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    Hello humans! (and other species so we don't offend) We've put together a bunch of hotfixes for you. There's more under the hood that accompanies these as usual, but you get the idea.. Code Carnage pickup sound is heard again (now clamped to 4 seconds -- ours is 3.7) cl_playercolorX is now blocked when not in menu cl_player<inventory> cvars are now blocked when not in menu Player name now flood protected Drop in support now preserves existing player states in arena games Fixed issue where in arena1v1, game would end if a playing player left (while there were queued people that could come in next round) UI/Widgets Added: MapAutoSave widget! Intervals and backup counts configurable in options Replay editor: now properly stays visible in edit mode Replay editor: can no-longer select spectators in replays Accelmeter: added race mode/training mode only options Proving grounds now includes on/off/both options (so now you can queue for both proving grounds and standard map pools)
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    Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
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    Hi! This is another DM map I made. Have fun! Comments and critiques will be appreciated. Steam Workshop link Name: Instant Momentum [WRDM2] Type: DM Description: This is tight close-combat deathmatch map. Author: Ubuska Thanks for playtesting and ideas: D-X, w96k, Ivan/O, chortas Screenshots:
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    Reflex was just released last month and enjoyed a small population boom that took the concurrent users and multiplied it by 2-3. It was great until something like 90% of the newer players stopped playing. So we must ask ourselves why the population tanked back to pre-release levels already. Was it the community? No, I highly doubt that. The majority of us have been very welcoming and took time to show newer players what the game has to offer. Parkourstation and reflextrain saw a lot of play time on public servers. Even in duels, veterans stopped and explained why they were surviving through multiple direct rockets to the face, toned down their game, and let newcomers grab some armors. Bringing people to the official discord has gone pretty well too. I'd love it if this was a success story and I was only here to report these facts... So why didn't people stick with the game? To use a metaphor, I think it's that new players see a pit of depth for how good you could possibly be at reflex, but there are no lights pointed down there. There is nothing that illuminates why prime overlords can convincingly beat overlords, who can stomp on diamonds, who can dominate platinums, who can destroy... All the way down to bronze. As we all know, combat skills don't define everything in this game, but that is the only thing that is outwardly obvious before a new player buys the game. And even after they have played for a week, they are aware movement plays a big part, but the depths of strategy are still a murky black pit that makes no sense to them. Compared to Overwatch, it's really obvious that depth in the game (outside of combat skills) comes from finding the right times to use your abilities and coordinating with teammates. You don't go into the game without knowing what you eventually need to improve upon. In Reflex, so many people bought the game and quit before they even knew how to improve. There is an old video that described the ways in which Mega Man and Mega Man X were amazing games. The tl;dw: is that the games avoided explicitly telling people what to do because the mechanics of the game were revealed naturally while forcing the player to recognize what was going on, and mechanics that didn't work well in earlier games were removed in later games. This video brings home a really good point to me: my Reflex tutorials shouldn't need to exist. At least 90% of what I say in my tutorials should be forced on the player or made much more transparent. New players shouldn't be forced to listen to me talk - the game should make the important aspects completely obvious through the player exploring the game. This is why I thought item timers were a step in the right direction - it enhances mechanic transparency. As we observed, the more hardcore players fought against it because it diminished known strategic depth. It wasn't the ideal solution, and I'm willing to admit that. But it's still painfully clear that something needs to change with the fundamental gameplay of Reflex, and it won't be easy. I have two proposed changes we could try out, and I'm curious if anyone can poke holes in them. I'm also interested in other ideas people might have. Proposed change 1: bring back item timers in competitive modes, but make them unreliable. A mechanic could be introduced where if you shoot at an item that is not yet respawned, it adds or subtracts time from the respawning item (perhaps to a max of 5 seconds). Item timer widgets could represent what the unmodified time would be, and players could throw off timing by hand. Maybe you could tweak this idea and make it so the last person/team to collect the armor adds time to respawn by shooting it, and others subtract time by shooting it (or vice versa). To accommodate new players, you'd want to clearly show that respawn time is being changed by their actions with "-1 second" popping out of the item colored according to the action, and a default UI widget like apheleon's timer timeline with visual uncertainty (instead of discrete red armor on the time line, a red armor on a bar that extends to the possible ranges) would go a long way to help. Or... Proposed change 2: all armors respawn at :00 and :30 on the clock. Other items keep their existing respawn properties. An additional benefit to this drastic change is that it removes the full lock armor cycle state of control, which means small skill differences will be less likely to result in huge score differences. With armor cycling removed, positioning yourself between multiple armors and timing your attacks appropriately become a stronger part of the game's higher end strategy. A simple but prominent UI widget showing time until all armors respawn would go a long way to teach new players what they need to focus on. I know #2 is harder to get buy-in from older players, but I want you guys to think seriously on it. We need to community to grow. I think #1 might not take it far enough. Perhaps #1 along with other changes to help make the game's important mechanics more transparent world be ideal, but I'd really like to try out things that make the game more approachable. I also have a list of changes I'd recommend to the game's tutorial system, but that is less important than gameplay changes at this point.
