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  1. It is not On the list for 1.1.1 -- ta!
  2. The intent is that, once a game finishes, it'll pop instantly (as the players are still all queued, with the added benefit you might pull extra players waiting in) and your map voting will start again. The only difference to just keeping same game going is, that you have to click "accept" before starting to vote map. I do understand what you mean, this was our thinking behind the design however.
  3. Bug fixes: Fixed issue in sound manager that would cause the game to progressively run slower over time HealthBar: fixed coloured bar incorrect offset
  4. I managed to reproduce this with 17.3.2, took about 3 full duels before screen went black (could still hear game sounds in the background) Does this sound consistent with what others are experiencing? Currently looking in to this further.
  5. Hey lads, So with the Matchmaking release there have been many questions about what exactly the playlists are, and what map pools are in them etc. In this post i'll attempt to lay it out in a clean way (there's a fair bit of info). Please note this is a first pass, we're very much looking for feedback on here for what people want to play & what is most popular. Do keep in mind maps should be Reflex unique *, should play and look good. I have to like them too -- perks of the job Rulesets: The casual playlists use casual ruleset The competitive playlists use competitive ruleset (Yes, I thought this was obvious too :)) (Note: We're currently looking at pulling things from experimental over to competitive. This will happen over the upcoming point releases as usual) Mutators: "arena" is used on "Arena Duel" & "Clan Arena" "instagib" is used on "Instantgib" Maps: Static Discharge (2-4 players) Ruin (2-4 players) Ashur (3-6 players) Fusion (2-4 players) The Catalyst (2-3 players) Furnace (2-3 players) The Missing link (Thct6) (2-4 players) Hieretic (8-12 players) 421 (2-4 players) Sky Temples (6-10 players) Monolith (6-10 players) Phobos (2-4 players) Ironguard (2-4 players) Simplicity (2-4 players) Pocket Infinity (2-4 players) Sanctum (2-4 players) Playlists: Playlists can support a range of players as shown on the UI (i.e. Clan Arena is 4-8 players), So I won't bother listing the player counts per playlist here. However what is important to realise is that, the map pool is filtered based on number of players. I.e. so if a 4 player Clan Arena game pops, Hieretic would be ruled out. Also note that, while the map pool may contain several maps, at random 3 will be chosen to vote between before the match. FFA = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, The Missing Link, 421, Thermal Blast, Ironguard, Ashur, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum, Hieretic FFA Instagib = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, The Missing Link, 421, Thermal Blast, Ironguard, Ashur, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum, Hieretic Clan Arena = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, The Missing Link, 421, Thermal Blast, Ironguard, Ashur, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum, Hieretic TDM = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, The Missing Link, 421, Thermal Blast, Ironguard, Ashur, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum, Hieretic CTF = Sky Temples, Monolith Arena Duel = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, Furnace, The Catalyst, 421, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum Duel = Static Discharge, Ruin, Fusion, Furnace, The Catalyst, 421, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum Doubles = Ironguard, Thermal Blast, Phobos, Ashur Competitive Duel = The Catalyst, Static Discharge, Ruin, Furnace, 421, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity, Sanctum Competitive Doubles = Ironguard, Thermal Blast, Phobos, Ashur Competitive CTF = Sky Temples, Monolith Thanks! -- Shooter * = (or we have property legal authority to use them)
  6. Hi Everybody! Get your hot-fixes! Art Improvements: Fixed vertex colours on colossal arms LOD Another pass on jumppad effects (this needs a re-work, it's still heavy on GPU) Matchmaking Improvements: After everyone readies up at the MM screen, if you disconnect the game will continue without you, and you'll likely lose MMR (unless your team wins for you :p) Moved Brazil servers to a better host General Improvements: Added fall-back for edge case caused by MM server update, if you connect to MM now and are already in the "finding/preparing/connect to server state", the client will correctly skip straight to it Client no-longer extrapolates remote spectators Gameplay Improvements: Spectator name change notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectator join/leave game notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectator roll notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play Spectators no-longer see team chat Aerowalk: fixed clip issue at RA, thickened a couple of clips, built new nav data When killed by world (i.e. lava), the next spawn will now avoid the last person that did damage to you (wherever they are now). Or if there is no such person, it'll avoid your dead body. (For the record: when suiciding (via command line, or rocket to face), The next spawn will avoid your dead body) Bot improvements: Now only check player spawn points when they have an enemy die Now frantically want to respawn instead of waiting for respawn timer UI improvements: ArmorBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = left align) HealthBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = right align) Unified options across ArmorBar and HealthBar widgets Fixed typo "specatators can not vote at this time" Warning about loss when hovering over disconnect icon in MM game no-longer appears after game has ended. Pickup timers are now provided to lua when playing a competitive ruleset replay
  7. The main difference from before is, it now locks you in after everyone clicks "ready" instead of after everyone gets to "preparing server".
