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    Hi person(s), Wen is now. Here's your log of changed things. Art Effect optimisation: burst impact, increased spark gravity, reduced number of sparks by 20%, better spark orientations, reduced spark length, increased spark width Effect optimisation: rocket explosion, redcued number of sparks by 33%, reduced spark lengths, better spark orientations Effect optimisation: blood particles duration now 1.5 seconds (was 2.0 seconds) Removed ribbon trails off plasma eject cases Shell casing duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (making it a max of 10 casings laying around per person for 5 seconds of sustained fire) Cosmetics Modified Jaguar head to reduce clipping Added Plague head Added Bunny Head Added Turtle Head Maps Furnace (dp5) has had an art pass Fixed name for Stage 1 Combat Changed name for Stage 2 Combat to follow the same convention Aerowalk update: now in sync with workshop version for match making (previous clip fixes) Code Added Announcer - He says things about the match and things you do Greatly improved performance of client-side particle collision Added map editor sun enabled property Added cl_weaponcycle to UI Teleporter meshes now appear in the content browser Fixed post-fix string issue on date formatting Fixed issue where bridge tool would fail when two source edges (from different brushes) were identical Increased max length of addon description Fixed case sentitivity lua error when calling callWidgetDrawOptions() or callWidgetGetOptionsHeight() with incorrect case (would break Menu.lua if clicking on addon with same name as widget, but different case) Fixed flicker when selecting addon/widget in menu, selection is now drawn next frame (after filtering occurs) Players no-longer suicide if they change to the team they're already on (important for master server drop-in on team games) Changed MM disconnect hover info from "Disconnecting will count as a loss, and you will incur a time penalty" to "Disconnecting will count as a loss" as we don't give time penalties anymore Sounds in these effects are limited to max length of 3 seconds: internal/items/armor/armor_green_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/armor/armor_red_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/armor/armor_yellow_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/health/health_50_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/health/health_mega_expire.effecttxt internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad_pickedup.effecttxt Shotgun low ammo warning is now at 5 Added Gamma Slider and r_gamma Dropped weapons (i.e. backpacks containing ammo) are now pickup-able when you have full ammo of the dropped weapon type (and can utilize the ammo). Team spawns: We no-longer favor spawns that have friendly's near by. An enemy have rough-los to a spawn will now fully block it from being used.(note: If all spawns have rough-los from am enemy, it falls back to distance-bias based spawn.) If you disconnect mid MM game via console, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue (this also catches case when connection is interrupted) If you disconnect post MM game via console/menu, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue cl_predict_items now defaults to 0 Matchmaking Full MM ladder now shown Added drop in/out for casual modes Match history now can be filtered by player Doubles earns 15 CP, CTF earns 20 CP Losers now receive 20% CP reward added matchhistoryraw/ for importing to your own databases Competitive MM unavailable below level 15 Added 'Proving Grounds' playlist - Thread Here Lua Replay editor now hides with cl_show_hud TeamHud: fixed an error due to clients disconnecting Fixed issue where widget selection wasn't being applied properly Added AccelMeter widget
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    Hey guys, With 1.1 we are adding a new competitive playlist to Match Making - Proving Grounds. At this stage, it will be for 1v1 maps only, this is mainly due to the fact of the current large backlog of potentially good 1v1 maps available. We will look to expand this to 2v2/CTF etc soon. This will be a playlist featuring new and upcoming maps to test their potential to enter the official map pool for upcoming seasons. Full Match Making Rank and CP awards are available in the Proving Grounds - we want to encourage play, testing and feedback. Each round of maps will run for a 1 month cycle. All picks + drops will be recorded with the results shown at the end of each cycle. Top maps from each cycle will be collected and voted on by the community before they take a place in the next seasons map pool. Authors of selected maps that make it to the official map pool will be rewarded with special unique personalized customization options (will be able to discuss with devs). For the initial cycle, we'll kick it off with a selection of maps based on community buzz to get this feature rolling immediately. For future cycles, we'll start threads and put the call out, do votes etc. to narrow it down and get you all involved more. To access the Proving Grounds, simply go to find a Match Making game like you would normally, and tick "Proving Grounds". If selected, you will be matched against others that want to play in the Proving Grounds map pool. In no particular order, these are the first cycle of maps: Sanctum by Promeus - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803273126 Immortal Share by KovaaK - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608668643 Quickfire by Greed - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=684976774 The Pandemonium [thct1] by Tehace & Arkcoss - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=900335975 Calendar by Terifire & fht & def - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620887104 xy7 by Xytaglyph - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898760373 Fata Morgana by Terifire - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888460764 Abandoned Shelter [clean] - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=775755349 Note: We don't endorse clean versioning of levels, however in this case we're purely curious to see how gameplay and popularity goes. Please use this thread to provide any feedback with the maps. Also feel free to discuss potential candidates for future proving grounds cycles.
