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    Angarr's Gate FFA/CA map by Irish & promEUs [Workshop Link] Screenshots slightly outdated, will be fixed SOON tm
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    Hi All, I made a fragmovie and it's about Reflex Arena. Enjoy: Hasu.
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    Here's a brief guide to Reflex's replay editor. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert. If I've explained something inaccurately or poorly, please let me know.) BEFORE YOU BEGIN EDITING 1. Bindings: You can find all the useful Reflex Replay Editor bindings through the menu --> Options --> Bindings. Use the drop down menu to select Replay Editor: 2. Config: Before you start, always take a few moments to make sure you've got your config the way you want it. Graphics settings, FOV, weapon offsets, force enemy colors, frame rate, depth of field, HUD details, etc.! It is extremely frustrating to start a big project, get half way through, and realize there's an issue with the config. So it is worth a little patience to test out your config before you start! 3. Disk Space: If you plan to use Reflex's re_export function, make sure you have enough disk space. Re_export essentially produces an image sequence, individual PNG image files for every frame you export, which you will eventually want to combine into a video file. Think about it this way, if you export 5 seconds at 60fps and each image is 1MB (at 1080p resolution), that's 300MBs for just a 5 second clip. If you're planning to make a movie longer than 5 second, please keep that in mind! USEFUL CONSOLE COMMANDS The Reflex Files wiki page has a useful list of these console commands located here: http://wiki.reflexfiles.com/index.php?title=Category:Replay_Command. Some are out of date (like re_showtimecode is, sadly, no longer a working command), but most should still be active and working. With the addition of the new Replay Editor HUD, many of the console commands do not need to be used. However, there are still some commands that you won't be able to find on the HUD that may be useful to note: re_set_angle: Used to set camera angle rotation. First set your keyframe and then, without moving from the keyframe, use re_set_angle to update the keyframe's camera angle. re_set_fov: Used to set camera field of view. First set your keyframe and then, without moving from the keyframe, use re_set_fov to update the keyframe's camera FOV. re_export_frame_rate: Used to set the number of frames per second exported. r_depth_export_scale: Used to set how far the depth of field image sequence looks. See Nathan's Depth of Field tutorial for more details. LOADING A REPLAY 1. Lower the console with ` (tilde) and type "play <replay file name>" (without the quotations). For example: 2. When you load a replay, you'll notice that the "timeline" is filling up. That means it is loading. You won't be able to drag the timeline further than where the replay has loaded to. For a 10minute replay, it may take 20-30 seconds to fully load. REPLAY EDITOR HUD 1. MODE: This button lets you toggle between the "EDITING" and "WATCHING" mode. EDITING mode is what you use when you want to make a third-person camera which moves (this is explained in more detail in the "CREATING A SIMPLE CAMERA" section). WATCHING mode is when you are either just watching (duh) or when you actually want to EXPORT. 2. SAVE: I believe SAVE lets you save your camera work. So when you reload the replay later, you can still see the camera path and keyframes you've added to the replay. 3. REPLAY CONTROLS: The outer two arrows (double arrows and bar) are for previous/next keyframes, the second and fourth arrows (single arrows with bar) are previous/next frame, and the middle is play (re_speed 1). 4. MARKERS: If a replay has markers, you can scan to these with PREV or NEXT. 5. EDIT KEYFRAMES: When you want to create a third-person camera, these buttons are the key! ADD and DEL are pretty self-evident. You can use UPDATE to change the placement/angle of a keyframe ONLY if you're at the current keyframe in the timeline. 0 ROLL resets the camera roll angle. RESET, I believe, clears your keyframes. 6. PLAYERS: There's a drop down menu that lets you select which POV you want to view. If you're in WATCHING mode, simply select the player's name and then select ATTACH. If you're in EDITING mode, then selecting DETACH will let you move the camera freely around so you can do some camera work. 7. EXPORT: The START button starts the exporting process. It will export at the framerate determined by the console command re_export_frame_rate. It will also export depth-of-field images (as a separate image sequence). It will export the number of seconds (game time) you've selected in the drop down box. If you want to export some alternative number of seconds, you would need to use the console and type "re_export <seconds>" (without the quotation). For example: re_export 11 8. SECONDS: A convenient way to set the number of seconds you want to export. KEYFRAMES Keyframes are essentially "key" frames that determine a camera's path. By adding a keyframe, you're telling the game to have a camera at whatever given point-in-time, place, angle, and/or fov that you're currently at. Then at a different point in time and place, you may set another keyframe. The replay editor will then linearly interpolate (or "lerp") between the two points (time, position, angle, and