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    It'll be on http://twitch.tv/fractaljaguar
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    3rd video of the series : Thank you all for the feedback and the suggestions, as I said in the first video and the first post, the first few videos will be about what I consider the most important aspects in duelling in reflex which can help you improve drastically, I'll probably do more advanced videos in the future, right now I'm trying to keep the videos below 10/15mins. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for watching !
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    Might be interesting to do one vid on what you consider the first thing an aspiring dueler should focus on learning.
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    @Jaguar will stream ru-cup for english audience. Also the poster was updated.
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    @Kyto just donated $9.14, thanks!
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    I've heard of people using scrollwheel to switch up and down, using some keybind as a base for it, ie. using mwheel to switch to weapon 1 or weapon 3 from weapon 2 (base bind), because this technique is still practical - but I've never heard of anyone using mousewheel for the whole arsenal. Anyone who's doing that is definitely being held back by their stubborness regardless of how used they may be to it.