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    I didn't know there were so many technical issues with larger player numbers on a server. If that is the case then maybe team modes aren't even worth working on. That said I don't think they really worked on team modes much. They gave interviews saying how important it was but team lock was never a feature for about 2 years. Clearly not an important part of the game. One important distinction to make regarding team modes might be to admit duel and team modes require different design. The problem with basically everything AFPS lately is they are designed around duel, then team modes fail horribly and everyone is like "well it's an AFPS we knew no one would play it." Why not actually design gameplay around teamplay modes for once? Hell most AFPS can't even recognize team modes need higher ammo caps which is incredibly basic. Sure 25 max rockets or whatever might work in duel but it is shit in team modes where you might have 3-5+ enemies on a team. More targets need more ammo. The reason QW TDM was magic was because the teamplay was good and revolved around self-sacrifice which was very unique. There's a big difference between basic coordination tactical play (deathball, OW ult combos, etc) and making plays that might hurt your own direct power but indirectly help you by making the team stronger. When you do an aggressive attack in QW TDM, secure a kill which drops a strong weapon pack for a team mate it might be very risky. After the fight you then have to sit around and guard it for a team mate to take (even riskier!). The selfish play would be to take the pack (more ammo!) and run. You're more likely to live but your team will be weaker off and if you need help later your team mate won't have a good weapon. Those are the decisions and unique aspects which make teamplay magic work yet it only happens if there are sharp power differences (strong QW RL, RA, quad every minute, etc) and scarcity (hard to get ammo, 30s weapon respawns). No one would save a weapon in QC because everything respawns in 5s. If you look at PUBG (which is insanely popular, shockingly popular) at it's core it's one life deathmatch. Yet it shares many AFPS qualities. Items are tied to map spawns and while random certain areas are much more likely to spawn certain things. In PUBG team modes players make tough quick decisions and need to do that sacrifice play which might be very risky for themselves but helps their team. It's very random (item spawns, circle, etc) which makes more crazy shit happen but also means it is a less serious competitive game. Yet at this point I think most AFPS players would be more than willing to trade a little casualness if it guaranteed an actual player base worth a damn. I also strongly believe no AFPS is going to have strong player base without a good solid team mode (and no CA isn't it because it's too simple). Maybe someday an AFPS will actually give team modes the effort they require.
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    I just saw this idea on QC forums. So the idea is to make default weapon binds close to "pros" one, so new players will not think that everybody changes weapons by scrolling m wheel or by 123456. Just set it something like: Q - IC, E - rocket, C or R - Bolt, X - grenade, F - plasma, all the rest by default.(just for example) And also make a small text near weapon icon in weaponbar widget. (this could be an option) Something like this What do you guys think about it?
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    Hi everyone, In case some of you don't know, I'm looking to start organizing tournaments on ESL's platform with the goal of 1) giving the community consistent tournaments for different skill groups to play in (mostly low/mid-skill, Ramagan has plans for the top-tier folk!), 2) introducing the game to other communities and players and 3) helping the game as much as I personally can because I love you. I won't give out all the details yet because nothing is certain yet and everything is still in planning phase, but tl;dr: I have been in contact with an ESL Representative, and in order to get Reflex on their roster we must get people to express their interest towards the project on ESL's site. Please note that this is not meant to be the end of player-hosted tournaments: I wish to see other players taking initiative as well and hosting even more competition! Here is the link: https://forum.eslgaming.com/discussion/40625/do-you-wish-to-see-reflex-arena-on-eslplay#latest Play more Reflex!
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    rapha also jumped ship to a first person moba
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    Sorted by priority: Wallbug. My issues with race changed a lot during a year of racing, but this was ALWAYS annoying. You can't actually touch walls in reflex race. That is super uncool for players and cripples map making a lot, as every brush that isn't a rectangular cuboid is going to be a problem on slightly larger maps. Lightmaps. I know the community workaround for avoiding huge lightmaps is now public knowledge, but anyhow, there should be an official solution, too (even if it's simply allowing map uploads without lightmaps). Leaderboards. Leaderboards need to distinguish game modes (low gravity) and weapons used. The hashes for recognising changed maps are broken too and need fixing. Also, records should be uploaded after you set them, not at the end of the round. Bonus-Stuff in no particular order: Triggers and movers for more creative map making. It would actually be nice to have scripting possibilities for the game logic. Higher visibility range could be nicer for simple, but large, outdoor maps (like rdk-18, radiantfinal, etc.) Textures would be cool for race, because they give you a better depth perception than flat surfaces, and are also easier to use than meshes (and I think they also look better from far away than meshes).
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    It would be nice if you could watch the top 10 runs directly from the leaderboard..
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    The more the merrier, I say. Having a lot of bad players is a good problem to have, imo.
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    There is a King of the Hill mode referenced in the game's sound files, which were added in the last patch - probably coming soon, I'd imagine!