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    Hello, I created a software to make it easier to download and play latest replays from official match history web site. You can download and play replays with only 1 click, it takes care of downloading, copying it to the replay folder and starting Reflex and playing the replay automatically. So downloading and watching replays becomes almost a delight. I am thinking of adding some filtering options for the downloaded replays in the future. A small note: since the official match history web site is a little bit slow, it takes a little bit of time to load/refresh the list of recent online replays. Download link: http://bit.ly/2rjF4qC (redirects you to my Dropbox shared file) Source: https://bitbucket.org/ZuLuuuuuu/reflex-replay-helper A screenshot:
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    Its gently week boys! On 24th of April until 1st of May you all gonna have the best Reflex Time of your life! We will present a new and fun gamemode and you'll be able to win some stuff like an Angry Droid Head or a set of your choice. To join the raffle, all you have to do is send a screnshot of you and i together in reflex. You can find me in the global discord channel and pm me with your steam id. You can always text me anytime you want to play with any mode you want! We are also hosting a 3v3 atdm cup on the 1st of May.
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    Game Type: 2v2 Draft Cup Date : April 29th, 2017 Starting Time : 14:00 EST (13:00 to 14:00 for check-in) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Brackets : http://challonge.com/BunnyCup2v2 Team Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Cf4HseK08a Draft Sign-ups : https://goo.gl/forms/ARDFvvIRFAlzm0rc2 Draft Sign-up Deadline: April 28th, 2017 Discord: https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ Prize Pool : $200 USD + 2 Supporter Mjolnirs Prize Pool Distribution : 1st : 50% $50 per player + 1 Supporter Mjolnir per player 2nd : 30% $30 per player 3rd : 20% $20 per player Donations Welcome! Donations will be divided amongst the top 3 teams according to the percentages listed above. Paypal (innocuoussleep@outlook.com) Current donors: Map Pool : Ironguard Thermal Blast Phobos General Rules: Please provide us with two points of contact so we may reach you before and during the cup. NO EXCEPTIONS. Join https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/adsooeoos/ Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams. Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Teams: Individuals signing up through the draft (google forms) will be matched as potential partners become available. Late submissions will not be taken into consideration. Pre-existing teams are able to sign up through Challonge. You will be paired up based on skill level and experience, most skilled player will be matched with the least and so on. If a majority of you would like another system, please voice so in the comments. Thank you! Match System : Winner's bracket matches are Bo3. Loser's bracket matches are Bo3 Picking System : Use the console command /roll 100 (Team with the highest number is declared winner Bo3 : (W)Pick | (L)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) Double Bo3 Finals: (WB) Pick | (LB)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) (Another round of drop/pick will be needed if the tournament goes into 2nd BO3) Servers : Authorized spectators will be allowed on the servers, contact admins for details prior to the tournament starting. Severs are password protected, contact admins ahead of time to receive the password and server info. Any server can be used in case we are not able to provide one for you if both teams agree and only if the server replays can be accessed. Concerning regions: If one or more players of any team is from a different region, please refer to following to see where the match will be held. East vs East Coast: Played on East Coast servers. East vs Central: Played on Central servers or East servers. West vs Central: Played on Central servers or West servers. East vs West: Played on Central servers. West vs West: Played on West servers. Canada: Played on Chicago central/Virginia/California servers Mexico: Played on Texas central/California In case of a server disagreement between players, server will be decided by an admin. State divisions go as follows: Thank you Nathan for this map Admins : S ° I Streamers / Co-Caster: Delementary / TBA
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    xy7 - Battery by: Xytaglyph with art & design help from: messik This is a 2 atrium 1 versus 1 map with a design philosophy similar to cpm3a or catalyst. The map is fairly standard with 1 Red Armor, 1 Mega Health, and 2 Yellow Armor. The defining feature of this map is the fact that there is no Bolt Rifle, while being a map where Ion Cannon is very strong. Thank you to all testers, specifically: bn, hoyt, metrical, kalameet, and soh And Thanks to Visitor for the XY7 logo And Promeus for some art/design ideas Screenshots:
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    but what IS it? Here's some test I posted in the discord the other day
