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    Reflex 1.2.0

    Moving 1.2 out of beta, thanks to everyone for the feedback ! General Fixes: Fixed RL lod not working with skins Fixed Plasma lod not working with skins Fixed bolt rifle lod not working with skins Fixed issue where UI would crash when opening last crate Gamma now clamped at 2.7 when in menu (so menu is readable) Hid "buy (in store)" item in profile menu when selecting non-purchasable items not yet found in a crate Increased ui2EditBox/textRegion max length from 256 to 8000 so addon descriptions don't get truncated Main menu forge/map editor buttons now ensure sv_allowedit 1 is set Old replays using rulesets removed from game (experimental, experimental_plus, experimental_stake) should now playback as desired Gib explode directions should now be more consistent when playing back replays continously Removed 'blip' sound from menu.rep Forge: Fixed issue where UI would break when adding bogus values to text entry boxes Updated Reflex_Weapons.zip to include all base textures Added Digi Pink skin set Art: Fixed issue where Speed ragdoll legs crash the game Fixed previous optimisation pass which disabled several particles (such as steam, steam_lava etc) Fixed jump anim that was bugging out the arm Purity: Fixed issue where pak file assets were always taking precedence Visual clarity mod verified to work, as it should be Custom sounds now work too Custom Rulesets: Fixed issue where gconst_stake_enabled (and others) wern't properly reset when returning from a custom ruleset Fixed Crash in “map” with “sv_startruleset” used Fixed issues switching between two custom rulesets Custom ruleset are now always "based on" competitive. i.e. if you don't set a gconst, it will to default to what's in competitive. Exposed gconst_expose_timers_to_lua Exposed gconst_powerups_drop Exposed gconst_default_game_timelimit (keep in mind this will set to ALL gamemodes! don't specify if you want the default of different values per gamemode)
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    Thunder FFA #1

    Yo welcome to FFA event. If you like FFA feel free to join and play. We play every week. Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 Session Start: Central Europe: 20:00, United Kingdom: 19:00, Russia / Moscow: 22:00 Mode: FFA only Server: Capodecima's FFA server
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    Improving the handicap mutator

    I believe the general consensus is that the handicap mutator makes little difference, and I think this should be addressed. Critically, I think the mutator should let the losing player have /fun/. Time for some brainstorming! I think a good potential direction is for the mutator to apply a multiplier to damage output and/or damage resistance (regardless of armours). I also think rather than having it scale as the score differential increases isn't necessarily the best thing. I was thinking perhaps a scaleable mutator that you can vote for. e.g. vote for a 2x multiplier to damage output, or a 1.2x multiplier. That way as the player learns new things and progresses, they can request a smaller multiplier than they previously used and get a sense of achievement/improvement. Some testing would probably be required to see just how much extra damage output a good player could handle, but I think this would go a long way towards letting a complete noob take a fight and have some fun. Perhaps it doesn't even matter if it means the player with the mutator is going to win. Good players won't care and it'd be fun to figure out ways to handle the situation (although being careful not to turn it into a bolt fest). The game really needs to handle this better to increase new player retention. A new player is most likely to get a duel as their first game (they might queue for ffa and not get a game but you only need /one/ player to get a duel, right?). It's crushing for a new player to get stomped and we all know even a small skill difference can lead to 50:0 games. Let's soften the inevitable early blows and let new players have FUN fighting, trying out the weapons, and jumping around the map. Let them know they're being afforded an advantage that they can opt to scale down if they want to improve. Lastly, @shooter, how does the handicap mutator currently work? I believe it increases stack progressively in line with point difference?
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    Improving the handicap mutator

