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    We are excited to announce the release date for Reflex Arena! Many of you have been here from the very beginning. Thank you so much for being with us on the first part of our journey, and we are thrilled to launch Reflex Arena out of Early Access very soon. Check out the trailer for the official release date, the features we are celebrating, and more. To thank everyone who has been a part of our community, all our Early Access players will receive the limited edition Golden Founder Melee Wrench in-game. We handcrafted this to say thank you, and will forever mark you as one of ‘The Originals’ before we launch Reflex Arena out of Early Access. Be sure to log in before March 8th to get your Golden Founder Melee Wrench, accessible from the Reflex Arena home screen! Just start Reflex Arena before the official launch to receive your very own Golden Founder Melee Wrench! The launch out of Early Access adds so much content and features that our community has helped shape. We will have full details soon, but we can reveal that we are adding: Bots: We are adding full bot/AI support to the game (hell yes!). This means a better in-game experience for new players, with more training, tutorial, and solo options for offline play. Our bot system also means that our seasoned players can sharpen skills with target practice while waiting for matchmaking. Join a matchmaking queue, and wreck bots in offline target practice while you wait for a PvP match to launch! Competitive Seasons & Online Leaderboards : PvP is at the very soul of Reflex Arena. When we launch out of Early Access, so begins Competitive Season One. Face off against the global community to earn your place in a new Online Leaderboard, with a new Competitive Points system. Matchmaking Rewards: We are celebrating our new Competitive Points system in matchmaking and our competitive season launch, where the CP you earn in matches against players can be used for glorious golden weapons. This will kick off with the upcoming competition Season 1 - stay tuned for more information! Brutal new skins and cosmetics are coming, as well as training map improvements, shiny new weapons and more are all coming in the Reflex Arena launch out of Early Access. It’s important to note that launching Reflex Arena out of Early Access is just the beginning. The whole Turbo Pixel team will continue to update, create content, and add new features to the game - we are here for our community. With cheers and celebration, The Turbo Pixel Team
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    This provides an alternative way of editing and laying out your HUD without having to use sliders and guess positions through the widgets menu. UPDATE 1 (2016/08/09) Show/Hide widgets Snapping Widget Options Anchor Based Grid Installation Make sure to delete any old versions of the pak. Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/03/16) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions While in a game go to your widgets menu, and press the “Hud Editor” button.
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    Optional Themes Custom Colors Other Features - adjustable alignment - show/hide award name and xp UPDATE 1 (2016/08/12) New Themes - added text drop shadow option - you can now preview text in options - fixed banner theme animation - performance improvements (results may vary) Installation Make sure to delete any old versions of the pak. Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions Enable "br_Awards" in the widget menu.
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    I'll be starting a Duel guide series on youtube, mostly aimed at current and upcoming duelers that want to improve. Feel free to provide feedback on the videos and suggest topics you want to cover, the first few videos will be about the basics, I'll probably go into the more advanced stuff as the series goes on. Playlist 1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals 3. Movement Thank you for watching !
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    Please see announcement post here: http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/4266-reflex-arena-launch/ See full changelog below. Cosmetics: Golden weapons now available - these are purchasable with competitive points in the profile menu New character parts "Ronin", including legs, arms, chest, head New melees: Katana, Tech Katana Added arms: Colossal Added heads: Jaguar, Owl, Monkey, Hockey, Hog, Cyborg, Roo Art: Added jumppad effects to jumppad brushes, subsequently jumppad green surfaces are no longer visible during play Training maps have had a quick spit n polish applied Maps: Updated Ironguard: Isengard off workshop Added map Aerowalk Bots: We've added bots to the game! They are not designed to beat the #1 player in the world, they are designed to practice against. You can find bots under TRAINING -> bots. You can add bots to your game via PLAY -> Host Game in the menu. Alternatively you can use sv_addbot (additional available parameters displayed in console) Bots are a first pass and will likely receive future improvements and fixes. Bots (to map creators) To use them in your levels, you can build navmesh with the editor toolbar (or with nav_build), these are saved when maps are saved, and published to workshop when maps are published To debug the navigation, you can use nav_debug 1 Use EntityNavLink's to set up special jumps for bots, you can also help them take jumpads which are not usual trajectory note: You'll need to upload your nav to the workshop before people can play bots on your maps! General improvements: Country code length from 2 to 7 chars (sct flag for CrazyAl) Can now forfeit in overtime r_smaa 1 is now default AA screenshotClean will now ignore replay primitive objects (camera spline etc) Entity reflection probe position now effects lighting hash (i.e. moving reflection probes will now cause lighting to become invalid) MM improvements: Blocked MM if game owner isn't same as logged in steam id (i.e. using family sharing) Now receive CP for winning competitive games Added Turbo Tuesday! Double CP Matchmaking CA / TDM now strictly 4v4 Updated map pool (see announcement) UI improvements: Added team colours to kill feed, in non-team modes own results in kill feed take your primary colour, your kills are highlighted brighter Added PickupNotifier widget Added FragNotifier widget Added TeamHud widget ScreenEffects widget: added hurt/damage feedback Awards now display for the correct time during replay export. Crosshairs.lua updated: added hit feedback (additional drawn (choose from 1 of 7 available), configurable size, end size, intensity, duration), preview displays combined result that will be seen at initial damage dealt Replay editor: We've added a UI for the replay editor, including timecode + dropdown to select who you're following ESC now works properly in replay editor, with a context-sensitive replay menu Gameplay improvements: Spawn system: suicide kills are no-longer random spawn. Spawn system: LOS test now much looser (i.e. it won't pass if spawn point is hiding behind a pillar for that instant) Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_world 1.0 -> 0.5 Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_entities 0.25 -> 0.0 Bug fixes: Fix for crash occuring in client remote console when attempting to format bogus strings MatchPicker widget: added clip on author name to prevent long names overhanging map tile Fixed issue around "Start" button on menu where it was trying to show an empty hovertext next to it Removed sounds heard during load screen Game countdown no-longer aborts if someone disconnects in MM games. (I believe this was the cause of behaving players receiving bans - the countdown would stop as opponent has DCd, then they'd DC (rather than wait for the full timeout) which would give them short ban.)
