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    In my eyes, the main thing Reflex offers over any other AFPS is the promise of new maps, because new maps allow the new players to catch up. If you want evidence for that theory, look no further than The Catalyst. It might be hard to imagine these days, but back when THCT7 was released, it was the go-to map for up-and-coming players. Almost everybody who rapes you on T7 these days used the map as their opportunity to get good. Without new maps, the influx of new players into the higher tiers becomes near non-existent. The only ones who can pull it off are the people who are extremely dedicated and willing to spend a frankly unhealthy amount of hours on the game. When that happens, the game has started dying. Most new players will give up and the experienced players will get bored and both will go on and look for different challenges. We're already at this point in Reflex. Everybody who's part of the 'top,' has been part of it for well over a year. If we want the game to sustain itself, we need to give hungry players a viable way to climb the ladder and in my eyes there's no better way than new maps. We need to stimulate map making and playtesting as much as possible. Right now, we're at arguably the worst possible time for map makers. The vast majority of games is played through Quick Play with its set map pool. There's no logical road to getting your map into said pool and when it somehow does get in, people are guaranteed to shit all over it because it hasn't been tested enough. Why make a map when nobody will ever play it? We need to create a viable method to get a map into the competitive pool and an easy way to gather feedback. Personally I believe that every season at least one map should be swapped out for a new one, but how do you go about selecting which new map? I've come up with two ideas so far: A map testing quick play queue. Map makers can submit their maps and players who are so inclined can test and rate these maps. Maybe add some rewards you can only get from the test queue to give players an extra incentive. When the regular quick play queue gives you a game, every once in awhile it asks if you'd be ok with testing a new map without any consequences to your rating. If both players agree, you go over to the new map, else you just go to the regular pick drop screen. Let me end this post with a small reminder. Way back when Reflex was still in closed alpha the defining feature was the map editor. That's what people got most hyped about, the prospect of new maps. Right now the editor is just a cool gimmick gathering dust.
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    Bug fixes: Fixed issue in sound manager that would cause the game to progressively run slower over time HealthBar: fixed coloured bar incorrect offset
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    PRDM9 - SANCTUM Sanctum is a competitive oriented 1v1 (duel) map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated WORKSHOP LINK Some screenshots to bait people into playing
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    Waiting for comments http://reflex-arena.ru/ http://reflex-arena.ru/player.php?sid=76561197983432480 http://reflex-arena.ru/match?guid={893C7903-FE26-4F35-98C4-773EBB88C5E8}
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    So with launch and matchmaking and the slight resurgence in playerbase, I decided this would be a good moment to try to get another draft going! The aim of this cup is to give old players a reminder of why they used to !add up for days and to give new players a taste of a great and underappreciated gamemode. Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/LNSfPaiRqfL4jHGo1 (If you don't have a google account, PM me on these forums with the following info: your in game nickname, your location, if you have a mic and if you're willing to be captain) When: Saturday, 25th of March (25-03-2017) checkins: 18:00 CET Draft: 19:00 CET Cup start: 19:15 CET Where: https://discord.gg/U73YjF9 Format: Double elim, bo3 throughout, pick-pick, Mappool: Monolith Spider Crossings Cofe Minimum player count: 16 What's a Draft Cup? Basically, at the start of the cup, a number of team captains will take turns picking players for their team from everybody who signed up for the cup. Then these temporary teams compete against each other to see who's the best. The benefit of this format is that the teams will be much more balanced. Wait, captains? Captain is just a nice word for "guy who picks his team". That's it. Why should I play? First off, CTF is fun! It's got fast paced action, high speed chases, clutch flag returns, high octane quad runs, last minute captures and teamwork is OP. Secondly, the gamemode has been struggling in Reflex (and that's putting it mildly). Playing in this cup is a great way to help the community kickstart some interest in it again. OK I'm convinced, but I'm new and I'm afraid I'm not good enough yet You don't need to be! CTF is a great way to learn the game. It's a team game, so