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    twitch.tv / Thump4

    twitch.tv / Thump4 ( Reflex: Teaching a porn-star-look-a-like how to be the best female gamer in the world ) ( If she can do it [ someone who's never used a mouse before ] then you can do it too )
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    Stake gun to replace Burst gun

    I know the gun isnt even back in the game yet, but I had this idea and I just wanted to put it out there. What if the stake gun would replace the burst gun as the first weapon you spawn in with. Of course, it would need much less damage, maybe 30-40, with a fire rate similar to the shotgun I think and a projectile velocity similar to the plasma gun. This way, the weapon becomes more of a utility than an actual weapon, as you always have it on you and using it in an actual fight is not viable. I think this would be easier than trying to balance 3 weapons all with very high burst damage and range (rocket/bolt/stake) and it allows for the weapon to fulfill what I believe is the main role of the weapon, being to move around the map on stepping stones. Just something to think about
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    I will keep this thread as a main place to advertise our group and weekly 1v1 cups to avoid spamming the forum This time we have a cup for more advanced players, and for less experienced players. If you have less than 100 hours, sign up to our open cup! http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/4EUOsb3h4N If you have more than 100 hours, sign up to our advanced cup! http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/PK34pNatAB The map pool: - Static Discharge - Simplicity - Pocket infinity - The Catalyst - Furnace This time, we will have the matches be BO3, the picking process will be: Choose heads or tails, type !flip in the discord(winner means whoever won the coin flip). Winner bans map - Loser bans map - Winner picks map - Loser picks map The map left is the tiebreaker map. Maps are played in order of picks. For the grand final we will have BO5, the picking process will be: Winner picks - Loser picks - Loser bans - Winner bans The map left is played as the third map, if the game continues after the 3 maps, play the map the winner banned, then the map the loser banned. Any server can be used as long as both players agree with it. For more details join our group and discord
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    2016-8-27 | ArenaFPS 2v2 TDM Cup

    For a moment there was uncertainty but now everything is clear.
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    I was talking last night to @htprankster and he said wh1te was going to organise a tournament, but has recently retired. I thought it would be fun, and good exposure for the race mode of the game. Not sure how to do it though so list your ideas below! New maps would be ideal, perhaps released a week before the competition for people to practise, then I an event with a timelimit and perhaps an attempt limit too. More maps would be ideal of course but a new map takes time to lovingly craft, right?!
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    amgt2 - 421

    ---------------------- 421 ~Fortune~ ---------------------- (duel map by @Greed and I) Suh duds? here is a map that litterally took us twelve decades to finish, witch means roughly 10 brushes per minute. steamworkshop link (with screens): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=738400540 clean version: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3987-amgt2-421-clean/#comment-31956 Special thanks for (m)oral support to these two german and swiss sexy playboys @def, @fht ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Very many thanks to @Pill_, @Brancaleone, PhunkMazterK, @Luft, @Terifire And also thanks to everyone else helping: @memphis, @Warlord Wossman, @Kyto, @LuGia, @LKSR, @zajfy, Xortion, psalmiak, helltiger, @NeuerGolf, @promEUs, @sandbox, and probably a lot of other people im forgetting, if so im sorry brah. any kind of feedback is very appreciated given the map is most likely far from perfect, and not finished yet! We hope you enjoy playing the map, gl hf guys <3 Known issues: some clips are still kinda meh or missing some brushes are still devgreys, thats the counterpart of doing a map with ~17000 brushes and having to basically colour them all after you are done with the main polish ic position is really strong atm rail is really strong atm cycles are hard to break ~~~~~~ Some screens ~~~~~~
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    2016-8-27 | ArenaFPS 2v2 TDM Cup

    ArenaFPS boys are back with another Reflex cup. This time we're playing Team Deathmatch. Pre-made teams can sign-up on challonge. Tournament starts at 13:00 CEST. Prize Pool 2x ArenaFPS Hatchet (Thanks to TurboPixel) $50 (Thanks to @LordSoth) $20 (Thanks to FlabCaptain) Format - Double Elimination - Bo3 - Experimental rule set. Map Info Map Pool: Ashur, CrazyAl's Choice (Fool's Choice), Phobos Picking: - both players /roll 420, highest roll picks first. - pick, pick Rules - All teams are required to join the ArenaFPS #events Discord channel in order to organise their games. - Play your matches in a timely manner and report your score on the Challonge page or to an admin. - All games must be played on Qualx servers or ArenaFPS servers. - No unauthorized spectators will be allowed in the servers. - Teams must check-in on the challonge site! If you don't know how to check-in, ask an admin and we will help. - Acting like a dick will get you treated as such. Admins: CrazyAl Qualx Stream: ArenaFPS Links: Sign-up, ArenaFPS Discord, Official Reflex Forum.
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    Thermal Blast

    changed mid and red area and like everything kind of experimental version
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    Stake gun to replace Burst gun

    I really like this idea, would love to see it in experimental ruleset. This can go horrible good or bad. Only playtest can prove this idea good or bad. I think this is the only way (currently) to make Stake useful and not a gimmick. Side note idea: Killing shot with Stake would pin ragdoll to wall (if close to one). What can be more fun than double jumping off pinned dead opponent?
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    I set sv_timelimit_round_override to -1 (because I vaguely recall reading somewhere that that reset.. something), and that seems to have done the trick. So I now have six servers running, one for all modes, and one each for 1v1, CTF, FFA, RACE, TDM - w00t
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    someone start an NA tourney?