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    We're very excited to announce that we will be officially launching out of Early Access! The whole team at Turbo Pixel Studios wants to thank you all for supporting us through the journey of Early Access. Season 1: Along with the launch we will be officially starting Reflex Arena's competitive Season 1. The Season will last 3 months and comes complete with leaderboards and downloadable replays: Available here We’ve updated the map pool after taking feedback and pre-season map vote statistics into account. Competitive 1v1 Aerowalk, The Catalyst, Static Discharge, Ruin, Furnace, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity Competitive 2v2 The Grave Site, Tephra, Iron Guard, Thermal Blast, Phobos Competitive CTF Sky Temples, Monolith, Suna Station During the season you will earn competitive points for your wins, which you will then be able to trade for epic gold weapons. You can preview these in-game in the updated Profile section. Bots: We’ve been working on bots behind the scenes for a while and we’re pleased to include them in this release. Check out the bots section under the TRAINING tab or host your own game to play versus them. The bots are targeted towards new players, and also players who wish to practise their aim. Changelog: The changelog from the last update to now is available here http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/4265-reflex-arena-launch-changelog/ We want to reiterate that launching Reflex Arena out of Early Access is just the beginning. The whole Turbo Pixel team will continue to update, create content, and add new features to the game - we are here for our community, and today we celebrate the 1.0 launch - it’s a beginning, and not the end! The Turbo Pixel Team
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    Features - different styles, with unique animations - custom colors - adjustable alignment - adjustable feed direction Style Examples Update 1 - fixed bug that would crash feed - background opacity can now be changed Installation Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions Enable "br_KillFeed" in the widgets menu.
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    Hi Everyone, As the Reflex community continues to grow, we're introducing a code of conduct. Please take your time to read it. It will be standard around the Reflex online community. Is Cool We are all people. When communicating online, be it on the forums, Discord or in-game, act the same as you would when communicating in real life. Being nice to newcomers. Everyday, new people are discovering Reflex. Be helpful to them, teach them the ways of Reflex. Doing this ensures you have others to play with in the future! Giving Constructive criticism. When giving feedback on someone else's hard work, be sure to deliver it in a constructive and beneficial way. Think about how you would act in their shoes before posting your thoughts. We want to encourage a competitive but supportive community. Discussing game changes. We love to hear about the experiences you have in-game. Keeping these stories factual and constructive is the best way to have your thoughts heard and to give us effective feedback we can use to improve the game. Praising content creators. Play a map you really enjoyed? Tell the author! Found a new UI script which did just what you need? pay your respects! Love that Reflex recent stream? Tell the streamers! When people feel they are delivering good content and are given good feedback, they’ll be more likely to make more in the future. Reading an entire discussion before you comment on it. Get a good idea of what's being discussed before jumping in and adding your thoughts. Keeping your personal disagreements in a private channel. Not everyone in life gets along. If you have a personal disagreement in regards to another member, address it in private chat, no-one else needs to hear your argument. Keeping private discussions, private. If you’re having a private discussion with someone, respect their privacy and keep it to yourself. Don’t go copy & pasting private discussion publicly. Respecting the moderators. We respect and appreciate our moderators, and our players must do the same. If you are kicked or banned for any reason, take a step away from the computer and think about it, before posting any immediate knee-jerk reactions that you may later regret. Please thank moderators for the useful support they bring to the Reflex community. Is NOT Cool Illegal activity. Being rude or menacing. We don’t tolerate toxic or abusive behaviour. Trolling. Either online or in real life, trolling does not contribute to the conversation. Deliberately baiting other members of the community is not appropriate. Remember, every time an active member of the community is driven away, Reflex suffers. Conducting personal attacks, harassment and insulting others. Personal attacks and insults do not add anything to the conversation and will not be tolerated. Reposting deleted information. If something was deleted, let it stay deleted - it was removed for a reason. Excessive spam. Repeatedly posting irrelevant content adds nothing to the conversation and is not appropriate. Inappropriate Images or links. Posts of a pornograhic, racist, sexist, abusive or aggressive nature will not be tolerated. Excessively promoting other products. This is a place for Reflex discussion. While it’s fine to discuss other titles, excessively spamming/ advertising is not appropriate. The Reflex team (including moderators) can issue a single warning to a player or poster. If inappropriate behavior continues, the player will be banned and removed. If the action is egregious and causes serious harm or distress to our community, the player may be banned or removed with no warning. If you have any questions or feedback on our code of conduct, email support@reflexarena.com
