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    duel map wip soon to be released in its first (uncoloured) version
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    A couple of improvements to the server browser Filtering by game mode Sorting in both directions Doesn't work in pak form for some reason so you need to un-zip the file and place tamMenu.lua and the icons folder directly in base\internal\ui I may add more to this in the future Update 26/07/2016 No.2 -Added password protected filter Update 26/07/2016 -Added Host name search -Added Max ping filter -Added Max Players filter -Stopped number spam in console Download link Screenshot as of 26/07/2016
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    REFLEXTRAIN Reflextrain is a personal project of mine that aims to help players improve their mechanical skills regarding movement and also builds upon @Bonuspunkts reflexjump map Workshop link! In Reflextrain you will find sections to train strafing, circlejumping (with and without plasma hops) and rocket jumping. The map also features 3 reflexjump sections, 3 challenge rooms and a freestyle room! Any and all feedback appreciated! Enjoy! Thanks to @MAD_JIHAD, @Bonuspunkt, @memphis, @poub @Warlord Wossman, @DraQu, Night and @rekk0r for their various contributions and input on the map!
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    So I am going to be doing an Australian Newb Tournament on a Sunday night. August 28th 7th 7.30 pm AEST. I thought it would be a good thing to give some of the new and low skill players a chance to participate in a tournament, as we would never be able to enter a proper duel cup. It's a chance to have some fun, laughs and show that you can at least be the best out of the newbs. It's going to be a quick one. I only plan to have 6 players completing. The details are: 1st round: 6 players in a FFA on Static Discharge 2nd round: 4 players in Instagib 3rd round: 2 player duel on The Catalyst In competitive mode. No use of item timers in this mode. All players will receive a steam key to give to another new(b) friend. Winner will receive either a normal melee weapon or a robot body part of their choice. ZTK has offered to stream and I am lucky enough to have Profanum and Phylum casting it https://www.twitch.tv/ztkfps So if you are interested in playing, please let me know and I'll duel you to make sure you're not a pro in disguise . If you know someone, please dob them in... just kidding. Please see if they would like to play. If people have fun and it turns out well, I might do another one too. This has been moved to August 7th now. Players: Cooledcannon (not 100%) Oldmate Vinty Lewen Lunt Fam Fam Standby: Kemorg Medatsu Exit
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    I've noticed that there is a relative lack of 1v1 cups on the european scene, despite having the biggest player base. I am considering starting a cup series up - but with a twist. Rather than having big monthly cups, or whatever, the idea would be to run small, regular (almost daily) tournaments with 16 players (32 at the weekends?) etc over the course of a couple of hours in the evenings. Anyway, feedback, suggestions and criticism are welcome.
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    The main thing which annoys me at the moment is the melee. It's overpowered when it hits and frustrating when it doesn't. I'd suggest doubling the attackrate and reducing knockback and the damage to 50. Also can we please get rid of the weapon switch delay? It has been 2 years and it still annoys me every time i switch from IC to something else, the lack of weapon switch delay makes CPM feel so much more smooth.
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    i hereby petition to have the bolt rifle's reload sound re-designed. i need a nice, loud, satisfying whooopm when the ra...bolt rifle is ready to fire again. i know most people here have the reload memorized but i use the sound cue and too many times i've pressed fire while it's still reloading, making me go "derp" and messing up my shot. it got done for the IC, the BR deserves it as well.
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    I personally do not like how Reflex movement is primitive and slowed down compared to CPM. Because of higher friction it has higher circle jump trajectory, thus it takes more time to perform and you get lesser speed. You always either get stuck on long stairs or fly to the ceiling cause of triple jump. In CPM you can scroll stairs without loosing speed. Weaker A/D turnings = you have less control => less abilities to keep speed on turning, lesser speed acceleration. Lack of skimming. It is just such a pain to try perform double jumps, rocket jumps, you get stuck when you hit a player model, you get stuck whet you hit corners, you get stuck when you hit badly clipped mesh. The movement is very rough atm. So let's look how the dev-team will implement it. Low gravity value and perhaps a higher jump height. I must be crazy but it's kinda seems to me that it's should be different. Summing up, I want to say that the movement system should be built by someone who is not familiar with that on the basic level but who really understand all the subtleties and aspects of it and who really has dived deep into it.