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    Its gently week boys! On 24th of April until 1st of May you all gonna have the best Reflex Time of your life! We will present a new and fun gamemode and you'll be able to win some stuff like an Angry Droid Head or a set of your choice. To join the raffle, all you have to do is send a screnshot of you and i together in reflex. You can find me in the global discord channel and pm me with your steam id. You can always text me anytime you want to play with any mode you want! We are also hosting a 3v3 atdm cup on the 1st of May.
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    xy7 - Battery by: Xytaglyph with art & design help from: messik This is a 2 atrium 1 versus 1 map with a design philosophy similar to cpm3a or catalyst. The map is fairly standard with 1 Red Armor, 1 Mega Health, and 2 Yellow Armor. The defining feature of this map is the fact that there is no Bolt Rifle, while being a map where Ion Cannon is very strong. Thank you to all testers, specifically: bn, hoyt, metrical, kalameet, and soh And Thanks to Visitor for the XY7 logo And Promeus for some art/design ideas Screenshots:
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    Game Type: 2v2 Draft Cup Date : April 29th, 2017 Starting Time : 14:00 EST (13:00 to 14:00 for check-in) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Brackets : http://challonge.com/BunnyCup2v2 Team Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Cf4HseK08a Draft Sign-ups : https://goo.gl/forms/ARDFvvIRFAlzm0rc2 Draft Sign-up Deadline: April 28th, 2017 Discord: https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ Prize Pool : $200 USD + 2 Supporter Mjolnirs Prize Pool Distribution : 1st : 50% $50 per player + 1 Supporter Mjolnir per player 2nd : 30% $30 per player 3rd : 20% $20 per player Donations Welcome! Donations will be divided amongst the top 3 teams according to the percentages listed above. Paypal (innocuoussleep@outlook.com) Current donors: Map Pool : Ironguard Thermal Blast Phobos General Rules: Please provide us with two points of contact so we may reach you before and during the cup. NO EXCEPTIONS. Join https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/adsooeoos/ Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams. Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Teams: Individuals signing up through the draft (google forms) will be matched as potential partners become available. Late submissions will not be taken into consideration. Pre-existing teams are able to sign up through Challonge. You will be paired up based on skill level and experience, most skilled player will be matched with the least and so on. If a majority of you would like another system, please voice so in the comments. Thank you! Match System : Winner's bracket matches are Bo3. Loser's bracket matches are Bo3 Picking System : Use the console command /roll 100 (Team with the highest number is declared winner Bo3 : (W)Pick | (L)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) Double Bo3 Finals: (WB) Pick | (LB)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) (Another round of drop/pick will be needed if the tournament goes into 2nd BO3) Servers : Authorized spectators will be allowed on the servers, contact admins for details prior to the tournament starting. Severs are password protected, contact admins ahead of time to receive the password and server info. Any server can be used in case we are not able to provide one for you if both teams agree and only if the server replays can be accessed. Concerning regions: If one or more players of any team is from a different region, please refer to following to see where the match will be held. East vs East Coast: Played on East Coast servers. East vs Central: Played on Central servers or East servers. West vs Central: Played on Central servers or West servers. East vs West: Played on Central servers. West vs West: Played on West servers. Canada: Played on Chicago central/Virginia/California servers Mexico: Played on Texas central/California In case of a server disagreement between players, server will be decided by an admin. State divisions go as follows: Thank you Nathan for this map Admins : S ° I Streamers / Co-Caster: Delementary / TBA