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    Or: How to generate more exposure by separately marketing the map editor for a different target-audience. One of Reflex's most defining features is without a doubt its map editor. Instead of having to download additional software like Radiant to get things up and running, Reflex comes bundled with a ready-to-use, easy-to-learn realtime (engine) map editor. Yet it's not heavily advertised for this unique feature but rather for its 'frag like it's 1999' style gameplay (which caters to a small, niche club of oldschool gamers). In short: it doesn't quite get the attention it deserves. It could spark some major interest if Reflex's map editor was marketed in a different manner, for example by being offered as a standalone (free/trial/cheap/bundled with game assets) product, such as the Unreal engine. Creative people would pick it up and play with it, resulting in maps and generated content (streams, youtube, tutorials). Possible ways: - Release the map editor for free (or cheap, subscription based, whatever) and standalone on Steam, market it as a flexible, easy-to-use mapping tool - Map editor only available in spectator mode, to walk around in it and play the map you have to buy a copy of Reflex - Keep the current pipeline to the workshop, so people can offload their maps (and get all hyped about it because it will be featured in the game itself, giving them a reason to buy the game) - If people want to add existing brushes to their map, they also have to purchase the game on Steam (for the assets) - Maybe give a small discount (coupon code) for the full game after giving the map editor a try ???
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    Gently Week Raffle Details Enter! Take a screenshot of gently anytime between 4/24 and 5/1 (it could be him shooting you, it could be you shooting him, endgame scoreboard, whatever) and PM it to him on Discord at gently#5760. Don't forget to include a link to your steam profile! Prizes 4 Winners! Here's what you could get: Gently Week 3v3 Clan Arena Tournament Forum post: Sign up as a team now on the site linked! Gently Week Edition Maps Log in NOW and play on your favorite Clan Arena maps, but gently-week-ified!: Campgrounds Overkill Ascension Bazinga Sepulcrum Special Custom Map Release: Hide and Seek! Play it now! Search for "Hide and Seek" under Team Deathmatch in the workshop. Arena mutator, round-based gameplay: Hiders: Run, hide, survive at all costs until the round ends! Seekers: Work together to eliminate all the hiders, or you will die when the round ends! Compatible with all team sizes, you could even play 4v3 or 1v2 - teams don't have to be balanced. Screenshots:
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    A number of responses (here and in DMs elsewhere) have suggested a new, casual game mode would be good for player retention. This is a really good point that I'd neglected. In fact, I played Quake 1 in a very casual setting for a few years before I even knew there was a competitive community. I mentioned this a few years ago, but there was a really cool idea for a mod that my friends had me program in Quake 1. I think it would work beautifully in Reflex as well... Basically, it's an asymmetrical mode in which one team is defending a flag/capture point, and the attacking team is attempting to touch said point. When the attacking team does manage to touch the point, everyone on the map is killed, and the sides are swapped. Everyone starts out with all weapons and an appreciable amount of health/armor/ammo, but there are pickups on the map that respawn at an accelerated pace - mostly clustered on the defending team's side. You could give points over time to the defending team depending on how long they were able to maintain control, and have a timelimit on the map before the round is over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNWqp5Fd5Ug is a video of it in action in Quake 1. The awesome movement systems of Quake and Reflex allow it to be something like an obstacle course that the attackers have to traverse while being shot at by defenders. It's great fun, and the map making tools+workshop for Reflex could turn it into something pretty amazing. Also, thanks everyone for the great discussion and ideas. <3
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911461976 Fun and casual round-based game mode. Team Alpha, Hiders: Utilize the fun movement options and countless secrets to run, hide, survive at all costs until the round ends! You cannot attack, you win by staying alive. Team Zeta, Seekers: Work together to eliminate all the hiders, or you will die when the round ends! Rockets and grenades are disabled. The map tells you all this, but you need the mode to be TDM and mutators: arena. Screenshots:
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    I'd love to see new mutators. Some suggestions: Remove the arena mutator and split it up into - Round based mutator (arena modes can be played continuously without it, other modes can be played round based with it. I would love playing 1v1 in the fashion a1v1 is played, ctf would be the same salad suggested) - no self/team damage - full stack - explosive stake (stake explodes if it hits the wall in a very short time allowing to use it as a rocket jump alternative for stake instagib). - no pickups Some additional scripting stuff would be great as well.