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    What he means is that the rules for air control are more complicated. In Quake World, Source, and Quake Live (also Unreal engine, I think), there is a single rule for air control (it's different between QW/Source and QL, but each has one rule). In Reflex/CPMA there are three rules: One for two keys (QL physics), one for A/D (QW physics), and one for W/S. Having different air control rules for different keys is inconsistent. Smilescythe's proposal, which I agree with, is to have only two rules: One for two keys (QL physics) and one for one key (QW physics). This is less consistent than QW and QL, but more consistent than CPMA and current Reflex.
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    [1:29 PM] truck: Some say the russians are still playing RU cup to this day [1:30 PM] truck: Ivan and Dez are silently walking around ztn, like ships in the night That was a long way, group stage with DE was a mistake, but anyway that was fun to play [& boring to watch] and it finally ended. Thank you everyone for patience, casters @CrazyAl & @GMT for casting [There was a wonderful music on stream xd], donating people for their donations and viewers for viewing <3 Reflex Ru-Cup #5 Results @Furioness aka Ivan O. Cherepoff @Lunokhod2 @pupz_ More detailed results in brackets [[http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_5/]] ArenaFPS Stream Recording: [[https://www.twitch.tv/arenafps/v/79739863]]
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    Stop ignoring my points and making these sentimental statements. You don't have to explain how the movement works, but from the looks of it - I need to explain it to you. If you want a movement that's in perfect equilibrium for both aiming and movement then you listen to me. It is key that you understand what I'm talking about. Watch the QW video (the whole video preferably) that I posted earlier to see what an effective W turning looks like during combat. This kind of sideways movement is de-emphasized in CPM/Reflex. And to know whether this was by choice or not, I need to get people to understand what's missing in a movement system they're used to not have it in or be possible to do with in first place. You being unable to think of any reason to use this technique is irrelevant. The shape of the map being uncharacteristically circle and uncommon in Reflex/CPM is also irrelevant. Most maps having mostly straight corridors is also irrelevant, because Reflex is a game that requires you to move sideways due to your opponent not always being at the direction that you're running/jumping towards to. Quake Live movement is 100% consistent, every direction that you run or airstrafe to behaves same as their exact opposites. That's why the technique called "half-beating" is possible and also why there's no inconsistencies in strafing sideways whenever you have the situation that requires that. Not many people strafe sideways, but nobody is complaining that you CAN do it. QuakeWorld movement is 100% consistent, every direction that you run or airstrafe to behaves same as their exact opposites. If you want to circle around an opponent, you're not forced to do this by head facing the turning direction or resorting to iffy techniques as experienced by Seekax and Terifire in their videos. Unlike in QL where movement is not a huge deal, in QW it is. And people have adapted their use of both sideways and forward movement over the years, which is easy to do because of it's consistency. Reflex/CPM movement is 50% consistent. Every "two key" strafing technique is consistent to every direction - you can Q3 strafe jump forwards as well as sideways, no problem there. Not many people strafe sideways, but nobody complains that you CAN do it either.. The same can't be said with "one key" strafing techniques where the movement prioritizes on moving forward. To successfully strafe sideways, you're subjugated to iffy limitations that exists to only make forward maneuvers (that already exists in A/D technique) more easy. CPM could be a mix of both "two key" and "one key" techniques, yet it prioritizes on moving forward which is indeed fine for Race and straight corridors, but not for combat with multi-directional action. Sure, not many Reflex players strafe sideways but that's irrelevant, because the options to do that do not exist in a format to make it convenient enough. People fail to understand that this is also a way to move during fights. Same as straferunning left and right while avoiding teh mad shaft.
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    pls don't nerf grenades
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    Hmm... In my opinion there are several issues in the game. 1. Knockback, it's not predicted and the fights are really dumb as a result, you can't rocket fight on higher pings. 2. The grenade launcher/rocket launcher have blurred roles, the fact that it's common to see rockets and grenades used interchangeably is proof of this fact. The best manifestation of grenades in the quake series is either QL/QW, in both it's a massive area denial weapon, not a weapon that you use to hit directs, I think inability to direct within a certain radius of the initial firing position would be a good idea (also splash radius doubled) and perhaps rocket volume increased. 3. There is something 'wrong' with the combat in this game, I play CPM with friends occasionally and my oh my, the predictability of combat is so much nicer, I know when I'm going to hit a rocket and the combat over all feels less random, I'd attribute this to the ground acceleration but I suspect it isn't that simple(CPM is the benchmark to overcome imo). 4. The spawns are still bad sometimes, I think spawning within a certain distance of death position should be stopped. 5. a fifth thing 6. I think the Bolt Rifle should have less ammunition, as someone posted above, playing russians who only need to collect the bolt every minute gets quite frustrating/induces bad/boring gameplay.
