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    I'm working hard. I'm not going to promise features or hype anything, because what ends up being in the next build might change. When (or "wen" as people like to keep poking/hounding with) isn't known at this stage too, might be a few weeks away still. I'm more so interested on refinement than inflating/polluting the game with more features. In an ideal world large games would happen and mysteriously have people appear out of nowhere to form endless queues of large matches, but it just doesn't happen. For example, we put a lot of time into doing CTF (a lot more than just flags...), the tech for larger maps was pretty huge, team visibility/customisation of all the colours and having those go into the maps also, sounds, events, hud/lua... there's quite a bit to it. Regarding the abusive people saying they paid for X, game is ded devs are ded and pickering about trivial trash. You paid $10 or less and typically have hundreds of hours in-game. I'd like to know how many other games you pay for that have given as many hours and costed more. Get a reality check. Sit down. Think about how much money is pumped into marketing for other titles from big studios and what their player numbers are at or typically hours played. Millions of dollars pumped into marketing alone which far exceeds any actual revenue for the entire project, but people still like to draw comparisons... yep, well done. A lot of people like to think they have the secret magical answer to wave their wand and it's everything anyone ever could have possibly imagined, but the reality just isn't that. I know people will probably slam me, but they slam me anyway regardless. Bust our asses on a huge update monthly... slammed, what about X or Y? wen. Hype anything, get poked wen constantly, release, slammed... what about X or Y, do the devs even care. wen is X coming. Don't say anything, try focus on working. Slammed. Say something. Slammed. Stop with the negativity. Enjoy something, the amount of content is insane. The updates have for a long time have been huge and frequent. The update is yes taking a bit longer this time, no need to get out the pitch forks and abuse.
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    Hi everyone, as some of you may know already, I've been working on a custom ruleset that aims to improve the current competitive ruleset's gameplay and weapon balance. Here is the full detailed explanation : The goal of the ruleset is not to "divide" the community but to refine these changes and then to propose them to the developers. This testing is only temporary. I'll be hosting 2 tournaments on this ruleset : 09/07/2017 : Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU] 16/07/2017 : Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA] Players from all regions and skill level are welcome in each tournament, servers will favor players from the original region ! How to play on the ruleset : Changes from the current competitive ruleset : (Changes are not final, expect small changes in the next days, there shouldn't be any changes in the week prior to the tournament day) Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU] Information : Date : 09/07/2016 Starting time : 18:00 CEST (17:00 to 18:00 for checkin) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/arenafps Bracket : http://challonge.com/7fbmgb95 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/OFddSVQMqq Map pool : -The Catalyst -Furnace -Pocket Infinity -Ruin -Simplicity Prize pool distribution : : 50% + 1 Supporter Short Sword from @Jaguar : 25% : 18.75%4th : 6.25% Current total : 360€ You can contribute to the prizepool by donating to the following Paypal address, Please indicate in your message if it's for the NA OR EU tournament : guillaumeaj@yahoo.fr Donators : -Ramagan : 10€ -danfel : 10€ -lolograde : 80€ -hello! : 10€ -beat0n : 10€ -Anon : 10€ -uaedude : 118€ -Kyto : 12€ -FlabCaptain : 25€ -chortas : 10€ -FrAgGy : 14€ -tripats : 10€ -Pakho : 10€ -erad : 31€ Rules : General : Join https://discord.gg/KkmVPWp on discord for communication Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on discord. Unsporting behaviour may be penalised. Match system : Winner's bracket matches will be BO3, grand final will be double BO3 (if needed). Loser's bracket mathes will be BO1, except the last two matches which will be BO3. Map picking system : Use the 'roll' command to determine which player drops first. (Player with the highest roll is the roll Winner) W: Roll winner L: Roll loser BO3 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Pick(L)-Pick(W) - The last map is the tiebreaker map (Maps are played in order of picks) BO1 : Drop(W)-Drop(L)-Drop(L)-Drop(W) - The map remaining is the map to be played Servers/non EU players : No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers. Servers will be provided, most likely DE, NL and one Dallas server. (Players from different regions than EU are allowed, they'll however have to play on EU servers if facing an EU opponent, EU vs NA will be played on a London server, if the EU player has a higher ping than the NA player on the London server, a German server will be used) In case of a ping/server disagreement, a DE server will be used. Good Luck !
