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  1. mapping

    inb4 Reflex file structure gets another change of heart and everyone who's been using these gets a wet slap right in the nose.
  2. It seems like the freedom to colorize meshes freely is pretty well received, so what I'm curious about is why the devs haven't approached similar freedom with some patterned textures as well. Some of those metal floor, bricks and tiles might as well just be 2D textures with some light/bump/gloss maps to go along with them, to give them that fake 3D look. And they could easily still follow the same aesthetic look with simplistic textures. These currently existing "mesh textures" just looks awful at even close distance, because you can't mipmap them and performance takes an unnecessary hit as well. Not only that, but they are also way less flexible than 2D textures would be. You sometimes have to go to ridiculous lengths to cover up excess parts of the meshes that don't fit your area of choice. With 2D textures you'd just have to cut or scale.
  3. I want Reflex Arena to change it's name to Yeflex Arena. Y stands for devs saying "yes" to every community suggestion and idea.
  4. - Race timer to reset when you die. Would be convenient for maps with a lobby room. - Save/Load/Backup bind options which still keep the timer running single-segment style, would be useful for the type of maps with back and forth elements/risks. Backup would be reverting back to previous save point in case you inserted a shitty save. - bind distinction for race/training modes, like theres bind re, bind game, bind me etc.. Could be bind rt for example - Noclip mode basically same as editor mode, but without the editing. For online servers where you want to give players freestyle skipping, but not the temptation of destroying the map. Race timer should also obviously reset along with this. This could also have the benefit of retaining game binds instead of swapping over to map editor binds. - Brushes that can change player specific physics cvars, one or multiple at a time. For example gravity or friction. - And speaking of friction, slick surfaces. EDIT: Would also be nice to have some unique physics effects on them, like horizontal/vertical lift jumps. Regular gameplay could benefit from this as well.
  5. Additionally, if you want to try the stake launcher in a local game, type in console: callvote ruleset experimental_stake This will replace bolt pickups with stake launcher. However if you want default rulesets and don't want to replace bolt, you can try my map which has both stake and bolt pickups. This map is designed for stake usage:
  6. You missed my earlier post. If you're going to take inspiration from the newest features in modern games in order to improve reception, then you should also look at why exactly those games are successful commercially. Hint: It's not because of free press or handout government support lol. Rather than wasting time tweaking rocket knockback, they should move to innovate in marketing. The game is not in alpha anymore, adding new things to it forever will get you nowhere.
  7. Right, we've already established that Reflex is appealing to a small group of freaks. Now how about the broader audience? Look at the stats in OP, why are there so few people playing despite all the user friendly features currently in Reflex? Maybe that's just the extend of relying on free press, maybe that's the extend of paying a measly $550 for a government assisted campaigning program. Maybe Reflex is not in alpha anymore and there are different things to take reference from the way modern games are cashing in millions.
  8. What this game lacks is the incentive to become good at it, even if you become Kyto or Ramagan, only about 100 people will care. So not only is there not any financial incentive, but reputational incentive is weak too and you can only feel so good at being in a position that only somewhat around 100 people aspires to be in as well. eSports are growing to the extend that there are schools made just for that and it's becoming a career choice for more people. So start thinking of Reflex as a platform that you can offer for them and treat it like you would any other product that rewards the trade both ways. Rather than discussing how to make your sweet home brewed ale taste better and getting disappointed by nobody noticing you selling it down at your basement - figure out better ways to compete in the industry, to get this product heard and distributed. Make it a sellable product worth investing in. Quit expecting success by imitating what other products are doing, because it's foolish to expect same results without equivalent amount of effort and time. This is of uppermost importance to understand, especially when the product is not doing anything revolutionary to begin with. Even if you bring back item timers, even if you do everything in your power to make the game easier to understand, it's still the same game and there's still not going to be any incentive to get good at the game. Reflex at the moment is the esports equivalent of hazardous extreme sports, which only reaches the well informed exotic hobbyists and among them sparks ambition only in the people with a lot of free time and no care in the world. If this is what you want Reflex to be, then that is also fine. I'm not saying it should be something else, rather what I'm saying is that you're rewarded for what you produce, not what you deserve. Don't go expecting the opposite.
  9. There's other ways to distribute role than just the Quake way though. Instead of one strong rocket, you could for example have two weaker rockets that have their additional behavioral differences, and when you combo them that could equal the strength of that one strong rocket. This could also solve other issues, like the tendency of 'ideal sized and balanced' maps needing to have two rocket launcher spawns.
  10. Or just learn to play Aerowalk lol, it's about time.
  11. Xonotic has 6 out of 9 weapons that deal explosive (splash) damage.
  12. Only problem with rockets I have is how easy it is to get ammo for them while having two spawns for it on almost every map. They're so easy to get and almost impossible to deny and control that they might as well be spawn weapons. I'm fine with them being strong and even OP as long as they're treated with that value as a resource, like MH and RA by comparison.
  13. WORKSHOP LINK: Lengthy technical map with 5 different levels, each of which have surf lanes of different steepness. No weapons. I also created a hub room where you could've teleported to each of the 5 rooms then a sixth teleporter that takes you through race start brush, but since the timer doesn't reset when you die - that concept doesn't really work lol. So it's sitting there now unconnected and I'll update the map if there's any changes to timer behavior.
  14. Been following this project since the mythical and ominous sub forum called "Reflex" emerged in ESR. I can't quite put into words how proud I am of you guys, but the general idea is that my penis just ejaculated.