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    Gently Week Raffle Details Enter! Take a screenshot of gently anytime between 4/24 and 5/1 (it could be him shooting you, it could be you shooting him, endgame scoreboard, whatever) and PM it to him on Discord at gently#5760. Don't forget to include a link to your steam profile! Prizes 4 Winners! Here's what you could get: Gently Week 3v3 Clan Arena Tournament Forum post: Sign up as a team now on the site linked! Gently Week Edition Maps Log in NOW and play on your favorite Clan Arena maps, but gently-week-ified!: Campgrounds Overkill Ascension Bazinga_test_v1 Sepulcrum Special Custom Map Release: Hide and Seek! Play it now! Search for "Hide and Seek" under Team Deathmatch in the workshop. Arena mutator, round-based gameplay: Hiders: Run, hide, survive at all costs until the round ends! Seekers: Work together to eliminate all the hiders, or you will die when the round ends! Screenshots:
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911461976 Fun and casual round-based game mode. Team Alpha, Hiders: Utilize the fun movement options and countless secrets to run, hide, survive at all costs until the round ends! You cannot attack, you win by staying alive. Team Zeta, Seekers: Work together to eliminate all the hiders, or you will die when the round ends! Rockets and grenades are disabled. The map tells you all this, but you need the mode to be TDM and mutators: arena. Screenshots:
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    why can't we queue for proving grounds and the normal map pool at the same time? I can't see an obvious downside.
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    Drop in/out system should keep the same server going after the map finished. Right now the server is turned into lobby server after FFA game ends, but as Sulit said in Discord, the server should cycle to the next map (after a map vote) keeping the existing players in the server. This is how CSGO matchmaking system works in casual mode, players are not kicked from the server after the map ends but they can leave whenever they want to. TL;DR: Current drop in/out system is actually 'drop in, forced drop out' goat head wen???
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    Screenshots Default look (ammo hidden): Animated Health and Armor text (configurable): Animated Crosshair transitions and automatically fading Ammo: Q3 style fragged messages (configurable): Spectator messages with Better Spectator Controls enabled, camera controls hooked to attack, jump and crouch buttons (no rebinding required):
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    Hi Everyone, Well I found out about Reflex from a friend at least 4 months ago but I didn't think much of it or even look at a video for it until I saw it on steam sale and scored a 4 pack after looking at the insanely low player count on steamstats a few days ago, I thought as it's still in early dev i'll give it the benefit of the doubt and go with it as it's not expensive and I can get my friend the game as a gift and hopefully reinvigorate our competitive sides with this new game, my friend is a god at CSGO, i'm a god at TF2, and he's always complaining that I never want to play games with him as he mainly played css & csgo (2000hrs) while I whored tf2 (1700hrs) I have a long history with video games, I was born playing quake and unreal tournament, arena shooters and fps games are my bread and butter but mind you I've not played an arena shooter for 7 years, I use to play Team Fortress 2 at a highly competitive level for years and i've still retained my prowess with the Soldier class even years after leaving the scene and game. I use to play a lot of Star Trek Elite Force Holomatch too if any of you remember that gem. Reflex sold me with the movement mechanics (I love bunnyhopping and going as fast as i can while controlling items and dominating players with the rocket launcher) and with the sheer scale of customisation in terms of widgets, crosshairs etc, also because the rocket launcher is similar to the one in TF2 i'm having an easier time making the transition, but when it comes to the bolt rifle god damn i've got a lot of aim practice to do! I'm loving it so far even though i have to stick to playing private games with friends as i've joined a few public servers and had players like Tripw1re wipe the floor with me
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    I'd love to see new mutators. Some suggestions: Remove the arena mutator and split it up into - Round based mutator (arena modes can be played continuously without it, other modes can be played round based with it. I would love playing 1v1 in the fashion a1v1 is played, ctf would be the same salad suggested) - no self/team damage - full stack - explosive stake (stake explodes if it hits the wall in a very short time allowing to use it as a rocket jump alternative for stake instagib). - no pickups Some additional scripting stuff would be great as well.