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    Upon reading I think both sides have good reasons for if this should be allowed or not. Ima give my scrub perspective because why not: I think that being able to move that way would increase the highest movement skill level achievable, but It wont devalue good positioning due to its limited use cases. Also the whole consistency with reducing the number of different ways air control works seems like a good idea. I think that movement should be as valued in terms of the three pillars, as aim and strategy and this change would help achieve that. I think putting this in experimental is probably the easiest way to test this.
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    Calling it W-strafing is so weird, because you're not actually strafing. That said, w aircontrol is not something new as it was very much the dominant way of moving around in Painkiller. Personally I like the Reflex movement a lot, and to many people cs aircontrol doesn't feel intuitive at first, it only feels intuitive to you because that's what you're used to.
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    I had this idea awhile ago and it might be completely retarded, but here it goes. If you ask me, what makes arena fps so interesting is the map control, but IMO, the problem with map control is that a very large part of it is timing the item. I always felt like timing doesn't really mesh very well with the other aspects of the game, to me it always feels like a completely different kind of mental process than say aiming, or moving, or dodging. I really liked the idea behind timers, but I felt timers took away from the map control aspect. In my mind, the problem with timers was that it let you run into a room at the last second, jump on the item and then run off again, while in my experience, without timers it feels like there's much more emphasis on controlling the room. So, what if you didn't jump on a red and instantly gain 150 armor, but instead, you'd get charged up at let's say 100 armor points per second while you're within a certain radius of the item? I think you could make timing irrelevant then by reintroducing timers without making map control less important. Maybe it'd even make the control game a little deeper. or maybe it'd turn control into complete shit
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    Opinions... I like Reflex's movement. It's a nice change from CPM and the +forward behavior is useful not just in race but also other modes. I got over the whole wallclipping thing but I'll be interested to see how it's implemented. Keep in mind that thinking about movement in isolation from other gameplay mechanics is problematic. If you make the movement faster/slower, you'll need to start rethinking weapon balances. It has to be thought of as an ecology - a tweak to one mechanic can have consequences across the board.
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    Updated the art again. Basically, I'm taking the new art style and trying to make it more gothic/evil since it's been heavily requested. It's still WIP, but it may end up being danker than the old version. http://imgur.com/a/ZZls1
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    I have no problem with making one-key movement result in PK style aircontrol instead of source A/D air strafing; my problem is both the inconsistency in sideways movement that Smilecythe addresses, and the pedagogical problem of introducing new players to an unnecessarily convoluted movement system. More on this last point: While it's true that when you phrase it with a ton of hyperbole, that occurrence doesn't transpire, I can say that (having introduced more new players to this game then I can immediately count, many coming from other competitive FPS's) it is very hard for me to properly convey aircontrol in this game, and hard for them to understand it. Teaching people how to switch between A/D and actual strafe jumping is already challenging (and rewarding because of its usefulness). When I have to explain how W strafing is the same as A/D but slightly different but don't worry about because you probably won't use it but if you're doing race you need to learn it but in duel not necessary but if you're switching between strafe jumping and A/D then you should transition with W but if you are going around a tight corner don't go to W just stay with A/D but also it only works with forward backward because the directionality is unlike any other FPS you've played............ ??????? I've really never understood why this is "rewarding" or increases of the skill in the game, and establishing that it IS one of these things is IMO the only way to justify its existence in the game. ED: Another way to justify its existence (which to me, it feels as if you've been using lolograde) is by appealing to tradition: It was in CPM; CPM is a skillful and deep game; Therefore this mechanic is skillful and deep. I don't believe this is sufficient justification.
