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    As far as marketing, nothing works better than kickass movies, imo. Perhaps the devs could entice the community by putting up some money for a movie-making competition? Or, maybe more to the point, just pay @entik to go full James Cameron with Reflex. There is also "LAN" coming out soonish which may attract some attention as well. If QC does become successful, there will likely be those who want something purer and will turn to Reflex. Reflex is the only premier alternative AFPS currently. Diabotical doesn't appear close to release (at least, not until Spring 2018, according to 2GD's stream today) and other games are old, stale, and don't have the same features. As for changes/updates, season 1 ends in a couple weeks, right? I would suspect that would be the best time for devs to make an update. Looking at the Steam reviews, it is currently rated Very Positively (88% positive after 1,068 reviews) with the one consistent complaint being player base. That's a better rating that Quake Live, Toxikk, or most other AFPS currently available on Steam. With the consistent complaint being small player base, I suspect some new players queue for CTF and end up waiting 20 mins. Instead, maybe there should be a "PLAY NOW" button that queues the player for any game mode, casual or competitive, and any server with up to 120ms (which is at the upper range of what I consider playable). New players probably have very little sense of what good or bad ping is, or what the various modes are. So for those who really just want to shoot around, kamikaze style, let them. Lastly, the people with poor attitudes who want to blame the devs for everything need to take a breath.
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    After listening to the post-launch interview Turbo Pixel did with ArenaFPS, my impression is that there is still quite a lot of plans for Reflex for the next several years. Some of those are likely the things that were skipped in the development roadmap leading up to launch like new particles effects, liquids, movers/triggers, etc.. I don't know if there were other social aspects planned. I'd certainly like to see VoIP, Twitch, and/or Discord integration but I don't think those are deal breakers since there's already freeware out there to accomplish those things. Also, Reflex always gets a bump in activity with each update. Maybe the devs will stumble upon an update that really clicks for new players. Some new mode or feature that really keeps new players playing constantly. Who knows? Reflex will never die. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, Turbo Pixel may turn their focus to a new game (or a sequel to Reflex??), but with the foundation that already exists, there will always be a die hard player base. And if QC does succeed in making AFPS games relevant/popular again, that tide will raise all ships.
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    I agree, TDM could be a good mode in reflex if there were more players. One of the main reason new players don't like carnage, it is because the powerfulness of this item appears random and thus unfair, due to the fact that they don't know about timing items. A possible solution could be to mix TDM and a dominion (control point) mode : the carnage does not spawn every X minutes, but it spawns when a team control a specific area for a given time. So it is more simple to understand the importance of the quad in the map, more intuitive to prepare your quad run. And the other team can try to prevent it by attacking quad zone, or try a steal, or just prepare defense/ambush for the quadrunner in other locations of the map. Another idea for this mode could be a separate score board for quad kills : the team with the more quad kills win, and with even quad kills the normal kills decide the winners (for example). Another Idea : I see a good opportunity in reflex to try the elite mode from shootmania with the good speed and system movement, it could be fun. cheers.
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    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    For all intents and purposes Reflex has two selling points: 1. It's a pure arena fps 2. It has modern features Without the first, the second is meaningless. Removing the first (aka doing anything to reduce the skill gap) will kill whatever is left of the game. As for the rest of this thread, it's too late if you ask me. I had fun, hope you guys did too.
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    I want Reflex Arena to change it's name to Yeflex Arena. Y stands for devs saying "yes" to every community suggestion and idea.
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    Gingerbread Death Animation

    So I decided to make a death animation like the lock screen of Andriod Gingerbread with a taste of goaHud in there . Have to polish the code a bit thou so still kind of wip. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906263622
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    The lack of dev response is kind of telling. Do they still give a fk?