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    My #1 request would be an easy way to play replays of your matches. As a noob player, the best way to improve myself is to watch my own replays and also to watch replays of best players. Yes, I can return to desktop, open browser, go to ladder website, find my match, download the replay, put it to the replay folder, open up the game, open the console, write "play furnace_blablablabla_long_name.rep", BUT, wouldn't it be wonderful if your last 10 MM replays were automatically saved to local folder and you can access them via menu (visually), and just click on it to play it? It would take 5 seconds to go to your replay without any effort. Also it would be nice if we could drag&drop downloaded replay files onto "reflex.exe" so that it directly opens up with that replay playing. This would make watching downloaded replays of other players a breeze. So, #1, making replays easy to play. #2 reflex-arena.ru is great but could be better, and real-time. Everybody likes seeing his progress, his statistics etc... #3 would have been new maps and cosmetics to keep the game fresh but it is already addressed in latest patch. Hopefully we will keep the ladder fresh with a few new maps every now and then. And the new cosmetics look great. #4 nameplates widget which shows the players' names and health/armor on top of their heads can be official since it is so useful and simple. #5 there is probably a hud for this but still: when watching a replay it would be nice if we could see both POV player's and the opponent's weapon/ammo information in the same screen so that we can know who has what without changing the POV. I might do a mockup for this to express it better. #6 I use third party solution and it works well for now, so it is not urgent but a borderless windowed mode would be nice. #Bonus It does not matter much at my level but at high ranks, players are complaining a lot about the sound engine. Maybe it can be improved as well? I will add as things come to my mind.
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    personally, im not keen on people replacing stock art assets with modified ones. I wouldn't mind too much if the differences were purely cosmetic - but the vast majority of these widgets are about gaining a competitive advantage. the armour sound one might not be that big a change in reality, but it makes information processing easier and requires the player to dedicate less to paying close attention to sounds etc. for instance, the Megahealth expiration sound - if you are listening closely you'll hear it expire in a fight with the default sound, but its relatively easy to miss. with the modified one, its really hard to miss... this applies to removing the sparks, explosion effects etc aswell imo. the baseline sound and gfx assets reflex provides have more than enough clarity already. i wouldnt mind cosmetic changes that fit the basic design of the stock ones - so that the decision to use them is purely about cosmetics, rather than advantage.
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    If people fear to lose mmr, they really need to see a good psychologist. MMR enables you to play balanced matches, if you lose mmr because you play maps you don't know well, the only drawback that I see, is that you gonna play then a few unbalanced matches (in your favor), waiting for your rank to get back to its normal level. This is not a big deal. There is no particular reason for wanting to maintain the highest possible rank. This thinking is irrational. If you improve and you get good, your mmr will go up, no need to care about that. Just play matches and hf.