  8. I think there are two issues here. The jumppad effect is very hard on GPU - this has been fixed and will be in next build. update: has not been fixed, going to need to re-work effect As for the game slowing down over time, need more info here, i'll have to investigate
  9. Hi Everybody! Has been an eventful few days, there has been lots of quick hot fixes going out to address critical issues. If you're curious the change-log is below: Bug fixes: Fixed few menu.lua issues (changing resolution via UI, score in TRAINING -> bots on steam timeout) Added protection for potential crash in client inventory (few crash reports in reporting same issue here) Sound sub mixes (aka new effects / music channels) now correctly use full channel count (rather than always 2), fixes issues on 7.1 setups General improvements: Player info is no-longer hidden in replays Removed load tip: "Thank you for supporting us during Early Access!" Removed load tip: "Your friends should buy Reflex" Cheers
  10. To expand on this, it looks like you have +ip 123 in your shortcut. Or it's saved in game.cfg In console do: "ip " (space is important) "saveconfig"
  11. Yep, penalty for leaving should be initiated the instant you click ready up. noted
  12. With 47 comes the release of addon support. This is where you can bundle your lua scripts & other assets together in one package, and share them over the workshop. 1. Firstly you'll need to create your addon locally Create the folder reflex/base/addons/myaddon/ Fill it with any .lua scripts or .wav files etc you wish to use You are able to override game assets by inserting a base/ in the root of you asset directory. For example to override the jump sound create a file: reflex/base/addons/myaddon/base/internal/characters/hostile/hostile_jump.wav Upon loading Reflex, you should now see your addon in the addon list under options->addons. 2. Later you'll be ready to publish your addon to the workshop, to do this You need a workshop ID for your addon, easiest way of getting this is to go into the map editor, click publish, click user items -> create new, and note this workshop ID. We'll turn this one into an addon. Rename your addon folder to start with the workshop id. i.e. reflex/base/addons/1234567_myaddon/ Now return to the options->addons screen, your addon is now flagged as a workshop addon, and will have download and voting buttons. Since you own the addon, there is also an upload button, which is where you enter the publishing process. Take care, that download button _will_ download the addon and override your local changes, I highly encourage addon creators to use some kind of source control, or at very least backup your addons. Your addon should now be on the workshop for all to experience Cheers!