fov) to make the camera's movement look smooth. How these keyframes are used to create a camera path is demonstrated in the video below, "Creating a simple camera in Reflex Arena's replay editor". IMAGE SEQUENCES Once the exporting is completed, you will have a new folder in your Replays folder named the same as the replay you're exporting that contains the image sequences. There will be a folder called "colour" for all the normal, color images. If you've also selected DEPTH, there will be another folder called "depth" which contains the depth of field image sequence. You will need some software to combine the image sequences into a movie file. I believe there's quite a few out there but a free, easy to use program that I prefer to use is VirtualDub. To do this with VirtualDub, open the first image in the image sequence folder, colour or depth (File --> Open Video File), set the desired frame rate (Video --> Frame Rate), and then "Save As AVI". NOTE: Keep in mind that VirtualDub does not compress the images at all! It simply combines the images into a sequence in the AVI file format. Therefore, the AVI file size should be at least as big as the sum of all the image files which, depending on the length and resolution of the images, could be multiple GBs in size! AUDIO Unfortunately, I do not believe Reflex Arena's replay editor can currently export audio clips with the image sequences. Getting the audio will need to be done separately from the EXPORT process. To accomplish this, you'll need to play the replay at whatever speed you're exporting at (e.g., 25% speed or re_speed 0.25) and capture the audio with some capture software like Dxtory. REPLAY EDITOR BASICS <Video coming soon of basics of loading replays, using HUD, moving camera, exporting, etc.> CREATING A SIMPLE CAMERA CREATING A CAMERA WITH CHANGING FOV DEPTH OF FIELD Nathan (of ArenaFPS) has a great tutorial on using Reflex's depth-of-field function. You can see that here:
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    Hello! I will start playing Reflex Arena and wanted to feel out the game and community a little bit I am 28 and come from playing CS 1.4/1.6, CSS, CSGO and recently Quake Champions Beta and Early Access. I think QC is very far from being playable, but I got caught up with the arena shooter part ^^ I have always loved the bunnyhop mechanics from CSS aswell and played countless hours on bhop Servers. I am very curious what the movement is like in Reflex Arena. However I see mostly good feedback for RA running stable and being competetive. I also read that the community is rather small wich I think is cool as long as I will find people to play with^^ I rather have a small dedicated skilled community with less cheaters and bullsh1t than a big one. Can you invite me to the Discord Server maybe? I am using the programm and need a direct invitation to join. However, nice to meet you Reflex Arena Community
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    Edit: The tournament is over! Congratulations to team Owl & Sharq, who placed first after all of the round robin games! Also thanks to Siro & Pattah for showing up last minute, there would not have been as many games without them! Here are the VODs of the matches that decided the winner: game 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182246500?t=44m33s game 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182246500?t=53m47s CUP OF CLAN ARENA 1.2 A casual 2v2 clan arena tournament! Game mode tdm, mutators Arena, ruleset competitive Who Anyone can join with or without a team. PM either me (Sharqosity#0314) or fragile (/fragile#0514) on Discord to sign up, and tell us your team name and partner. Don't worry if you don't have a teammate! You will be paired with someone on the day of the tournament. What Best of 3: The map pool is still flexible - tell us your suggestions for what would be fun! When This Saturday, the 14th at 9 PM CEST Where The tournament is open to anyone, but will be played on EU servers; feel free to join if you are from any other region and don't mind playing on high ping. Links Bracket http://noobschleuder.challonge.com/fxx2ey0h Discord Server https://discord.gg/JErsCCp Noobschleder Replay Stuff (player rankings)
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    rapha also jumped ship to a first person moba
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    Hey, after some incidents related to lag in race mode and weird finish times, I investigated a bit. Findings in short: If you pass the start brush with 0ms lag and the finish brush with 1000ms lag, your race time will be registered 500ms slower than it should. Vice versa, if you pass the start brush with 1000ms lag and the finish brush with 0ms lag, your race time will be registered 500ms faster than it should. Since the impact of it can vary a lot, there is a risk of slightly off times without the player or anyone else noticing. We know of only drastic and obvious cases, but there are likely a higher number of records, when no one was even realising it. The tests on the video were done on a local server, but I repeated them later on an online server with the same results. Lag was induced by clumsy 0.2 ( https://jagt.github.io/clumsy/ ). I've added the map as attachment to this post. lattest2.map
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    The more the merrier, I say. Having a lot of bad players is a good problem to have, imo.