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    You guys too focusing on armours or some another specified aspects but missing main. Main - is human focus possibilities is heavy limited. New player need to keep focusing for thinking about witch weapon he have right now, where he is, how healthy he is, where to find another weapon, how to move, ect. and additionally he need to think what think about all that his opponent and how to play against that. Main difference between new and top player is how many stuff he can focus on same time. Actually, number is near same (7 +/- 2), but in 1 of that runtime memory cell top player has much more information than new. And to get that stuff compressed need training, and if start count of stuff would be not high and increasing by 1 part of game stuff and after previous gets compressed - learning process will be much faster. So, question not in changing armour system (or any another aspect), question on total removing that for new player. Put them to play special simplified maps with only 3-4 main weapons, then add 1 major item with timer, then some bit harder maps with new movement aspects ect. Question where to get players for this training ladder - "simply" BOTS. Also all that must be obviously as some good UI system. Like new player launching reflex for first time, he has blocked competitive mods until he finish that interactive tutorial, he has 1 big button, like New game that instantly put him on server where he getting info about basic keyboard/mouse/hud configuration, then info about few basics aspects like simple w/a/d/s/jump/crouch movement, and 3-4 main weapons and instantly getting fight with bot, after explanation about some few another aspects like armours, half-advanced movement knowledge... Would be great to have it as some "single player" story, with voice actors, some story, video-frames with examples. And for finishing major parts player gets some cosmetics. I think for professional developers nothing hard to found good solution oneself, question do reflex devs have resources and priorities and motivation. Sum up: protection from veterans, step-by-step 1 game aspect tutorial and right after match with bot, fancy UI and some intrigue in process time.
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    I was thinking maybe a reduced impact on wins/losses to MMR in PG would be a good thing. Like you gain 1/2 or 1/3 as much MMR for beating an opponent in the PG instead of normal, and you lose 1/2 to 1/3rd the normal amount too.
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    Whatever happens, something needs to change for racing modes, perhaps when a map is selected by the map maker as using race only, then an extra option can appear (or is forced) to use an easy/lite lower-quality lightmap producing a much smaller .light file; or the map can be uploaded without lm. Or perhaps the devs have better stuff to implement right now :s
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    I was just hanging with a few dudes. Breaker / Toni43 and some .. gentle-man.
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    Ok here are some maps that need to be added. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620598751 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641381025 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722607218 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=749476871 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=710924884 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=695325372
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    time to get to work gotta finish that art pass
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    Hi, I'm a casual. Been playing Overwatch since Closed Beta back in like November 2015. Recently got into Quake (beat 1's campaign, didn't touch 2 too much yet, 3 and team arena's single player, played a lot of bots on Quake Live, some players, then got into the Quake Champions beta-- won't break NDA but, well, I decided to check out this "Reflex" I'd heard about). I'll probably never really master the various movement stuff, but I can effectively use some of it, and that's good enough for me, slowly trying to incorporate the other stuff over time. It's fun, and your community is so great, it's the least intimidating thing I've ever done. Challenging, but not scary at all to play. That's good. You guys are so cool, I'm blown away over here. What arena FPS does well in my opinion is, well, a lot of things, but to me just the satisfaction of the core experience of fragging feels great in a good arena FPS. Overwatch, for many complex reasons, sometimes starts to feel like not even playing an FPS after a long period of time. Burnout set in for me after a long time, and I believe it will come for other players as well giving Reflex a solid shot at grabbing the people who miss not being funneled into each other with free kill buttons. I love Overwatch, but I missed playing an FPS game. I still play Overwatch though-- I have no intention of "quitting". What Reflex does well is its respect for the core, its respect for minimalism, the high customization that belongs in a proper PC FPS game, and really bringing that good core experience to the modern age with a gorgeous