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    Hi Everybody! Get your hot-fixes! Art Improvements: Fixed vertex colours on colossal arms LOD Another pass on jumppad effects (this needs a re-work, it's still heavy on GPU) Matchmaking Improvements: After everyone readies up at the MM screen, if you disconnect the game will continue without you, and you'll likely lose MMR (unless your team wins for you :p) Moved Brazil servers to a better host General Improvements: Added fall-back for edge case caused by MM server update, if you connect to MM now and are already in the "finding/preparing/connect to server state", the client will correctly skip straight to it Client no-longer extrapolates remote spectators Gameplay Improvements: Spectator name change notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectator join/leave game notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectator roll notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectators no-longer see team chat Aerowalk: fixed clip issue at RA, thickened a couple of clips, built new nav data When killed by world (i.e. lava), the next spawn will now avoid the last person that did damage to you (wherever they are now). Or if there is no such person, it'll avoid your dead body. (For the record: when suiciding (via command line, or rocket to face), The next spawn will avoid your dead body) Bot improvements: Now only check player spawn points when they have an enemy die Now frantically want to respawn instead of waiting for respawn timer UI improvements: ArmorBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = left align) HealthBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = right align) Unified options across ArmorBar and HealthBar widgets Fixed typo "specatators can not vote at this time" Warning about loss when hovering over disconnect icon in MM game no-longer appears after game has ended. Pickup timers are now provided to lua when playing a competitive ruleset replay
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    In my eyes, the main thing Reflex offers over any other AFPS is the promise of new maps, because new maps allow the new players to catch up. If you want evidence for that theory, look no further than The Catalyst. It might be hard to imagine these days, but back when THCT7 was released, it was the go-to map for up-and-coming players. Almost everybody who rapes you on T7 these days used the map as their opportunity to get good. Without new maps, the influx of new players into the higher tiers becomes near non-existent. The only ones who can pull it off are the people who are extremely dedicated and willing to spend a frankly unhealthy amount of hours on the game. When that happens, the game has started dying. Most new players will give up and the experienced players will get bored and both will go on and look for different challenges. We're already at this point in Reflex. Everybody who's part of the 'top,' has been part of it for well over a year. If we want the game to sustain itself, we need to give hungry players a viable way to climb the ladder and in my eyes there's no better way than new maps. We need to stimulate map making and playtesting as much as possible. Right now, we're at arguably the worst possible time for map makers. The vast majority of games is played through Quick Play with its set map pool. There's no logical road to getting your map into said pool and when it somehow does get in, people are guaranteed to shit all over it because it hasn't been tested enough. Why make a map when nobody will ever play it? We need to create a viable method to get a map into the competitive pool and an easy way to gather feedback. Personally I believe that every season at least one map should be swapped out for a new one, but how do you go about selecting which new map? I've come up with two ideas so far: A map testing quick play queue. Map makers can submit their maps and players who are so inclined can test and rate these maps. Maybe add some rewards you can only get from the test queue to give players an extra incentive. When the regular quick play queue gives you a game, every once in awhile it asks if you'd be ok with testing a new map without any consequences to your rating. If both players agree, you go over to the new map, else you just go to the regular pick drop screen. Let me end this post with a small reminder. Way back when Reflex was still in closed alpha the defining feature was the map editor. That's what people got most hyped about, the prospect of new maps. Right now the editor is just a cool gimmick gathering dust.
