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    At some point in a future update we will be adding a "callvote lockhud" command. This will force players to use the official, unmodified HUD files only and will not include item timers (or strafe jump helpers, or grenade timers etc). Over time, this will become part of a larger system of settings that are appropriate for competitions and high level play but not for general pub games. Now can we shut the fuck up about timers for 15 minutes?
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    1 to 2 days to model and texture a weapon? Interesting... Let's try schedule that time, I'll go with 1 day. Double each number if you think it should be 2 days. Blockout - 1 hour High poly - 1 hour Low Poly - 1 hour UVs - 15 mins Baking - 15 mins Texturing (PBR, albedo, metallic, roughness, normals) - 1 hour Rigging (hands, moving weapon parts) - 15 mins Animation - 15 mins Particle effects and associated textures and materials - 1 hour Sounds - 1 hour Hooking it all up in code - 30 mins 3rd person version - 15 mins Decals - 5 mins 1 handed while heating up food LODs - 5 mins, use garbage converter to turn mesh to random mess, eating now prepared food Character animations - 15 mins, still trying to eat, could be faster if I could eat quicker Done! Extra 15 mins for concept if that isn't done. Spend no time coding shaders or anything else, code makes itself. All the development is done with 2 people, but what do I do with my time. If you can make a full next-gen environment in 1 to 2 weeks, I'd LOVE to see it. You should also be hired by a AAA studio instantly. UT4 guys have more developers and all their weapons aren't done, wonder what they're doing with their time. For reference, high poly versions of weapon models actually take a week or more. 1 day for everything seems correct. pls..
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    I was going to try to make a point through ingame situations instead of being another theoretical gamer but I was going to be ignored and more importantly, I see this thread is already doomed with hostile confrontations and repetitive arguments seen in other threads: it's not like I want to join this party. This whole thing about item timers resembles politics to some extent and that's why it pisses me off, you people are fighting about who is more right about what's the ultimate way of quaking while you stopped looking at the bigger picture: reflex isn't quake and won't be quake. To me the most important thing is that new players who buy reflex can understand and play the game from a very beginning without having to climb the steep learning curve that most of us went thru. Having a satisfactory experience with a game from the first moment makes people promote the game between their friends. I bet most of you wouldn't recommend quakelive, cpm or qw to any casual gamer who is friend of yours because you know he won't like it or it's simply too hard/barely accessible to get into. I personally couldn't care less about the sacred gameplay of every quake version and their 2,000 players around the world. Steam right now has over 7,000,000 online users; I would rather target those than the quake crowd itself. Too bad turbo pixel studios has a rather non existent marketing department and also a naked game with very little infrastructure compared to bigger titles. Guys, please, keep it cool around here. I don't understand why you have to be so mad about a game on early access.
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    I made the default HUD, so I've got nothing to show
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    Timing items precisely has never been a substantial skill in any arena shooter, it's an unfair mechanic which some excel naturally at because of better genes, some need years of mental practice because they're dumb, some don't give a fuck and some straight out cheat the fuck out it because they can. Q2 community universally agreed to allow pickup timers in tourneys, because they were intelligent enough to realize there's no way to distinguish genuine timing from fraud timing. Does seeing pickup times for items that you didn't see/hear picked up suck? Yes. Does seeing the times for items that you saw/heard or picked yourself suck? No, it makes an uncontrollable exploit controllable. If you think that throughout the history of aFPS nobody has ever had any kind of aid for item timing, you're being naive. And if you think timing items in itself makes the fundamental structure of competitive aFPS games, you're being delusional and probably been playing the game wrong all along. I'm glad you finally agree and you should go and take your own word for it immediately, because the timers wont be gone any time soon.