    I think it's bad idea to scale damage either way if the point of the mutator is to make the games less frustrating for weaker players. This makes fighting inconsistent between non-handicap and handicap games. You'll develop habits where you think you can take fights with lower stacks simply because the enemy deals less damage. Basically "Oh I can probably survive 2 directs" should never be a thought process if you have <=200 stack. You should instead buff/nerf players by changing the amount of health/armor/weapons they spawn with since this will result in scenarios that also apply in "real" games. So let's say we want the better player to do 0.5x damage then it's better to just double the amount of stack the weaker player has.
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    Soh has really good aim. I don't think him playing defensively proved much. It is not easy to rush someone when they've got good hitscan aim and playing defensively. The same exact thing works in CPM and QW. So what? Mechanically superior players (like Hal9000) can get away with being very aggressive except against those with equivalent aim (like Vo0, gaiia, Terifire, Memphis, Gellehsak, etc.). On an equal match-up, attacking is harder than defending. It's the nature of the game for a lot of reasons: less sound occlusion, geometry of maps, existence of hitscan weapons with knockback, etc.. Presumably the "better" player will have more armor/health, more weapons, and be in better positions to deal max damage while minimizing the damage they take. That's very agnostic about whether the player needs to be aggressive or defensive to achieve that "better" play. Aggressive playing is more fun (imo) but it doesn't necessarily mean "better" playing. If being aggressive against a defensive player with superior aim (and decent positional play) is a "non-viable" option, that sounds normal to me and not a useful criticism of any given ruleset. The question of rulesets is not entirely objective. It's fairly subjective. How you like to play the game is probably reflected in your preferred ruleset. It's more a reflection of your strengths and style of play. I believe that mostly any balance is functional and that, over time, players will develop a meta-game based on the balance. QuakeWorld has insanely powerful weapons and yet has functional TDM/duel gameplay because players have developed a meta-game around QW's idiosyncratic gameplay balance. At one point, the consensus was that CR1 was a positive improvement. There were lots of tournaments with very skilled players enjoying the ruleset. Only after RMC started did it suddenly become controversial. Perhaps people had misgivings they kept to themselves but, for some reason (likely personality reasons), RMC became a catalyst (no pun intended) for a lot of very strong opinions to be expressed. Seems like aspects of the community have become sewing circles of discontent since then.
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    Improving the handicap mutator

    One of the reason the current system doesn't work is because (correct me if I'm wrong) the players that has the lowest score gets a spawn armor and health boost, even if it is the better player. This is not good, the handicap must target one particular player, whatever the score is.
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    This thread is dedicated to suggestions for new gconst_ variables now that custom rulesets are available for everyone. shooter has told a new gconst for item timers is already coming in next patch so no need to include that one here. I'll start with a list of my own suggestions and what I've gathered from other people: Timelimit setting for each mode (applied when sv_timelimit_override is -1) Having this would help a lot with 2v2 modes since the timelimit defaults to 10 minutes instead of 15 without sv_timelimit_override. Setting for Carnage drop on death, separate for each mode Some modes have this while some doesn't, why not have a variable for it then? (self-)knockback multiplier for projectile weapons during Carnage Plasma jumping with Carnage seems to offer a huge jump distance with a very low cost of health, and this could be adjusted with this gconst. Weapon switching time variables for each weapon, one variable to control how long does it take to take out the weapon and one for putting the weapon away This would make it possible to implement CPM-like weapon switching system where weapon switching speed is instantaneous between every weapon except when switching from melee and starter weapon to any other weapon.
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    I wish "gconst_playeronground_speed" didn't intervene with air movement. So in other words, kill the bind between ground and air variables first. Then add the following cvars: gconst_playerinair_wishspeed (to be 320 by default) gconst_playerinaircrouched_wishspeed (to be 120 by default) And other possibly handy cvars: gconst_double_jump_expiration (the time window during which the double jump has to be executed) gconst_wallclipping_expiration (the time window during which you have to have cleared away from the obsacle) gconst_stepheight (to be 18 by default) gconst_stepup (the stepup behavior used in stair jumps - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_crouchhop (enable jumping while holding crouch - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_autohop (enable jumping without releasing jump key - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) It would also be really nice, if air control and bunnyhop were not locked to W/S and A/D keys exclusively. There would be more freedom if the cvars were arranged as follows: gconst_aircontrol_straight (the only supported aircontrol direction atm) gconst_aircontrol_sideways gconst_aircontrol_strafe And the same logic for bunnyhop (note that 2 cvars each are required): gconst_bunnyhop_straight_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_straight_wishspeed gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_accelerate (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_wishspeed (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_wishspeed Also, a simple cvar to disable bunnyhop variables, so you don't have to play with all of these variables in order to replicate vQ3 or QW movement for example: gconst_bunnyhop (0 disabled / 1 enabled)
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    No one in NA plays matchmaking for reasons other than what you've stated here. MM duels are simply not as enjoyable as dueling in a normal server since you cannot chat with your opponent, cannot choose the map you want to play, are often forced to play maps that aren't particularly relevant, and (as of late) cannot chose to play any ruleset other than competitive which is a poor experience for the majority of players. NA has almost collectively made a choice to not play MM, and its of no fault of the devs, its the design of modern MM systems in general. And, back when turbo queuing was first introduced people complained about being put against people too far from their skill rating and so the devs changed the scaling, if I remember correctly. - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=799460767&searchtext=race+leaderboard The technical barriers to creating something like this are extensive, people have brought up this point many times, and the devs have addressed it before. - Rocket knockback works properly, just because it is different from other AFPS does not mean it is wrong or broken. The Spawn system works as intended in almost all cases, the only time that you spawn in your opponents face is if your opponent is moving very quickly or using teleporters. This is behavior is critical to the gameplay of Reflex. Spawn fragging has been part of the meta game for a long time, and there is no reason or method to change that. Considering the size of the maps in Reflex there are sometimes almost no locations in which the player can be spawned to avoid being spawnfragged, and even if the game could somehow determine what that location is, then the spawn system would become too predictable and spawn forcing would be an even more viable strategy.
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    GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Fixed the hud not working at all for 1.2.0 update (r49), please update the addon from addons menu and have fun with 1.2.
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    The EHT Series