aesthetic that miraculously doesn't compromise the readability-- even for noobs like me who probably need as much as we can get. I don't personally want to see Reflex dumbed down at all. I think people need to properly "discover" it, and discover what's good about it. I don't want to say it "needs advertising" because I don't know how much it might already have, but when I gave it to my friends they said "How did you find this gem?". They're not big into arena FPS-- at least they weren't until Reflex. Those tutorial videos are amazing and I love them dearly-- but it is probably true that in-game thorough tutorials with really good feedback and noob friendly UI to teach all the essential movement stuff would go a long way. But truthfully, I don't know the core appeal needs to be to get casuals like me to jump in and learn all the movement techniques or the meta stuff. I'll tell you what I personally want-- I would love to have enough players to just jump in and, I'll say it, just enjoy the core act of kinda mindlessly fragging against people of my own potato skill level. That's why I'm here. Jump in and frag. Don't want fancy gimmicks. Don't know if I'll ever really reliably be able to execute every type of jump. Don't really even care if I ever properly learn pickup timers and control (even though I probably will at some point down the line). Shameful, I know. I'm simple, I've accepted that. Right now I fight players way better than me, and I don't mind because hey, if I can frag these old gods every now and then-- that's enough for me, don't mind the challenge, don't mind losing, and I can always fight the bots because they can challenge me without stomping me. I like that I'm here, I'm playing an FPS, I don't have to play support because nobody else will, and I don't have to deal with a team tilting at each other/never grouping up. The simplicity and the purity is the entire appeal to me-- which of course helps explain why I love Reflex specifically-- because it loves respecting the core. Free to play weekend-- or just free to play doesn't sound half bad to me I guess? (I know I'd buy the cosmetics to support. Dare you to make one head look like a lootbox) But I definitely don't have the knowledge to say whether or not that would help or kill the game. Probably a lot of higher level understanding goes into a choice like that. I know I wouldn't be mad if I paid to buy all these copies and it went free to play tomorrow. I'm not gonna say that I represent all casuals, not gonna say that I'm "objectively correct" in how I look at this, in fact, I don't even have "suggestions" for how to make Reflex get players and keep players. You could easily look at this post and tear apart my "points", I'm sure of that, because I'm not really even trying to make any points. I just wanted to provide my own perspective as some (hopefully) brutally honest insight into one casual mind. Thanks for reading! And feel free to go easy on me in-game-- won't be needing my pride here! give me a cowboy hat cosmetic i miss being a mccree main before we all learned what a teamcomp was
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    There are a two distinct forces at work that influence player retention in regards to competitive games. First, reduce frustration. Second, feedback. There are two pieces that make up Reflex (and one that connects them). - -- The physical manipulation of the character in the game (moving and aiming) and how you decide to aim and move in the moment (dodging, preferring) . – I call this Kinesthetics - -- Using/abusing the map, weapon control, armor control – I call this Meta - --The ability to create a plan and execute on Meta, using Kinesthetics – I call this Flow Notice the player has full control over kinesthetics. This means they have 100% feedback on what they do. This results in low frustration. So long as the player knows of the existence of bunnyhopping, if they see someone bunnyhopping better than them, they understand that they can/would also bunnyhop that well and are not likely to be frustrated, since they have feedback. Notice the player has no control over the Metagame. They cannot see the timers, the enemy stack, the good rail angels, the perfect moves to make in the early game based on spawns. This is low feedback, which increases frustration. To talk about retention is to talk about the new player experience. For a new player, the goal is to play the game. By playing the game, you learn the game at the same time. To start to play Reflex, you MUST have Kinesthetics, but you do not need Meta. It is assumed you have a mouse and keyboard and know how to shoot a gun, but it is not assumed you already know how to play Reflex before you play Reflex. So then, to play Reflex (and by consequence, learn reflex), players need to be able to focus on doing the thing they already know how to do (Kinesthetics) while not focusing on Meta. Players use Kinesthetics as a lens to explore the game. If the player where to attempt to immediately focus on Meta, they would not be playing the game. Instead, they would be hitting alt+f4 and pulling up a wiki, reading, and still not fully understand anything since they still haven’t played the game. If we want to talk about how a new player should learn, we need to understand where