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  2. The EHT Series

    all the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers EHT-01 update: - Lower ramp replaced with triple jump - Wall with jail bars placed by the RA Brick wall, hopefully making the spot less camp-y - Items moved around and removed (No more ammo pickups, plasma moved to aforementioned wall, shotgun moved slightly, 25HP has been redistributed so there aren't 2 of them together) - Added some nonsense in the sky - Added signs pointing to Armors, MH got a sign - Colored the walls so there's a little more contrast. Cheers
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  4. play offline for free?

    as long as you own the client you can play offline / online on non-steam servers. there is no drm or something but you cant join any steam servers if u dont have licenced it on steam. so no matchmaking / kind of all online servers / no workshop etc. ps: talking about movement. there are several rulesets which allow different movement systems like vq3, cpm, etc. this also might only be accessed on steam servers
  5. play offline for free?

    i heard that this a thing? i would love to try out the movement in reflex in general, i want to see how it compares to the quake engine
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  7. Thunder FFA #1

    Can some1 tell me how to make map rotation on reflex server without callvote for every map to change.
  8. Improving the handicap mutator

    That is absolutely fair, and I was aware of it - my reasoning was the weaker player would be aware of what was going on, so should also be aware of the risk of forming bad habits. If they decide to get serious about it, they'd obviously strive to not need any kind of handicap system. I'm also thinking about the game of go, where the weaker player can start with some of their stones already on the board. As they get better, they reduce that number of stones. Fun fact, that is where martial art grades/belts come from (white belt would be 9th kyu, 9 stones, etc etc). And of course, it would give them a fun game, hopefully. A very good point! Also a very good point! There's never a simple solution eh. This is why i'm thinking different types of handicap mutator would be a nice option. That way you're aware of what you're getting (free extra damage to the scale of x, or free global damage resistance to the tune of y).
  9. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Nice things update (r48): Forge support: Most GoaHud widgets are now hidden while in Forge Forge text and "Press [key] to edit" text are now shown when player is not editing in Forge BetterGameplay: Added key binding for toggling player ready state on/off (ready/notready) BetterGameplay: Added key binding for Stake/Bolt (favors Stake over Bolt) Messages: Added new message to display when player is not ready Crosshair: Fixed performance issues when fade time was set to 0 Timer: fixed timer being off by one second during match countdown Chat: Fixed Player not ready messages when match is over Messages: Fixed countdown ticking sound when the countdown is hidden Messages: Removed ruleset detection system Messages: Fixed game mode text and warmup text not showing up in some occasions Added enabled checkboxes for modules
  10. Improving the handicap mutator

    One of the reason the current system doesn't work is because (correct me if I'm wrong) the players that has the lowest score gets a spawn armor and health boost, even if it is the better player. This is not good, the handicap must target one particular player, whatever the score is.
  11. Improving the handicap mutator

    I think it's bad idea to scale damage either way if the point of the mutator is to make the games less frustrating for weaker players. This makes fighting inconsistent between non-handicap and handicap games. You'll develop habits where you think you can take fights with lower stacks simply because the enemy deals less damage. Basically "Oh I can probably survive 2 directs" should never be a thought process if you have <=200 stack. You should instead buff/nerf players by changing the amount of health/armor/weapons they spawn with since this will result in scenarios that also apply in "real" games. So let's say we want the better player to do 0.5x damage then it's better to just double the amount of stack the weaker player has.
  12. Improving the handicap mutator

    Don't ONLY reduce the damage that the handicapped player has - imagine a situation where the better player is handicapped. Neither player would do damage in a fight because the noob can't aim/would get dodged and the handicapped player's damage is reduced. The better player can then choose when to run and use his superior movement to fall back on hp/armors. Game never ends etc. I support making the handicapped player take more damage as well.
  13. Improving the handicap mutator

