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    [lolo_duel3] "Bishop"

    New duel map (also FFA) called "Bishop". 2xYA, 1xMH, 1xRA. Two atriums w/ roughly the same scale/dimensions as Use and Abuse (cpm3a). Thanks to @irish for some feedback and ideas. Comments/feedback is appreciated. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877564151
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    Will there be any publicity on Steam store on launch day so that people will know about it? I can't see Reflex on Steam's upcoming games list. http://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=comingsoon&os=win
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    As irish pointed out, this isn't really the right place to ask this kind of question. Just for fun I tried to solve this though, here goes: Those coordinates are potentially UTM coordinates. "y=579000.00" likely stands for the "Easting" coordinate, "x=6195000.00" for the "Northing" coordinate. Lithuania either lies in UTM zone 34 or 35 (cf. http://www.dmap.co.uk/utmworld.htm), I'm using 34 since 35 would put those coordinates in Northern Belarus. Using a calculator (https://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/UsefulData/ConvertUTMNoOZ.HTM), I found out these Latitude and Longitude coordinates which work in e. g. Google Maps: Latitude (Decimal Degrees): 55.89397 Longitude (Decimal Degrees): 22.26326 Entering them into Google Maps yields this result: https://www.google.com/maps/place/55°53'38.3"N+22°15'47.7"E/@55.7079159,22.3640882,8.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d55.89397!4d22.26326 Which is in Lithuania. Now this may still be off but the closest thing I could come up with in a few minutes. If this is based on another Datum (coordinate system), e. g. a Soviet one, this might need some adjusting. The village close to the location those coordinates point at is called "Lauko Soda", located in a parish called "Ryškėnų seniūnija" and a county called "Telšių apskritis". Maybe those names mean something to you? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauko_Soda https://lt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryškėnų_seniūnija https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telšiai_County There's also the possibility that the coordinates on your map only stand for the "corner" of that map, to be taken as a reference. That would explain why they're so "rounded up".
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    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    hey guys just in advance if someone has issues with game crashes and stuff in reflex and using amd gpu it turned out that the drivers 17.2.1 and 17.3.1 make issues with reflex in that case uninstall that one and install the previous driver 17.1.2 all issues fixed issues: game crash with message "failed to allocate constant buffer" or screen freezing / turning black of reflex window. game still goes on (sound and typing etc.)
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    Small suggestions/bugs

    Recently I started collecting a list of small suggestions/bugs that every now and then bug me. None of these really deserve a topic of their own so I waited until I couldn't think of anymore that'd fall into the "small" category. - Spawning on suicide shouldn't be random and/or suicide disabled (in duel at the very least) - Dropped weapons shouldn't make the pickup sound when they expire - Don't require spectators to callvote map (often they are afk and the vote will fail) - Have a robo-hologram (or some other indicator) on spawn points - Remove penalty reload time when firing an empty weapon - Callvote timeout, callvote pause - Command to nullify string cvars - Forcing enemycolors on spec - Enemy/friendly sounds based on the player you're spectating - Expose spawns on LUA (% to on a specific spawn, flags that indicate what blocks a spawn) - Show crosshair when spectating enemies - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have 4x damage even if Carnage expires before they explode (and projectiles fired before Carnage was picked up shouldn't do 4x damage) - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have a Carnage-effect on them - Update stats in warmup, reset when warmup ends (for accuracy tracking etc.) - Show previous stats on scoreboard in warmup after a game has ended - Make scoreboard scalable - Lockdown cl_playercolour1/2/3, selected robot-parts/melee during the game (to prevent widgets that automatically change these things) - Weapon dropping in teammodes - Destroy projectiles after the game ends Feel free to post your own small suggestions/bugs or expand on any of these. Would also like to hear the devs thoughts on these (@shooter).
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    lmao, woops
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    I think you're the only one with 0.49.3. Aren't we on 0.49.2?
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    Future of stake launcher

    It's more fun and more rewarding than the bolt IMO.
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    Future of stake launcher

    i cant be the only one who likes/uses stake as it is?
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    Thermal Blast

    art pass is done http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741879425 thx to fht
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    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    I don't think Diabotical and Reflex are going to compete much anyway. As far as new players are concerned, more exposure for AFPS in general brings more people into both games. No need to be salty. Keep on 'flexin.
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    waiting for you in silver bb
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    Small suggestions/bugs

    - Stealing a spot in the spectators queue (non MM) is possible (i think by changing name) - It's possible to audibly harass people (chat sound) while they are playing MM games (through the main menu iirc, thanks Lasker for pointing this out and showcasing it lol) - It's possible to not have a player name at all, by inserting a few rare ANSI symbols (as the 'inventor', i would be sad to see this cool bug go tbh ) And lastly this isn't a bug but it's BUGGING me all the time so i'll say it again anyways: PLEASE, please, please make the grenade hitbox smaller because it's still way too random and people are firing 120 grenades in a single duel because heck why not if it hits ez @shooter @Kyto edit another 'bug': i just received an MM notification in the middle of a non-MM match, would be better to postpone it until the match has ended
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    Reflex Duel Guide

    3rd video of the series : Thank you all for the feedback and the suggestions, as I said in the first video and the first post, the first few videos will be about what I consider the most important aspects in duelling in reflex which can help you improve drastically, I'll probably do more advanced videos in the future, right now I'm trying to keep the videos below 10/15mins. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for watching !