they are going. What is the difference between the worst and the best players, and why is there such a dynamic range of skill as described by Meowgli and Kovaak. Between kinesthetic and Meta, which has the largest impact? I’m afraid you will have to take my word for it, but Meta is responsible for the stratification of the player base, not Kinesthetics. (As far as the impact of Meta, Kinesthetics and Flow at different skill brackets, I could go into more detail about their relative importance at various levels, but I would like to continue on to solutions for new player learning.) I feel that Meta is least important for Top Level Players v. Top Level Players, second to Flow, then kinesthetic at the top (I could write more on this). For Low Level Player v. Low Level Player, the list is inverted. (When I say it’s important, I mean that time spent focusing on improving that aspect of their play results in the highest amount of skill bracket return) Moving all the way back to frustration, eventually the matchmaking system will create a match where one player will come out as the winner and the other will lose. During that game, it’s important to minimize frustration. As discussed, the main source of frustration is Meta. I’m going to start wrapping ups since I’m super tired. Timers as a learning tool give so much to new players and take little to nothing away from high level players when against lower level players. My solution would be to give timers to the lower mmr players, or players likely to lose the match. (Im not sure how Reflexes mmr system works exatly, but as a mid plat, give timers to anyone in gold.) But, as you get higher in rank, the handicap window shrinks, so that at a certain point, two diamonds would never see timers against each other. This increases the skill floor. Also, remove Casual Duels. - -- People only go to casual when competitive doesn’t give them what they want - --It’s a competitive game, so if competitive doesn’t give them what they want, then something is fucked up - -- (more reasons related to feedback point)
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    Just a tiny maintenance update before I start adding new stuff: Fixed a rare case where WeaponRack would randomly disappear with custom melee weapons Corrected math for scaling zoom sensitivity based on zoom FOV Removed countdown option from RaceTimer Removed experimental LagTimer widget Fixed attempts to render EU country flag which doesn't exist in the game assets Changed few variable names and reordered options items Some things I'm currently developing: Timer will receive more customization options in the future (options to display absolute frag counter(s) vertically or horizontally). Custom colored crosshairs. Experimental Chat widget (with timestamps, working chat history, and EmojiChat support when available) Experimenting with a secondary timer optimized for tracking pickup times. Works the same way as regular timer but counts up, is larger and more visible by default. I also might experiment with more features that promotes visibility aspect of the timer like flashing with different colors when any major items are picked up (and only when they are picked up)
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    👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
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    Speaking of that spawn, I'm not a fan of spawns directly on major items. If I get killed I shouldn't get rewarded. A good player will probably wait to kill the enemy until after he has picked up red, but it's about the principle IMO.
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    Each armor type already has a different pickup sounds. That's why you can replace them with even more different sounds. If they used the same file then you couldn't replace them separately.
  34. 3 likes
    I would like different weapon balance for different modes. ATDM balance is pretty great atm, perhaps decrease bolt damage and nade radius because +back is boring. For FFA melee needs way less range and perhaps less damage too, rocket ammo needs be 15 max and IC air knockback reduced a bit. For duel melee needs nerfing and main weapons need to be much stronger. Atm it's hard to punish stupid yolo plays, especially at armours, it promotes random and ultimately unsatisfying gameplay. Can be very frustrating. Overall I think the game could've done a better circle from map makers creating new maps, those maps being put into "new maps" pool for casual players to play on, then the good ones would be put in separate competitive Q, then good ones from there would be added/ rotated in standard comp rotation. This way casuals would play new maps, mappers would get feedback because their maps would actually be played and competitive would be more interesting with having to learn new maps.
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    I love how these maps are available for testing through mm now. Great addition!
  36. 3 likes
    Nice to see effort for introducing new maps. One question: is there an incentive for players to play in Proving Grounds? It might be intimidating to play in new maps because of fear to lose mmr, so an incentive might be needed, like 50% more competitive points for playin Proving Grounds.