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    Im going to re-release thcdm13 with pretty substantial modifications and therefore I thought it might be a good occasion to host a minicup on it - so here we have a thcdm13 minicup with gaiia, impulse, lunokhod-2 and afgan. http://challonge.com/thcdm13mini The minicup will take place at Saturday 18:00 CEST with hopefully everybody showing up ;p Its a round robin bo3 on single map so we're looking at like 1:30h event. The stream will be provided with Holi and DraQu, I'll post a link here when I get it, 3 games will be streamed 3 will get into VODs that I'll post here or in map topic. Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv
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    This is just proof of concept, i have imported most of the assets from Guild Wars 2 ClockTower Jumping/Race map Yea i know its not quite legal, but i will try to recreate this map from the beginning using radiant/trenchbroom/cinema4d with q3 map exporter , i think its excellent idea for race map (2bad i cannot trigger portal vortex to rise from the bottom to top of the reflex map)
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    simple script to double/half and +/-1 your snapdistance you can do bindings with via options -> widgets -> bonusSnapDistance - just make sure you are in edit mode first, there seems to be an issue somewhere https://gist.github.com/Bonuspunkt/36c323576c71222f47a2
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    Very much true, but it's not just a matter of detecting. There are numerous ways to help timing that wouldn't perhaps be even considered cheating, eg. looking at seconds on a clock, accompanied with a notepad file or an image which shows what item spawns specifically after when you pick it up. Maybe they are considered cheating, personally I think seconds on clock helps too much in itself, but I don't know. I don't know what the universal agreement on the subject is, but the bottom line is there is no way of telling if someone uses these or not. This makes it a dubious and incoherent skill to master. Is a player actually a skilled timer or just a smart guy who set up a helpful desktop image? = Incoherence and uncertainty. Same goes for aimbot, sure, but aimbotting is not acceptable in the slightest, in any kind of form and has never been nowhere in the history of online aFPS. And really, if you're allowed to look at seconds on a clock, why shouldn't you be allowed to set timers? What difference does it make other than being more obvious? Is it more skillful if you have a chance of ending up focusing on the remaining time in itself rather than counting seconds? Of all the things arena shooters have to offer, counting seconds is just an annoying extra thing you need to learn. I don't see the value it supposedly adds. Q2 community was smart and dealt with this by allowing and encouraging the usage of timer binds. Reflex is basically experimenting with the same things, just with slightly different approach. You're the one whining here, so it is in fact you who should do the convincing, not me. And you're the one who's rejecting timers like they're going against every principle of your faith. The irony in this is that you said it yourself, you're thinking and hoping that everyone agrees with this, this being your argument and "definite truth". That doesn't sound like a person with willingness to understand opinions other than their own. Right, because provocative and rhetorical questioning is a way better and less boring format of arguing. It's as if you're deliberately trying to get this thread locked so you don't have to challenge yourself with other people's opinions.
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    There are skills that are fun and those who aren't. I don't find calculating numbers any fun. If you do...good for you. Maybe join the mathletes. I do like the principle of having objects ingame you have to control. It's very much comparable to CS:GO and having map-control or gaining info. If there'd be a way to avoid timings at all i'd be all for it. Simply because it's not fucking enjoyable to have a such dramatic gameplay mechanic ingame that's based on fucking calculating some numbers. In Dota2 you have random runes spawning at a certain point of time, both teams try to control them. Both teams know when they spawn it's just a matter of proper execution to actually get them/take control over them. That's what item-timers did for me....evening the field and putting more emphasis on other aspects. ( don't get me wrong...i'm fine with both timers and no timers, but i'd PREFER timers. What i don't enjoy at all is making gameplay votable. ) Well..whatever. I fear that this decision was rather based on newborn not wanting to hear the crying/bitching from both sides anymore instead of real reasons. It'd def. love to hear the reasoning behind it other than trying to desperately please certain people. Also funny how no one, yes no one, did what f.e. Electro asked for: post actual demos of people playing with timers. Personally i'm wondering if newborn was able to observe anything at all, last time i checked he observed people crying about timers, watched them play and saw that they played bad no matter if timers or not. That was some time ago though and certainly not 100% his words. Cup looked fine with timers as well... so what's the fucking problem besides some people crying? Ah well....