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    Hello! The purpose of this thread is for mappers to share their knowledge and features of the map editor that might not be apparent for anyone starting out. This is not meant as a guide, more a resource for mappers to increase workflow and productivity. Alright, let's get started. To properly save a light map and making sure that it'll stay valid, make sure you have all the changes you want in before building the light map. Then you want to save the map, then reload the map, build the light map (r_lm_build), then save the map again once it is done. This is the easiest way I've found to be 100% sure the light map will stay valid. Preventing light leaking on outer walls and where possibly, inside the map. Making all of your outside walls and the floor 96u thick (closing corners off with 96u as well) will prevent any light leaking resulting from the light map. You can use the r_lm_showprobes command to see the light probe grid generated with the light map, these are separated by 64u. Working with the vertex editor. The general rule of thumb is to use the same or lower snapdistance than the lowest used to modify the worldspawn. There are situations where this isn't entirely true, but this is the way to modify vertices consistently and efficiently. If anything, snapdistance 1 will almost always work. EXAMPLE: So if you create a worldspawn brush with a snapdistance set to 64, you will be able to modify it with the following snapdistances: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 Likewise, if you then create a worldspawn brush with a snapdistance of 64, then move it using a snapdistance of 16, you will now only be able to modify it consistently with the following snapdistances: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. It's a good habit to keep which snapdistances you have used in memory, and in general, only use powers of two to maintain grid accuracy and consistency across your map. In situations where the vertices simply won't budge or align, I usually place a second brush with a corner to where I want the vertices to go, this helps the vertices snap together. Working with snapdistances and proper binds to be efficient with editing. Personally I have bound 1-9 to snapdistances 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256 and find myself never manually entering a snapdistances into the GUI. I have also bound 1-9 on the numpad for my most commonly used entities (1 is worldspawn, 2 is teleporter and such) Optimizing performance with dynamic lights. For dynamic lights and point lights, make sure to adjust the far attenuation so the light will cover the intended surfaces, but not much more than that (use the r_showlights command to see where lights overlap). Overlapping lights can be a massive drain on framerate. You should tick off the 'Shadows' property some lights have unless they're casting a visible shadow on the surfaces around it (or the gothic brazier mesh). Keep in mind when you scale an effect with lights attached to it, you also scale the light properties. Optimizing occlusion is mostly relevant on larger scaled maps such as tdm, ctf or race maps. This mostly includes leaving out windows where you can see large parts of the map through. Example Here you can see pretty much all of the middle area and a bit into the opposing base through their window, and blocking this window off lets the occlusion work its magic. To edit an existing prefab without the already placed prefabs getting displaced you have to place a new prefab entity (not clone from an existing one) and NOT move it around. Ideally place it outside the map so you can easily drag select it when it is time to update the prefab (me_updateprefab) Making invisible water, lava, and glass. If you want to achieve the underwater effect used on monolith, avoid glass z-fighting on any surface it touches or simply want to conjoin two brushes without having them overlap their colors or z-fight, you simply have to set the color of the material to 000000 (fully black). This works with any material with opacity. The darker the material, the less opague it is. Powers of two. Using these numbers exclusively when mapping is a massive help to both vertex editing, maintaining grid accuracy and consistency across your map. I cannot stress this enough. That's all I have for now. Will keep this post updated with tips as I come across them (or remember them). Did I miss something? Do you have a trick you use when you're mapping? Share!
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    Bug fixes: Fixed issue in sound manager that would cause the game to progressively run slower over time HealthBar: fixed coloured bar incorrect offset
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    PRDM9 - SANCTUM Sanctum is a competitive oriented 1v1 (duel) map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated WORKSHOP LINK Some screenshots to bait people into playing
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    Game Type: 2v2 Draft Cup Date : March 5, 2017 Starting Time : 14:00 EST (13:00 to 14:00 for check-in) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Brackets : http://challonge.com/BunnyCupV2 Team Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/lgn2xW32ZZ Draft Sign-ups : https://goo.gl/forms/mDMEcb76h9qJjOWv2 Draft Sign-up Deadline: March 3, 2017 Discord: https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ Prize Pool : $318 USD Prize Pool Distribution : 1st : 50% $79.2 per player 2nd : 30% $47.7 per player 3rd : 20% $31.8 per player Donations Welcome! Donations will be divided amongst the top 3 teams according to the percentages listed above. Paypal (innocuoussleep@outlook.com) Current donors: Reflex items. Choice of one item per winner (Including Supporter Weapons!). http://steamcommunity.com/id/capodecima/inventory/#328070 $50 USD $18 USD for good luck $50 USD Map Pool : Ironguard Thermal Blast Phobos General Rules: Please provide us with two points of contact so we may reach you before and during the cup. NO EXCEPTIONS. Join https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/adsooeoos/ Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams. Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Teams: Individuals signing up through the draft (google forms) will be matched as potential partners become available. Late submissions will not be taken into consideration. Pre-existing teams are able to sign up through Challonge. You will be paired up based on skill level and experience, most skilled player will be matched with the least and so on. If a majority of you would like another system, please voice so in the comments. Thank you! Match System : Winner's bracket matches are Bo3. Loser's bracket matches are Bo3 Picking System : Use the console command /roll 100 (Team with the highest number is declared winner Bo3 : (W)Pick | (L)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) Double Bo3 Finals: (WB) Pick | (LB)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) (Another round of drop/pick will be needed if the tournament goes into 2nd BO3) Servers : Authorized spectators will be allowed on the servers, contact admins for details prior to the tournament starting. Severs are password protected, contact admins ahead of time to receive the password and server info. Any server can be used in case we are not able to provide one for you if both teams agree and only if the server replays can be accessed. Concerning regions: If one or more players of any team is from a different region, please refer to following to see where the match will be held. East vs East Coast: Played on East Coast servers. East vs Central: Played on Central servers or East servers. West vs Central: Played on Central servers or West servers. East vs West: Played on Central servers. West vs West: Played on West servers. Canada: Played on Chicago central/Virginia/California servers Mexico: Played on Texas central/California In case of a server disagreement between players, server will be decided by an admin. State divisions go as follows: Thank you Nathan for this map Admins : S ° I CrazyAL Streamers / Co-Caster: Delementary / Possibly Kovaak
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    Waiting for comments http://reflex-arena.ru/ http://reflex-arena.ru/player.php?sid=76561197983432480 http://reflex-arena.ru/match?guid={893C7903-FE26-4F35-98C4-773EBB88C5E8}
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    Yep! Processing step for them to calculate then they'll be able to play. So many map cases to try cater for but they'll get improvements as tricky spots come up more No manual placement required, although we have simple links that can be placed to help with some trickier spots that aren't automatically detected. We're hoping they're a good start, we have pretty high standards and a LOT of foundations are in place with them. Thanks everyone!