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    Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
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    Reflex was just released last month and enjoyed a small population boom that took the concurrent users and multiplied it by 2-3. It was great until something like 90% of the newer players stopped playing. So we must ask ourselves why the population tanked back to pre-release levels already. Was it the community? No, I highly doubt that. The majority of us have been very welcoming and took time to show newer players what the game has to offer. Parkourstation and reflextrain saw a lot of play time on public servers. Even in duels, veterans stopped and explained why they were surviving through multiple direct rockets to the face, toned down their game, and let newcomers grab some armors. Bringing people to the official discord has gone pretty well too. I'd love it if this was a success story and I was only here to report these facts... So why didn't people stick with the game? To use a metaphor, I think it's that new players see a pit of depth for how good you could possibly be at reflex, but there are no lights pointed down there. There is nothing that illuminates why prime overlords can convincingly beat overlords, who can stomp on diamonds, who can dominate platinums, who can destroy... All the way down to bronze. As we all know, combat skills don't define everything in this game, but that is the only thing that is outwardly obvious before a new player buys the game. And even after they have played for a week, they are aware movement plays a big part, but the depths of strategy are still a murky black pit that makes no sense to them. Compared to Overwatch, it's really obvious that depth in the game (outside of combat skills) comes from finding the right times to use your abilities and coordinating with teammates. You don't go into the game without knowing what you eventually need to improve upon. In Reflex, so many people bought the game and quit before they even knew how to improve. There is an old video that described the ways in which Mega Man and Mega Man X were amazing games. The tl;dw: is that the games avoided explicitly telling people what to do because the mechanics of the game were revealed naturally while forcing the player to recognize what was going on, and mechanics that didn't work well in earlier games were removed in later games. This video brings home a really good point to me: my Reflex tutorials shouldn't need to exist. At least 90% of what I say in my tutorials should be forced on the player or made much more transparent. New players shouldn't be forced to listen to me talk - the game should make the important aspects completely obvious through the player exploring the game. This is why I thought item timers were a step in the right direction - it enhances mechanic transparency. As we observed, the more hardcore players fought against it because it diminished known strategic depth. It wasn't the ideal solution, and I'm willing to admit that. But it's still painfully clear that something needs to change with the fundamental gameplay of Reflex, and it won't be easy. I have two proposed changes we could try out, and I'm curious if anyone can poke holes in them. I'm also interested in other ideas people might have. Proposed change 1: bring back item timers in competitive modes, but make them unreliable. A mechanic could be introduced where if you shoot at an item that is not yet respawned, it adds or subtracts time from the respawning item (perhaps to a max of 5 seconds). Item timer widgets could represent what the unmodified time would be, and players could throw off timing by hand. Maybe you could tweak this idea and make it so the last person/team to collect the armor adds time to respawn by shooting it, and others subtract time by shooting it (or vice versa). To accommodate new players, you'd want to clearly show that respawn time is being changed by their actions with "-1 second" popping out of the item colored according to the action, and a default UI widget like apheleon's timer timeline with visual uncertainty (instead of discrete red armor on the time line, a red armor on a bar that extends to the possible ranges) would go a long way to help. Or... Proposed change 2: all armors respawn at :00 and :30 on the clock. Other items keep their existing respawn properties. An additional benefit to this drastic change is that it removes the full lock armor cycle state of control, which means small skill differences will be less likely to result in huge score differences. With armor cycling removed, positioning yourself between multiple armors and timing your attacks appropriately become a stronger part of the game's higher end strategy. A simple but prominent UI widget showing time until all armors respawn would go a long way to teach new players what they need to focus on. I know #2 is harder to get buy-in from older players, but I want you guys to think seriously on it. We need to community to grow. I think #1 might not take it far enough. Perhaps #1 along with other changes to help make the game's important mechanics more transparent world be ideal, but I'd really like to try out things that make the game more approachable. I also have a list of changes I'd recommend to the game's tutorial system, but that is less important than gameplay changes at this point.