    My timezone is GMT+12. If you/anyone can establish a time that I can meet you in the middle with, I'll happily run/assist/broadcast in running something for NA. My twitter is twitter.com/ztkfps, my discord is ztk#0319, two channels to get in touch with me.
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    Gorge (CTF)

    Sorry I haven't been working on it much or checking the thread :\ Progress is slow, here's a download to the unfinished map if you wanna run around in it https://www.dropbox.com/s/9q6ew092pybg2kb/ctf_gorge.zip?dl=0
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    Some ctf maps have race on them where the start and finish is at each flag.
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    ^That kind of defeats the purpose of having a streamed cup tho. Racevideos of WRs and fast runs is good and all, but it doesn't really have the same pressure of a live event. I feel thats kind of like asking for a racemovie of the WR's on <x map pack>. I personally would much rather watch (and maybe compete, who knows) if the pressure of failure is there and you have to watch your competition, making a storyline out of the cup. Just my 2 cents
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    I would like it hitscan as you said to the q3 mg "powerful in capable hands"... and I have no problem if a starter weapon is powerful in capable hands...
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    I know, but it's the exact same thing. Being 6 feet tall and shooting 6 feet down is the same as being 5 feet tall, standing on a 1 foot ledge, and shooting 6 feet down. So what if you have to move your mouse a little bit further down. In exchange you get a much easier target. In those images, go put a small circle on the ground around the target. Now put the camera where you want it and compare how the size of the circle changes when you move the camera up and down. You'll clearly see that the circle is larger in the vertical direction and therefore easier to hit when the camera is higher.
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    amgt2 - 421

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    2016-8-27 | ArenaFPS 2v2 TDM Cup

    Me and the Kyto will join when we think of a witty name.
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    So, basically, nerf everything? I've played Warsow, which took this approach with respect to CPM weapon balance, and I thought it sucked. Weapons couldn't kill shit, people just ran away mid-fight and as long as they had some stack you couldn't do anything about it. Not that, of course, some nerfs aren't warranted, but I think the overall power level of weapons (in other words, how long it takes to kill someone) is ok.
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    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    I do sometimes wonder how FPS Arena players are able to play any other games competitively or if there's something wrong with their eyes to begin with. I mean Reflex is already as clear as day and couldn't be more visually obvious if they tried. Compare that to CSGO, CoD, Overwatch, Battlefield, hell... DOTA even and stuff like "removing excess obscuring effects" in bloody Reflex is just taking the piss. At a certain point you might as well just play the maps in WIP texture mode. Not having a dig at you personally but sometimes I feel like the community is being a bit too anal and obsessive about these things. Anyway, sorry to be a downer in a thread like this. Keep up the good work.
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    Audio Department Support

    well, there is more to rinse out. this is a shot of remixing the ingame hit sounds plus that noammo click: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2je6p2yi7rz7c9/weapon_hit%2Bnoammo-remix_2016-06-15.zip?dl=1 - just some polishing by using EQs and dynamics, increasing impact and presence - that "no ammo" sound was simply too soft for my deaf ears furthermore i had a second try remixing those 50 + 100 character pain sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvfwi2vdwanbu22/character_pain_50%2B100-remix_2016-06-17.zip?dl=1 - didn't like the feel of my previous approach in the long run credits: all remixed sfx are made from the original game content
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    Audio Department Support

    here is a demo-clip showcasing a few sfx layouts for the player movement in four short runs: featured sfx are: hostile_jump.wav (4 versions) hostile_land.wav , hostile_land_var01.wav , hostile_land_var02.wav , hostile_land_hard.wav , hostile_land_harder.wav all sounds are made from scratch exclusively for reflex using raw materials in different approaches. please let me know what you think...
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    Audio Department Support

    to start off, here are a few sfx that i remixed in order to solve issues or to get a feel for the sound engine. just sharing some first aid made with a filthy scalpel, hope it helps for someone. cheers Ion Cannon and Bolt Rifle firing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aay3ixis47o9lzd/greed_ion%2Bbolt_fire-remix_2016-03-29.zip?dl=0 - original BR felt too weak for me (there is also a 2nd version named *.bak that i use atm with some twirly decay) - 3rd person firing sfx (mostly IC and BR) are pretty hard to locate in the stereo field, these sfx don't solve it but the guns feel better to me Mega Health pickup and expire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/91xzda3msi9jkj4/megahealth-remix_2016-03-31.zip?dl=0 - the sound for the expiring MH buff kinda drowns within normal gameplay (using the pickup sfx for expire aswell works even better) Character Pain 50 + 100 dmg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4v7lsmq2rv9svfl/character_pain_50%2B100-remix_2016-03-31.zip?dl=0 - both sfx raised in level and presence by some distortion, eq, dynamics, etc Installation: simply extract ZIPs into ".../reflexfps/base/internal/" Credits: all sfx are remixed versions from the original game content