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    I'd love to see new mutators. Some suggestions: Remove the arena mutator and split it up into - Round based mutator (arena modes can be played continuously without it, other modes can be played round based with it. I would love playing 1v1 in the fashion a1v1 is played, ctf would be the same salad suggested) - no self/team damage - full stack - explosive stake (stake explodes if it hits the wall in a very short time allowing to use it as a rocket jump alternative for stake instagib). - no pickups Some additional scripting stuff would be great as well.
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    I was just hanging with a few dudes. Breaker / Toni43 and some .. gentle-man.
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    @hArD_a$$_nIqQa I once came up with this (imo pretty neat) solution: Instead of watching the clock to time items accurately, imagine you could see the item 'build up'. Try to visualize a transparant bucket, slowly filling up with water so you can see when it's full (and about to spawn). This would make (simple) maths during gameplay redundant, since you can visualize the item timings. Also it would impose a risk to go and peek around the corner to get info on when the armor is filled up, so it can be punishable too. Nobody ever considered it though edit: other method: http://www.esreality.com/post/2782833/re-armor-idea