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    This isn't meant to list all the unlisted effects and materials, only the ones which are useful. If you think some useful ones are missing PM me on discord with the info and I will update the thread. //Sounds industrial/sounds/sludge_bubble industrial/sounds/ambient1 industrial/sounds/ambient2 industrial/sounds/machine ancient_japan/sounds/wind-light ancient_japan/sounds/wind-heavy ancient_japan/sounds/water //Emitters internal/effects/steam/steam internal/effects/steam/steam_sml internal/effects/steam/steam_lava internal/effects/steam/dust_clouds_blow internal/effects/fluid/bubbles_tank_192 internal/effects/environment/snow/snow_192 internal/effects/bugs/bugs_flies //Random stuff internal/effects/godrays/godrays_256_64 internal/debug/primitives/primitives_sphere //Materials internal/generic/wireframe internal/effects/race/race_checkpoint internal/effects/race/race_finish internal/effects/race/race_start //Armor Hologram Materials internal/items/armor/armor internal/items/armor/armor_green internal/items/armor/armor_yellow internal/items/armor/armor_red //Ammo Glow Materials internal/items/ammo/ammo_rockets_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_bolt_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_burst_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_grenades_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_ic_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_plasma_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_shells_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_stake_glow //Powerup Materials internal/characters/common/characters_quad internal/characters/common/characters_resist internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad internal/items/powerup_regen/powerup_regen internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_carnage internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_resist
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    Some screens of a heavily themed ctf map im making.
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    i think most of the people posting here are doing so because they feel that the quality of the product that TP delivered is worthy of more appreciation. the abusive people are a small minority of people (that would exist regardless of what was actually going on). most of the comments here are essentially "reflex is awesome, why dont more people play it and how can we change that" which is fundamentally different from "reflex is shit, what do we change to unshit it". anyway, just thought id offer some words of encouragement as its always sad to see developers frustrated and angry etc.
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    SMR-Relativity - Under Construction This map will be combination of multiple Escher Pictures combined into one big maze map with portals & jumppads
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    In my opinion there's nothing refreshing in QC, it's the zero-level of creativity. It's the perfect example of a generic licence game repeating patterns of current successful other games. Like all big names, they just have money to advertise massively and exploit the natural conformism of people.
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    Mb in the next release, you will put all the text in a separate lua-file (gametext.lua for example). And replace TitilliumWeb with OpenSans. Then the community could localize the game to other languages.
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    My new map : ColdFire http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918483665 A map for TDM 2v2 or 3v3. Could also work for FFA. For those who tried a previous version, the carnage is now under the bridge Any feedback is welcome, mostly about the items balance... Byebye, Have fun
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    Hi, I'm a casual. Been playing Overwatch since Closed Beta back in like November 2015. Recently got into Quake (beat 1's campaign, didn't touch 2 too much yet, 3 and team arena's single player, played a lot of bots on Quake Live, some players, then got into the Quake Champions beta-- won't break NDA but, well, I decided to check out this "Reflex" I'd heard about). I'll probably never really master the various movement stuff, but I can effectively use some of it, and that's good enough for me, slowly trying to incorporate the other stuff over time. It's fun, and your community is so great, it's the least intimidating thing I've ever done. Challenging, but not scary at all to play. That's good. You guys are so cool, I'm blown away over here. What arena FPS does well in my opinion is, well, a lot of things, but to me just the satisfaction of the core experience of fragging feels great in a good arena FPS. Overwatch, for many complex reasons, sometimes starts to feel like not even playing an FPS after a long period of time. Burnout set in for me after a long time, and I believe it will come for other players as well giving Reflex a solid shot at grabbing the people who miss not being funneled into each other with free kill buttons. I love Overwatch, but I missed playing an FPS game. I still play Overwatch though-- I have no intention of "quitting". What Reflex does well is its respect for the core, its respect for minimalism, the high customization that belongs in a proper PC FPS game, and really bringing that good core experience to the modern age with a gorgeous aesthetic that miraculously doesn't compromise the readability-- even for noobs like me who probably need as much as we can get. I don't personally want to see Reflex dumbed down at all. I think people need to properly "discover" it, and discover what's good about it. I don't want to say it "needs advertising" because I don't know how much it might already have, but when I gave it to my friends they said "How did you find this gem?". They're not big into arena FPS-- at least they weren't until Reflex. Those tutorial videos are amazing and I love them dearly-- but it is probably true that in-game thorough tutorials with really good feedback and noob friendly UI to teach all the essential movement stuff would go a long way. But truthfully, I don't know