the learning curve is much less harsh than 1v1 and you can learn from your teammates. Another advantage of CTF is that you can train specific skills in a more targeted manner than in duel. You wanna get better rails? Go play forward defender and have at it. You wanna improve your movement? Attacker it is. Yea but I bet all these old gods are gonna crush me and then my team is gonna flame me This isn't Overwatch. Flaming somebody for playing badly doesn't really happen in the Reflex CTF community (to quote CTF regular Owl: "worst it got was xero sighing really hard and being a bit stern"). We're all adults here and I don't expect anybody will take this cup too seriously anyway (at most you're playing for pride). The post says EU, I'm in NA, can I still play? Sure, as long you don't mind the ping disadvantage. Do I have to use a mic? No. Will your team be better if you use a mic? Absolutely. If for whatever reason you cannot use a mic, please bind the following: bind game [KEY] sayteam HIGH HIGH HIGH bind game [KEY] sayteam LOW LOW LOW bind game [KEY] sayteam QUAD QUAD QUAD Regardless if you have a mic or not, you have to be in the voice comms channel, if only to listen in. I will update this post with some rules and some new player resources soon ™
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    I'm hoping the devs would like to try a different system for quick play FFA games - I think it would be ideal to keep an FFA game going and let people join soon in. I really enjoy FFA and play it whenever I see a game going on, and I've tried playing FFA and instagib games using the new MM system - it is only ever three people (which is fine, that's a playerbase thing for now). The other night I had a three player FFA game, and afterwards we were all in the lobby afterwards (that is, the same server)... but we couldn't ready up to play again, and we couldn't vote for mutators. I'd like to see how it would go if there is just an EU FFA game going on at any one time, like an official server, that people can quickly join if they go through the quick play option. Make it clear that it isn't ranked and there will be a big difference in player skill if necesssary, but I don't think people mind to be honest. I'd rather play with 7 other players and be at the bottom of the scoreboard than I would play with just two other players. The MM system is fantastic for duels and doubles and so on, but FFA and instagib, I think, need a different approach. FFA is much, much more accessible than other modes for casuals and beginners, and is in fact a good introduction to the game mechanics, movement, weapons, aim, items and so on. I quite literally did this when I first started playing the game. It was only later on that I started to get interested in the 1v1 game. Hopefully the devs have statistics for who queues for what, and maybe they'll see people queuing for FFA and not getting a game for a long time. So yeah, discuss? This is something I am a little concerned about right now.
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    Hi, watching replays of good players is one of the best ways to learn how to play the game and how to do trick movements. Currently, we can control replay via console commands and bindings but it might be more user friendly to make on-screen controls. I did a mock up and wanted to share. You can use progress bar to seek to a specific point in replay. You can play/pause, "+" makes the speed of playback faster and "-" slows down the playback. And you can select which player to follow or select the free camera from a dropdown box.
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    I made the default HUD, so I've got nothing to show
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    After a week and a lot of manhours mapping and testing, dp9 terit4 is ready to be released. Thanks do def for his help making the map what it is, and thanks to fht for making it look all pretty! Thanks to everyone whom I've tested the map with. Itemlayout is subject to change, if you find any problems or bugs let me know. Download the map from Reflexfiles
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    So after a way too long break, I uploaded another video. This one is IMO my best one yet in terms of content, it features the grand finals between Kyto and Ramagan of the recent DP5 masters cup. In my opinion, this game perfectly captures the dynamic between their styles and it's also a masterclass in using pressure plays to prevent your opponent from getting full control.
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    I've just set up a new server with a forced map rotation (no callvoting) consisting of easy race maps that any beginner should be able to complete, and quickly improve on. Currently map rotation is: Edge Abyss The Mustard Tiger Escape bej-red bej-black easy skills challenge dbro-race2 'Jaguar [RACE - easy maps]' - reflex.laerad.net:25797 Hopefully this will encourage new players to experience race mode and provide a more fun way of practising movement and jumps.
