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  1. Quick opinion - giving Euros the East Coast preference is probably not entirely desirable for a North American cup. It's fine when it's a Europe vs East Coast or Europe vs Central, but Europe vs West Coast players can skew the favors against the West Coast players (who should have the home advantage in a North American tournament). If you take three equally skilled players from Europe, East Coast, and West Coast in the current configuration, the East Coast player would have the advantage over the Euro (which is fine - North American tournament), but the Euro might have the advantage over the West Coast player depending on the West Coast player's connection and routing. And a lot of West Coast players have notoriously horrible/inconsistent routing to the East Coast. In the BOXR tournament, we had it set up like this: Euro vs East Coast: Played on East Coast server Euro vs Central: Played on East Coast server Euro vs West: Played on Central server Of course if the players wanted to play on whatever server, that was fine too. Anyway, I'm not playing in the tournament (will be working), and I hope it all goes smoothly. GLHF!
  2. I did a slightly early review of the submissions here: Hope it's useful.
  3. I'll probably do another run through when the maps are closer to completion, and maybe I'll try to make it a little more formal then...
  4. That is the original. Strange - I thought I had it in my list of addons to begin with. Anyway, meowgli has a bunch of options available for the killfeed in the widgets menu.
  5. kovHUD.pak should be under "base" and kovhud.cfg should be in the same folder as the reflex.exe. Sorry, I'll try to make that more clear in the original post!
  6. I haven't updated it for a while. I figured when the steam workshop support for LUA is added, I'll update things then. For the time being, is there an error message in your console or anything? It sounds like the pak file with the hud might not be in the right folder if nothing gets loaded.
  7. I did a little stream today going through most of the submissions and giving my feedback. https://www.twitch.tv/kovaak_of_qw/v/84542121
  8. No worries. Good luck with your connection issues.
  9. Any chance you have any error messages in your console?
  10. For anyone who is running Python 2.x and too lazy to install Python 3.x, I did a quick port of the script (which just involved changing some tkinter GUI things). Still working fine in modern Reflex maps btw :).
  11. I have to laugh - the one US server with replays listed hasn't worked in like half a year or more.
  12. Seems down. Hope this isn't permanent...
  13. http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2901-item-timer-trainer/ was kind of like that (tells you the clock time that an item will respawn, but doesn't disappear), but I'm pretty sure it is broken per some changes to item timer code that they did a few patches back. Shouldn't be too hard to fix up when I get a chance (or if someone else wants to take a quick look)...
  14. Just to help the devs help you, can you send another error report and enter in the URL to this game crash in the text field?