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    Base problems of team modes

    Actually I don't really want to discuss this as it's properly just a matter of taste and opinions (because this is a game with it's own rules which shouldn't be compared to real life). Though I just prefer QW ( https://youtu.be/pkysX175pC0?t=4m35s ) and early Reflex ( https://youtu.be/OX_VDzJxOE4?t=24m30s) because it's more fun to be able to have somewhat "realistic" or reasonable splash on rockets (that enables area-denial and crowd control) and also knockback that makes it possible to interrupt the enemies movement and hit multiple midairs after eachother. I know hitscan fans don't like it but for me this is how a quake-like should play (high knockback, splash and dmg on rockets and high knockback on shaft - personally I don't mind if shaft is medium-high dps because it's knockback and usability alone make it super powerful ). What else I prefer over current Reflex is the old gravity because I think it feels more natural and more consistent to have gravity in proportion to general movement speed --> if there is low inertia at grounded movements then there should also be low inertia while in air (you move too fast/accelerate to too quickly using A or D strafe on ground compared to how fast your playermodel falls down while in air. In current Reflex it always feels like slightly floating in midair while in QW / old Reflex it just felt like movementspeeds are somewhat reasonable (besides special mechanics like bhop and aircontrol) but the whole timescale is higher than in real life.) This is extremely noticable when trying to walk down stairs. It's mostly impossible to move them down silently because you almost always get dropsounds (doesn't happen in QW). I feel like rocket- and grenadelaunchers should be extremely powerful (maybe make them share ammo like in QW and generally make ammo more rare) and armors / hitscan weapons should mainly be bonus. Edit: All in all I think it's important to have a game which has consistent gameplay across all modes (same (self-)damage, knockback, ammolimits, aircontrol, speed etc.). I think duel also works with strong rockets and gl and team modes would profit from them aswell. So besides it being more fun I think it would improve the whole game by making it a more unique and consistent experience.