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    I've yet to see a valid argument against them, it always ranges from "Quake never had this" to some vague and unsubstantiated use of the words 'depth' and 'skill'. Mentally timing items isn't very hard when you're used to it, it's just an arbitrary skill that serves as an entry barrier. The reason Quake-like games are so great is that the barrier of entry is very low, despite the fact that the skill ceiling and freedom of execution are unparalleled. What's wrong with making it even lower and freeing all players up more to focus purely on the battle itself? To me, it's a step up from the inherent problem fighting games always had and that make things like MOBAs and card games totally suck; the arbitrary barrier of entry. Having to learn and master unintuitive things like complex combo and move inputs, and in the case of MOBAs and card games hundreds of matchups, skill builds, decks and item builds is what gives these games more depth through complexity and less depth through elegance. We have enough popular games that get by just by taking hundreds of hours to even acquire the tools needed to properly play, I welcome an active step away from that no matter how small it is. This game should strive to be an evolution toward an ideal. TL;DR: Learning item timers and being able to count doesn't have a skill ceiling and contributes nothing, give me a proper opposing argument.
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    pfff... yeah, at least 5 people are happy now. Yeay ...gameplay options now votable.... I don't really mind item timers go away or stay. But keep gameplay consistent ....if i recall correctly that's something you wanted to do ...keeping gameplay consistent and now....timers votable. honestly dunno how to feel about this ...but atm not happy at all. I hope this decision wasn't based on some people crying/blackmailing, if yes i don't exactly see how this will lead the development into a good direction. You will always have crying/blackmailing people in the community. Well, we will see .....so far i can't really say i like where this is going. To people suggesting a "beginner mode": the fuck are you smoking? In which freaking competitive game do you have a beginner mode?! There are certainly other and better way to introduce players into the game....quick hint: it's not by changing the gameplay to that degree. Honestly kinda pissed atm. Hoped we'd at least see how it plays out for a little longer. The THC cup had great games, some of those steals were extremely nice to watch on stream...nor did i have the impressions the games were boring or dull or whatever. Well. Congratz guys. ( shall i cry and blackmail to abbandon reflex now as well? just wondering if we get consistent gameplay across the border then.... )
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    Clipping will be added afaik, newborn simply didn't want to have it work like in Q3 because it's buggy as hell.
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    Still waiting for someone to actually defend this claim instead of just regurgitating empty and repeatedly refuted arguments. +1 to splitting things being bad, the last thing we need is people isolating themselves because they only play the mode that makes them comfortable. Arena mode does this enough by itself, but at least it's an entirely different game mode.
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    This displays a message when you get a kill, similar to Quake Live. This is based on Qualx's DuelFragMessages widget. I improved it to get death events properly, so it will work correctly in all modes and while spectating now. I provided some options to control the message and how long it's displayed. More options (like color) would be possible, but I'm too tired to do them right now. It's pretty easy to directly modify the code anyways. Screenshot Source EDIT: There are a couple bugs in the code. I'll upload a fix once I get a repository for all my HUD code set up.