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    Recently I started collecting a list of small suggestions/bugs that every now and then bug me. None of these really deserve a topic of their own so I waited until I couldn't think of anymore that'd fall into the "small" category. - Spawning on suicide shouldn't be random and/or suicide disabled (in duel at the very least) - Dropped weapons shouldn't make the pickup sound when they expire - Don't require spectators to callvote map (often they are afk and the vote will fail) - Have a robo-hologram (or some other indicator) on spawn points - Remove penalty reload time when firing an empty weapon - Callvote timeout, callvote pause - Command to nullify string cvars - Forcing enemycolors on spec - Enemy/friendly sounds based on the player you're spectating - Expose spawns on LUA (% to on a specific spawn, flags that indicate what blocks a spawn) - Show crosshair when spectating enemies - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have 4x damage even if Carnage expires before they explode (and projectiles fired before Carnage was picked up shouldn't do 4x damage) - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have a Carnage-effect on them - Update stats in warmup, reset when warmup ends (for accuracy tracking etc.) - Show previous stats on scoreboard in warmup after a game has ended - Make scoreboard scalable - Lockdown cl_playercolour1/2/3, selected robot-parts/melee during the game (to prevent widgets that automatically change these things) - Weapon dropping in teammodes - Destroy projectiles after the game ends Feel free to post your own small suggestions/bugs or expand on any of these. Would also like to hear the devs thoughts on these (@shooter).
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    With 47 comes the release of addon support. This is where you can bundle your lua scripts & other assets together in one package, and share them over the workshop. 1. Firstly you'll need to create your addon locally Create the folder reflex/base/addons/myaddon/ Fill it with any .lua scripts or .wav files etc you wish to use You are able to override game assets by inserting a base/ in the root of you asset directory. For example to override the jump sound create a file: reflex/base/addons/myaddon/base/internal/characters/hostile/hostile_jump.wav Upon loading Reflex, you should now see your addon in the addon list under options->addons. 2. Later you'll be ready to publish your addon to the workshop, to do this You need a workshop ID for your addon, easiest way of getting this is to go into the map editor, click publish, click user items -> create new, and note this workshop ID. We'll turn this one into an addon. Rename your addon folder to start with the workshop id. i.e. reflex/base/addons/1234567_myaddon/ Now return to the options->addons screen, your addon is now flagged as a workshop addon, and will have download and voting buttons. Since you own the addon, there is also an upload button, which is where you enter the publishing process. Take care, that download button _will_ download the addon and override your local changes, I highly encourage addon creators to use some kind of source control, or at very least backup your addons. Your addon should now be on the workshop for all to experience Cheers!
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    AND SUDDENLY, OUT OF NOWHERE, SOON™ AFTER THE DUST OF DP_TWO HAS SETTLED, I AM PROUD TO PRESENT THE DP_TWO HUD. Please send any requests or suggestions my way! I'm always happy to add features that people actually want to use. If you use this HUD on videos or streams please link to the download page (or just https://reflex.kiai.eu/) on my webserver. Here's a banner, if you want one. You don't need to use the banner but it's nicer than just a link. Feature page on my webserver: https://reflex.kiai.eu/dp2hud/ Direct download link, will hopefully select the most up-to-date version automatically: https://reflex.kiai.eu/dp2hud/dp2hud.zip Read cvars.txt for documentation on the various customisation console variables. Note: I've changed the version numbering as of v1.14a. Special note: Pickup timers can be disabled while actually ingame (as opposed to warmup/spec) in specific modes. The default setting is to have timers on all the time in all modes so that inexperienced players will be able to pick up and use this HUD with minimal configuration required. If you are an anti-timer zealot you will most likely want to change show_ingame_1v1 from 1 to 0 in the cvars section for DP2_PickupTimers in the config file, or run this command and then saveconfig: ui_dp2_pickuptimers_show_ingame_1v1 0
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    They're coming, confirmed. Minds will be blown. When, is a surprise.