  13. Please see announcement post here: See full changelog below. Cosmetics: Golden weapons now available - these are purchasable with competitive points in the profile menu New character parts "Ronin", including legs, arms, chest, head New melees: Katana, Tech Katana Added arms: Colossal Added heads: Jaguar, Owl, Monkey, Hockey, Hog, Cyborg, Roo Art: Added jumppad effects to jumppad brushes, subsequently jumppad green surfaces are no longer visible during play Training maps have had a quick spit n polish applied Maps: Updated Ironguard: Isengard off workshop Added map Aerowalk Bots: We've added bots to the game! They are not designed to beat the #1 player in the world, they are designed to practice against. You can find bots under TRAINING -> bots. You can add bots to your game via PLAY -> Host Game in the menu. Alternatively you can use sv_addbot (additional available parameters displayed in console) Bots are a first pass and will likely receive future improvements and fixes. Bots (to map creators) To use them in your levels, you can build navmesh with the editor toolbar (or with nav_build), these are saved when maps are saved, and published to workshop when maps are published To debug the navigation, you can use nav_debug 1 Use EntityNavLink's to set up special jumps for bots, you can also help them take jumpads which are not usual trajectory note: You'll need to upload your nav to the workshop before people can play bots on your maps! General improvements: Country code length from 2 to 7 chars (sct flag for CrazyAl) Can now forfeit in overtime r_smaa 1 is now default AA screenshotClean will now ignore replay primitive objects (camera spline etc) Entity reflection probe position now effects lighting hash (i.e. moving reflection probes will now cause lighting to become invalid) MM improvements: Blocked MM if game owner isn't same as logged in steam id (i.e. using family sharing) Now receive CP for winning competitive games Added Turbo Tuesday! Double CP Matchmaking CA / TDM now strictly 4v4 Updated map pool (see announcement) UI improvements: Added team colours to kill feed, in non-team modes own results in kill feed take your primary colour, your kills are highlighted brighter Added PickupNotifier widget Added FragNotifier widget Added TeamHud widget ScreenEffects widget: added hurt/damage feedback Awards now display for the correct time during replay export. Crosshairs.lua updated: added hit feedback (additional drawn (choose from 1 of 7 available), configurable size, end size, intensity, duration), preview displays combined result that will be seen at initial damage dealt Replay editor: We've added a UI for the replay editor, including timecode + dropdown to select who you're following ESC now works properly in replay editor, with a context-sensitive replay menu Gameplay improvements: Spawn system: suicide kills are no-longer random spawn. Spawn system: LOS test now much looser (i.e. it won't pass if spawn point is hiding behind a pillar for that instant) Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_world 1.0 -> 0.5 Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_entities 0.25 -> 0.0 Bug fixes: Fix for crash occuring in client remote console when attempting to format bogus strings MatchPicker widget: added clip on author name to prevent long names overhanging map tile Fixed issue around "Start" button on menu where it was trying to show an empty hovertext next to it Removed sounds heard during load screen Game countdown no-longer aborts if someone disconnects in MM games. (I believe this was the cause of behaving players receiving bans - the countdown would stop as opponent has DCd, then they'd DC (rather than wait for the full timeout) which would give them short ban.)
  14. hahahah love it
  15. We are excited to announce the release date for Reflex Arena! Many of you have been here from the very beginning. Thank you so much for being with us on the first part of our journey, and we are thrilled to launch Reflex Arena out of Early Access very soon. Check out the trailer for the official release date, the features we are celebrating, and more. To thank everyone who has been a part of our community, all our Early Access players will receive the limited edition Golden Founder Melee Wrench in-game. We handcrafted this to say thank you, and will forever mark you as one of ‘The Originals’ before we launch Reflex Arena out of Early Access. Be sure to log in before March 8th to get your Golden Founder Melee Wrench, accessible from the Reflex Arena home screen! Just start Reflex Arena before the official launch to receive your very own Golden Founder Melee Wrench! The launch out of Early Access adds so much content and features that our community has helped shape. We will have full details soon, but we can reveal that we are adding: Bots: We are adding full bot/AI support to the game (hell yes!). This means a better in-game experience for new players, with more training, tutorial, and solo options for offline play. Our bot system also means that our seasoned players can sharpen skills with target practice while waiting for matchmaking. Join a matchmaking queue, and wreck bots in offline target practice while you wait for a PvP match to launch! Competitive Seasons & Online Leaderboards : PvP is at the very soul of Reflex Arena. When we launch out of Early Access, so begins Competitive Season One. Face off against the global community to earn your place in a new Online Leaderboard, with a new Competitive Points system. Matchmaking Rewards: We are celebrating our new Competitive Points system in matchmaking and our competitive season launch, where the CP you earn in matches against players can be used for glorious golden weapons. This will kick off with the upcoming competition Season 1 - stay tuned for more information! Brutal new skins and cosmetics are coming, as well as training map improvements, shiny new weapons and more are all coming in the Reflex Arena launch out of Early Access. It’s important to note that launching Reflex Arena out of Early Access is just the beginning. The whole Turbo Pixel team will continue to update, create content, and add new features to the game - we are here for our community. With cheers and celebration, The Turbo Pixel Team
  16. Hi everybody! Quick point release today to address some bugs and help set things up for our next build. There has been a lot of queries about our road map and future Reflex updates. We have some exciting plans in progress, we will be making these plans known next week Bug fixes: * server now correctly reports disconnected state to master server * fixed party UI to now draw when it's off screen * optimised how internal asset lists are stored, which improves performance of script functions that look up assets by string (i.e. nvgSvg()) * fixed issue where server list wasn't properly automatically refreshing when entering the "browse servers" menu Cheers, Shooter.
