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  1. Xonotic has 6 out of 9 weapons that deal explosive (splash) damage.
  2. Only problem with rockets I have is how easy it is to get ammo for them while having two spawns for it on almost every map. They're so easy to get and almost impossible to deny and control that they might as well be spawn weapons. I'm fine with them being strong and even OP as long as they're treated with that value as a resource, like MH and RA by comparison.
  3. WORKSHOP LINK: Lengthy technical map with 5 different levels, each of which have surf lanes of different steepness. No weapons. I also created a hub room where you could've teleported to each of the 5 rooms then a sixth teleporter that takes you through race start brush, but since the timer doesn't reset when you die - that concept doesn't really work lol. So it's sitting there now unconnected and I'll update the map if there's any changes to timer behavior.
  4. Been following this project since the mythical and ominous sub forum called "Reflex" emerged in ESR. I can't quite put into words how proud I am of you guys, but the general idea is that my penis just ejaculated.
  5. I've heard of people using scrollwheel to switch up and down, using some keybind as a base for it, ie. using mwheel to switch to weapon 1 or weapon 3 from weapon 2 (base bind), because this technique is still practical - but I've never heard of anyone using mousewheel for the whole arsenal. Anyone who's doing that is definitely being held back by their stubborness regardless of how used they may be to it.
  6. Might this be a relevant cause for double jumps being occasionally twice as strong? Examples starting from 2:37
  7. There's this ongoing mantra about team modes being the future in gaming, but the fact is that arena FPS team games have never been popular. While it's true that it's never been the easiest to access aspect of aFPS, Clan arena for example manages to flourish on that same platform. Any aFPS team mode that has had any conceivable life duration has always been some kind of mutator, like rocket/clan arena, instagib, freeze tag, team fortress and so on - not the vanilla/competitive modes. Putting all of your efforts into something like that doesn't really inspire me with confidence. As much as I love 2v2, I still don't think that direction is reasonable. If a mode is not being played then maybe we oughta take the hint, instead of being gullible to our feelings.
  8. Second that one. I'm assuming I'm not the only one who got Memphis'd
  9. Is it at a weird place after fair deliberate testing or just due to negligence and misplacement? I made a map that deliberately restricts accessibility to certain areas, if you're not a good trickjumper then you need to depend on stake launcher which is also emphasized by the map having only one rocket launcher and one plasmagun (both in hard to reach areas). I think what contributes to stake feeling out of place is because they quite literally are out of place. They often replace bolt, assuming their role and place against all map layout intentions.
  10. Explain nameplates, where would they be and why.
  11. How'd you make the camera transfer positions across map versions? Looks too good to be manually approximated. Love the porno music
  12. What furyaxsfigkhjn is suggesting is to even the field between less trying players and harder trying players in a game where pretty much everything is configurable with plenty of advice to go around for it. Are sensitivity and accel settings a "pro" customization disadvantage as well? Because I know people who are too lazy to seek advice for even that. Sounds to me more like someone is making excuses for themselves or at least taking advice from someone else who is. It's not even a concern about new players, just lazy players. Should we concern ourselves with lazy people? Sure, by making configuration as simple and easy as possible for example.
  13. It's not hard at all. I wouldn't define the issue as cheating, more like a thing you can do to improve gameplay. Modding sounds is the freedom granted in the game and as long as it remains that way it's not cheating. The question is if that aspect is intended to be exploited that way and if it's a big enough reason to disable sound modding altogether. But look at it this way: If sound modding counts as cheating then who is to say someone with top notch earphones wouldn't be cheating with their improved clarity of sound output and settings as well? Or any other piece of hardware in other categories for that matter. Buying a better hardware is also a granted freedom and limiting that would be in nobody's best interest of gaming experience as much as any allowed gameplay configuration. I'm treating it as a very stupid idea.
  14. Can you change the sound effect though? To make it more distinctive or louder, because I could see that being an issue in the same sense that you argued why it's important. You could perhaps put a volume cap on it, but I don't think there's much you can do against frequencies while keeping the modded sounds actually sounding the way they're supposed to. Some frequencies pop out from behind other frequencies better. Same argument could be had about footstep, landing, pickup, jump pad, teleportation and spawning sounds really.
  15. How do you ensure comfortable default input settings? How do you ensure everyone feels comfortable with the default HUD? How do you ensure everyone feels comfortable with default rendering settings? How do you ensure the default colouring scheme resonates with people? Also who ultimately decides what is and what isn't comfortable? You can't and you don't. All these things are important in Reflex and if someone is stuck with crappy default settings that they don't personally like, they will just move on to the next game. Players leaving because they couldn't change their crosshair can't be good for Reflex I'd argue. This sounds like a real issue and a fair point. Why not attack the issue itself instead of the whole system though? Why is configuration so inherently bad just because one fixable thing in it can go wrong? Just listen to yourself. Everyone has the opportunity to modify the same things. Just because the outcome isn't the same, doesn't mean it's not even. True evenness is when everyone can pursue their own preferences and not be limited to just one preference which is assumed to resonate with everyone.