    all the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers EHT-01 update: - Lower ramp replaced with triple jump - Wall with jail bars placed by the RA Brick wall, hopefully making the spot less camp-y - Items moved around and removed (No more ammo pickups, plasma moved to aforementioned wall, shotgun moved slightly, 25HP has been redistributed so there aren't 2 of them together) - Added some nonsense in the sky - Added signs pointing to Armors, MH got a sign - Colored the walls so there's a little more contrast. Cheers
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    Improving the handicap mutator

    That is absolutely fair, and I was aware of it - my reasoning was the weaker player would be aware of what was going on, so should also be aware of the risk of forming bad habits. If they decide to get serious about it, they'd obviously strive to not need any kind of handicap system. I'm also thinking about the game of go, where the weaker player can start with some of their stones already on the board. As they get better, they reduce that number of stones. Fun fact, that is where martial art grades/belts come from (white belt would be 9th kyu, 9 stones, etc etc). And of course, it would give them a fun game, hopefully. A very good point! Also a very good point! There's never a simple solution eh. This is why i'm thinking different types of handicap mutator would be a nice option. That way you're aware of what you're getting (free extra damage to the scale of x, or free global damage resistance to the tune of y).
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    Improving the handicap mutator

    Don't ONLY reduce the damage that the handicapped player has - imagine a situation where the better player is handicapped. Neither player would do damage in a fight because the noob can't aim/would get dodged and the handicapped player's damage is reduced. The better player can then choose when to run and use his superior movement to fall back on hp/armors. Game never ends etc. I support making the handicapped player take more damage as well.
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    It appears that 11 months is not enough to test a main feature of an update, not even mentionning the broken ruleset configurations. Regarding the so called Purity checks / sv_pure that you implemented (which isn't even working right now) : So you're pretending that forcing armor pickup sounds and mega expire sound is enough? How hard is it to see what you can do with lua and modified assets? How about you stop making pathetic miniscule changes and implement real meaningful updates? You can't have it both ways, a good competitive environnment and shitload of customization where all the game's assets can be modified (which is literally the case right now, just replace any file in the .paks and the game will load them, +all the things you can do with lua) 3months=12months? (Just kidding, you still haven't closed the season) But thankfully, we have new cosmectics so all of the above can be forgotten .
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    weapon respawn time (although this should probably be map specific and not ruleset specific)
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    The Custom Ruleset 2 Development Process has been moved to the live game! With the release of 1.2, ruleset modifications are now available on the main game. Since it is no longer necessary to test CR2 on an older version of Reflex, CR2 development has moved to the live game! All CR2 servers have been transferred to the live game and the testing process continues. On March 25th, 17 days from this post, testing will conclude and CR2 will be finalized. Previous replays of games on CR2 servers have been preserved. For latest ruleset changes, always play on official CR2 Servers. Official CR2 Servers: http://reflex.fun/cr2#Servers How to run CR2 on your server : -Download the latest version of CR2 and CR2_team rulesets : http://reflex.fun/ruleset_CR2.cfg http://reflex.fun/ruleset_CR2_team.cfg -Place both files in your reflexfps folder -Callvote ruleset CR2 or CR2_team in game to add it See you all in the upcoming duel cups for North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan as well as the first 2v2 cup! Upcoming Events : https://reflex.fun The CR2 development timeline remains unchanged : https://reflex.fun/cr2_timeline.PNG Full CR2 Information : https://reflex.fun/cr2
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    also fixed inner trims on thermal :ok_hands: