering. CR2 Changelog: https://reflex.fun/cr2#Changelog CR2 Config File : https://reflex.fun/ruleset_CR2.cfg A teammode ruleset was developed along with the main duel ruleset which is the same except for ammo (Box = Weapon pickup). CR2 Teammode Config File : https://reflex.fun/ruleset_CR2_team.cfg Testing began on February 15th, and since then, engagement from players has helped guide the ruleset to its final state. CR2 has remained true to its original goal. It has refined the current gameplay with a totally open environment for testing and feedback. Positive improvements have been made throughout the testing process due to community support and meaningful engagement from many different skill levels and viewpoints. Thank you to all involved. You can continue to play on the CR2 ruleset using the config file or on official CR2 servers. Official CR2 Servers : https://reflex.fun/cr2#Servers Custom Ruleset 2 main page : https://reflex.fun/cr2 A complete log of changes made during CR2 testing: https://github.com/custom-ruleset/custom_ruleset2/commits/master Following the Custom Ruleset 2 timeline, we are hosting additional events in early April. For the first time, in addition to RMC NA#4 and EU#4, duel cups in AU and JP and a 2v2 cup are being held! Upcoming Events Info: https://reflex.fun
  26. The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    Man this last part trolling czm was glorious. : D
  27. The identity of Garou EXPOSED

    no it's just one of my friends who tried reflex out in 2015 and thinks most of the community is retarded lol
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