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    This whole discussion kind of feels like whining about SC2 having better grouping and army control. Like, yes, it is more skillfull, more impressive, more APM needed to select 8 different barracks and build marines instead of having them all grouped, but is that the kind of skills that's really the core? (Ok, not the best example, as timing is a bit more of a core thing than apm / clicking abilities etc.) I would be totally fine in having only your pickups registered and timed, I totally see the point being made that free information is bad, but the focus of the discussion seems way more on the whole "I had to get really good at adding 25 / 35 to the clock, so you should too" aspect. In quake I never really duelled because I am horrible at adding those easy 25 to the clock, I seriously hate it. When I pick up a RA I don't think about what my next action is, instead I'm "forced" to stop, look at the clock, see that it's 3:27, blank out, stressing trying to add 20 to that, its now 3:47, add five to that, 3:52. When I put it like that it seems so easy, but in a stressfull duel match, I would probably dedicate 5 seconds or so just for this one action. Adding MH to that and it becomes a clusterfuck. Its really not enjoyable at all. So the solution became timing by feel, and that helped on the enjoyment, but as soon as you are ready to take it to the next level, all the information you read is about how YOU NEED TO TIME BY THE CLOCK. Nothing about strategy, nothing about engagements, map specific stuff, movement or anything. I know this sounds like I dont want to enjoy duelling at all or that I have not the slightest clue about how it works. I've been watching matches fanatically at periods, read interviews, forum posts and everything inbetween. The point is, I would guess there are a lot of people like me, I understand and adore the level of skill it takes to time 3-5 items on the second while speeding through the map at 1000ups and hitting inhuman rails and rockets, but when you are starting out, getting good on pubs and want to duel, the insane focus on timing puts me off. When its not second nature it feels really overwhelming. I loved spending hours jumping around, learning different movement tricks, have no problem training my aim in different ways long until the night, but I really dislike the whole mental arithmics that needs to be done... Learning to NOT try contest every RA and Mega when you are out of control, and rather focusing on pot shots and getting yellows seems far more important than learning to handle a bazillion different numbers in your head just because its always been like that. It got really, really rambly, sorry for that. Just wanted to share my view. Let the timer only count items you've picked up / seen picked up.
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    I didn't - and actually still don't - want the timers, but I have come to recognise that they level the playing field when it comes to fighting against people who use the clock religiously, and I have also found assorted interesting uses for them. In my opinion, it is not worth the cost of locking the HUD to default and rendering worthless all the work that loads of people have put into creating cool widgets, just to pander to people who play like morons and zerg every item just because they're spawning - especially not if the game is going to keep its clock by default. It's sad that the people making the most noise in the anti-timers argument aren't actually thinking about anything more than "now it's harder to stomp weaker players because they make fewer mistakes".
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    The timers really are great. I don't see why they should not be included? I think it adds to the game really and lets the players know when they should be doing things (experienced players can do this without timers, but its good for beginners!). It makes the learning curve not as steep. It levels the playing field somewhat. Honestly I think some of these guys that don't want the timers are afraid of new players getting better and learning to duel
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    Well, if cheaters are really as big of a problem as you portray them to be, then won't they be there anyway? Locking the HUD really solves nothing. Since the most whinge stirring problem about timers is that it takes the genital arousing ~*mystery*~ away by showing the enemy pickups, couldn't you just make the item timers NOT show enemy pickups and deal with the theoretical cheaters that would potentially be cheating the same without the timers as well?
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    One of the main reasons why I switched to Arena FPS games is because the luck factor is significantly lower. Adding randomness is definitely not something I support.
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    RACE! Hopefully this will work well for players of all skills. Here ya go: http://reflexfiles.com/file/265 Screen shots on the reflexfiles page.
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    every mapping forum has a thread like this, so show me some shit that you'll never finish anyway! gonna post a bunch of screenshots tomorrow. cheers
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    im not sure about fully destructible objects but I thikn what would be cool is if walls breaks partly due to weapon damage but they'll 'regenerate' shortly after. Like think kind of matrix style where you damage a wall and instead of just having a boring splash on it it partially breaks (not too much) showing some kind of underlying material (if maps are textures it could just be like a nogrid texture) and than build up to its original state. I think something like that could work well with arena shooter type of gameplay where players are dooing all sort of crazy shit and this could like justify it being kind of 'simulation' with some reminiscence of 'real world'
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    There's no magic developer "nerf this" button so you're just going to have to be patient. The problems with RL are not just a matter of damage/splash radius, it requires significant knockback and falloff changes first.
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    I was going to say "It's okay, I'm old and terrible at Reflex too" but quite a bit of the footage in that video is me. Admittedly, it's all the shittest bits. Play more Reflex.
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    Hello! Will there be any way to add destructible props like crates/walls?
