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  3. Hey, Lately in my experience I noticed it's more efficient to find games on steam than in discord. But everyone don't have all the remaining active players in their friend list. So, for people that wanna try the new beta steam feature, I've created a group for reflex players to find games : https://s.team/chat/CByKMzD0 You must register to the steam friend beta test first : https://steamcommunity.com/updates/chatupdate#tryit cheers
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  5. The Sushi Mapping Competition has finally come to a close... 15 Maps Submitted 9 Maps Accepted 5 Maps Voted on by the Community ~ Vanity Awards So Close but yet Not Far Award goes to... xy10beta by Xytaglyph Given to a map that is solid but missing something. Is this gonna be good..? Oh damn. Award goes to... sharqdm1 by Sharqosity Given to a map that made many judges question if it would play well before... playing well. My Head Hurts Award goes to... sohtourney3 by soh Given to a map that is made for big brainers. 👀 Award goes to... Canaria by Skytoon Given to a map that many judges want to see worked on more. A mapper to watch. It's Warm in Alaska Award goes to... Tantalus by wrjthe Given to a map that whilst actually sick felt out of place in this competition. Bring on the New Shit Award goes to... Phase Shift by ish Given to a map that successfully executed new ideas. A Worthwhile Contestant Award goes to... Salt and Ashes by SickDownLink Given to a map that was not submitted but should still see playtime. In 5th Place with a Final Score of 2.09... In 4th Place with a Final Score of 2.39... In 3rd Place with a Final Score of 2.97... In 2nd Place with a Final Score of 3.16... And finally in 1st Place with a Final Score of 3.2... Please welcome Aberration by def as your new addition to the Reflex map pool! Thank you to everyone who participated in the mapping contest in any way. Entering, assistance, judging, voting, and of course all of those who furthered the competition by donating to the prize pool. More information will appear on this thread within the coming days.
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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    COMMUNITY VOTE | Sushi Mapping Competition

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    COMMUNITY VOTE | Sushi Mapping Competition

    I'm very surprised there is no xy10. I voted no instead of yes and cannot change it.
  10. lolograde

    Should i buy this in steam ? Online on AS or EU servers.

    Here's an online server browser: https://reflex.syncore.org/ If you want to find games, probably the best way to do that is joining Reflex's Discord server (https://discord.gg/e8fwMAH) and asking around. The game does have matchmaking but given your region and how quiet Reflex has become in the past 6 months, you'll likely wait a while before a match starts. It's is therefore better to ask in Discord for games, especially if you consider yourself a newbie.
  11. I like quake,wolfenstein etc. but they have bad online. I live in Russia , Sakhalin island near Japan, I have good ping in China,Japan,or sone Asians servers...Could someone help me and say what's online now on AS or EU servers pls
  12. Definitely a lot of the stuff listed here would be good polish.
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    COMMUNITY VOTE | Sushi Mapping Competition

    sort of voted
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    COMMUNITY VOTE | Sushi Mapping Competition

    v o t e d
  15. Closes 15th of July 23:59 PDT (click image above to go vote) • (click banners to go to workshop page)
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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Hey, where can I find the VODs, I was so fucking hyped for this, did it happen or not, it still says active...
  19. reflexpicardia

    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    HeyGuys, I'm looking for the winners of the competition so I can play the best maps other than fucking t7 lol... Also, can I still play in the tournaments, or are they over, if so is there a VOD I can watch? why is this hsit so dead rofl
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    Reflex Racing Cups

  21. Fix the rankings page of MM. Remove every players from rankings calculation that have their last results older than 100d (or 6 months for example). This is pointless to keep the rankings with these inactive accounts. Display the number of players who are currently queued for a each game mode in mm.
  22. This would be more of a 1.2.1, but the devs need to some maintenance on the game with the framework they already have in place. - Push Rama Ruleset 2 as the official ruleset - Update the matchmaking map pool and testing grounds map pool - Add some skins from the workshop, maybe to a new crate They've added all these systems in place, why not use them?
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