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  1. There are various zoom widgets, have a look around the workshop and the forums. The chatlog you can read in the console (`-key).
  2. You had to launch the game during the week before launch to obtain it.
  3. Hatchet, Machete, Battle Axe, Shortsword, Crowbar, Mjolnir, Cleaver, Pipe, Khopesh. I think that's all supporter items. The only exclusive which currently exists and can't be traded is the Early Access wrench. On Christmas there is a candy cane melee, but that just replaces the default melee for a few days. There are two items which rarely drop and can't be purchased in the store but can be traded, the angry droid head and the tech katana. Finally there is the ArenaFPS hatchet, which was given out as a prize at a tournament. I don't think there are more than 20 of those around.
  4. ui_crosshairs_r/g/b No idea why this isn't in the widget options though.
  5. Your ip variable is set to 123. Type "ip " in the console, that'll fix it.
  6. CSGO is already 5 years old and it's based on an even older game. The best tip i can give you is lowering the resolution.
  7. He's not running an AMD GPU. Can you go back to stock just to verify that it is really not the overclock causing the freeze? The stability of an overclock can decay over time and just because it's stable in one application doesn't mean it's stable in another. I've had overclocks crash after 17 hours of prime95.
  8. QL is effectively a 17 year old game. You'll have to upgrade, no amount of optimization is going to make Reflex run well on a low-midrange system from almost 10 years ago.
  9. The bot can't handle the forcefield on static discharge. It'll just stand there waiting for you to walk through. Also the bot quite often gets stuck in a loop where it'll repeatedly peak the same corner/tele. It also seems to only concentrate on one thing, when it backs away from a fight it'll run past any item, even yellow on aerowalk. /edit With more than one bot on the server the game immediately starts.
  10. You had to log in before release day to receive it. Sorry bud.
  11. You mean skimming? That's intended so you don't lose all speed when you barely hit a corner. Looks a bit weird but improves the flow of the game a lot.
  12. It was meant as a joke. Try what i suggested and please describe the scenario in which you encounter the problems a bit more precisely so i can check whether it's just Reflex poorly performing due to the circumstances or you having an individual problem.
  13. People abused sharing to smurf in matchmaking, it had to go.
  14. Well, the 1080ti releases soon, time for an upgrade. Try setting the priority for reflex to high in the task manager. The game in general doesn't perform that well on highly populated servers unfortunately. What settings are you on and what is your average framerate?
  15. Are the bots going to be able to play any map and if yes, will you have to create paths for them in the map editor? Also nice work on the video entik.
  16. It's a trademark thing.
  17. Not sure on that one, i'd rather have proper documentation on how the spawnsystem works.
  18. Tried reinstalling the game?
  19. I presume the buffered jump triggers one unit before you hit the floor or something like that. In CS it's even weirder, on every even jump number you jump 64u, every uneven jump 63u.
  20. That rank is meaningless, they are talking about the matchmaking rank, e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, ...
  21. There's only so much you can do with the limited amount of players we have. NA is particularly weak iirc.
  22. Reaching the top ranks is only possible if the lower ranks are saturated with players, until then you'll just have to treat diamond or whatever as the maximum. Doesn't really matter what rank is displayed as long as you share that rank with players of equal skill level, does it.
  23. Would also make people +back like crazy when they are losing.
  24. Create a 'replays' folder in your main server directory.
  25. Some time ago it was said that there would be a classic playlist with some old maps, you do have the rights to CPM3a and CPM22, might as well use them. Make it unranked if you want to push Reflex original maps.