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    GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Biggo update: BetterSpecControls module is now called BetterSpectator Added auto spectator modes: follow killer, follow leader Modes can be bound to different keys via options menu Modes are also accessible via console with ui_goahud_spectator_mode <value> -1: Cycle between different modes 1: Disabled 2: Follow killer 3: Follow leader Prevent following another player right after death in arena modes New experimental module: BetterGameplay Added option to instantly respawn after suiciding in Race mode Added bind to respawn in Race mode only (ui_goahud_respawn 1) Increased crosshair shape limit to 4 (from 2) Added mode options for crosshairs shapes to control when to show them Different shapes can be displayed after dealing damage or taking damage Fade time is customizable Elements of Messages widget (countdown, follow text, warmup text etc.) can be moved around with Brandon's Hud Editor Added shadows for WeaponRack text and icons (enabled by default) Display multiple CTF messages at the same time Added customizable fade and show times for game messages Zoom key is now bindable via options (shows (unbound) even though the key is properly bound, problem in the engine) Messages widget is fully shown in hud editor Fixed modules getting disabled after opening their options page Fixed FragMessages being shown in menu Fixed countdown messages being shown in menu Fixed text shadows being fully opaque with transparent text Fixed wrong player ready count in some modes (again) Fixed Health and Armor widgets crashing at random times during loading screens Fixed countdown messages and ticking not appearing in arena modes Fixed PerfMeter showing when hud is disabled, added option to always display it (disabled by default) Prevent zooming in game over screen Timers are no longer counting up/down during countdown
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    Two demo reviews, aimed largely at Beaton but hopefully useful to others as well, of two games we played on Pocket Infinity last night.
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    The biggest problem with more than 4 players is that the game acts up and people get random (no map related) framedrops. Also teammodes lack features. After almost 2 years of CTF there is still no regeneration powerup. Nothing interesting for tdm even stakegun got taken out and is half way in now but there is now ammo boxes for it ect. Game is lacking unique features.
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    After listening to the post-launch interview Turbo Pixel did with ArenaFPS, my impression is that there is still quite a lot of plans for Reflex for the next several years. Some of those are likely the things that were skipped in the development roadmap leading up to launch like new particles effects, liquids, movers/triggers, etc.. I don't know if there were other social aspects planned. I'd certainly like to see VoIP, Twitch, and/or Discord integration but I don't think those are deal breakers since there's already freeware out there to accomplish those things. Also, Reflex always gets a bump in activity with each update. Maybe the devs will stumble upon an update that really clicks for new players. Some new mode or feature that really keeps new players playing constantly. Who knows? Reflex will never die. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, Turbo Pixel may turn their focus to a new game (or a sequel to Reflex??), but with the foundation that already exists, there will always be a die hard player base. And if QC does succeed in making AFPS games relevant/popular again, that tide will raise all ships.
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    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    For all intents and purposes Reflex has two selling points: 1. It's a pure arena fps 2. It has modern features Without the first, the second is meaningless. Removing the first (aka doing anything to reduce the skill gap) will kill whatever is left of the game. As for the rest of this thread, it's too late if you ask me. I had fun, hope you guys did too.
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    I want Reflex Arena to change it's name to Yeflex Arena. Y stands for devs saying "yes" to every community suggestion and idea.