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    I've decided on a final mappool. The maps will be Monolith, Spider Crossings and Cofe. Mono and Cofe are somewhat controversial picks and I'm aware of that. A lot of people complain that they don't get enough FPS on Monolith, however, right now, you will struggle to get good FPS on any CTF map because the engine doesn't deal well with high playercounts. I compared demos with 8 players on both Monolith and Spider Crossings and on average the difference was 10fps (to be fair, Monolith did fluctuate more). Cofe is somewhat untested, however it's the least untested compared to other potential maps. I will provide a discord link in my next post and I will start working on a short guide for the (many!) participants who are new to CTF in Reflex.
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    Final Results Supreme Champion: Kyto Worthy Adversary: Ramagan Maybe Next Time: Danskq 4th place: furioness 5th place tie: j1gs4w dansendansen 7th place tie: LuGia DazedSpartan 9th place tie: def w96k stolAdd Gretel 13th place tie: Qualx Vie capo METSENPLEIN 17th place tie: yakcyll Samytsi demos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw0gspcUQg85UVlYMUtfRS1wR2c/view?usp=sharing full cup stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129289092
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    Fully agree Quickplay should be separated from MatchMaking. Quickplay should be drop in/out. Atm it's just better join empty server than use MM.
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    New duel map, needs lots of testing. Nothing is set in stone, it probably needs lots of adjustments to spawns, item layout and possibly geometry. Some info: 2xYA 1xRA 1xIC 2xRL 1xPG 1xSG 1xGL 1xMH http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888460764 Also, thank you def, greed, ammaccabanana for the feedback and help!
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    Screenshots Default look (ammo hidden): Animated Health and Armor text (configurable): Animated Crosshair transitions and automatically fading Ammo: Q3 style fragged messages (configurable): Spectator messages with Better Spectator Controls enabled, camera controls hooked to attack, jump and crouch buttons (no rebinding required):
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    Are you still working on this? Bcz its really good. Id use it a lot also noticed some mods on discord use it already for informations, seems like its becoming major thing. Its really good, i could like to see next. -best elo you got, and best elo you beat -ratio which maps you win most This two could be really nice next features thanks
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    howdy rowdies, GREAT TOPIC! @Pill_ now, i wanna take the chance to call for a collaborating and productive spirit for map making in reflex! we (the map artists) are effectively a part of the developer team! we do this for the game and the players! :thumbsup: creating maps is not working without the players to do the testing and giving profound and comprehensive feedback. this process is very complicated and time consuming, though. map artists are biased from the first room and won't be able to judge objectively. players aren't objective either, because some like red armor spots like on Aerowalk or Quickfire, others hate them. same for overall concepts, nice angles or bad angles, easy trickjumps or hard ones and even item distribution and balance. giving useful feedback is pretty demanding and many players have problems in expressing their opinion or do it without playing the map for a few times. to sort all this into a long lasting quality map project, "bigger" game titles usually have a producer (among others) for handling the mapping resources. for reflex, it is (mostly) mappers helping mappers in my experience. but i believe that the responsibility for quality control on new maps is in the hands of those with the most ingame experience. | in 2002, Uncle Ben said: | Remember...with great power comes great responsibility! therefor i think it is a must that the top 10% of the players (or some representing committee) goes through new map uploads and supports potential candidates. this support is best done by sharing opinions and theory about the concept of a map, playtesting, discussing and reviewing the map until it is ready for an artpass. yeh, actually hard work! yet and still, players from all skill levels should approach the map architects and share their opinion so we get most of all the human resources. there is already a whole lot of great maps with great design that would work for MM pools from my perspective. reviewing and adjusting those (if needed) might reveal some forgotten jewels! maps are probably the most controversial subject in this game and there won't be a map that suits everyone! but with all this potential we can definitely exceed existing and upcoming arena fps competitors in terms of quality, diversity and longevity! cheers
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    im sure theres plenty good maps that havent gotten the playtime/testing they deserve to perfect them. simply expecting a map to go from concept to final without a significant play testing phase isnt very realistic. catalyst underwent some pretty significant layout and item placement changes before it go to its 'perfectly balanced' form (a ridiculously contentious assertion that im not going to argue with here...). providing an avenue for this playtesting to happen for a pool of promising layouts is a good idea and will lead to more great maps like the catalyst in reflex. pill is also correct in stating that a map knowledge advantage can certainly help you defeat higher skill players, its not the be all end all and the advantage generally fades after a few games, but its certainly something that happens. it is also a bit of a double edged sword though, as more skilled players will resent being beaten by what they deem to be their own lack of knowledge or experience on a map and might become demotivated to continue playing. still definately worth doing though.
