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  1. @tehace THCT4,, Paradiso Del Mar Please!!!
  2. HOLY SHIT!!! HES BACK!!!!
  3. This isn't a bug. It's a request. Sorry I don't see a request thread. I'd like a robot head with a tophat. A black tophat with a purple band. Preferably the tophat would be kicked to the side a bit, with some class. This would make my day and I will personally fly to and hump any dev that does. :O) Thanks for your time in consideration. <3
  4. Welcome to Reflex!
  6. HYPE!!! GG Guys! 2014 seems so far back. Game looks gr8. Gone are the days of the blue screen and endless lightmap builds!
  7. Sorry im an AMD fanboi atm.
  8. RYZEN to the rescue!
  9. THIS is the most HYPE thing I've seen all year!!! Grats to devs. Hard work and patience pays off! Grats to vets who hung in when the BS was all over the walls! Very excited!!! REFLEX
  10. "Everyone can shittalk in a discord chat, but not everyone can win a tournament." (c) Rama ROFL, Quote of the year. This is awesome m8!! GG!
  11. HYPE!
  12. I kill u with GL long time. All the time. Everytime.
  13. You should work on your setup till it feels good again. Do like Jaguar said and match the new mouse to your old cm360. Get yourself a cheap gaming mousepad. This is a good start, As far as your scores seeming mediocre, this is normal. You will see from the time you started that you have improved. Then at a certain time you will feel like your just playing the game. Whats happened is that you've become better, and are coming to a plateau. The best choice to make here is to keep playing. If you do you will see that after time you have again improved, and will be more prepared for combat at a higher level. One thing i can say is, you will never improve without the proper tools to do the job. IE: good computer that can run the game, proper config for playing at your computers limits, good keyboard, good mouse, mousepad. Good keyboards really are up to your taste, some people like the mechanical, some not. I see no real difference to a "beginner", so use what you have. You want a mouse with no angle snapping, and a low latency sensor. Also your mouse buttons (switches) should be of good quality. Gaming mousepads are a "taste" item too. You need to try some before you find the one you like. The QCK i linked is a good jumpoff point and a large mousepad. GLHF
  14. Just spam nades everywhere and pray. Best ooc meta.