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    So with launch and matchmaking and the slight resurgence in playerbase, I decided this would be a good moment to try to get another draft going! The aim of this cup is to give old players a reminder of why they used to !add up for days and to give new players a taste of a great and underappreciated gamemode. Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/LNSfPaiRqfL4jHGo1 (If you don't have a google account, PM me on these forums with the following info: your in game nickname, your location, if you have a mic and if you're willing to be captain) When: Saturday, 25th of March (25-03-2017) checkins: 18:00 CET Draft: 19:00 CET Cup start: 19:15 CET Where: https://discord.gg/U73YjF9 Format: Double elim, bo3 throughout, pick-pick, Mappool: Monolith Spider Crossings Cofe Minimum player count: 16 What's a Draft Cup? Basically, at the start of the cup, a number of team captains will take turns picking players for their team from everybody who signed up for the cup. Then these temporary teams compete against each other to see who's the best. The benefit of this format is that the teams will be much more balanced. Wait, captains? Captain is just a nice word for "guy who picks his team". That's it. Why should I play? First off, CTF is fun! It's got fast paced action, high speed chases, clutch flag returns, high octane quad runs, last minute captures and teamwork is OP. Secondly, the gamemode has been struggling in Reflex (and that's putting it mildly). Playing in this cup is a great way to help the community kickstart some interest in it again. OK I'm convinced, but I'm new and I'm afraid I'm not good enough yet You don't need to be! CTF is a great way to learn the game. It's a team game, so the learning curve is much less harsh than 1v1 and you can learn from your teammates. Another advantage of CTF is that you can train specific skills in a more targeted manner than in duel. You wanna get better rails? Go play forward defender and have at it. You wanna improve your movement? Attacker it is. Yea but I bet all these old gods are gonna crush me and then my team is gonna flame me This isn't Overwatch. Flaming somebody for playing badly doesn't really happen in the Reflex CTF community (to quote CTF regular Owl: "worst it got was xero sighing really hard and being a bit stern"). We're all adults here and I don't expect anybody will take this cup too seriously anyway (at most you're playing for pride). The post says EU, I'm in NA, can I still play? Sure, as long you don't mind the ping disadvantage. Do I have to use a mic? No. Will your team be better if you use a mic? Absolutely. If for whatever reason you cannot use a mic, please bind the following: bind game [KEY] sayteam HIGH HIGH HIGH bind game [KEY] sayteam LOW LOW LOW bind game [KEY] sayteam QUAD QUAD QUAD Regardless if you have a mic or not, you have to be in the voice comms channel, if only to listen in. I will update this post with some rules and some new player resources soon ™
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    I'm hoping the devs would like to try a different system for quick play FFA games - I think it would be ideal to keep an FFA game going and let people join soon in. I really enjoy FFA and play it whenever I see a game going on, and I've tried playing FFA and instagib games using the new MM system - it is only ever three people (which is fine, that's a playerbase thing for now). The other night I had a three player FFA game, and afterwards we were all in the lobby afterwards (that is, the same server)... but we couldn't ready up to play again, and we couldn't vote for mutators. I'd like to see how it would go if there is just an EU FFA game going on at any one time, like an official server, that people can quickly join if they go through the quick play option. Make it clear that it isn't ranked and there will be a big difference in player skill if necesssary, but I don't think people mind to be honest. I'd rather play with 7 other players and be at the bottom of the scoreboard than I would play with just two other players. The MM system is fantastic for duels and doubles and so on, but FFA and instagib, I think, need a different approach. FFA is much, much more accessible than other modes for casuals and beginners, and is in fact a good introduction to the game mechanics, movement, weapons, aim, items and so on. I quite literally did this when I first started playing the game. It was only later on that I started to get interested in the 1v1 game. Hopefully the devs have statistics for who queues for what, and maybe they'll see people queuing for FFA and not getting a game for a long time. So yeah, discuss? This is something I am a little concerned about right now.
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    my dear gents, i have some requests (again, i know): - demo uploading and rendering to IGMB (by Maverick, which automates the process of uploading demos and turns them into YouTube VODS) see http://www.igmdb.org/?page=render Now, i was talking to Maverick about this and he said it's easy to implement as long as the game's audio can be recorded in an audio file, or even in a complete .avi file along with the video. As of right now it's only possible to export .tga files but no audio, so the only option to offload VODS to YouTube is to use a recorder like XSplit or Fraps and just record the whole 10 min demo. So he kindly requested that a .wav audio capture be implemented, and he'll work on the back-end of it. (P.S. please donate this guy if this happens, he did a lot for the community). Long story short: more publicity for the game through YouTube rendering (free) and a very easy way to upload a demo without having to do anything by yourself. - Hooneymode! (duel mode but fraglimit 1, roundbased) great way of learning new spawns and a great boost to help new players improve (knowing what to do off the spawn). Hooneymode also offered the option to choose your own spawn point, so you can create different scenarios for starting a match and practice them (not random).
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    Hi Everyone, Reflex Arena has finally been added to the YouTube Gaming Category. Please make sure when you upload videos to check if it has selected it automatically or if you need to change it. Let's add some videos to the Reflex Arena YouTube Gaming Channel! https://gaming.youtube.com/game/UCZgDjhOIGHvr9ISYlXBb4wg#tab=1 Thanks, Thaylia.
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    http://defproject.challonge.com/dp5 March 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM CET dp5 masters signup: here map pool: furnace (original) ruleset: competitive format: BO1, semi-finals BO3, Grand final LB player has to win 2x BO3 location: EU donations: paypal embrance1@gmail.com (plz type your reflex nickname so i know who donated) prize pool currently: 140€ [ 1st 66%, 2nd 33% ] stream/cast: https://www.twitch.tv/arenafps meeting place: discord <- you HAVE TO be there to play just a small cup to have some fun good luck guys
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    On the 11th of March at 13:00 GMT @S°I and I will be hosting a Doubles tournament in Europe. Pre-made teams can sign-up on Challonge! Prizes $80 $30 Donate(paypal only): crazyal90@gmail.com Donators: @S°I, @Kyto Format Double Elimination All matches Bo3, finals 2x Bo3 if needed Maps & Picking Ironguard, Phobos, Thermal Blast. All matches are pick, pick. Both teams will use 'roll 100' in console. The highest roll decides which team picks first. The Winner Bracket finalists will pick first in finals. Rules At least one player from every team must join our Discord server in order to be contacted by admins or other teams. Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams. Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Don't be a fucking dick. Admin: @CrazyAl, @S°I. Links: Discord, Bracket, Stream.
