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  1. Its probably best to do benchmarks with a demo and a lua script to go with it. Demos contain the map file in them so everyone would be on the same map.
  2. Add some bots and hit them a few times. Not sure if it works for all weapons but I know it works for melee and grenades.
  3. bug

    I was on my own client hosted game with bots, game mode was ctf, I was adding bots and it spit out this error when I kicked one. I cant repro it. lua: [string "base/internal/ui/widgets/TeamHud.lua"]:108: invalid order function for sorting I might have had show self off in the TeamHud settings. Another thing I noticed, if show self is off in spectator it wont show the person you are spectating.
  4. Post these in the bug forum, devs might not see them here.
  5. In training open the scoreboard, hover mouse over someone who has a time from an old version, the tool tip shows on everyone else as well.
  6. Bots shouldn't look at spawn points if their only enemy is currently alive. Also is it possible to delay their reaction to events by 200ms? Another thing is they don't time items, if an item is not currently up they will not wait for it to come up. Another thing I noticed is on Use and Abuse the bots can get stuck in the corner by RA.
  7. This is minor but needs to be cleaned up. Im only going to list some of them because I don't know each one off hand. UI elements by their corner style: Rounded Corners No Outline: ScoreBoard UI ToolTips on the Awards Page Training Goal List Buffs Health/Armour Bar Ammo Count Rounded Corners With Outline: ChatBox KillFeed Square Corners No outline: UI ToolTips Menu UI Callvote Popup f1/f2 vote thingy Pickup Timers Scoreboard buttons (View steamprofile/friends) Inner Health/Armour Bar box
  8. The nav mesh doesn't recognize portals if the portal is in the air and not over top of ground. In FFA sometimes bots spawn inside eachother and just spin forever. There needs to be a stuck counter, if a bot doesn't move after 10 seconds give it a random input. We need some way to tell a bot not to go in certain areas or avoid areas. They dont seem to use air control to jump around a corner for example. I don't really expect bots to be able to do crazy trick jumps but im not sure what a solution would be for maps which rely heavily on them. The map quickfire would be an extreme example, bots can't get to RA.
  9. olpiykgmjdfvdhujikjfhbdgv
  10. You guys put a lot of blood sweat and tears into reflex. Glad it made it!
  11. The game uses the cpu to render a low resolution image which is used for culling meshes and stuff. Think of it as using cpu power to use less gpu power, some low end setups can't benefit from the trade off as the cpu just isn't powerful enough.
  12. I haven't read this whole thread but I have noticed that for lower end computers mouse input in reflex is very dependant on cpu usage, try disabling occlusion to see if you notice an improvement in mouse input feel. In most cases higher fps wont make the mouse feel better once its above your refresh rate, its less cpu utilization that will. Another thing to note is that disabling the advanced windows aero stuff will put more load on the cpu as the newer UI stuff is done on the gpu in windows.
  13. Is jump height intentionally around 61u high? Its weird because you can go higher if you buffer your jump. Example: Try this on a 61u and 62u high brush. Move toward the brush, Jump once, then hold jump mid air and you go a little higher (1u) on the second one because its buffered. You can go 62u high with this jump but only 61 from a non buffered jump. Also after you get go up stairs your player ends up 0.13u above the surface, after you wait some time or jump to reset your player position you eventually end up 0.5u above the floor. You would think thats not very much but it does affect some jumps and consistency. I understand that there has to be some smoothing for stairs but it should reset faster. It would make sense that you can jump onto any 64u high block as thats what the grid is based off and its already almost there, only 2 or 3 units off from making it. Edit: Heres a demonstration of the stairs thing, the numbers displayed are player Y position.
  14. server IP: Server might have crashed because it just dropped me out mid game. My net didn't drop out because I was still in voip with some friends. The console returned this error client: server stopped responding client: disconnected