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    Shameless plug to subscribe to "mgli" on the workshop for an announcer widget. Also, expecting a pentium4 to hold up is a little bit ridiculous, kind of like asking for a 9800 to play reflex at 144fps. Other than that, I see all good things here.
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    Not sure, people complain about 421 performance but it has lights that are both pointlight/spotlight with shadows turned on, if you add people's ultra settings the number of verts skyrocket for no particular reason as there is barely any difference (some lights have some geometry to actually use the shadows ON but it feels like it ditch the performance heavily). I've posted that thct1 screenshot the other day, we were just adding things as usual and suddenly we ended up with 12000K verts with just half of the RA room done. After removing godrays, turning shadows off of lamps, removing some meshes that could be created with brushes we managed to lower the verts count to around 2500K, basically more than doubling the fps. I've talked with shooter the other day and he promised that he would add an option to turn the sun off for maps that don't really make use of it as it further improves the performance (without the sun I'm around 1000K verts so that's like 10% of the initial geometry we had and less than half of what I have now without touching anything). More on the topic I think there should be a 'default' demo on a well-optimised map that people could run with something like timedemo 1. It would be cool if the summary screen would give you detailed info about frames/gpu/cpu usage
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    New Playlist-Update with some older runs by @wh1te maps: - rrcup4 - rrcup5 - rr_efficia & rflx_race1 - wh1te-haze and his race montage "movements x wh1te" feat. maps: Aeronaut and Encounter the Monolith by @lolograde, RDK-18 ported by @brandon, The Edge Abyss by wh1te rek-royal by @rekk0r tsar-tri by @Tsarenir Vortex by @iigle
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    Map has been updated! Changes: Mega drop removed, it's still a pit but has stairs Calendar room teleporter now leads to top instead of essentially having a 2way teleporter Bot support!
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883323737 1x RA 2x YA 1x GA 1x MH Art is very simple, I have no passion for art. The random numbers on the walls are some of the scores from duels during testing. Feedback Always Appreciated. Enjoy.
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    Available in Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884406684 I decided to create a HUD that should look good while keeping it minimal. Most of the UI elements have a slight fade in/out animations that should not hinder the competitive play, and they can be fine-tuned or disabled if they bother you. Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions
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    I think rockets are pretty okay right now. I would like splash to be up'd a bit and perhaps KB too. Nothing drastic.
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    There were a few occasions where the flag got stuck inside walls on each of the maps (Monolith, Spider Crossings & Cofe) during the EU CTF Draft Cup. Hopefully when @Pill_ releases demos people will be able to point out the specific points to help track down the issue. Here's a screenshot from Spider Crossings with the flag inside the wall (notice the tiny bit of glow on the wall) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=891389125
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    I'm hesitant to changes when it comes to maps that are already pretty established like Furnace although I do understand the problem. I don't feel there's a need to do it. If it's something that peeps find really needs addressing then it's worth trying but the implications of changing the tele-exit closer to MH aren't necessarily immediately noticeable. Sure it makes it slower to back into the teleporter but it also makes holding MH against attacks through it harder.
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    By the way I started updating my HUD again for anyone that downloaded the manual install version, but if you want the latest version you'll have to get it from the Steam Workshop. Subscribing won't do anything, to download it you have to get it in-game by going to the addons tab in options and finding it on the addon list. I noticed a lot of positive feedback on my HUD on the Reflex Arena Discord server and on this forum and I wanna go ahead and say thanks!