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    So... I decided to make vol.2 of my race compilation. The runs were made over the past two weeks and Jaguar has definitely motivated me to do a sequel to the first movie Reflex Race - Simplicity x wh1te. I wasn't sure enough whether I had enough time to make it but I wanted to also extend my portfolio so I just sat down, thought of an idea and this is how I created this piece. I also took into consideration the criticism that Simplicity has received and worked on improving my overall edit which allows to make it more cinematic and using soundtracks that are not very distracting and go with the overall flow x wh1te.
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    Hi Everybody! Has been an eventful few days, there has been lots of quick hot fixes going out to address critical issues. If you're curious the change-log is below: Bug fixes: Fixed few menu.lua issues (changing resolution via UI, score in TRAINING -> bots on steam timeout) Added protection for potential crash in client inventory (few crash reports in reporting same issue here) Sound sub mixes (aka new effects / music channels) now correctly use full channel count (rather than always 2), fixes issues on 7.1 setups General improvements: Player info is no-longer hidden in replays Removed load tip: "Thank you for supporting us during Early Access!" Removed load tip: "Your friends should buy Reflex" Cheers
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    Hi, watching replays of good players is one of the best ways to learn how to play the game and how to do trick movements. Currently, we can control replay via console commands and bindings but it might be more user friendly to make on-screen controls. I did a mock up and wanted to share. You can use progress bar to seek to a specific point in replay. You can play/pause, "+" makes the speed of playback faster and "-" slows down the playback. And you can select which player to follow or select the free camera from a dropdown box.
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    A good way to not discourage mappers would maybe be to not endorse publicly mappers or maps that only focus on artwork. As a competitive player, there is nothing more infuriating than seing the devs adding maps officially to the map pool just because it has pretty meshes and the mapper has apparently spent alot of time on it. Sanctum was never play tested for a long period, was never in any tournament but it got added straight away just because it was a promeus map and looked "good". If I was a serious mapper that wanted to produce a good 1v1 map, I'd be pretty pissed about maps being arbitrarily added in the mm map pool and could just take the easy route on by working on art rather than proposing very solid gameplay in my map. Map making is not about the facade, if your map looks good but plays badly, it'll maybe be added in the match making pool if you make it shiny enough so the devs notice, it won't be however in any serious tournament or competition. If your map is good, it'll get played, if it isn't it won't, it's as simple as that, people still wonder why The Catalyst is the most played map in match making (check the replays), very simple explanation, it's the most balanced map currently in the game, people might not agree with that statement but it's the objective truth. Nobody is forcing people to play The Catalyst more than 421, certainely not the 10 people that make up the "top players". Shoving new maps down our throat in the mm competitive pool without a vetting process is not the right way to get them approved and is counter productive for the mapper. Also, I do agree that new maps can make it easier for some players to catch up, you'll have to invest alot of time anyways if you want to get to the top, regardless of the maps currently being played, it's not like it makes a difference, don't be delluded into thinking that new maps will magically make you catch up faster or even get to the top, it takes alot more than new maps being played. tldr : don't add maps just because they look pretty or because it's made by this mapper. Work on gameplay, not art. Don't shove maps down our throats.
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    Congratulations for releasing the best arena FPS in years! Thank you so much for making this a reality. So much hard work, we owe you a lot you beautiful devs. And thank you Reflex Community for being great!