    Nexuiz had a console variable to set handicap, where the higher it went, the less damage you did and the more damage you took. It made a difference at very high values; you play against a newbie and have to think because any hit would nearly kill.
  14. I believe the general consensus is that the handicap mutator makes little difference, and I think this should be addressed. Critically, I think the mutator should let the losing player have /fun/. Time for some brainstorming! I think a good potential direction is for the mutator to apply a multiplier to damage output and/or damage resistance (regardless of armours). I also think rather than having it scale as the score differential increases isn't necessarily the best thing. I was thinking perhaps a scaleable mutator that you can vote for. e.g. vote for a 2x multiplier to damage output, or a 1.2x multiplier. That way as the player learns new things and progresses, they can request a smaller multiplier than they previously used and get a sense of achievement/improvement. Some testing would probably be required to see just how much extra damage output a good player could handle, but I think this would go a long way towards letting a complete noob take a fight and have some fun. Perhaps it doesn't even matter if it means the player with the mutator is going to win. Good players won't care and it'd be fun to figure out ways to handle the situation (although being careful not to turn it into a bolt fest). The game really needs to handle this better to increase new player retention. A new player is most likely to get a duel as their first game (they might queue for ffa and not get a game but you only need /one/ player to get a duel, right?). It's crushing for a new player to get stomped and we all know even a small skill difference can lead to 50:0 games. Let's soften the inevitable early blows and let new players have FUN fighting, trying out the weapons, and jumping around the map. Let them know they're being afforded an advantage that they can opt to scale down if they want to improve. Lastly, @shooter, how does the handicap mutator currently work? I believe it increases stack progressively in line with point difference?
  15. gconst_wishlist

    gsconst_(variable for each weapon ofc)wait for weapon reload 0 What this will do is allow you switch to another weapon after shooting before the reload is finished(sry for the orginal missword here) Not sure if its possible, but please make it so you can only switch once after shooting when using gconst_(variable for each weapon ofc)wait for weapon reload 0. Otherwise people will find ways to massively abuse it with scroll wheel etc.
  16. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (NA) : Xytaglyph RMC NA#3 - 3rd Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. Xytaglyph 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) I am currently a Physics undergrad and I'm in the Army National Guard, aside from playing Reflex I enjoy shooting, mountain biking, and studying Korean language. I am from Augusta, Georgia but I currently live in Seattle, Washington. 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? My nick I made up on the fly, I just wanted something unique and involving the letter X, so I came up with this and it stuck 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) I have been playing reflex since December of 2014 and have about 2080 hours at the time of writing this 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? My playstyle is somewhat weird, I don't think I am an aimer but I tend to play very positionally out of control and I like to use stack advantage to make very aggressive plays when in control. I know that I still make a lot of timing errors and take some really stupid risks when in-control that often result in me losing the game. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? 800 dpi @ 6.649704 sens (30cm / 360), 2560x1440 all graphics Low except Effect detail (on Medium) and Antialiasing (on SMAA Ultra). I use a Zowie EC1-A for mouse, and a Benq XL2730z at 144hz 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? I would increase the size of the community, but if we are only talking about the game itself then I'd change the ruleset to Sushi for sure. 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? The simple answer is that the game is just too hard, and 1v1s carry too much individual responsibility for casual gamers. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? My advice for new players is to just keep playing, and play a lot. This game requires a lot of time to become skilled at, and its not going to come for free. Becoming good at Reflex has honestly been one of the most personally rewarding experiences in my life, it is definitely worth it in my opinion. 9. Are there any players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? I enjoy watching EU players play simply because the meta game they have is very different from NA, its like watching a different game truly. As far as playing goes, I probably enjoy playing Hoyt and Soh the most, they present a significant challenge and always create a learning environment for me where all aspects of my skill are put to the test, not just some. 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Soh, Hoyt, DazedSpartan, Sol and Ezormer? Hoyt is very strong at the moment, both his strength and weakness are his aim. He relies heavily upon it so when he has an off day, he can have a difficult time playing. Soh is also a very strong opponent, his strength lies in mechanics and movement and his weakness is probably decision-making when playing in-control specifically. Ezormer I havent really played much in the past few months so I can't intelligently comment on him. Dazed is a very mechanics based player, but his aim can really hold him back at times. Sol is a very strong aimer as well, similar to hoyt, but he lacks the experience that other players have, if he practices more he will be a top contender for sure. 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? I mean, I think all of us would like to see players like vo0 and gellehsak play reflex but its not where the money is unfortunately. If I could pick one player I'd probably have to say vo0 though, just because he is such a legend in many games, and if he was around I think we could really push the meta-game further in Reflex. 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? The reflex monthly cups are good, I like them a lot so far, one possible change is that we could rotate out some casters to get more varied personalities on the casting stream, but thats all that I can think of at the moment. 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? I have pretty much always worn the same cosmetics on my robot: Supporter Khopesh, Angry Droid Head, Dedlock arms and body, with Tracker Legs. Sea Green primary color with light Purple Secondary 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? Favorite frag movie is probably The Contenders 2 by Entik, but for Reflex probably Terifire's 15. ESREALITY: Cancer or benefit to all mankind? PlusForward (>,<,=) ESReality? ESR is pretty bad, I personally prefer PlusForward even just for the improved UI and stats 16. Anything else you'd like to share? Shoutouts or whatever you want. Thanks Dazed and Rama for putting on these tourneys and trying to keep the game alive! Thank you to Xytaglyph for participating in RMC NA Player Profiles!
  17. gconst_wishlist

