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  1. NEED 421 and Requiem!
  2. The rockets are at their best right now. If you look at the RL from very early Reflex and compare all the changes and tweaks made up to this day, you will see that literally everything has been tried and tested. There are very very good reasons for why the RL works the way it does now, instead of the way it did before. The ONLY thing I would change with the RL would be the maxammo, lower it to 20. But if that changes, you have to consider the other weapons' impact on the gameplay balance as well. Since you will have less rockets, it will make it much harder to fight a player who constantly cycles the IC the entire game (it is already hard enough). This means that the IC's "value/importance" will go up even higher than it already is. Since the IC has even more of an impact on the game, it becomes a must to control it. (even more than it already is). This will slow the game down, and make the game much more about avoiding the fights and just pacman'ing. The IC essentially becomes as important as a major item, which is a MAJOR problem when it comes to balance. And now that the gameplay is slowed, you have to think about how each playstyle has been impacted and whether or not there is an equal balance between the variety of ways to play the game. TL;DR RL = Perfect! Maybe change RL maxammo to 20? Decrease both air and ground kb on IC Decrease both air and ground kb on Bolt.
  3. You're not alone in thinking that the projectiles feel 'off.' It's actually a consequence of the netcode (It has nothing to do with where the projectile spawns or anything like that), which can't be 'fixed' unless we go back to the way q3 netcode works. I feel the same way about projectiles as you do, and when we were testing expplus, I decided to increase the speed of the rockets by 100ups. Which, to quite a lot of people, made the rockets feel a lot better. But in the end it was shot down because some players think that "the speed must remain at 1000ups and can't change ever, because Quake has always been this way!" blah blah blah. These are the same players that disagreed with the change because it would require them to rebuild their muscle memory, then went on to change the speed of the Plasma Rifle, as well as the movement..
  4. Atm the balance is perfect, but that's only because the IC reloads at 46ms.. if there were any changes made to the IC to make it stronger, then I would say that the rockets are took weak and would need a buff (speed buff of course =]). I voted for too weak, since I think that there are a few people who think the IC is too weak atm.
  5. All these changes are in the right direction. I like them a lot! I do feel that the air kb on the IC is still a bit too strong, it's too easy to just +back IC the entire game. I suppose if you lowered the time to reload the bolt, then you could combat the IC a bit better, but then again, that would just make +back even stronger. I'm tired of walking around the map for 10 mins, I just wanna go fast! Also, 10 grenades on weaponpickup is too much imo. Here is how I would have the grenade ammo set up: _grenadelauncher_weaponpickupammo "5" _grenadelauncher_maxammo "10" _grenadelauncher_ammopickupammo "5" And 25 RL maxammo is also too much. I would lower it to 20.
  6. Just use Borderless Gaming. It's free, but you can support them by buying the application though Steam if you want. Link to Download
  7. Everything in Quake 4 looks like it's made of linoleum (you know, the fake and cheap shit)
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/43urd4/why_0818933027098955175_is_the_best_zoom/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/3vxkav/how_zoomed_sensitivity_works/ https://github.com/ValveSoftware/source-sdk-2013/blob/56accfdb9c4abd32ae1dc26b2e4cc87898cf4dc1/sp/src/game/client/in_mouse.cpp#L389 That formula you mentioned is definitely related to your FOV. In fact, CS:GO uses a similar formula. The links above describe how it works, also provided the source code from the Source 2013 SDK.
  9. Not sure what it is in Competitive, but in Experimental it's 1.7. [46.3]
  10. How did it turn out? I completely forgot it was today, and haven't watched the VODs yet.
  11. I forgot to include the cost of the dev time needed to implement the sound engine, and the time that it will take to TEST and tweak it to perfection.
  12. It's pretty much set in stone, afaik it would require using q3 style netcode to get the projectiles to feel the way we all want them to.
  13. What I think will happen is that players will get punished for jumping towards the RA platforms on dp4 and dp9 by the IC, but only because of the increased air-knockback. Which is only one of the many things it's supposed to be good at. The main thing that the IC should be able to do is allow you to hold down a superior position. It shouldn't be so powerful that it's impossible for the player in the inferior position to take the superior one from you, but they definitely should have to put in a lot of work in order to do so (they should have to put in more work than you do, because after all, you're positioned better). Example of how it currently works: You're on Aerowalk, sitting at the top of RA stairs with the IC held. Your opponent is at the bottom of the stairs (closer to the GA than the stairs) with the RL held. Your opponent proceeds to run and jump up the stairs straight at you, meanwhile, you're shooting him with IC. It will take your opponent less than a second to close that medium range gap. It will take you one second to deal a maximum of 120dmg with the IC, that is, if you hit 100% of your shots. But the thing is, he can shoot the 3rd or 4th step from the top and deal a good amount of damage (and knockback) to you. He could of fired this rocket when he first started to jump up the stairs, giving him enough time to shoot again once he makes it close to the top. Not only will he out-damage you by the time he reaches the top of the stairs, the rockets will pop you into the air, setting you up for a few follow up shots. Now this next one should basically guarantee you a frag, but don't you worry.. it won't Once again, you're on Aerowalk, with the IC out, positioned in-between the Mega and the YA. Your opponent is near the upper RL, towards the top of the jumppad. He decides to get some speed and swoop in like batman. Now, two things can happen.. You could prefire and guess the exact spot he's going to jump from, and hope he doesn't see your IC beam and jumps right into it. You'll then give him a gentle lift over to the Bolt Rifle. Or you could wait for him to jump and initialize his incredibly smart plan of swooping down and into your IC. Since he's descending so fast, the knockback being applied won't be nearly enough to stop him, and the slower firerate won't exactly help. The amount of knockback applied is going to depend on the amount of damage you do and the enemies movement is also taken into account. Since he's moving as fast as he is, and is also descending, you won't be able to hit him enough times to deal enough damage for the knockback to even mean anything.
  14. I don't mind the RL being buffed, I just think that the buff was too much. Nerfing IC and Bolt on top of that just made the balance WAAAAAY worse. I would like to see the Rockets have a blast radius of 115u. You could even keep it at 120u, but you would have to buff the IC and Bolt much more to keep the balance right.