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    Update: Opened up angle from gl to ra Added bolt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NToqa5hdlVg
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    Hi Everyone, Well I found out about Reflex from a friend at least 4 months ago but I didn't think much of it or even look at a video for it until I saw it on steam sale and scored a 4 pack after looking at the insanely low player count on steamstats a few days ago, I thought as it's still in early dev i'll give it the benefit of the doubt and go with it as it's not expensive and I can get my friend the game as a gift and hopefully reinvigorate our competitive sides with this new game, my friend is a god at CSGO, i'm a god at TF2, and he's always complaining that I never want to play games with him as he mainly played css & csgo (2000hrs) while I whored tf2 (1700hrs) I have a long history with video games, I was born playing quake and unreal tournament, arena shooters and fps games are my bread and butter but mind you I've not played an arena shooter for 7 years, I use to play Team Fortress 2 at a highly competitive level for years and i've still retained my prowess with the Soldier class even years after leaving the scene and game. I use to play a lot of Star Trek Elite Force Holomatch too if any of you remember that gem. Reflex sold me with the movement mechanics (I love bunnyhopping and going as fast as i can while controlling items and dominating players with the rocket launcher) and with the sheer scale of customisation in terms of widgets, crosshairs etc, also because the rocket launcher is similar to the one in TF2 i'm having an easier time making the transition, but when it comes to the bolt rifle god damn i've got a lot of aim practice to do! I'm loving it so far even though i have to stick to playing private games with friends as i've joined a few public servers and had players like Tripw1re wipe the floor with me
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    Mini Robots that replace the head. They control the big robot. They would be simpler than whats in this mockup image, just like a sphere with legs and arms attached to it would do.
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    So, some background on me before I go into a rant about the game. Reflex was my first fps after a long run an rts stint reaching GM in SC2:WoL and a moderate level in wc3 Dota and dota2. Now, understanding my competitive background I must say that Reflex is the most brutal ego crusher ever created. Even in sc2 where ladder anxiety is a hot topic, you could blame cheese or the game balance for your loss. Reflex's strong suit is also its demise: it is extremely frank when expressing skill disparities. It is so thoughroughly skill based that coming in you either get your ego smashed to shit in the process of learning and leave, or push through it and are invested. The game forces a decision between scaling the learning cliff under hot oil being poured on your ego, or leaving. Noone wants to be shown how ineffective they are, but truly skill based games do a wonderful job of forcing this realization. In some players this fuels a drive to be the best - but to others it is a turn off. No matter how well your matchmaking works or how well your tutorials teach skills, the basic design is heartless. As much as I'd hate to see it happen, the only hope I see for the game is a normalization of skills involved. I'm hesitant to use that word because few know what I mean by it. 'Normalization by peaks' in music takes a track with large dynamic variance (amplitude, in this analogy skill) analyzes the highest amplitude and reduces the dynamic range by bringing up the volume of lower amplitudes, compressing the difference between the loudest and quietest amplitudes. But still maintaining the highest amplitude. (limited reduction in skill cap) In reflex this would require the old blood to give up elements that raise the barrier of entry. The difficult thing is normalizing 'just enough' so that the better player will still win a majority of their matches. But so that any player can enjoy their games at any skill level. The jist of what I'm saying is that we have to lower the skill floor so that anyone can duel anyone and have fun-without squashing the dynamic range between high and low skill too much. Let's look at the world's most popular sport football, the barrier of entry is nearly nonexistent. Think about the difference between a pro footballer and a seasoned veteran and a first timer - they are at distinctly different experience levels, but the first timer can see and appreciate how the two are better than him. In playing with them he can see the possibility of reaching there with hard work, after all they are only human, there's a limit to how superior you can be, even when the skill cap is limitless. A footballer can always get an edge over another player, but the total gap between him and the first timer stays pretty much constant. The issue with reflex is that the skill gap from a new player to a week old player has the dynamic skill range of the entire existing pro football scene, and that gap compounds upward seemingly infinitely (from a new players perspective) and continues to grow as long as veterans keep playing. For simply competing this is great because you get to see a defined 'best player' by visible margins, but when trying to bring players into an entrenched skill climb to infinity the dynamic skill gap is simply too large to sustain a population that isn't there to git gud. TLDR: raise skill floor so that the distance between the best players in the world and the worst is a fathomable margin. Focus game less on mechanics to taper skill creep. Destroy the learning cliff and generally enforce diminishing mechanical returns at a certain point.Percentile differences in apparent skill rather than orders of magnitude. FYI I don't think it's possible in the current ecosystem. But I think it is definitely possible to lower the barrier of entry, improve newbie effectiveness and keep a sufficiently high skill ceiling.
