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    Replay Stats Parsing - Now Available!

    I've been developing a replay parser capable of generating assorted stats, including per-weapon accuracy and damage data (some of which is displayed on my site, at https://reflex.kiai.eu/replays/ ). I've agreed with the devs that I won't release the parser itself under any circumstances, because it uses bits and pieces of Reflex's code. However, I want to make it available for people to use, so I've also developed a simple client for it, allowing submission of replays to my server, which will provide a JSON object in response. My client currently supports i386 on both Win32 and POSIX (so basically Windows and 32-bit Mac/Linux). It's only working for Windows at the moment because I've not written the inotify code for Linux. That's coming soon™. If you have a very specific reason why you need amd64 support, that can be arranged quite easily. In order to run this parsing service, I'll need to get an additional server to guarantee that uploads won't completely choke out my current server, otherwise I'd have to hugely throttle uploads. This isn't a big deal, servers are cheap (I'm expecting to pay $6/month, although that might scale up if this is ridiculously popular and I need more storage and/or bandwidth). However, I'm permanently broke and would prefer not to pay out of my own pocket if possible, but I feel bad about asking for donations for nothing, so I'm planning on offering a paid automatic FTP retrieval service for people who have servers hosted with gameserver hosting companies, and thus are unable to run the parser client. This'll be completely non-profit; if I get enough funds from donations and people using that to cover my minimal server costs I'll put the rest of the money towards an upcoming competition prize pool. Also, addressing the point that stats will be available in Reflex 0.40, this service is intended to cover all your accuracy-whoring needs until then. It won't necessarily need to die at that point, though, because I'm planning on generating a lot more in-depth stats than just what'll be offered by the game, including per-map heatmaps for kills and deaths, and maybe even fine-grained shot accuracy maps (i.e. where your shots landed on the hitbox). It'll also provide a centralised place where stats can be gathered and harvested. If you want to set something up regarding FTP, please let me know! Update The client is now available at https://reflex-stats.kiai.eu/client/ and available for anyone to download and use for free. It uses a command line interface, and prints its usage information if run without arguments. Also, if you drag a replay onto it, it'll generate a JSON file in the same directory as the replay. Your browser may give you a warning about it because it's an infrequently downloaded executable. Don't worry about that (unless you don't trust me, in which case I guess you should worry). Don't download it from any other site, and don't download it if the SSL certificate fails verification. Standard stuff. You can display stats information (in the same way as my site does) by dragging a JSON file onto the page at https://reflex.kiai.eu/replays/stats.php. If anything weird happens, it's probably because I've changed something in the JSON format, so just reparse the replay. I won't do this often. I'll add the ability to view stats online (without needing to provide the JSON file) soon. Parser is updated for 0.40. You don't need to update the client, but I've improved a couple of minor things. Money stuff: If it goes up at all, I'll guarantee that the master server will stay up until either Reflex has stats generation built in, or the end of July 2016 (covering my back in case development halts/slows down hugely), regardless of whether I'm getting enough money from the community. Beyond that point, I'll guarantee it'll stay up at least as long as I'm not losing money on it. This is independent of whether I continue playing the game or being involved with the community (i.e. I'm not going to do a PHGP). This is NON-PROFIT; while I'll (of course) accept donations to the Qualx Doesn't Have To Eat His Own Leg Fund, money that people pay for FTP retrieval will either pay for server costs or be reinvested back into the community in the form of competition prize money. FTP retrieval will probably cost something in the ballpark of 50 cents per server per month. In addition to paying for my server, this prevents me disclaiming liability if, for instance, your server's mysteriously hijacked by a masked villain calling himself Xlauq. FTP login details will be stored securely (yes, that means salted and encrypted; this is 2016, even if many companies appear not to have noticed yet). Uploading replays (using my client) from whitelisted IP addresses will be free. I'll whitelist an IP address if you host a public Reflex server on it. Uploading replays from other places may or may not be free, based on whether I need to extract more money to cover the server or not! If this ends up not being free, I'll offset the cost against any money or items you've ever donated to competition prize pools. It'll probably be free, though, because this sounds like an administrative nightmare. Gameserver hosting people: you're welcome to use this utility but its availability must be free and unrestricted to all of your customers.
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    Icons for frag messages

    So I had the idea to include all the different cosmetic melee items to my death message widget. Currently the game only has the axe icon (ui/icons/weapon1.svg) and I don't think the devs intend to include all the other cosmetics (or if they do it's probably a really low priority). So to illustrate a bit here's a picture of what the death messages look like: At the moment I can use the axe-icon for the hatchets (red ArenaFPS Hatchet, golden Supporter Hatchet, blue Hatchet) but I'd still need icons for: machete, wrench, pipe, pipe wrench, crescent wrench and crowbar. Basically all the items listed in the item store. But the thing is I'm no artist and I'm terrible at making graphics. So I'm looking for a person who is talented in graphics and is capable of making SVGs. This is just a cool novelty feature I'd like in my widget so I understand if someone doesn't want to put their time and effort into it. If anyone's up for it leave a reply or a pm or message me on Discord. Bonus: It would also be cool to have icons for death by lava, drowning, falling out of the map, suicide, running out of roundtime (in arena gamemodes) and telefrags. To devs: It would be nice to get the killer/victim player index in log events instead of name + team. I'm currently using the name and team combo to fetch the correct player but it's slightly unreliable (if 2 players have the same name and team my function will match the one who has smaller index).
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    thct6 - the missing link

    fun fact file size: 6.666 MB ;D
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    thct6 - the missing link

    If all goes well we might have a showmatch happening on it before the promeus cup at Sunday.
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    REFLEXTRAIN Reflextrain is a personal project of mine that aims to help players improve their mechanical skills regarding movement and also builds upon @Bonuspunkts reflexjump map Workshop link! In Reflextrain you will find sections to train strafing, circlejumping (with and without plasma hops) and rocket jumping. The map also features 3 reflexjump sections, 3 challenge rooms and a freestyle room! Any and all feedback appreciated! Enjoy! Thanks to @MAD_JIHAD, @Bonuspunkt, @memphis, @poub @Warlord Wossman, @DraQu, Night and @rekk0r for their various contributions and input on the map!
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    Race - Development.