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    Ages ago injx wrote an article called "Strafing Theory" which is an explanation of how strafe jumping works. It takes some time/effort to read through but it is worthwhile! Thanks to @salakalastaja for digging up this link. Here's @salakalastaja demonstrating some of the types of strafing possible in Reflex Arena!
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    as you may know, norse warriors piss and shit in chunks.
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    A guide I wrote detailing how to properly install and manage a/multiple Reflex Arena dedicated server instance(s) using Linux. https://github.com/m3fh4q/ReflexArenaDedicatedServerGuideLinux
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    The Quakecon 2016 grand finales of Quakeworld and Quakelive got me hooked on afps, so I'm fairly new to the genre (Even though, I use to defrag a lot on Quake 3). I play Reflex because I think it's technically the best afps on the market with the most earnest devs team and community to support it. I'm not decided on all the current gamedesign decisions so far (I really like Quakeworld gamedesign on almost all aspects) but they are small details compared to TDM and CTF that I hope the devs will add with all the truly teamplay-oriented features and gamedesign decisions to support it.
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    Welcome! I have a background similar to yours, so I'm sure you'll enjoy Reflex as much as I do and did back when I started. The community is indeed quite small - currently it's the smallest it has ever been (for various reasons). Realistically, you'll likely have a hard time finding players of your skill level, although I strongly feel like that will change as the new and much anticipated 1.2 patch comes out. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask them on Discord - most people are very friendly and will give answers, advice and even coaching if you just ask for it. Use the Discord to find people to duel with as well, as it's much faster than the current Matchmaking feature! https://discord.gg/uThaFhF
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    Looks like it has been a while since this thread was updated. I'm not as experienced a racer, or mapper, as some but here are some random thoughts: Race is different from other modes in that it is much more linear. There is a start and a finish and what happens in between does not vary between each play through. You can introduce variety in a race map with alternate routes and types of movement required. Regarding the traditional/classic strafe-only maps, my personal opinion is that a map is improved with a variety of options, difficulties, and types of movements (strafe, ramp jump, double and triple jumps, etc.). Sometimes this variety emerges naturally from the structure of map, other times it is very much by design. My process is very organic. I start with an idea, area, room, or section and test it until I find it enjoyable. Then I add another area, room, or section and test the two together. Rinse and repeat. Once a start and finish are generally created, then I go back through and look for natural elements in the existing design where difficult shortcuts or easier "longcuts" can be added. It should be obvious that the shortest route should also be the most difficult, therefore rewarding skill/practice with a shorter time. For making interesting maps, it may be useful to think of patterns in both positive and negative terms. What is the actual pattern that exists and what are the patterns that do not exist? In a way, it is like music with on-beat and off-beat. If you repeat the same situation in a race map, over and over again, it can become boring. Instead, finding ways to break patterns by introducing something unexpected may be a useful way to think about it. Pat Howard wrote a very interesting article on architectural "connectivity". Although the article is intended as for duel/TDM food for thought, I think the same lines of thinking can be applied to race maps. How do various sections of your race map connect together? Do you put some trick jump between two areas or in the middle of the rooms? Consider all the movement mechanics and possibilities and all the potential combinations thereof. What patterns can you arrange with all these possibilities and how can you interrupt/break these patterns in interesting ways?