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    Game Type: 3v3 atdm http://gentlyweek.tourney.cc/ Date : May 1st, 2017 Starting Time : 15:00 CET Signup close at 13.00 CET Checkin start at 14.00 CET Discord: https://discord.gg/wKE9sHM Map pool: Overkill, Ascension, Bazinga, sepulcrum, campgrounds Rules: - competitive ruleset - Bo3 -/roll 100, highest number wins, winner ban - loser ban - winner pick - loser pick - last map is tiebreaker
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    My first attempt at a map. Wanted to make a small map to learn on. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894908658
  40. 3 likes
    Hey, back again. Experimental version of an older map, along with the original. Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907379198 Old version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772880372 Feedback on either version would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, and enjoy the map.
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    Devs should have made Reflex watertight. Lua scripting in theory is nice, but if you allow scripting in a competitive environment then obviously there are going to be players taking advantage of it. Really it does more harm than good. And it wouldn't hurt the 'open source creativity blabla' by locking down lua, because the biggest input of creativity comes from mapping imo (audio effects and sparks (non lua) should be the exception here, as everyone has access to that through the workshop and armor/mega sounds are now locked to 3 seconds). What's happening right now is that there are a few lua scripts floating around on Discord every once in a while, so basically you're being forced to 'keep up' with the meta. I don't think that's desirable. Imagine you're going on a vacation and in the meantime some dude has worked on yet another lua script that gives some microadvantage, if you add up all these things, the advantages become bigger and bigger. NOT TO MENTION the widgets that are being coded privately and not shared amongst the community. Some examples of widgets that are floating around on Discord/other places besides workshop: spawnplates widget (seeing spawnlocations on map during match) armor/mega timing widget (timing all of your GA/YA/RA/Mega pickups during competitive match) nameplates widget (could potentially be advantageous in team/CA matches because it shows hp/armor of teammates and where they are) It's really so simple to use LUA to your advantage. If you take the Kyto timestamp widget for instance, and you just add +25 seconds, you effectively designed a ghetto timer. Or, you bind a lua script to a key and you let it countdown 25 seconds from the moment you heard the enemy RA pickup. (these are just some examples). tl;dr, even if players don't have malicious intentions with lua, they are basically being forced to keep up with the meta or even use shady widgets to their advantage, because if they don't, then certainly other players will.
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    Here some thoughts: - An easy one-click method to play replays from sites like reflex-arena.ru . Maybe a url schema would work like reflex://example.com/replay.rep, which upon selection would open reflex with the selected replay. - The soundsystem could use some attention. Sometimes sounds don't play, like pickups. I'm far from a top player so it's not like it would improve my performance in games. And I'm already having a lot of fun playing. However I feel it's inconsistent with the current state of this great game: it's come quite far with so many improvements over time, however this thing is still there.
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    xv7 - Great map. Solid gameplay. Needs a bolt rifle, and there is no indication of where mega or red are on the map, making mega in particular hard to find. I got red spawn and didn't take it because it's so poorly indicated.
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    Loving that I finally get to play new(ish) maps again! I do wonder whether the new map queue should affect your mmr for the regular queue. If I were to list the pros and cons from my perspective: pros: People wanna climb and if the PG queue doesn't let their rating go up, they might choose to only play regular queue instead (we all got limited time after all). cons: People wanna climb and new maps are essentially a wild card, while you might beat someone with much better rating, you might get beaten by someone with much lower rating instead. It messes with the integrity of the rankings, since you can 'feed' elo off a lower skilled player in PG queue while avoiding similarly skilled opponents in regular queue. IMO the best way to do it would be to use the regular MMR in PG queue, but don't let the results affect your rating. You'd have to provide a strong incentive to play PG queue then though I think. Also, I think that perhaps the ranges could be bigger for the MM algorithm in PG queue to make up for lower player count, especially if the match results wouldn't affect your MMR.
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    Great stuff, can't wait to see how the drop in/drop out functionality helps FFA and instagib games. Maybe they'll last for hours!
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    I love most of you guys <3 (still undecided on lasker)