the core appeal needs to be to get casuals like me to jump in and learn all the movement techniques or the meta stuff. I'll tell you what I personally want-- I would love to have enough players to just jump in and, I'll say it, just enjoy the core act of kinda mindlessly fragging against people of my own potato skill level. That's why I'm here. Jump in and frag. Don't want fancy gimmicks. Don't know if I'll ever really reliably be able to execute every type of jump. Don't really even care if I ever properly learn pickup timers and control (even though I probably will at some point down the line). Shameful, I know. I'm simple, I've accepted that. Right now I fight players way better than me, and I don't mind because hey, if I can frag these old gods every now and then-- that's enough for me, don't mind the challenge, don't mind losing, and I can always fight the bots because they can challenge me without stomping me. I like that I'm here, I'm playing an FPS, I don't have to play support because nobody else will, and I don't have to deal with a team tilting at each other/never grouping up. The simplicity and the purity is the entire appeal to me-- which of course helps explain why I love Reflex specifically-- because it loves respecting the core. Free to play weekend-- or just free to play doesn't sound half bad to me I guess? (I know I'd buy the cosmetics to support. Dare you to make one head look like a lootbox) But I definitely don't have the knowledge to say whether or not that would help or kill the game. Probably a lot of higher level understanding goes into a choice like that. I know I wouldn't be mad if I paid to buy all these copies and it went free to play tomorrow. I'm not gonna say that I represent all casuals, not gonna say that I'm "objectively correct" in how I look at this, in fact, I don't even have "suggestions" for how to make Reflex get players and keep players. You could easily look at this post and tear apart my "points", I'm sure of that, because I'm not really even trying to make any points. I just wanted to provide my own perspective as some (hopefully) brutally honest insight into one casual mind. Thanks for reading! And feel free to go easy on me in-game-- won't be needing my pride here! give me a cowboy hat cosmetic i miss being a mccree main before we all learned what a teamcomp was
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    So, some background on me before I go into a rant about the game. Reflex was my first fps after a long run an rts stint reaching GM in SC2:WoL and a moderate level in wc3 Dota and dota2. Now, understanding my competitive background I must say that Reflex is the most brutal ego crusher ever created. Even in sc2 where ladder anxiety is a hot topic, you could blame cheese or the game balance for your loss. Reflex's strong suit is also its demise: it is extremely frank when expressing skill disparities. It is so thoughroughly skill based that coming in you either get your ego smashed to shit in the process of learning and leave, or push through it and are invested. The game forces a decision between scaling the learning cliff under hot oil being poured on your ego, or leaving. Noone wants to be shown how ineffective they are, but truly skill based games do a wonderful job of forcing this realization. In some players this fuels a drive to be the best - but to others it is a turn off. No matter how well your matchmaking works or how well your tutorials teach skills, the basic design is heartless. As much as I'd hate to see it happen, the only hope I see for the game is a normalization of skills involved. I'm hesitant to use that word because few know what I mean by it. 'Normalization by peaks' in music takes a track with large dynamic variance (amplitude, in this analogy skill) analyzes the highest amplitude and reduces the dynamic range by bringing up the volume of lower amplitudes, compressing the difference between the loudest and quietest amplitudes. But still maintaining the highest amplitude. (limited reduction in skill cap) In reflex this would require the old blood to give up elements that raise the barrier of entry. The difficult thing is normalizing 'just enough' so that the better player will still win a majority of their matches. But so that any player can enjoy their games at any skill level. The jist of what I'm saying is that we have to lower the skill floor so that anyone can duel anyone and have fun-without squashing the dynamic range between high and low skill too much. Let's look at the world's most popular sport football, the barrier of entry is nearly nonexistent. Think about the difference between a pro footballer and a seasoned veteran and a first timer - they are at distinctly different experience levels, but the first timer can see and appreciate how the two are better than him. In playing with them he can see the possibility of reaching there with hard work, after all they are only human, there's a limit to how superior you can be, even when the skill cap is limitless. A footballer can always get an edge over another player, but the total gap between him and the first timer stays pretty much constant. The issue with reflex is that the skill gap from a new player to a week old player has the dynamic skill range of the entire existing pro football scene, and that gap compounds upward seemingly infinitely (from a new players perspective) and continues to grow as long as veterans keep playing. For simply competing this is great because you get to see a defined 'best player' by visible margins, but when trying to bring players into an entrenched skill climb to infinity the dynamic skill gap is simply too large to sustain a population that isn't there to git gud. TLDR: raise skill floor so that the distance between the best players in the world and the worst is a fathomable margin. Focus game less on mechanics to taper skill creep. Destroy the learning cliff and generally enforce diminishing mechanical returns at a certain point.Percentile differences in apparent skill rather than orders of magnitude. FYI I don't think it's possible in the current ecosystem. But I think it is definitely possible to lower the barrier of entry, improve newbie effectiveness and keep a sufficiently high skill ceiling.
