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    Since Atdm moved over to mutators there is team damage in tdm+arena mutator. A mutator allowing to (de-)activate team damage would be super nice!
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    Ah nice find, missed that case cheers. Not sure if we want that mutator or not, really the default ATDM should have no team damage, and the default TDM should have team damage. Then you need a mutator both ways My gut feeling is it's better attached to the arena mutator + tdm gamemode, but i'll discuss it with the team Ta!
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    Hello guys ! Just a little improvement I thought would be nice, to see the active mutators on each server. So you know exactly what to expect when joining Cheers
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    Here are videos of me doing the maps raw blockings of the basic level layouts. There has been some doubt about wether I made the Quake 4 map remakes, this is to prove also that I did make them. Phrantic Placebo Effect Armouredcore Lab The Lost Fleet Disclaimer: Below features a map stealing cheap degenerate fuck. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788195198&searchtext=monsoon Map built from my geometry and brushwork, doesn't have the quake 4 geometry because it's stolen work and thus identical to my release, instead of the quake 4 release. @Joe http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151022705 http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/profile/2782-joe/ Chat transcript showing crazy madness from verbal freak joe. Proof of my map not being 100% identical to work of Lukin because it's all handmade and not a porting. Main Atrium 8units vs 48units RA Room 680units vs 752units. RL Pad 440units vs 376units RL Stairs 132units vs 72units YA Hallway 832units vs 760units See joe, you were wrong as I told you.
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    This might be useful also for instagib teammode. Right now, instagib kills friend and foe alike. Not sure if BR still has knockback in instagib, but it might be fun to intentionally shoot a teammate to give them a boost without killing them.
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    10 likes so far? @shooter I'm internet famous.
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    The complaint department was overwhelmed with comments of how easy it was to fall off map. So I've updated the map to make it harder to fall off the map. Now the gaps are filled in the "no lazery zone". Made the flags easier to swoop: Added some jumppads INTO base to make it easier to get to base (rather than needing speed + ramp jump): Any feedback is appreciated, guys. I have a few last tweaks I want to make to the map tonight (if I have time). Going to clean up the jumppads, fix the geometry of that middle thing that says the base's team (noticed while publishing this morning that it's asymmetric ), add some more floating pads in reasonable places, and some other small aesthetics.
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    There was no doubt among the rationale, but it's always cool to watch anyway
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    He's reflecting his underachieving personality clearly, has some anger issues, lack of skill for rational and critical conversation. I don't disagree there. Point I was trying to make is that he probably thought you're claiming you did all the mesh work by hand, some of which you probably didn't and some are probably self made prefabs. I think that's a fair assumption when you don't know how the editor works and one of the points he was trying to make under all that anger I suppose. That being said, a video where you prove you hand made a raw layout is only going to satisfy half of this angry kid's doubts. When you believe something hard enough, half is just not enough. His belief is that you're a fraud. If you want to thug life the fuck out of him, you should provide him a video showing how prefab creation and mesh copy pasting works.
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    Joe seems to have some serious anger management issues because he basically only kept insulting me in that chat eventhough I had done absolutely nothing but released a map that was still in WIP state as I had stated multiple times. I could've been a jerk also and not release the stuff at all but this guy.. he is unbelievable What I got from that chat, is that he seems to think it's impossible that I made this stuff and that it must be a porting blabla.. This guy's life must be quite interesting that he steals maps and afterwards rages to the makers and not showing any kinda manners at all when being in a conversation. 60hr thing also pretty much proves that he has no idea about mapping because Joe, reason I did this map was because I wanted a map that I liked. Only way to have it is to make it because I'm not into the whole porting thing. There is one "porting" I have done and that's with cpm28 as I've stated. Tree originally had ported the map into reflex in back like 2015 but he had also abandoned it and left the forums. I liked the map and it was really outdated by 2016/2015/whatever, I wanted to bring it back and I had really no interest in making a total conversion so I took what Tree had done and added fresh coat of look to it.
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    Absolutely. This has popped up elsewhere in discussion; I'm sure it will be added in a hotfix shortly
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