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    Small bugfix (r33): Zoom: Added new sensitivity rescaling option based on viewspeed algorithm Zoom: Zoom FOV is reset back to default value when invalid value is detected Fixed frag messages display time while playing replays in various speeds Fixed console sometimes getting spammed with list of player names after death Fixed wrong player name position with colored names while spectating other players Chat: Ignore color codes when shortening names
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    Heres a list of all the server variables and what they do. Rotations are like playlists. There are no score/frag limits, only time limits. Intermission time is not changeable. It would be nice to have more flexibility in the game modes and server settings for them. ["sv_allowcallvotemapmode"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to callvote map/mode on the server.", ["sv_allowcallvotemutators"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to callvote mutators on the server.", ["sv_allowedit"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to switch into editor mode on the server.", ["sv_allowmodes"] = "<mode(s)> Set which game modes to force. If the list is left empty, all modes are allowed.", ["sv_allowrulesets"] = "<ruleset(s)> Set which rulesets to force. If the list is left empty, all rulesets are allowed.", ["sv_autorecord"] = "<0/1> Automatically records a server-side replay of all games.", ["sv_country"] = "<ISO 3166-2> Defines the flag displayed to represent your server's geographical location on the server browser.", ["sv_gameport"] = "<port number> Set the server's game port.", ["sv_hostname"] = "<string> Desired server name to be displayed on the server browser.", ["sv_maxclients"] = "<number> Maximum number of clients that can connect to server.", ["sv_password"] = "<string> Set the server password", ["sv_refpassword"] = "<string> Set the password to allow players to become a referee.", ["sv_startmap"] = "<map name> Set which map to load on server launch.", ["sv_startmode"] = "<mode> Set which game mode to load on server launch.", ["sv_startmutators"] = "<mutators> Set which mutators to load on server launch.", ["sv_startrotation"] = "<rotation name> Set which map rotation to load on server launch.", ["sv_startruleset"] = "<ruleset> Set which ruleset to load on server launch.", ["sv_startwmap"] = "<Workshop ID> Set which workshop map to load on server launch.", ["sv_steam"] = "<0/1> Server shows up on public server lists.", ["sv_timelimit_override"] = "<number> Set the time limit for each map in minutes. A value of -1 uses the game mode time limit.", ["sv_timelimit_round_override"] = "<number> Set the time limit for each round in minutes. A value of -1 uses the game mode time limit.",
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    It's not about nerfing the armours to the ground or making the game more dependent on aim - it's about forcing the player who is in control to think more about their decisions and giving the player out of control more options for recovering. Stronger weapons make control more volatile, meaning more exciting games, less stomping and more thoughtful play from both players.
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    I agree w/ above but I also would like to point out one of the side effects of air control. If you compare it to crouchsliding (which is similar), the major difference is that being in the air and bunnyhopping makes you more vulnerable. It's a balance between risk and reward. You can move faster but you also risk getting pushed by knockback or popped up by a well placed explosive. Another thought about strafe jumping in general is that I think it is, at its essence, about another, deeper and more nuanced level of control over your player. It's not necessarily always about going as fast as possible (although that is fun) but sometimes it's about going the right speed. In duels, you may want to be going a certain pace to get somewhere in time for something but not so fast that it becomes dangerous and foolhardy. In race, the most efficient route may not always be the one that goes at maximum possible speed. In other words, it's the power to control how fast you move.
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    I've noticed this a few times now: you hit escape and click on 'change map' to call a vote for a new map, but you're faced with this: The game is telling you that it is connected to Steam and has access to the Steam Workshop, but no results for your search are shown. Changing mode, clearing search field, changing filter; none of it helps. But, you ARE connected to the Workshop and thus you can use callvote wmap <workshopID> to call a vote successfully. This might well not be a bug but a Steam API thing, I have no clue, but since I've encountered it a few times now I figured I'd post in this subforum and see if anyone else has experienced this.