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    I believe newborn has previously discussed having there be a lot less knockback further from the center of the explosion. When he says falloff, I think he's referring to that. Makes the absurd bounces we have right now a lot more difficult to hit.
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    if this was possible i would make a ATDM map with some sections of breakable walls so when it's 1v1 after couple minutes both players are more likely to kill each other faster and the rest of the players don't have to wait for to guys running away from each other EDIT: destructible walls are back fully build after each round is finished. (obviously) I think it's a good idea
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    I had the same idea some time ago to keep people from playing pacman with the pickups, but it's very ungraceful. It would slow the game down and the luck factor isn't something i'd be too happy about. At this point i doubt the timers will go and to be honest i don't really have a problem with that (anymore). Some Quake players might not be willing to play the game anymore, but to join in on the playerbase bashing, if half of 16 players won't play the game that won't make a difference. This game won't succeed only because it appeals to Quakers and it won't fail because some Quakers despise it.
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    If they stay , half player base will migrate away, hate is too big there. Myself love timers and i think they add more tactical possibilities then removes , but say that those ignorant QL noobs...
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    dont worry, i tried to search it too.... the server is QuakeNet (this is just as important as the channel name ppl) channel is #reflex
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    what do u mean by falloff because if ur gonna take 100dmg across-map directs from me, i'll be sad
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    #reflex, #reflex.maps, #reflexpickup.eu
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    Just gotta add that gw2 jump puzzles might be some of the most frustrating game time I've ever experienced... But feels great when you finally get to the end (and open the fancy chests)
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    gaiia asked for this a while ago http://pastebin.com/DdrihMZH disable crosshairs enable gaiiaCrosshairs ui_gaiiaCrosshairs_size 50
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    suicide is the command you are looking for. Dodge will take a while because it requires a bunch of new animations.
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    I'm a bit sad to the community dividing already based on settings. I think item timers are a great idea to get more people into arena style games. If this is not tested over a long period of time, the developers will never know if this helps or hinders this game's competitive population. Clearly, following Quake's history has done nothing but stunt this genre's growth. It would also be a bit sad to see customizable HUDs go away in competitive play since most people seem to be playing with custom HUDs at the moment.
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    We all know the cool new HUD came with the expense of easy codable Item timers. With this new callvote everything the new HUD scipts brought will be out of the game. Good work quakers.
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    But what about third-party scripts which can be easily created to manually start item timers? When someone pick up an item you just need to press a hotkey to start a timer. The player with such script has an advantage over other players. I suggest to allow manual timer so everyone have equal conditions.
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    Ah right, so how do you prevent people from using overlays? I mean stuff like MSi Afterburner, Steam, pretty much every recording program and many other legit programs use overlays, this isn't something you can just fight with a good anti cheat. The concept is fundamentally broken. Talking big about devs being too lazy to fix a problem is easy but actually finding a solution which works isn't. Considering that the devs actually made their own engine instead of using UE or whatever is a pretty good indicator that they do the work to find a good solution. Sometimes there is no solution though, wishful thinking and trying really hard won't overcome a completely broken concept.
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    If they dislike the timers that much, they can simply hide it from their HUD, if they want to do the old way of timing the items good for them, but its not a big deal for me in my opinion. Besides, CPMA didn`t had seconds on the gameclock, you didn`t actually "time" the items, you just tried to think how long it would be until they respawn again, so I think it`s pretty nonsense to me to bash the game at this point.
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    What if I wanted to perfectly time my movement so that I swoop through at high speed to steal mega health on cpm22 from someone who was waiting there patiently? It removes this ability which is less fun. Even 1 second of randomness would stop this from being possible if you were going fast enough.
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    Not really a WIP, but a test of some of the textures, trying to fit together a appealing mix of things i also spent the last 20 minutes standing as far back as i could from that wall.... aprox 630 units....and shot nades into the center of the decal.... made me wish there was a nade basketball mod