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    I have a hunch (slight one!) that v1.2 will be part of going F2P, with cosmetic only shenanigans and maybe unlocking other cool stuff, I can't think what off the top of my head. But I trust that there would be no pay to win mechanics or bullshittery. If the devs are going in that direction, then I think they're putting a lot of work into systems that make it easier for new players to learn the game. Training mode was nice, but not enough, and the community didn't generate as much 'training' content as I thought, probably because as a system it's not really enough to help very new players learn the game. Not in a comprehensive way anyway. Anyway, just speculating. If the devs got reasonable revenue from people buying cosmetic items, then f2p would be a strong consideration I think. I know people frown on it, but it's a very effective way of getting players, and sure 80% of them might leave after only afew hours of play if that, but doubtless hundreds if not thousands of people would enjoy the game, play it with their friends, learn together, and enjoy what the game has to offer. I remain hopeful
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    Actually I don't really want to discuss this as it's properly just a matter of taste and opinions (because this is a game with it's own rules which shouldn't be compared to real life). Though I just prefer QW ( https://youtu.be/pkysX175pC0?t=4m35s ) and early Reflex ( https://youtu.be/OX_VDzJxOE4?t=24m30s) because it's more fun to be able to have somewhat "realistic" or reasonable splash on rockets (that enables area-denial and crowd control) and also knockback that makes it possible to interrupt the enemies movement and hit multiple midairs after eachother. I know hitscan fans don't like it but for me this is how a quake-like should play (high knockback, splash and dmg on rockets and high knockback on shaft - personally I don't mind if shaft is medium-high dps because it's knockback and usability alone make it super powerful ). What else I prefer over current Reflex is the old gravity because I think it feels more natural and more consistent to have gravity in proportion to general movement speed --> if there is low inertia at grounded movements then there should also be low inertia while in air (you move too fast/accelerate to too quickly using A or D strafe on ground compared to how fast your playermodel falls down while in air. In current Reflex it always feels like slightly floating in midair while in QW / old Reflex it just felt like movementspeeds are somewhat reasonable (besides special mechanics like bhop and aircontrol) but the whole timescale is higher than in real life.) This is extremely noticable when trying to walk down stairs. It's mostly impossible to move them down silently because you almost always get dropsounds (doesn't happen in QW). I feel like rocket- and grenadelaunchers should be extremely powerful (maybe make them share ammo like in QW and generally make ammo more rare) and armors / hitscan weapons should mainly be bonus. Edit: All in all I think it's important to have a game which has consistent gameplay across all modes (same (self-)damage, knockback, ammolimits, aircontrol, speed etc.). I think duel also works with strong rockets and gl and team modes would profit from them aswell. So besides it being more fun I think it would improve the whole game by making it a more unique and consistent experience.
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    I really hope to see some love or Race in 1.2. Race community is still very active but race mode was always abandoned. Most of above ideas are very cool, but I think these are essential and desperately needed: Other players visibility on/off (climb maps are insane to play when other people are in same server) Leaderboard's implementation (brandon did amazing, but official is what we need (also whole system spine seems like done)) Triggers and movers (We have targets in training, maybe just enable them in race) I've made google form poll for most important features to be added in nearest update: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe7bd239T6pBxe-dFuzdtsduos2VpDhPLVmv9K76iQkIBM7Ag/viewform?usp=sf_link Still <3 devs
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    no thank you. reflex is a niche game. people who play it know what it is and why they want to play it. we do not need, and cannot afford to have, people who feel entitled just because they downloaded a free game. who will disrupt team balance and when asked to play in the appropriate server or to spec will tell you "fuck you i do what i want". and on top of that, people who burn their account on free hacks. let's make on thing clear, we're not shooting for 100k active users here. reflex will never have the appeal of large-team TDM games because it's not built to be that. what we want is to have most esports players own reflex and occasionally playing this "elite" game when they are bored of their socially-oriented FPS, be it Overwatch, Paladins, TF, or whatever. another thing is that population alone has no meaning. if you bring in 50 new players to a game that has 10 active players, you didnt increase the population by 500%, you polluted the population to a state where those 10 do not want to play. If you game is Halo, then yea, anyone who logs in is an active player. if your game is a promode Quake clone, then a 15yo controller-using kid is not an active player, he's a nuisance. What makes games great is the core community. As rapha once said, "quake is great because it has great players". having a solid core community has appeal to new players who want to become the same as those players. if you start to bring players in who have more interest in collecting skins than aim, then you are removing the one thing that might interest your target audience, and pushing out people who take the sport seriously.
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    I would like to second this statement. There's a lot more to growing a healthy scene than giving away your game for free, althought it might be a step in the right direction.
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    Yeah, unfortunately the race community kind of caters to itself so few maps are easily completed by beginners with no knowledge of strafejumping, bhopping, circlejumps, etc... only a few maps qualified for my 'easy maps' server rotation. The vast majority of maps are also full of gaps, which I bitch about regularly They have their place of course, but it's quite limiting for new players.
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    @Sky it was probably Mustard Tiger, arguably the greatest race map of all times.
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    Pricing game 75% on sale every other week may be enough. Its too early addimg reflex free game on steam.
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    Reflex wouldn't benefit from F2P currently because of this. What would all these F2P players play? Duel? Maybe a few would but it doesn't have mass appeal. Reflex doesn't have any stellar team modes to anchor F2P.
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    I'm coming from games like TF2 and Overwatch where capture points are a big factor in terms of objective victory. What if Reflex had that, a symmetrical map with a capture point system for a mode? That would be a lot more simple than thinking about where exactly the opponent will spawn depending on where you are and such. I feel like that would be more simple to adapt to for newcomers.
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    Not sure what you guys are saying with Toxikk. The move to f2p increased the playerbase of Toxikk by the factor of 6 (before: average 5 players; after: average 30 players). If that isn't successful, then what is? Do you expect the switch of the payment model can realistically turn a 20 player game into a 5000 player game? That being said. Toxikk's base price was significantly higher than that of Reflex, when it became f2p (I think way above $10, even on sales), so I wouldn't expect the same impact for Reflex. Whatever changes to the payment model are made, they are probably only going to play a minor role when it comes to population of Reflex.