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    This is solid fucking gold mate, great work
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    The way I see it, there's little point to adding such a complex system to gain speed if you're just going to lose the speed if you hit a wall. The system you're talking about allows skilled players to keep their momentum, which is the reason people play the game; it's fast.
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    This! ^^^ And welcome to Reflex mate, I'm sure you'll have a blast! Put a bit of time into learning the movement system and trickjumps and I'm sure you'll instantly find it rewarding, and when you start mixing it all up with tactics and weapons... It's just great fun. A large chunk of the community hangs out on the official Discord server that Owl linked above, it's very useful for finding games (just ask if anyone wants a game in the #global and/or #newbies channel, and at peak times, you're bound to get at least one response. Also you might want to check out https://reflexlinks.github.io/, full of useful content. And dare I say it, I have some demo reviews and other Reflex related videos on my little Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/fractaljaguar. A few people have told me my videos have been helpful, so I'm pimping it out Welcome to Reflex bud!
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    Indeed, I think the fact that 1.2 has been going so slowly indicates that the devs are probably working elsewhere right now, for the money, and thus dev time on Reflex is much less than before and is stretched out over time. Profit from sales is probably gone by now. As long as the polish necessary to make the game VERY accommodating for new players is in 1.2, and is tested well, going F2P would probably be a good thing. Lots of people would try the game out with their friends, the matchmaking system will work very nicely indeed, and those who stick it out and get ranked properly, and those who learn the game with their friends outside of the MM system, will probably have a blast and some of them will stay. Because Reflex is a damn fine game.
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    I think they have made most of the money they can from game sales, going f2p would bring more players which is what this game needs right now.
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    so dead https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuakeCon who cares if it's a televised event with two yearly tournaments and cash prizes, game is dead. http://steamcharts.com/app/611500 nobody plays quake anymore http://steamspy.com/app/611500 No, instead we should all go play Garden Warfare, on a laptop while laying on the couch, using controllers. You know, we should do more, let's just ban anyone who gets 30% or more accuracy. They shouldn't ruin the fun for us new players. And hats. we need more hats.
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    This is sick Bonus points for the weird jungle music, reminds me of a certain cool game
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    I would like to set things like frag limits, number of rounds in round based modes, time limit or even the removal of a time limit in place of a frag limit. Plus I would like to be able to make playlists and change the intermission time after every game.
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    This is starting to sound like a certain cpm map.
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    Not sure if this is still needed, but here's an example map file of failed bridge tool use. me_segments was set to 9. I marked the faces to connect in lime color. bridgebug9seg.map
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    Is the name of the map inspired by the 2016 Bangladeshi romantic musical film Angaar, directed by Wajed Ali, or something else?
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    Or better make this information more public. I never thought this was available and I'm sure others too.
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    I thought there was no way I was going to improve when I started. I did not want to change my sens but I could not move my arm fast enough to move around the map. So I changed my sens to a higher one and I improved Slowly, I was not good because I changed sens but being able to move around the map well really helped me. I'm still shit at timing somehow.
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    Hello everyone, so I decided to join these forums and jump right into this thread I play almost everything but mostly FPS - mainly SP, been playing since wolfenstein 3d but i never went online in my games as SP was satisfying , spent some time on cs, then moved to different genres (curse you rpgs) - i returned from time to time to q3 just to run around maps and defrag stuff...its just about two years i got into MP parts of FPS games and discovered css, new doom and now reflex arena just because how fluently i can move here - at my times i THOUGHT i was quite decent fps gamer, doom mp is going really well BUT i have really hard times with reflex as i get literally obliterated i score some kills now and then but most of the time i eat the dirt nonetheless reflex is a great game, maybe im not cutout for such games but i enjoy it nevertheless so see you in arena (im gonna be the one deep down low lol)