  17. Hey Lads, This update includes several bug fixes + optimisations. It also includes the addition of a time penalty for leaving matchmaking games early. We've had some feedback recently with regards to people leaving matchmaking games early. This ruins the experience for the other player. To combat this we've added a time penalty if you don't play your game the whole way through. The forfeit option is still there and should be used if you concede defeat. If you forfeit there is no time penalty. Matchmaking Improvements: Can now only forfeit after > 2mins and losing by > +5points If you quit a game in progress, you now incur a time penalty. Leaving lobby no-longer removes you from MM queue Disconnecting from server no-longer removes you from MM queue If you disconnect from a MM game you were playing in, it will still remove you from MM queue Added MM spinning icon next to "Quick Play" to help show that MM queue is still going Timer says "Lobby" instead of "Warmup" when in lobby Detailed match results now sent to masterserver on end of game Added new Russian server in Novosibirsk Added new EU server in Berlin Improvements: Added seconds to replay file name Reduced suicide delay to 2 seconds (from 5) in race mode Bug fixes: Fixed default bind for cl_replay_marker to be 'M' UI now only informs you that leaving will count as a loss in a MM game if you're actually playing Fixed crash on command line +play blah.rep Fixed rich presense text to be correct when in lobby as party Fixed bug where party leaders would remain in queue when members left Optimisations Fixed spatial coherency optimisation between player steps. should greatly reduce CPU load on client+server. Cheers, -- Shooter
  18. I can't see you on discord, can you shoot me a PM on there?
  19. To be fair it'll effect servers more (which are generally much lighter on CPU power than a desktop). It'll be more significant with a higher player count, and higher pings of said players.
  20. I've been a quiet on this on purpose More info #soon
  21. Hi guys, Matchmaking was released with a blast. We've had over 10,000 games played in just 2 weeks! The focus of this build is to directly improve on our first pass matchmaking implementation with our observations made the community feedback we have received. Matchmaking: Vote system We have re-worked the map voting system to a pick/drop solution where you cannot see your opponents vote until vote time is over We wanted to keep the 3 random map selection still, but we do agree with giving the power to down rank a map, and have this map not played. So your down vote will out-rank the opponents up vote. With larger groups the voting is cumulative, so be strategic when voting as a party! Matchmaking: Spectate games People want to be able to watch active MM games (and so do we!). We've made this possible, and even added it as a tile to the home menu! Spectators can only talk with other spectators, to ensure the people playing are not interrupted. Matchmaking: Party support We've added party support! So you can now grab your friend and queue up in the fun Party chat is available in menu of course. You can also party chat in game via sayparty (default bind U). Matchmaking: Lobby now optional We've added a lobby checkbox on the Quickplay screen so people can chose to go play other things while they wait for the matchmaking queue to pop! We also re-positioned the overlay so it wouldn't overlap game time widgets since you can play other games while in queue. Matchmaking: Backend changes We have re-structured how data is stored behind the scenes to split regions into US/EU etc This is an ongoing process that's setting things up for the near future MMR has been reset as a result. Matchmaking: Servers Added Brazil servers Russian servers have moved location to hopefully provide better pings UI improvements: Health bar widget: added options from armour bar Server browser: added option to sort servers by hostname Server browser: restored "show old" option Added prev/next page button to addon browser MMR values now refreshed when going to main menu to ensure they're up-to-date on profile tile overlay Updated twitter link in home menu Art improvements: Thicker MH pickup trails for improved visibility Reduced IC impact sparks amount and size Fixed bone orientation for adjustable