    A few months ago I have created a proposal for the devs to look at. I will not discuss whether the changes will happen or not, but I would like to have some insight on what you think about my proposal. New command line for race mode – rc_ Raceghost/Raceghostalpha · rc_raceghost 1/0 – This command enables the player to change the opacity of all the players in race mode. · rc_raceghostalpha 0.0/1 – After enabling Raceghost, you will be able to change the opacity of the players. Availability: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1. 0 = No players 0.5 = 50% opacity 1 = No opacity Personal ghost – Probably waste of valuable time that is not meant to be spent on this function. · After achieving personal best on the map, this command will allow racers to see their own ghost. This will help them determine how much they have to improve on certain parts of the map. Timelimit – Not restricted · All of the race servers should not have time limit, map should be only changed when people will vote for another map. Randmap command · /callvote randmap · This allows the player to vote a random map that is available on the server/steamworkshop. Mute command · /callvote mute · Once you type this command and press enter, this list of players should show up e.g.: 1. wh1te 2. night 3. Guilt 4. memphis · This will then allow you just to type /callvote mute 3 or just press tab and right click on someone to choose mute option. !top database · All of the race players including me kind of miss the competition in race and would like to have a database for all our race records. · Once the !top 30 would be typed in the console, it would show all-time top 30 times, doesn’t matter on what server. · You can also just type !top if you are on a race map and it will give you the top 30 for the map that you are currently playing. Strafehud command – Making everyone’s life easier! · rc_strafehud 1 or r_strafehud 1/cl_strafehud 1 · This will quickly disable/enable the strafehud for the new players so they don’t have to look around in widgets and setting it up themselves. Start – Restriction · After leaving the starting line/base, the player will not be able to come back. This will be provided by invisible wall. This prevents from cheating on a race maps such as gaining more speed by coming back and starting over again while keeping the speed. Racerestart Command – Very important · /racerestart · This command can be only used when mode is set to race. · Once the command is binded e.g. “/bind n Racerestart” instead of killing player, it will respawn them instantly in the starting base. · It can be used whenever – No delay on usage, can be spammed as much as the racer want. · When the command is used, it will not show in the console or chat. Practicemode – Very important. - Too much like editing mode and too much hustle creating it. · /practicemode – command · This command will remove timer from the racer and will allow him to practice different stages of the map · Additional commands that will have to be used and can be only used after enabling practicemode: · /Noclip – The racer can fly to the certain stage on the map. · /positionsave – Allows the racer to save their current position whether they are in the air or on the ground. When then will get out of noclip, they can press Racerestart and it will allow them to start in the saved position. · /positionspeed – Allows the racer to start with the speed they need/want. Time. Own Best. Srv Best column – This will be done in a HUD. Oneliner – Top 3 Only. · After you will end up in Top 3, you will be able to use this command once · It can be only used once so be wise. It can be used again if you beat your personal best. · This command will provide a message next to your nick when top 30 is being showed e.g. 1. 00:09:210 – w1te – #rofl 2. 00:09:900 – night – ^ hax 3. 00:12:400 – random – I want to be top 1 L 4. 00:12:799 – Memphis 5. 00:13:415 – newborn 6. 00:13:635 – electro 7. 00:13:805 – shooter 8. 00:14:090 – guilt 9. 00:14:120 – qualx 10. 00:14:296 – quartz I have a lot more that I have came up with but for now I just want to know what you think. If you have any additional functions that you would like to see (without actually changing the gametype), please feel free to post them here. Thanks!
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    When selecting the melee key, a random melee weapon appears out of your workshop bought items. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a short while to get a confirmation/response from steam servers of your request to use a workshop item, so I don't know if this would really be able to function very well. Perhaps would function best when moving away from the melee weapon, sounds a bit of a mess though?
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    Map Aliases

    https://reflex.kiai.eu/widgets/callvote.lua Provides a bunch of pseudo-commands and a map alias list. I'll do an options thing for it eventually but it works in the meantime. Commands: ui_callvote_set_mapname thct7 Stores the alias thct7 for the current workshop map ui_callvote_unset_mapname thct7 Removes the alias thct7 completely ui_callvote_map thct7 Starts a vote to the workshop map you've aliased as thct7 ui_callvote_refresh_data 1 Add any aliases from the currently loaded config to your current list, overwriting any conflicting ones. ui_callvote_import_data 1 Add any aliases from the currently loaded config to your current list, as long as they don't conflict. Aliases will be saved in the widget's userdata in your config file, and it'll load automatically when the game is launched. You only need to use refresh/import when switching configs or adding a batch of presets.
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    Fat Boi Ion Cannon Final

    Created as a request but now packaged into a .pak file for easier installation and uninstallation. Video shows with an without bloom. A different color variant is in the works. install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. DOWNLOAD AT: http://www.mikemartin.co/dev/reflex
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    thct6 - the missing link

    the initial upload is complete - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635026343
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    Race - Development.

    reduced suicide delay pls
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    BIG UPDATE! Map now features a third reflexjump section as well as a third challenge room. Also included a all new freestyle room into the map (psst.. various secrets have been scattered around the map Go hunt)
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    thct6 - the missing link

    killed reflex...
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    0.39.3 Point Release

    http://imgur.com/a/ZoMfg thanks to Draqu
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    thanks for sharing