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    This map is made to put heavy emphasis on flicks and reactions while also minimizing camping. It is only made for instagib. It has no pickups at all. 16 spawns, 8 for each team. Note that this isn't meant to be a balanced map or competitive. It is only made to get your arm going. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887336565
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    Hey, I'm pretty newish to Reflex's fanbase, I have 40 hours and I talk on Discord from time to time. I'm 17, and I really have a fondness for Y2K-era PC gaming, Arena FPS feels like home to me. I love UT'99, and wanted to try out something the likes of QL/Q3A, but I shyed away a little from QL as I find it to be less mechanical (I prefer CPMA to regular rulesets) and with people that played the game for years stomping me consistently. I have some general suggestions for improving the game for quality of life and features down the pipeline. I know the devs are working on stuff and I know that some of this can be redundant (Dropin/dropout confirmed, along with more mystery stuff.) Starting with smallest change to biggest: Ability to see countries instantly in non-duel leader board. The non-duel leaderboards kinda suck with presenting information, could be improved with throwing out some more info including country flag. 1v1 with ease. An ability to challenge friends and players found in pubs to a 1v1 by clicking on their leaderboard name or friendslist name in main menu. Would ensure a little more intimacy and friendly competition amongst players of similar skill. Continuing on CPU optimization and tweaking. There have been complaints of frame drops near jump pads and while they're being constantly ironed out, I feel like optimisation can be consistently improved and made a large focus. While this is a modernized title, old machines a la Pentium 4 should have a chance too with gimped graphics. (On another note, is the binary for the game 64bit? What renderer does it use, DirectX, OpenGl, etc.) Better MM game management. What I mean by this is extending queue ready time and showing multiple ready games at once for a player to accept, and not having a game disappear instantly for another one to appear. Allowing larger lobbies to be larger as opposed to smaller with games popping in snap seconds would be a nice tradeoff in my opinion. Penalty/cooldown if you quit on map pick/maybe found match. Not naming any names, but some people, even at high level like to requeue to get more favourable maps. Mutator picking on casual MM? I know one can votechoose mutator ingame, but it would be an interesting option to add optional mutators for a player to choose. HRTF. It's 2017, people start to really appreciate good sound-positioning in competitive games for good headphones. Valve has released a library called Steam Audio that can be of use for this purpose, and it looks neat. OpenAL is also worth considering, but I don't know whether Steam Audio is a nicer open library. Module music. This is an outlandish and ambitious idea, I know (implementing a tracker player, potential copyright if any, etc) but what if there was a way to bind a .mod or .s3m to a map for it to play ingame? (I think it would be viable, those files dont take up too much space and can guarantee a memorable tune.) There is lacking music ingame, and I love the TrackerScene and it goes hand in hand with AFPS. Announcers. Because the booming voice of Vadrigar, or even the UT99 announcer and his unmistakable "HOLY SHIT!" is something everyone will remember. Introduction via widgets, and maybe even implementation through microtransactions of some of the more official voiceactors a la Dota 2 would be neat. Although, this will probably happen anyway. Community made map-pools and emphasis of showing off custom gamemodes made by the community? Content creation is stupidly important for the shelf-life of a game, even to devout communities. I thought of potentially adding seperate, unofficial, or maybe even themed map-pools for people to try out the hundreds of unexplored maps on the workshop in MM. People can try out new maps and enjoy them as opposed to playing Sanctum or Pocket Infinity all the time. In addition, adding new modifications and mutators to the game, maybe even adding new weapons if it's even possible for the community to do, would be great. The Sound Manager could be a good start to improve, as I've been in touch with @meowgli for the "mgli" widget which implements announcer support, but some hooks can be limited and some features (such as volume adjustment, or having shortest length files play first before longer ones.) aren't implemented. TL;DR: massive focus on moddability of the game. Improvement on libraries, hooks, and adding community showcases and game modes for people to change balance and gameplay to however they like. Feel free to comment/flame on my suggestions and even throw in your own. I hope my suggestions are somewhat constructive and that the devs will work with the fans to build an AFPS that is modern for new blood to play, and yet fun and engaging to stand the test of time for the genre.