wrench and pipe wrench Armour mesh changed to hostile torso Game improvements: Disable previously set mutators when starting training from the menu Added mutator: infinite ammo Removed weapon hum in instagib mutator Can no longer forfeit on racemode Added enemy sounds for jump/land etc (thanks Greed) Tweaked damage sounds for friendly/enemy players Added new keybind mark replay, defaults to M Added new loading tip: "Remember to hit 'Mark Replay' in your matchmaking games, you might be famous!", Added new loading tip: "Matchmaking replays can be found at" Lua changes: Log type notification now has subtypes: generic, party, pickup Log type chat now has additional subtype: party Bug fixes: Game now clamps cl_playercolor* to safe ranges Fixed potential crash bug when matchmaking popup times out & user is disconnected --Shooter
  22. updated: 26 July 2016: We split 45 into two builds, releasing 45 with cosmetics + animations. Training will become 46, and the other builds will be rippled down one version. People are asking for our up-coming roadmap so we've put an updated one together. Please keep in mind this isn't concrete and we often reorder features as needed. We do also have other stuff planned which isn't in the list, we do need to have some surprises for you guys Version 0.45.x We've already started on this just recently. This build will include two main features. First is several new robot character models, and allow customisation for each part. For example you can have legs from one robot, arms from another, and head from another. They're looking really cool in game and we'll be showing some work in progress as we progress. We're also re-doing the animations (as seen in the main menu todo list), the old ones are really rough and the new ones are adding a lot of character to the game. update: training was pushed to 46 Also planning on adding some additions to casual mode, and planning on doing the grenade launch art pass. Version 0.46.x Training has been pushed to 46 in favour to get 45 out earlier: We're planning to have a training game mode & also some simple training maps to get people started in Reflex. These should describe the basics of the movement, weaponry and items. The training gamemode will allow workshop maps to utilize all the training components we build and we're really looking forward to what people can do here. More info will follow as we flush this out. Version 0.47.x The big one for this build is the curated workshop. We'll start with having Lua scripts available on the workshop. We want to have it directly plugged in to the menu system so you can simply browse for the widget you want and subscribe to it. Extending past Lua scripts we'd like to also get to having a style guide & the ability to submit workshop melee weapons. We've been wanting to add triggers & movers (aka doors & shootable targets) for a long time, it's scheduled in here. Really looking forward to this. For the art side on this build we're planing to finish the shotgun which some of you have seen, and also do the bolt rifle. We'll also be adding a "mutator system" and the first gameplay mutator of instagib. The idea here is you can vote for a game mode + mutator. For example: CTF + instagib. Version 0.48.x This builds main focus will be matchmaking. It may just be queue based to start with, but ultimately we want to get the game flow all sorted, and get people using it. The last two weapons will have their art pass this build, RL + plasma gun. Version 0.49.x We're getting pretty far down the line here, but the core plan for this build is persistent match history. This should allow you to browse through the recent games you've played, get access to the replays & your statistics. We'd like to have a central database which can be queried by web API here too. Also have lots of other small bits and pieces after this to clean up, a friends list, particle improvements, liquids etc etc. These aren't really sorted yet and will quite possibly have been squeezed in with the above builds anyway. These are the core things for each build. A lot of other little polish and fixes also happen along the way. We'll also continue to do on-going experimental gameplay changes & improvements for each build, and be working on those unlisted surprises. Cheers lads! Enjoy your Reflex!