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    Hi i was just wondering if you think about add this bomb and defuse mode from cs. I dunno how much its already popular in warsow but i think its cool mode and with some good maps it can be really cool. What do you think? Also i like Reflex how it is now, i dont want have reflex ala csgo. This is just simple question for devs.
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    I thought it would be nice to make a race movie but I have one problem - I'm not that good of a racer! So I was hoping for a community effort to help me gather replays of runs on race maps (they don't have to be records, just a decent, smooth run from start to finish). I'll make a master list, people can run the map locally, save the replay and send it to me, and I'll mark that off the list and eventually we'll have some replays to work with. Other people can work with them too of course. I know some of the maps I either can't finish or it takes me so many attempts to get a time it's not even worth it. I'd like to focus on the maps which have an art pass to begin with, although that's not a strict rule by any means. There have been lots of new maps published recently; let's show them off! If you're recording locally, pop a password on your server, select the map, and ideally use the command 'callvote restart' everytime to restart. This should save the replay so you don't have to bother marking it and nobody has to go through a long long replay trying to find your time. When you complete a nice run, callvote restart again to save the replay, find it, and send it to meeee These are the maps I'd quite like to feature: Fractured wurst-run4 Virus Drowsy Journey Astral Fields Voidbridge Consumed_v2 Kaw-Moonlight Breaking Dawn Tropical Delight Chocolate Milk Eclipse Escape from Maldoran New Moon rek-Messiah Clarity LA Dreams LA Hattberg LA Frozen Escape Aeronaut ud-ethrian d-pyramids Mustard Tiger bejrek-sandzibar CastleRun
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    hey guys just in advance if someone has issues with game crashes and stuff in reflex and using amd gpu it turned out that the drivers 17.2.1 and 17.3.1 make issues with reflex in that case uninstall that one and install the previous driver 17.1.2 all issues fixed issues: game crash with message "failed to allocate constant buffer" or screen freezing / turning black of reflex window. game still goes on (sound and typing etc.)
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    I have a bit more time now, and I want to give the League another shot, and try and get it right this time! I learned from the beta season that it's better not to run the league at all than run it without sufficient staff, so I'm starting off by seeing if I can recruit a decent admin team. MnstH did a great job last season but it's not viable or fair to expect him to do everything. League admins will be responsible for settling match disputes and scheduling disputes, in addition to helping with general planning and organisation. Ideally, I'd personally like to take a step back from the league admin/planning side of things; I burned out badly last season and I'd prefer to focus on my role as God Emperor sysadmin. Please get in touch with me on Discord (Qualx#5964) if you might be interested in helping out. I don't mind if you weren't involved with the league last season.
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    personally, im not keen on people replacing stock art assets with modified ones. I wouldn't mind too much if the differences were purely cosmetic - but the vast majority of these widgets are about gaining a competitive advantage. the armour sound one might not be that big a change in reality, but it makes information processing easier and requires the player to dedicate less to paying close attention to sounds etc. for instance, the Megahealth expiration sound - if you are listening closely you'll hear it expire in a fight with the default sound, but its relatively easy to miss. with the modified one, its really hard to miss... this applies to removing the sparks, explosion effects etc aswell imo. the baseline sound and gfx assets reflex provides have more than enough clarity already. i wouldnt mind cosmetic changes that fit the basic design of the stock ones - so that the decision to use them is purely about cosmetics, rather than advantage.