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    I want Reflex Arena to change it's name to Yeflex Arena. Y stands for devs saying "yes" to every community suggestion and idea.
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    I've always thought the tiered armor system is in a way weird (Just think about the number you have to get down to pick up YAs or GAs, it's odd) I think there are some visual changes you could make the whole system more intuitive without changing anything in-game. For example, when you walk over an ammo box and you have full ammo for that specific type, have something that pops up flashing near the weapon bar saying "MAX AMMO" You could possibly do the same with the armor bar, flashing the amount you need to be at to be able to pick up the armor you're standing on. Another change I've thought about for a while is properly implemented 3d item timers (yes even in competitive) that only show up when you're fairly close to an item and they don't show seconds but more inaccurate chunks. (think pie timers)
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    What's wrong with 421 and Sanctum? I certainly find them more fun to play than Catalyst. I'd definitely like to see a map rotation. I enjoy learning new maps and it helps keep the game from becoming boring (yes playing Catalyst 24/7 becomes boring). I understand the concern with putting untested maps into the rotation, but if no one is going to test them outside of the rotation, I don't think there's another choice. So either top players need to start regularly testing new maps, or new maps need to be added to the rotation to force people to play on them, so they can get some actual testing. There's no money on the line in the competitive ladder, so I really don't care about complaints about being forced to play on new maps either.
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    Hi everyone, as some of you may know already, I've been working on a custom ruleset that aims to improve the current competitive ruleset's gameplay and weapon balance. Here is the full detailed explanation : The goal of the ruleset is not to "divide" the community but to refine these changes and then to propose them to the developers. This testing is only temporary. I'll be hosting 2 tournaments on this ruleset : 09/07/2017 : Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU] 16/07/2017 : Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA] Players from all regions and skill levels are welcome in each tournament, servers will favor players from the original region ! How to play on the ruleset : Changes from the current competitive ruleset : (Changes are not final, expect small changes in the next days, there shouldn't be any changes in the week prior to the tournament day) Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA] Information : Date : 16/07/2017 Starting time : 11:00 AM PDT, 02:00 PM EDT. Checkin starts 1 hour before the starting time. Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Bracket : http://challonge.com/ih4htd36 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/VkjAQ7icXd Map pool : -The Catalyst -Furnace -Pocket Infinity -Ruin -Simplicity Prize pool distribution : : 50% : 25% : 18.75%4th : 6.25% Current total : $160 You can contribute to the prizepool by donating to the following Paypal address, Please indicate in your message if it's for the NA OR EU tournament : guillaumeaj@yahoo.fr Donators : -uaedude : 125$ -erad : 35$ Rules : General : Join https://discord.gg/KkmVPWp on discord for communication Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on discord. Unsporting behaviour may be penalised. Match system : Winner's bracket matches will be BO3, grand final will be double BO3 (if needed). Loser's bracket mathes will be BO1, except the last two matches which will be BO3. Map picking system : Use the 'roll' command to determine which player drops first. (Player with the highest roll is the roll Winner) W: Roll winner L: Roll loser BO3 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Pick(L)-Pick(W) - The last map is the tiebreaker map (Maps are played in order of picks) BO1 : Drop(W)-Drop(L)-Drop(L)-Drop(W) - The map remaining is the map to be played Servers/non NA players : No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers. Servers will be provided, Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey. (Players from different regions than NA are allowed, they'll however have to play on NA servers if facing an NA opponent, EU vs NA will be played on a NJ server or Chicago server (if the NA player is west NA)) In case of a ping/server disagreement, a Chicago server will be used. Good Luck !