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    And yet it seems people are able to strafe and move around quite fast. Moreover, the movement, as it is, is deep and rewarding enough to distinguish skill levels but NOT define them. In QL, movement really is not that huge of a deal. Sure, really stellar movement can have an impact (especially CTF) but it is, for the most part, negligible for the large majority of players. Aim and strategy are the two primary pillars, movement is auxiliary. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have games so movement-oriented it is really what separates players versus aim or strategy. They run around maps basically jousting because they can escape and run so quickly. CPM had a unique balance of these three pillars: aim, strategy, and movement. I remember watching a tourney finals between Silas and LuGia and they had wildly different styles and yet the games were competitive and close. That, too me, demonstrates a close-to-ideal balance and what I hope for Reflex. That players can find their own style within the limitations.
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    Like so? It's still moving forward, just turning, not exactly the same as moving sideways. There is a difference between +w aircontrol and +a/d aircontrol though, at low speeds +w gives more control, but a/d gives more speed while turning.
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    You don't even need to change the speed and behavior of movement though to fix what (I perceive as) the unintuitive nature of W vs. A/D strafing. Imho it's pointlessly complicated (learning both W and A/D strafing). This is particularly the case with all the players coming from source games, who have specifically learned NOT to hold W for aircontrol unless they are trying to travel through the air sideways. "It would also then be more consistent in my opinion, if 'one key' turning emulated QW movement and 'two key' turning emulated Q3 movement" - @Smilecythe Definitely a suggestion that I am a fan of. To mitigate what some consider the problem of removing W strafe behavior, you could make A/D at tighter angles put the player at a constant speed.
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    Personally, I see what you're getting at, and while that (consistent) type of movement would look and probably feel awesome, I don't think it'd make the game better. You'd see people trying to fly through the map rather than positioning themself strongly. What exactly do you mean with it being inconsistent though? Because I can consistently pull off the same movement regarding aironcontrol. Actually I'm all for experimenting withy movement, but not for the wrong reasons, and imo, saying "it's a mix from CPM and VQ3, so it SHOULD have this or that" is a wrong reason. For what it's worth, the movement seekax and I showed probably wouldn't really work in a duel, you'd be far better of just strafing on the ground unless you're certain your opponent has an ultralow sens and is running out of mousepad space. Again, I don't think it's bad in it's current form, or that it SHOULD be changed, I think it's just different from qw/cpm/vq3/ql/skyrim/painkiller. And that's fine imo. As for explaining the difference in w+s/a+d aircontrol to new players, it'd go something like this: Both give aircontrol A or D accelerate you while turning At low speeds, W or S give more aircontrol and thus sharper turns but it doesn't accelerate you Doesn't sound too difficult to understand.
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    Terifire and Seekax showed us that you can already turn with W and mouse fixed on target, by careful placement of the angle and speed, Seekax also noted that doing this technique this way is "pretty iffy" which I assume was him saying it's hard and not worth learning. It makes sense why nobody sees the benefit of it, it's not consistent enough to go with your knowledge about other parts of the movement and even if you do know it's there, you're not motivated enough to learn this unique mechanic because you're used to make do with the lack of it. I'm motivated to learn it myself though and I can definitely use it in combat, but that's beyond the point. The movement is still inconsistent and people being able to learn this wonky mechanic won't change that. The point here is that you can already do this maneuver, it's already in there with the mechanics. It's just pain in the ass to do and you have to learn it differently than doing the equivalent movement facing different directions, this is unintuitive and inconsistent. The turns Terifire and Seekax did can also be done with your sides fixed on the pillar. I don't see how being able to do this same turn with your front or back fixed on the pillar, with identical difficulty, feel and reward than with A/D turning - would impact gameplay enough to justify it's rejection. You wouldn't be able to use W as a medium between A/D strafing and W+A/D strafing. Then there might be a few people that blow your mind with their movement+aim combos. THAT'S IT. That's all the change that would impact you. You may rely on W while doing the movement swap, but it's doable with A/D as well. You have one less technique to do that swap, but then you're compensated with a whole new array of movement which you could learn to use in combat. If you miss the benefit of being able to "sharp turn" with W, you could just simply increase aircontrol for A/D and get back the same results that way. There's absolutely no need to have two techniques to get the same job done differently.