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    You guys too focusing on armours or some another specified aspects but missing main. Main - is human focus possibilities is heavy limited. New player need to keep focusing for thinking about witch weapon he have right now, where he is, how healthy he is, where to find another weapon, how to move, ect. and additionally he need to think what think about all that his opponent and how to play against that. Main difference between new and top player is how many stuff he can focus on same time. Actually, number is near same (7 +/- 2), but in 1 of that runtime memory cell top player has much more information than new. And to get that stuff compressed need training, and if start count of stuff would be not high and increasing by 1 part of game stuff and after previous gets compressed - learning process will be much faster. So, question not in changing armour system (or any another aspect), question on total removing that for new player. Put them to play special simplified maps with only 3-4 main weapons, then add 1 major item with timer, then some bit harder maps with new movement aspects ect. Question where to get players for this training ladder - "simply" BOTS. Also all that must be obviously as some good UI system. Like new player launching reflex for first time, he has blocked competitive mods until he finish that interactive tutorial, he has 1 big button, like New game that instantly put him on server where he getting info about basic keyboard/mouse/hud configuration, then info about few basics aspects like simple w/a/d/s/jump/crouch movement, and 3-4 main weapons and instantly getting fight with bot, after explanation about some few another aspects like armours, half-advanced movement knowledge... Would be great to have it as some "single player" story, with voice actors, some story, video-frames with examples. And for finishing major parts player gets some cosmetics. I think for professional developers nothing hard to found good solution oneself, question do reflex devs have resources and priorities and motivation. Sum up: protection from veterans, step-by-step 1 game aspect tutorial and right after match with bot, fancy UI and some intrigue in process time.
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    Source is now open here: https://bitbucket.org/ZuLuuuuuu/reflex-replay-helper I am using Visual Studio 2017 on a Windows 10 machine for compilation of the code.
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    WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893207562 Lengthy technical map with 5 different levels, each of which have surf lanes of different steepness. No weapons. I also created a hub room where you could've teleported to each of the 5 rooms then a sixth teleporter that takes you through race start brush, but since the timer doesn't reset when you die - that concept doesn't really work lol. So it's sitting there now unconnected and I'll update the map if there's any changes to timer behavior.
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    Whatever happens, something needs to change for racing modes, perhaps when a map is selected by the map maker as using race only, then an extra option can appear (or is forced) to use an easy/lite lower-quality lightmap producing a much smaller .light file; or the map can be uploaded without lm. Or perhaps the devs have better stuff to implement right now :s
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    I'm an avid CS player but pretty new to Reflex and AFPS in general, and @Chongus hit the nail on the head. The pacing for Reflex is pretty much 100%, 100% of the time. That's tiring, especially for today's audience which enjoys games that have a fair bit of downtime in their gameplay. Popular titles like CSGO, DOTA 2, PUBG, and Overwatch not only have great pacing (the slower planning/setup focused gameplay contrasted with the exciting attempt at executing said plan), they also have a limit to how badly you can lose. What's the worst that could happen in CS? (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Counter-Strike scoring, the game is played best of 30 rounds, what is essentially first to 16 round wins.) Say you get picked off immediately in a round, and perhaps every following round, leading your team to an 0-16 loss. I've been there, and it sucks because you lost big time, but that's as bad as it's ever gonna get. I could play by myself against a pro team, 1v5, get absolutely crushed, and still only lose 0-16. What's the worst that could happen in Reflex? There's no cap. I played a competitive 2v2 match, and after about 10 minutes into it, my partner and I were down by over 100 points. Not an exaggeration, I'm pretty sure the score line was like 9-111. We looked at the match timer and still had 5 more minutes to go. You want to talk about a crushing defeat? Try getting your teeth kicked in for 15 minutes straight with no respite. My buddy that queued doubles with me hasn't launched Reflex since. How to fix? Maybe Reflex could introduce a score limit and/or a skunk rule. Get up +10 or so and the game's over. I'm sure someone will be able to recall a great comeback from a huge deficit, and that's cool and all, but I think for the majority of new players it ain't happening. As for adding a new gamemode, I like @bej's idea of single flag CTF. Also devs, if you read this, please let us mix the Arena Mutator with CTF. Not really sure why the Arena mutator despawns flags, but round based CTF with player elimination would be fun. Especially instagib.
