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    Optional Themes Custom Colors Other Features - adjustable alignment - show/hide award name and xp UPDATE 1 (2016/08/12) New Themes - added text drop shadow option - you can now preview text in options - fixed banner theme animation - performance improvements (results may vary) Installation Make sure to delete any old versions of the pak. Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions Enable "br_Awards" in the widget menu.
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    Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop.
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    Owl Technologies and Philantropy INC is currently only sponsoring players who play the game, sorry
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    Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop.
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    Hello my name is Sane. Currently seeking a sponsorship. I will represent your brand to the fullest and get a massive following on social media and twitch. This will put your company name out there for extra popularity. I will only use your gear and brand. Let Sane be the man for you, I am highly trained and skilled in AFPS. Serious inquiries only.
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    LA Productions is not willing to sponsor any gamer, but If any company sends me a message written in sub 13.284 seconds I gonna put six of your brand logos as secrets under bad clipped rock and stone meshes in the next race map.
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    I think we agree on the goal here, but I just don't think clean maps is a solution. Probably since I'm so invested into making the game shine visually
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    I don't see how playing on maps with a higher level of detail deters from the best player winning in all honesty. If both players are playing the map it's a level playing field. Even with clean versions of maps you don't get around stuff like 144hz monitors and such, which I personally see as a bigger advantage than these clean versions provide (at least on my fairly old rig). I also don't like promoting laziness in mapping and just resorting to making clean versions of maps instead of the mapper actively trying to fix and optimize their maps. There are examples of maps that NEED clean versions because their arted up counterparts run extremely poorly but those have been without exception bad optimization (or for teammode maps, the game engine, more on that) There's obviously also the issue of how much reflex is optimized, but no matter how much optimization the devs put the game through, the newest grey dp4 will NOT perform well. Inversely, Monolith with 8 people will not run well either before the game is optimized better (At least I firmly believe I've optimized the map as much as it is possible with the map editor) or if I resort to a clean version. which wont happen for any of my maps. So to sum I suppose I just want to see mappers actively improving performance on their maps before the community draws the conclusion that we NEED clean versions.
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    Mystical and Mystical LLC. would be happy to sponsor you for your limited liability to show up in challenge matches.
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    I'd rather be able to queue up, join any server I want, and then get the pop-up when a match is ready. Since this can create situations where people might tend to decline a match, there should be some minor penalty like they're kicked out of MM queue and cannot re-queue for 60 minutes. If they repeatedly decline matches (like 3 in a row), they're docked 25 ELO and cannot re-queue for 1 hour.
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    porkSports is an emerging and up and comer in the E-Sports scene. We support a variety of games such as a CS:GO ESEA-OPEN/CEVO-IM team and an amateur Super Smash Brothers Melee player. We're looking to expand into new and upcoming genres (AFPS) and would be glad to do business with you. We understand that your reputation in the scene is near flawless. Willing to pay all league fees for one REFLEX LEAGUE and ALL free REFLEX AFPS tournaments. Other benefits will be discussed upon a PRIVATE MESSAGE. -porkRaven, CEO of porkSports.
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    For me it's the most important to only have competetive duel, tdm, doubles and ctf in MM. i think it would make it easier (reduce wait time) to queue for team based modes. Imo the server browser with all it's workshop, mudator and voting support is already ideal for casual unranked play (FFA, ATDM,A1v1,Instsgib etc.)
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    music 100% brain 0% rox 200% I like to find the most degenerate strategy and try to make it work. Playing like a retard makes me feel good inside.