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    I worked on a simple system to gather some basic community/server stats. The result can be found here It updates every hour and basically puts the info of the replay headers into a database for further processing. It's far from being perfect (and you should maybe refrain from putting mysql commands in your playername) but it features some nice stats like map ranking, improved replay downloads, and a pretty useless plot of your scores during the last matches. Any feedback appreciated! If you are interested in setting this up for your server as well feel free to pm me. (If you want to play on the community server in question and you don't want your info on the site pm me for black listing.)
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    Available in Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884406684 I decided to create a HUD that should look good while keeping it minimal. Most of the UI elements have a slight fade in/out animations that should not hinder the competitive play, and they can be fine-tuned or disabled if they bother you. Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions
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    So I have been mapping race maps since Christmas now after coming from q3 and warsow. Somethings I really love about the editor are the obvious things like editing and testing spacing with out having to build the map then load the game and so on. But I think a lot of us are starting to peak on here. I mean we have what, like 5 textures? (recolouring doesn't count) a fairly nice but also growing old effects (objects) list, basically 0 actual effects that are not all hidden away, but more on that in a moment. The sad thing is you used to have textures way back and you trashed them for what? The whole flat picmip looking game that only is useful to the duel players. Can we even get those textures back? Can we please get some real textures to work with, more objects to play with and add the actual effects you have hidden away like snow falling in to the content browser. You will ofc need to enable them again cause you for what ever reason made them invisible not long ago only making maps look even more boring. Some other things that should to be looked at. Posting maps with out a light map should be a check box not a hack job work around. The crashing that can happen with moving objects, verts, and sometimes even from just trying to save. Cross map prefabs. And even though you never will, the sticky wall bug. I love the game but can we get some more mapping love anytime this year?
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    Biggo update: BetterSpecControls module is now called BetterSpectator Added auto spectator modes: follow killer, follow leader Modes can be bound to different keys via options menu Modes are also accessible via console with ui_goahud_spectator_mode <value> -1: Cycle between different modes 1: Disabled 2: Follow killer 3: Follow leader Prevent following another player right after death in arena modes New experimental module: BetterGameplay Added option to instantly respawn after suiciding in Race mode Added bind to respawn in Race mode only (ui_goahud_respawn 1) Increased crosshair shape limit to 4 (from 2) Added mode options for crosshairs shapes to control when to show them Different shapes can be displayed after dealing damage or taking damage Fade time is customizable Elements of Messages widget (countdown, follow text, warmup text etc.) can be moved around with Brandon's Hud Editor Added shadows for WeaponRack text and icons (enabled by default) Display multiple CTF messages at the same time Added customizable fade and show times for game messages Zoom key is now bindable via options (shows (unbound) even though the key is properly bound, problem in the engine) Messages widget is fully shown in hud editor Fixed modules getting disabled after opening their options page Fixed FragMessages being shown in menu Fixed countdown messages being shown in menu Fixed text shadows being fully opaque with transparent text Fixed wrong player ready count in some modes (again) Fixed Health and Armor widgets crashing at random times during loading screens Fixed countdown messages and ticking not appearing in arena modes Fixed PerfMeter showing when hud is disabled, added option to always display it (disabled by default) Prevent zooming in game over screen Timers are no longer counting up/down during countdown
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    As far as marketing, nothing works better than kickass movies, imo. Perhaps the devs could entice the community by putting up some money for a movie-making competition? Or, maybe more to the point, just pay @entik to go full James Cameron with Reflex. There is also "LAN" coming out soonish which may attract some attention as well. If QC does become successful, there will likely be those who want something purer and will turn to Reflex. Reflex is the only premier alternative AFPS currently. Diabotical doesn't appear close to release (at least, not until Spring 2018, according to 2GD's stream today) and other games are old, stale, and don't have the same features. As for changes/updates, season 1 ends in a couple weeks, right? I would suspect that would be the best time for devs to make an update. Looking at the Steam reviews, it is currently rated Very Positively (88% positive after 1,068 reviews) with the one consistent complaint being player base. That's a better rating that Quake Live, Toxikk, or most other AFPS currently available on Steam. With the consistent complaint being small player base, I suspect some new players queue for CTF and end up waiting 20 mins. Instead, maybe there should be a "PLAY NOW" button that queues the player for any game mode, casual or competitive, and any server with up to 120ms (which is at the upper range of what I consider playable). New players probably have very little sense of what good or bad ping is, or what the various modes are. So for those who really just want to shoot around, kamikaze style, let them. Lastly, the people with poor attitudes who want to blame the devs for everything need to take a breath.