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    I don't think that making the game more accessible for new players would help very much if we overdo it too much. What happens is that people will pick up this game, get into it a bit, and then they realize that it really just isn't their thing. I know that when I started playing this game, even though I sucked dick and got destroyed by any decent player, I didn't just give up with the idea that this game is stupid. I wanted to get better, so I kept playing. This is something that a lot of people just don't have the time and/or motivation to do. The truth is that we're playing an extremely niche genre of game. Almost all of the disappearing new players don't just stop playing because it's not holding their hand enough, it's just that ultimately, they don't like this type of game. No amount of hand-holding is going to change that. In fact, it's possible that by adding so many hand holding features, the target audience that this game goes for will actually get pushed away. I know I nearly stopped playing back in early access when item timers were default on, simply because I didn't like how much it took one of the skill factors out of the game. (though I do agree that some things should not be hard to figure out, like the magic number of RA you can have max to pick up a YA/GA)
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    I think no matter how transparent the game is it won't take off because it's lacking the social aspect. The only somewhat popular 1v1 games i can think of are fighting games and those can easily be played with two people on one console. Having a friend to play with is what keeps people from quitting when the game gets frustrating. How to fix that i don't know, CTF and TDM could be pushed more but neither of those modes seems particularly good for competition, or at least not as good as duel.
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    This was my reason for creating the thread. Extendopunch gold WHEN?????
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    Just add the damn grappling hook already!!
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    I was just hanging with a few dudes. Breaker / Toni43 and some .. gentle-man.
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    For the Noobs: -More training levels especially for movement (like parkour station 1st floor style) -Better bots that are easy to set up on any map/game mode (co-op too) -Lock competitive mode until hard training levels are completed For the Casuals: -Drop in/out quick play servers -Rematch button and game mode votes available for MM -More than 3 player FFA etc. -New game modes especially slower paced ones like freezetag or 1 life per round stuff For the Pros: -Make "Approved" widgets only for competitive mode -Tier cosmetics/sprays for highest rank reached per season -Rotate maps per season The official release was definitely rushed, but this game is too good for us to let die when all we need to do is make more approachable and advertise it better
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    Also, is 10% retention of new players bad? I suspect that's pretty good, especially with how competitive the multiplayer-fps market is at the moment. I'm not saying there's nothing more that can or should be done to help new players. But I doubt that the Triple-A fps games hold on to their players any better, they just have much more money for sustained marketing than reflex does and natural exposure from their larger playerbase, both of which help keep new players coming in. (even if only 10% stay long term.)
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    There are a two distinct forces at work that influence player retention in regards to competitive games. First, reduce frustration. Second, feedback. There are two pieces that make up Reflex (and one that connects them). - -- The physical manipulation of the character in the game (moving and aiming) and how you decide to aim and move in the moment (dodging, preferring) . – I call this Kinesthetics - -- Using/abusing the map, weapon control, armor control – I call this Meta - --The ability to create a plan and execute on Meta, using Kinesthetics – I call this Flow Notice the player has full control over kinesthetics. This means they have 100% feedback on what they do. This results in low frustration. So long as the player knows of the existence of bunnyhopping, if they see someone bunnyhopping better than them, they understand that they can/would also bunnyhop that well and are not likely to be frustrated, since they have feedback. Notice the player has no control over the Metagame. They cannot see the timers, the enemy stack, the good rail angels, the perfect moves to make in the early game based on spawns. This is low feedback, which increases frustration. To talk about retention is to talk about the new player experience. For a new player, the goal is to play the game. By playing the game, you learn the game at the same time. To start to play Reflex, you MUST have Kinesthetics, but you do not need Meta. It is assumed you have a mouse and keyboard and know how to shoot a gun, but it is not assumed you already know how to play Reflex before you play Reflex. So then, to play Reflex (and by consequence, learn reflex), players need to be able to focus on doing the thing they already know how to do (Kinesthetics) while not focusing on Meta. Players use Kinesthetics as a lens to explore the game. If the player where to attempt to immediately focus on Meta, they would not be playing the game. Instead, they would be hitting alt+f4 and pulling up a wiki, reading, and still not fully understand anything since they still haven’t played the game. If we want to talk about how a new player should learn, we need to understand where