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    Warlord Wossman

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    @MAD_JIHAD probably because you can only walk on the clip
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    Game Mode Problems

    So with matchmaking on the way, I think it's a good time to start talking about gamemodes and the flaws surrounding them. Right now almost every mode is seriously broken in some way. Let's make a list of the problems. I'll split them into two categories: flaws/bugs and missing features. Note that this isn't really the place to dream up new modes, its more focused on fixing the ones we currently have. FFA flaws/bugs Joining players are automatically added to the game, causing afk joins while they load the map. Disconnecting players are lagged out instead of removing them, causing afks and hitbox/model disconnect no autoremove for afks, again causing afk players.. missing features Gonna include workshop sorting issues here, because finding good maps is pretty important to the pub ffa experience TDM flaws/bugs No teamsize or lock team options. 2v2 does not exist in the game, despite having a 2v2 mapping contest.. pause match/timeout missing features Team info widgets in default hud is really important to tdm weapon drop CTF flaws/bugs Teamsize/lock team Arena mutator removes flags from map missing features team info by default again would be really important here callvote timeout flagdrop/weapondrop/quaddrop scoring for non-cap events Race flaws/bugs Weapon movement is terrible with ping spectating deletes score no option to hide other players missing features checkpoints leaderboards persistant records ghosts to race against, of fastest player or personal best Duel flaws/bugs spectators count towards votes Occasionally the order of the people in queue is mixed up. (Xytaglyph's post for details) missing items at start is still a thing changing name moves up in queue missing features Forfeit option while preserving stats All things considered, duel is the most complete mode I think. Would love to hear some issues others have with it.
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    It is quite annoying playing instagib with not only your own bolt rifle's idle noise, but everyone else's as well! It would be nice if it was disabled. Currently the only difference between the rulesets for instagib is the timelimit. It must also be very confusing for new players!
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    Game Mode Problems

    Great post! Concise and constructive feedback, love it! A few of those decisions were as per design. For example in CTF we wanted emphasis on flag captures rather than collecting kills / other events. I do agree it would be good to see more though, open to suggestions here, do keep in mind it needs to be a simplistic/elegant solution i.e. not something that requires a massive custom scoreboard with heaps of additional information. Also auto-join in FFA was to make the flow easier to the casual player, they don't auto-join the game until they've finished downloading the map. A 2v2 mode is done and in the upcoming 48, the team UI is something I've wanted for ages which we didn't manage to get to yet, I agree it's needed. Auto AFK is something nice we should add for sure, to be honest a lot of things like this I was looking to address after 48, perfect timing to have this list put together for you guys There's a big cleanup / bugfix / polish phase coming Also to be totally open some of this stuff is quite tricky, namely the knock-back issue under high-ping conditions & callvote timeout. I did have a big talk about timeout the other day though perhaps there is a solution here. Most of the other issues listed are quick fixes which should definitely happen! Cheers!
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    Sanctum - prdm9

    I like the map! Have not had the opportunity to 1v1 on it yet but I explored it and enjoyed the jumps. I expect to get stomped on it though