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    For all intents and purposes Reflex has two selling points: 1. It's a pure arena fps 2. It has modern features Without the first, the second is meaningless. Removing the first (aka doing anything to reduce the skill gap) will kill whatever is left of the game. As for the rest of this thread, it's too late if you ask me. I had fun, hope you guys did too.
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    I wrote a steam guide on how to publish a map without a lightmap, bypassing the in-game publish restrictions. Here's a link to it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892726203
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    So you guys have asked about adding new emotes to the Reflex Discord and we have heard you. We are only allowed 50 emoji uploads so make yours stand out and if you like, make sure you click the like button on the comment. According to Discord, you can upload them in sizes up to 128x128 pixels, but they will be resized to 32x32. Please embed them in png or svg file type below. This will be reviewed by our team and then uploaded if it's awesome. Note: These new emojis can only be used in the server they are uploaded.
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    http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=923562270 A week or so ago, I roughly finished converting to CTF, my old-ish duel map High Rise (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661471601 - many thanks to lumpp for helping me with ironing out this duel map, much of which has still held true in this new CTF version). It's had a few updates in the past week or so, to just try and clean things up a bit. Seems to have gained a bit of attention mostly over on the noobschleuder server, probably my most well received (or only) non-race map. So I thought I'd open a post up here to advtertise it a little, but more than that, so that there is a place to discuss its problems for me to fix should I need to in the not too distant future. It's hopefully best in 4v4, but 3v3 seems to go well, one person mentioned it's a bit of a clusterfuck in 5v5 but I think that might be ok for non-competitive pub games. This map has given me a little hope that ctf can still be enjoyed and played in public, and perhaps I may think about converting other duel maps into ctf, rather than making fresh designs from scratch.
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    I think all main components in game is here already. Now these great tools need to make most of current situation. I know portion will disagree. But Bots could be more implemented in online play. I think some kind of server side Bots management system that would manage Bots count in remote servers. Let me elaborate: Bots would only join when 1 person joins, so there wouldn't be only bots servers. Joining players would replace bots 1 by 1. After the threshold (max bots count), leaving players would be again replaced by bots. Simplify casual matchmaking, to make easier to get into matches. It seems that having tons of options is not the best solution when player base can't support it. One possible solution so strip down casual MM into: FFA Any of team mode Weekly or bi-weekly rotating fun modes (Arena duel, instagib, melee only, etc..) Of course game situation is not ideal, but I think it's nowhere near "end of no return" state. All main features are here just need to fiddle more and refine them to help player base grow. We all know most definitely that it can !
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    Had it been a month or two ago I would have donated, but can't this month Anyway at least a tournament of this size is going to be a much better and proper(!) testing grounds for experimental changes, so kudos for following up. Maybe I'll donate something from my inventory, we'll see.
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    Totally agree. Stakes are a great gameplay mechanic, which improve even more the main asset of the game : its movement system, and makes it unique. The current starting weapon is not great a all, a king of weak shotgun, with (imo) poor design, and no particular interest. I think it's a bad idea to have more weapons, and this little shotgun is the only one to be removed. Plus, it's better if everybody is always enable to move the same way on the map. It's the perfect solution. i wonder why it hasn't been tested yet. Maybe not reduce the fire rate, just decrease drastically the damage.