they are going. What is the difference between the worst and the best players, and why is there such a dynamic range of skill as described by Meowgli and Kovaak. Between kinesthetic and Meta, which has the largest impact? I’m afraid you will have to take my word for it, but Meta is responsible for the stratification of the player base, not Kinesthetics. (As far as the impact of Meta, Kinesthetics and Flow at different skill brackets, I could go into more detail about their relative importance at various levels, but I would like to continue on to solutions for new player learning.) I feel that Meta is least important for Top Level Players v. Top Level Players, second to Flow, then kinesthetic at the top (I could write more on this). For Low Level Player v. Low Level Player, the list is inverted. (When I say it’s important, I mean that time spent focusing on improving that aspect of their play results in the highest amount of skill bracket return) Moving all the way back to frustration, eventually the matchmaking system will create a match where one player will come out as the winner and the other will lose. During that game, it’s important to minimize frustration. As discussed, the main source of frustration is Meta. I’m going to start wrapping ups since I’m super tired. Timers as a learning tool give so much to new players and take little to nothing away from high level players when against lower level players. My solution would be to give timers to the lower mmr players, or players likely to lose the match. (Im not sure how Reflexes mmr system works exatly, but as a mid plat, give timers to anyone in gold.) But, as you get higher in rank, the handicap window shrinks, so that at a certain point, two diamonds would never see timers against each other. This increases the skill floor. Also, remove Casual Duels. - -- People only go to casual when competitive doesn’t give them what they want - --It’s a competitive game, so if competitive doesn’t give them what they want, then something is fucked up - -- (more reasons related to feedback point)
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    I wrote a steam guide on how to publish a map without a lightmap, bypassing the in-game publish restrictions. Here's a link to it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892726203
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    Sorry for the huge list but here it goes... (and I realized not all of these are "small suggestions", I just listed everything I could think of): borderless windowed mode (come on it's 2017 and no native support for borderless mode?) switch to borderless mode when leaving fullscreen, and automatically enter fullscreen when receiving focus again (as cvar?) built in resolution scaling option (similar to Nvidia DSR and AMD VSR), which only affects rendering of the scene (render UI at native/viewport resolution) as @insect pointed out, some geometry and lighting can cause extreme pixel walking, so having option for higher end PCs to render at higher resolution would be nice to have this would also help low end PC users to prevent UI getting stretched and hard to read at lower resolutions remove "Press Escape to Continue" screen, or allow us to skip it (with cvar or LUA) cvar to control which demo will be used as menu background instead of menu.rep (and option to disable it completely instead of removing menu.rep every time game update decides to replace it) more server browser filtering options (filter by game mode, ping, password protection I'm blind...) map editor stuff: allow placing spawn points for bots bots should always spawn at these locations (restricted to training mode only to not complicate things) or alternatively allow placing bots directly in the map (like turrets) respawning shootables with configurable respawn time LUA wishlist: expose cl_replaymarker notifications to LUA (for replay marker popup widget) add support for widget console commands (triggers a callback in LUA side when pressed and released) streamlines development of most command based widgets (no more reading cvar values at draw() function every frame) makes it easier to implement widgets like zooming that relies on +showscores hacks makes it possible to implement alias command via LUA allow widget cvars to be named after anything (no longer restricted to ui_<widget>_<variable>) as a security measure, disallow names starting with cl_, sv_, r_ prefixes upon registering the new cvar, throw an lua error if trying to register cvar with already reserved name bindReverseLookup: return list of keys bound to this command expose all console messages to LUA (kinda risky but do want, enables custom console widgets?) EDIT: few more... support passing console commands via program launch parameters (dedicated server supports this already) track player.stats and player.weaponStats during warmup
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    please more non head customisations + being able to set limb colors would be awesome too + transparent guns i want transparent guns + yellow torso/green legs enemies
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    Hey, back again. Experimental version of an older map, along with the original. Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907379198 Old version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772880372 Feedback on either version would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, and enjoy the map. EDIT 3/5/17: Coloured the map, changed some stuff. The floor under RA/ above MH is now exposed, not sure how this will affect the speed of the map. Some of the feedback from playtesting was the map was pretty fast paced, and momentum is more important than anything. Any further feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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