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    Thoughts on reflex

    ​He wants to set the colour of the walls to be different than the colour of the models, which you cannot do currently.
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    dp4 minicup

    dp4-minicup (round Robin - invite only) December 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM CET best of one map: dp4 - abandoned shelter donations go here: PayPal link stream+cast by ArenaFPS & def all VODs will be availabe on my YouTube-channel good luck & have fun!
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    Thoughts on reflex

    Hi, I was really excited when I first heard about reflex and almost instantly bought the quad-pack of reflex. I like the game so far, but there are some things which are bothering me. First of all, visibility generally seems to be an issue for me. Unfortunately I have a rather low end GPU by today's standards (GTX480) which means that I have to reduce details as much as possible. Unfortunately this further reduces the visibility, since without dynamic lights many maps are quite dark, thus enemy models are dark and non-glowy as well. Combined with the highly detailed geometry it makes distinguishing enemies very hard. Enabling bloom makes everything glow and shine, except enemies, which I think is quite unfortunate. In my opinion, the current coloring options for enemies/teammates are broken. It would be much more convenient if it was possible to set a color for the own team and the enemy team, and additionally for enemy models as well as for teammates. Currently a flag carrier from the own team is quite easy to be mistaken for an enemy which causes quite some confusion. Since the enemy base in CTF is be colored the same way as enemy models right now, enemies can be quite hard to be distinguished from the background. I really like the feature to specify a teamcolor and enemycolor, but again, I think it should be possible to set it separately from the models colors. For me it was quite hard to distinguish between the different weapon holograms, since they mostly differ by color. I am getting used to the different holograms, but maybe the weapons could somehow be made more distinct. I would love to have those player spawn holograms such as in CPMA during warmup as it would make learning the spawns of a new maps more convenient. Currently for me it is hard to judge during a fight how much damage I am receiving. In Q3 there were several pain sounds which are giving a decent indication of the damage received. Maybe I could add something similar using HUD-scripting... I am skeptical about the high geometric detail of newer maps since currently there is no way to reduce detail. Maybe it would be possible to introduce flags in the mapeditor which allow the mapper to flag certain objects as "detail", and to introduce a cvar to disable detail geometry. Furthermore the high detail geometry causes quite some severe aliasing artifacts since as far as I could tell, no LOD is employed, All the above shouldn't come across as too negative. I like to play reflex and I am aware of the fact that Reflex is still in early access. Please keep up with the good work you are doing, Reflex already is quite a lot of fun to play! edit: I forgot to add: I would really love a cvar to disable the lightmaps. On many maps I find it much more convenient to play without lightmaps, however the "invalid lightmap" message is quite annoying... edit2: to make the post less negative I want to add: The gameplay feels very polished to me, the weapon balance seems right and the movement feels really nice as well. Also the netcode feels very good, much better compared to the previous approaches. As a sidenote, I think an option to "predict" local railshots, rockets and maybe even the hitsound would be great, as it would reduce the feel of lag even further, at the cost of some "mispredictions"
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    bHUD Official Thread

    Current version: 1.0, 24th November 2 015. Hello everyone, It has been requested a couple of times that I should upload the hud I’ve been working on for some time now. The HUD is best described as a reincarnation of the original CPMA hud from long back. There're a lot of different ways to customize the armor and health bar, so I hope you will enjoy it. Currently, there’s no clock in the hud, so you have to use the default one or get one from another HUD. Personally I recommend the one from DraQu HUD or DP2 hud. At some point, I will be doing new features such has flag indicators, team overlays, clock, etcetera. But for now you’re only going to get the barebones somewhat stable version. You can download the HUD here. Pictures here. Report bugs and other issues in this thread or message me; Bjarke @ QuakeNet on IRC. I’m not looking for suggestions, and I will probably not do anything custom for you guys.
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    [0.37.3] Freezes on servers

    Take up a commandpromt and run a "ping -n 1000 google.com" as you connect to a server. As soon as you lag out, check if you lost that connection to. If it is timingout the pings to its the whole network. Then follow up with a "ipconfig /all" and check the information for the network interface you are using. If its IP pending or starting with 169(IIRC that is the first number in the IP windows assign automatically if can't get one from a DHCP server) then it is the first jump on the network messing you up. As in your router or your ISP's accespoint. It seems strange if the network really goes down though so that would be important to verify.
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    Thoughts on reflex

    I would like to see an optional flag on lights placed in maps. A flag to bake them into the lightmaps. There are many lights that could be baked without messing with looks of a map while doing it will be a small optimization. Not to mention the added benefits of making the map look more consistent (and better?) for those running dynamic lights 0.
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    Thoughts on reflex

    ​Yes, it removes the annoying purple text too. Atleast for me it does.
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    [0.37.3] Freezes on servers

    It just means the server has dropped you. What was your ping / packetloss (PL on scoreboard) at?
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    First map - advice please :)

    Updated to my servers for the public testing
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    Two gameplay suggestions

    I wanted to say this ever since Nov, 2014, when I first saw the stakegun. I think the stakegun is a great idea, and sets this game apart from the rest. However, it should not be an actual weapon that you need to switch to. That is wrong. Unless the switch was instant, and instant switch back to prevous weapon. In other words, it should be (like what Arnold said) a special action that you can activate at any moment, which keeps the game flow smooth and uninterrupted. I was shocked when I saw news of it first being removed. It creates new gameplay. The sort-of gameplay reminds me of Q2 expert CTF.
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    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​It seems to play well enough to share now so i fixed the colours, uploaded it and made forum thread. http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3144-dm_doxtoria/ Now it is more like...
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    I clicked on one of the vods and the part showing your gmail account said your bank balance had fallen below $25. Everyone needs to Like and Subscribe to this RIGHT NOW or else known reflex player 'sane' will starve. Please, give generously.