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    Perfect. Easier to know which map to drop.
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    What software are you using? I recommend using obs-studio (and not the older one) if you aren't already. Can you share a clip where the jerky movement occurs? Quality preset? You mean encoding/CPU preset for x264? veryfast is recommended but you could try using faster or fast if the quality looks blocky (but only do so after you have resolved the jerkiness first, slower preset may also cause that). Encoding profile should be set to High. If the jerkiness is constant and not random, then you should experiment with different in-game FPS caps, try uncapped, try 142, try 60, see if that fixes it. You also might want to check the game capture settings and try fiddling with capture framerate options as well if those are available in the software. (Also h264 is the video codec, x264 is the encoder that uses h264. The other h264 you refer to could be the GPU encoder which aren't that great for streaming but only good for recording videos)
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    Nice updates, glad to see this map getting more love. I've always really enjoyed it. Some feedback: -at the new lower tele that takes you to the upper RL, when you try to tele jump out of it you hit your head on the ceiling and feels really awkward. Consider raising the ceiling here. -I agree with Necro, I'd be glad to see a rework of the 3 pillar jump up to the IC. -The water sound effect at mega may be overkill now that the room is such a trap? I haven't fully play tested this so maybe it does work better with sound cues. -The mega stairs feel a little cramped. I can't say what the best fix for this would be, but you could try a combination of 1) widening the floor area around the bolt 2) simply raising the ceiling around the top of the stairs, below PL. Not really a huge deal though. -Experimental suggestion: swap bolt and PL spawn. Because the lower tele takes you to the upper RL, the stair/platform and the stair jump at PL is de-emphasized. Forcing players to move there for bolt, and giving better access to PL to spam the lower YA corridor might be fun. Just my initial thoughts. I'll try to revisit this after I test a few games. Cheers.
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    Really cool work sesen!!! "... people still wonder why The Catalyst is the most played map in match making (check the replays) ..." - Ramagan :ok_hand: <tangent> Although it *is* a three way tie between the tehace maps -- I think that that says something about map making for competitive duel. People should remember that the three maps used to have the names t2, t7, and dm13... Those numbers are related to the number of maps tehace made. If you expect your first map to be a new wonder for the duel community, even if you're ready to take feedback and change it a lot you might be disappointed. Some map designs just aren't going to end up being fun for the majority of players. It's through trial and error, expedited by artless-prototyping, that you'll find a really fun and competitive map design to work with. (Tbf, tehace also had the benefit of all top players testing his maps whether they wanted to or not -- he was one of the *two* popular map makers at the time.) </tangent>
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    I've enabled replay saving on lazery ( Replays older than 14 days will be cleared on a regular basis; this period might become longer or shorter depending on available storage space, but they will be stored at least seven days at any point.
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    I'd like to have more options for changing bot behavior, like forcing them to use specific weapons, disallow them to shoot at players (dodging only), make them frozen etc.
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    This is minor but needs to be cleaned up. Im only going to list some of them because I don't know each one off hand. UI elements by their corner style: Rounded Corners No Outline: ScoreBoard UI ToolTips on the Awards Page Training Goal List Buffs Health/Armour Bar Ammo Count Rounded Corners With Outline: ChatBox KillFeed Square Corners No outline: UI ToolTips Menu UI Callvote Popup f1/f2 vote thingy Pickup Timers Scoreboard buttons (View steamprofile/friends) Inner Health/Armour Bar box
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    I agree with this but not the rest. It's a matter of preference, style, and skill. And the fact that the gameplay allows for a variety of styles makes it natural that people will always want their style emphasized over others. People will inevitably favor the weapons that they rely on to win games. Once persistent stats are here, I'd love to see some community-wide stats on weapon use and correlations to wins at the various MM rankings.
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    The maps of the people will overthrow the maps of the bourgeois Revolucion!