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    Available at Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788616471 vvv--- original post ----vvv Displays how much damage it takes to kill you require "base/internal/ui/reflexcore" TrueStack = { draw = function() -- Early out if HUD shouldn´t be shown. if not shouldShowHUD() then return end; -- Find player local player = getPlayer(); local textColor = Color(255,255,255,255); nvgFontSize(52); nvgFontFace("TitilliumWeb-Bold"); nvgTextAlign(NVG_ALIGN_CENTER, NVG_ALIGN_TOP); nvgFontBlur(0); nvgFillColor(textColor); local armorProtection = player.armorProtection + 1; local maxDamage = math.min(player.armor, player.health * armorProtection) + player.health; nvgText(0, 0, maxDamage); end }; registerWidget("TrueStack");