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    After listening to the post-launch interview Turbo Pixel did with ArenaFPS, my impression is that there is still quite a lot of plans for Reflex for the next several years. Some of those are likely the things that were skipped in the development roadmap leading up to launch like new particles effects, liquids, movers/triggers, etc.. I don't know if there were other social aspects planned. I'd certainly like to see VoIP, Twitch, and/or Discord integration but I don't think those are deal breakers since there's already freeware out there to accomplish those things. Also, Reflex always gets a bump in activity with each update. Maybe the devs will stumble upon an update that really clicks for new players. Some new mode or feature that really keeps new players playing constantly. Who knows? Reflex will never die. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, Turbo Pixel may turn their focus to a new game (or a sequel to Reflex??), but with the foundation that already exists, there will always be a die hard player base. And if QC does succeed in making AFPS games relevant/popular again, that tide will raise all ships.
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    :outaimed: thanks to MAD_JIHAD for pic
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    I might be able to donate something later, good to see reflex cups again and especially for experimental changes. Not that it would help but if you need too many normal cosmetics I can probably give away everything I own lol. Ill see in a littlewhile if it sorts itself out on the donation front.
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    By social aspects I rather meant a good teambased gamemode which is easy to understand and pick up but also not too simple (like arena tdm).. It should have original maps with art and some objective to communicate about (VoIP teamchat would help a lot to make MIXED matchmaking playable and also enjoyable) but imo gamerules shouldn't be too complicated and frustrating. That's why I suggested my round based TDM and CTF gamemode concepts. I think these slight changes would make these modes a lot less frustrating while keeping their basic concepts intact. It is important to make these modes work in Matchmaking (in reality). Ingame Clan / Team profiles and rankings would motivate people to play more teammodes aswell. I think it's a lot about making teamplay a social experience which is easy to understand for everyone (not only the elitist people who get every carnage possible and/or capture 10 flags a game) but also is competetive by encouraging teamplay, coordination and communication.
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    What would you like to be implemented in next updates? POLL link ---> http://www.strawpoll.me/13072322
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    The biggest problem with more than 4 players is that the game acts up and people get random (no map related) framedrops. Also teammodes lack features. After almost 2 years of CTF there is still no regeneration powerup. Nothing interesting for tdm even stakegun got taken out and is half way in now but there is now ammo boxes for it ect. Game is lacking unique features.
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    Two demo reviews, aimed largely at Beaton but hopefully useful to others as well, of two games we played on Pocket Infinity last night.
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    Bring back stake gun. Custom colorised stakes maybe a trail marker + instant hit. => Movement oportunities and more fun -> dump BoltRifle
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    So I decided to make a death animation like the lock screen of Andriod Gingerbread with a taste of goaHud in there . Have to polish the code a bit thou so still kind of wip. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906263622
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    Bump. Please devs, give us a sign what to expect. What are the plans to improve Teammode population in MM? What are you working on?
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    yeah but for non-duel non-objective modes having bots in a server and taking them out as more people connect is almost definitely the better option here as you join the game and can shoot at something while you wait instead of alt-tabbing out or waiting 10-15 minutes and saying "dead game" and exiting indefinitely
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    To be fair, reflex is a clone of a quake 3 mod. Gameplay wise its not really groundbreaking either. The groundbreaking parts of reflex are the intuitive multiplayer map editor and the netcode (even tho it has its issues).
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    Totally not rearranged Blood Run. /s This is an attempt for a more slow paced, traditional QL map. Credits to: - ztn for the original Blood Run, one of my favorite QL maps - chortas for making the reflex port of Blood Run port, which helped out with some metrics during mapping. Cheers, enjoy the map.
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    The lack of dev response is kind of telling. Do they still give a fk?
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    http://replays.reflexarena.com/latest1000/ The above link will only show the latest 1000 replays. That should solve the lag problem. @EternalRage I don't disagree, but I don't control that