  23. Hey guys, Today we have a hot fix to address the Steam Inventory changes which have happened in the Steam Client. It's causing people to get disconnected when they attempt to join a server with a large selection of custom inventory items selected. Bug fixes: Upgraded to Steam API 1.39 Changed how proof of inventory was sent to server to reduce packet size. Cheers! -- Shooter
  24. It depends on the server you're on. There's some incompatibility between (dedicated) server & clients now as Steam updates roll out. I'm hoping it'll sort itself out shortly *fingers crossed*
  25. Today's point release contains a couple immediate bug fixes as well as a big cleanup on game balance settings. Note: Very aware of the issue where MMR is not being awarded correctly after some Matchmaking games, we are looking in to this. Generic Fixes: Fixed crash bug on launch when using Steam Client Beta Added option to hide MM servers from server browser Added option to hide locked server from server browser CTF is now 4v4 Fixed timelimit on doubles to be 10/15mins (casual/competitive) Massive gameplay cleanup, experimental/casual/competitive now have consistent knockback/damages etc Ironguard fixes: YA pipes now angled to jump up +5h pickups in duct no longer floating Fixed collision near mega floor Fixed collision in doorframe at carnage Gameplay: We've done a big cleanup pass on game balance. Competitive/Casual are the core rulesets we have as they are the rulesets used on matchmaking. All experimental settings (with slightly modification) have been pulled into casual/competitive (see full list below). There are a lot of changes including splash, timelimits, weapon respawns and weapon damage / knockback. Splash knockback: We've pulled our recent splash changes from experimental into competitive/casual. The differences you'll see in competitive/casual (from before) are: The splash should now be more linear based on distance from impact. The knock-up is also fixed. Matchmaking changes: CTF is now 4v4 Doubles now correctly uses 2v2 gamemode (will have lower timelimit) Time limits: mode: casual / competitive ffa: 5 / 10 1v1: 5 / 10 2v2: 10 / 15 tdm: 10 / 20 ctf: 10/ 20 Power-up drop: OFF in 2v2 + TDM only Weapon respawn time: 20 seconds in competitive 2v2/TDM (was 25 in competitive, 20 in experimental), 10 seconds in all other modes. Armor & mega pickup sounds: We've increased the distance armor & mega sounds can be heard from 1340 -> 2200 units. Burstgun burstgun_ammopickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive) burstgun_lowammo 5 (was 10 in competitive) burstgun_maxammo 30 (was 40 in competitive) burstgun_startammo 20 (was 40 in competitive) Shotgun shotgun_reload 950 (was 1000 in competitive) shotgun_ammopickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive) shotgun_pellet_knockmult 1.6 (was 2 in competitive) shotgun_pellet_knockmult_airbourne 1.4 (was 1.25 in competitive) shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_entities 0.5 (was 0 in competitive) Grenade grenade_trace_radius_world 1.0 (was 0.5 in competitive, 0 in experimental) grenade_trace_radius_entities 0.25 (was 0.5 in competitive, was 0 in experimental) Plasma plasmarifle_lowammo 30 (was 40 in competitive) plasmarifle_maxammo 120 (was 200 in competitive, 150 in experimental) plasmarifle_weaponpickupammo 75 (was 60 in competitive, was 75 in experimental) plasmarifle_ammopickupammo 30 (was 50 in competitive) cell_knockmult 0.85 (was 0.428 in competitive, 0.425 in experimental) cell_knockmult_self 2.0 (was 2.22 in competitive, 2.0 in experimental) cell_knockmult_airbourne 1.0 (was 2.14 in competitive, 1.0 in experimental) Rocket Launcher rocketlauncher_maxammo 25 (was 30 in competitive) rocket_damage_splashmult 0.85 (was 1.0 in competitive, 0.85 in experimental) (this means a direct rocket does 100 damage, if you JUST miss the max splash damage you can do is 85) rocket_explosion_radius 116 (was 112 in competitive, 112 in experimental) rocket_knockmult 0.85 (was 1.0 in competitive, 1.0 in experimental) rocket_knockmult_airbourne 1.0 (was 1.5 in competitive, 1 in experimental) rocket_trace_radius_world 0.25 (was 0 in competitive, 1 in experimental) rocket_trace_radius_entities 1 (was 0 in competitive, 1 in experimental) Ion Cannon hum is now enabled (was off in competitive, on in experimental) hum far atten changed from 1340 -> 1250 (travels less distance) hum 3d volume changed from .7 -> .6 hum 2d volume changed from .7 -> .2 beam_knockmult 1.4 (was 1.8 in competitive, 1.7 in experimental) beam_knockmult_airbourne 1.6 (was 1.3 in competitive, 1.7 in experimental) beam_trace_radius_entities 0.5 (was 0 in competitive, 0.5 in experimental) ioncannon_reload 46 (was 44 in competitive, 46 in experimental) ioncannon_lowammo 30 (was 60 in competitive) ioncannon_maxammo 150 (was 200 in competitive) Bolt Rifle bolt far atten changed from 1340 -> 1250 (travels less distance) bolt 3d volume changed from .8 -> .6 bolt 2d volume changed from .8 -> .2 boltrifle_weaponpickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive) As always, open to _constructive_ feedback. Let's be nice to each other lads <3 Have a great weekend! Cheers, --Shooter