    Burst Gun has no gconst command for trace radius. Melee has a combined trace radius Stake has a combined trace radius It would be nice to have one for world and one for entities on all weapons. I haven't tested turning off sparks after the patch but I am pretty sure Burst Gun is still the only thing that will show sparks if you disable them. Pretty annoying when you think you have finally been able to remove sparks but there is a single source remaining that you can't do anything about.
  18. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Great update
  19. This happens to me too, but the old colors are still selected.
  20. The primary color resets to red, and the secondary color resets to white. This is really annoying, does anyone know how to fix it?
  21. gconst_wishlist

    I wish "gconst_playeronground_speed" didn't intervene with air movement. So in other words, kill the bind between ground and air variables first. Then add the following cvars: gconst_playerinair_wishspeed (to be 320 by default) gconst_playerinaircrouched_wishspeed (to be 120 by default) And other possibly handy cvars: gconst_double_jump_expiration (the time window during which the double jump has to be executed) gconst_wallclipping_expiration (the time window during which you have to have cleared away from the obsacle) gconst_stepheight (to be 18 by default) gconst_stepup (the stepup behavior used in stair jumps - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_crouchhop (enable jumping while holding crouch - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_autohop (enable jumping without releasing jump key - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) It would also be really nice, if air control and bunnyhop were not locked to W/S and A/D keys exclusively. There would be more freedom if the cvars were arranged as follows: gconst_aircontrol_straight (the only supported aircontrol direction atm) gconst_aircontrol_sideways gconst_aircontrol_strafe And the same logic for bunnyhop (note that 2 cvars each are required): gconst_bunnyhop_straight_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_straight_wishspeed gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_accelerate (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_wishspeed (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_wishspeed Also, a simple cvar to disable bunnyhop variables, so you don't have to play with all of these variables in order to replicate vQ3 or QW movement for example: gconst_bunnyhop (0 disabled / 1 enabled)
  22. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Wouldn't there happen to be a variable "gconst_playerinair_wishspeed" as well? Because from what I can tell, you can't make QW physics without it. However you can "VQ3" it with just changing these from default: gconst_playerinair_aircontrol 0 gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate 0.95 gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed 320
  23. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    I totally agree with asdio. Who needs shitty skins? You think that only skins and cases made CS: GO and Dota 2 popular? It is such an idiotic idea: THERE IS NO PLAYERS, WHO WILL BE BUYING YOUR SKINS??? Why just not implement and fix old shit like player collisions or sometimes missing animation\sound? Why not make game user-friendly? Why not make free weekend? I'm not mentioning really stupid decision to force players using default armor\mega sounds, EVERYONE can change them to what they want, thats why it is not unfair to other players. tl;dr; Update is totally useless. No really important game features was added, game is dead at the moment. Quake Live is more alive than Reflex, and this is sad.
  24. gconst_wishlist

    It would make spawn fragging not super easy like it is right now, also being able to spawn faster would make speeding up the game easier because you could rush off spawn a lot easier.
  25. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    heres some more cosmetic stuff, some variations for blades attached to robot forearms, and a shokflail
  26. Thunder FFA #1

  27. Thunder FFA #1

    Yo welcome to FFA event. If you like FFA feel free to join and play. We play every week. Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 Session Start: Central Europe: 20:00, United Kingdom: 19:00, Russia / Moscow: 22:00 Mode: FFA only Server: Capodecima's FFA server
  28. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    What has rama got to do with any of the stuff I mentioned ? When I click my profile, I see that I created my account on May 4, 2017, what has this got to do with rama? why don't you respond to the points I made and contribute to the discussion on the update instead of posting these childish messages?
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