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    Mb in the next release, you will put all the text in a separate lua-file (gametext.lua for example). And replace TitilliumWeb with OpenSans. Then the community could localize the game to other languages.
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    Yes, I want the game to be localized too! I even asked about this here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/328070/discussions/0/371918937283140118/ I hope to be able to translate the game in the future to Brazilian Portuguese just like I did for Warsow, Xonotic and other games. I recommend the devs to use a crowdsourcing localization website for this, like OneSky or Transifex. They are really easy to use for both developers and translators. These websites support a variety of file formats, too.
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    Hello gamers. So, whenever i try to install addons/maps, i'm clicking at whatever thing i want to get, but nothing happens. Subscribing through Workshop doesn't helps, so i have no idea where's issue might be. Tried to verify game files - no result.
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    The Quakecon 2016 grand finales of Quakeworld and Quakelive got me hooked on afps, so I'm fairly new to the genre (Even though, I use to defrag a lot on Quake 3). I play Reflex because I think it's technically the best afps on the market with the most earnest devs team and community to support it. I'm not decided on all the current gamedesign decisions so far (I really like Quakeworld gamedesign on almost all aspects) but they are small details compared to TDM and CTF that I hope the devs will add with all the truly teamplay-oriented features and gamedesign decisions to support it.
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    I think damage is good. However I think the knockback on it (and on every weapons) is a little too weak compared to what you can do and the speed you can gain with the current movement set. Small knockback was okay in Quake Live because you couldn't do much with the movement set, considering CPMA stuff, we should have crowdcontrol closer to Quakeworld.