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    The background image is a vectorized screenshot of Ruin made by @promEUs Reflex-RU Cup #7 We hadn't any cup for a while. Russian guys, who came to reflex from cpm, had decided to come back to "roots" and renamed our old Reflex-Ru channel to Promode-Ru channel. After a few months I and some ru reflex folks recreated the Reflex-Ru Channel and now we have a "bit" less players than before. Our tournaments are small and quite noobish, but we're looking forward to make them regular. We're looking for the ways to involve new russian players to our community. The last tournament was at September 2016. I was a bit off from reflex community, but went back after a few months when saw changing the reflex channel to promode. We decided to stay with previous map-pool and change the platform from challonge to goodgame.ru [good system of donations + this platform is used only by russians]. Sorry for my broken english. Also we need english-speaking caster to stream our event to english-speaking guys who would watch this. Brackets: Ru-Cup #7 [https://goodgame.ru/cup/5077/] <--- Current Ru-Cup #6 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_6] Ru-Cup #5 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_5] Ru-Cup #4 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_4] Ru-Cup #3 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_3] Ru-Cup #2 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_2] Ru-Cup #1 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_1] Date: 25.02.2017 16:00 msk gmt+3 Streams: @chortas [https://gaming.youtube.com/user/4OPTAC/live / https://goodgame.ru/user/593944] [Ru] @Jaguar [https://www.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar] [En] System: double elimination bo3, Loser Bracket bo1, Loser Bracket Final bo3, grandfinal bo5 Ruleset: Competitive Map-pool: The Catalyst [t7], Static Discharge, Pocket Infinity [t2], Ruin, Simplicity [dm13] Picking the map: /roll 100; DE: W: Roll winner L: Roll loser bo3 - Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider bo1 - Drop[W]-Drop[L]-Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Decider Finals bo5 - Pick[W] (This map won't be played and is won by the WB Winner)-Pick[L]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider Servers: Moscow Reflex Ru #1, #2 servers Prize-pool: ~ $20 Thanks for the donations to: @sesen @Furioness @pupz_ @w96k You can donate to prize pool anytime, would appreciate that. To do that, contact @w96k in discord or use goodgame's donation system. Click to "Пополнить" and choose Paypal option to donate. U should register to be in the list of donators, but u can donate as anon as well. Reflex-Ru Discord channel: Reflex-RUIf you decided to learn Russian
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    I made the default HUD, so I've got nothing to show
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    After a week and a lot of manhours mapping and testing, dp9 terit4 is ready to be released. Thanks do def for his help making the map what it is, and thanks to fht for making it look all pretty! Thanks to everyone whom I've tested the map with. Itemlayout is subject to change, if you find any problems or bugs let me know. Download the map from Reflexfiles
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    Having a curated workshop is something I've wanted to do for ages. Melee's would be the easiest place to start and then robot parts, model swaps for the base weapons could be possible but there are other ways to go about modifying the look that would definately suit a curated workshop. Would need a bit of setting up though and some nice tools for you guys to use for testing etc but it is definately something I'm keen to do!
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    So after a way too long break, I uploaded another video. This one is IMO my best one yet in terms of content, it features the grand finals between Kyto and Ramagan of the recent DP5 masters cup. In my opinion, this game perfectly captures the dynamic between their styles and it's also a masterclass in using pressure plays to prevent your opponent from getting full control.
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    This game was built From scratch by Just 2 Developers & an Artist, Incredible.
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    Release will be Mar 8, somewhere around 2 - 4PM PST
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    Great tutorial vid from Nathan taking you through the process of publishing your map to the workshop.
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    Designing even a decent duel map is one of those things, you don't know how hard it is until you try it. Whatever the case may be, it's pretty disheartening putting 200 hours into creating a duel map, for people to dismiss it instantly & pretty much never play it. IMO there needs to be some kind of a massive knowledge dump on HOW to actually DESIGN a proper duel map. Also guys, if someone asks you for feedback THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. Just saying "map is shit" is no help atall.
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    really nice to see this happening. had a great time with u guys in early access and i wish u the best to be successful in the genre. u deserve it!
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    I've just set up a new server with a forced map rotation (no callvoting) consisting of easy race maps that any beginner should be able to complete, and quickly improve on. Currently map rotation is: Edge Abyss The Mustard Tiger Escape bej-red bej-black easy skills challenge dbro-race2 'Jaguar [RACE - easy maps]' - reflex.laerad.net:25797 Hopefully this will encourage new players to experience race mode and provide a more fun way of practising movement and jumps.
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    I thought I'd draw attention to some new duel maps that I think are worthy of playtesting. It's very hard to make a good duel map, and requires lot of iteration using feedback from players, and it seems to me there's not enough of that going on. So here's a brief list! Let's try and take a bit of time away from MM to test these new candidates and maybe they'll be in the next season! 'benzwip' by @A. Benz https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=798429985 I've played this a b it just now and I think it has potential! 'Bishop' by @lolograde https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877564151 Played this a few times too and I think it has potential. Check it out! 'Risk' by @A. Benz https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=798429494 I've played this quite a few times, this actually has a full art pass and looks really good. Really nice movement and flow, fun jumps. 'Relentless' by @Joe https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883323737 Had a quick look at this and it seems like a worthy candidate 'gt3' by @Greed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=816430521 I've played this a fair bit sometime ago and it definitely has potential No doubt there are more, feel free to mention them below. If you at all care about 1v1 and Reflex, please take some time out to play some games on these maps, and give feedback to the mapmakers. They'll really appreciate it. As others have posted about, the map editor allows for relatively easy and quick creation of maps which is a huge blessing, so let's actually try and promote that a bit.
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    It'll be on http://twitch.tv/fractaljaguar
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    Good discussion 1. Tbh I personally like the clean pocket infinity too. I don't want both in the pool, i'll check it out. Is tehace okay with it or is it a shameless rip? 2. Happy to put Sanctum in competitive 1v1 3. 2v2 timelimits fixed see: http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/4170-reflex-0481-immediate-fixes-gameplay-balance-adjustments/ 4. I love the layout of Abandoned Shelter but visibly it needs some cleaning up, It's a bit messy with detail atm. On the other hand Furnace is a great visible balance IMHO 5. I kinda dig the idea of having a different vote option for competitive, I'll do some thinking after the 48 point release rush settles down.