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    Hey, I was playing this last night on the Dank Disciples of Defrag (?) race server, and I /really/ enjoyed it, so thank you. I love that you can do each jump without chaining them together (or so I was told, anyway). I didn't finish it once (noob!), but I still really enjoyed it because of that. I get somewhat frustrated with the maps that require you to do it all in one go. It is really nice when it caters to noobs but still challenges the pros. Good job! I shall now try out your other maps
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    I don't mean inconsistency with your or someone else's capability to do it in reliable succession, I mean inconsistency in the logical/technical side. It doesn't give you same speed or turning capability as it's counter part techniques does. There's a specific angle at which you have to turn with A/D to get the most speed and certain turns in where you lose speed, if you do these same turns with W - you don't gain the same speed or lose the same speed. You're moving through same points in space with different effects depending on the key you're pressing or the direction you're looking at and it's illogical for the engine to behave differently and exceptionally this way. When you teach someone that "turning in air results with speed acceleration", this is the part that is inconsistent in that theory. EDIT: Kered13 summed it up first and better. If Reflex movement's goal was to be unique then this has not been achieved. There's not enough genuine difference to label Reflex different from CPM, that's exaggerating too much. There's triple jumps, W and A/D turning are swapped in usefulness and that's it. Rest is the same mechanics with different values. There's even plans to wall trimming making a return, so it's gonna be that bit less different in the future as well. EDIT #2: Your imagination is going a bit wild there. You would see people flying at the same speed as you're used to, but sometimes sideways. Not a big deal breaker for your position centric metagame.
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    @klyph0rd That's the benefit of debate. You make your argument, I make my argument, and perhaps the devs referee and decide whether to make changes based on what is said. I don't think you have to convince me nor do I have to convince you. We don't both need to agree. I've spelled out my opinions so anything else I say will be redundant. Adding these to experimental will be fine with me if it's not a huge undertaking and cost devs loads of time (there's more pressing issues, I think).
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    maybe not daily but i like the idea in general. what about having some mo-fr rotation of one day each week + a weekend cup?
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    Why SHOULD it behave in any way? This is what the devs chose, it's not wrong and not right, just different.
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    You're thinking about the movement too much in how convenient it is to move forward. There's a reason why Defraggers/Racers never complain about this inconsistency and that is because there's only one necessary way to move in race; forwards. That is the best and easiest way to go from point A to point B, moving sideways would be just a spontaneous challenge and showing off.. But fighting against an opponent in an arena is a different story. Imagine if Reflex movement was just running (no jumping), you would go forward if you press forward key and then for some reason, you would also move forward if you pressed left or right (only difference being that you can make sharper turns). This would eliminate strafe dodging entirely, only way to do that would be to move left and right while facing forward to those directions. This would of course not be a problem in a race like mode, because the best way to move there is facing forwards. There's absolutely no point in having two different techniques that do each other's job differently. Unless of course this game was made for racing and where movement would emphasize on moving forward and forward only.
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    You don't need to learn both. Unless you're planning to get deep into race, a player with be just fine learning to circle jump, bunnyhop, and use strafe around corners. Do you really think people are going to be moving around non-race maps at >1200ups regularly? The CPM-style movement in Reflex allows for more dodging options than QW movement. Removing it would hurt combat.
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    @MAD_JIHAD updated widget for 0.45 - item dropping in chat. thx!
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    So here is my Lua stuff, I am quite happy with the functionality but not really with the looks. Sadly I am apparently unable to design anything worth looking at, maybe someone can help me with that. put in base/internal/ui Some preview: I use the trueStack value for combined Health + Armor. Some color code in there: Red for boltable, yellow for rocketable, and blue for everythings fine. To make up for the exact armor values it displays the amount of amor you need to loose to pickup an item. The analog clock has a Streched mode with streches one revolution to the timelimit, and static (dumb) timer hands. http://imgur.com/a/l21rG nglfHud.pak 5KB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Nko3H9Bum2WTFRbmR4ekcyM0k/view?usp=sharing The Analog clock is extra Clock is now maintained here well...here: does not include crosshairs, scores, race stuff, ease of use.
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    I modified Kovaak's grenade timer script a while ago for bolt, probably better than holding mouse1.
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    Re_seek_to appears buggy. Sometimes it works perfectly but other times it jumps to a different time than was specified.