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  1. I think they have made most of the money they can from game sales, going f2p would bring more players which is what this game needs right now.
  2. Heres a list of all the server variables and what they do. Rotations are like playlists. There are no score/frag limits, only time limits. Intermission time is not changeable. It would be nice to have more flexibility in the game modes and server settings for them. ["sv_allowcallvotemapmode"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to callvote map/mode on the server.", ["sv_allowcallvotemutators"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to callvote mutators on the server.", ["sv_allowedit"] = "<0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to switch into editor mode on the server.", ["sv_allowmodes"] = "<mode(s)> Set which game modes to force. If the list is left empty, all modes are allowed.", ["sv_allowrulesets"] = "<ruleset(s)> Set which rulesets to force. If the list is left empty, all rulesets are allowed.", ["sv_autorecord"] = "<0/1> Automatically records a server-side replay of all games.", ["sv_country"] = "<ISO 3166-2> Defines the flag displayed to represent your server's geographical location on the server browser.", ["sv_gameport"] = "<port number> Set the server's game port.", ["sv_hostname"] = "<string> Desired server name to be displayed on the server browser.", ["sv_maxclients"] = "<number> Maximum number of clients that can connect to server.", ["sv_password"] = "<string> Set the server password", ["sv_refpassword"] = "<string> Set the password to allow players to become a referee.", ["sv_startmap"] = "<map name> Set which map to load on server launch.", ["sv_startmode"] = "<mode> Set which game mode to load on server launch.", ["sv_startmutators"] = "<mutators> Set which mutators to load on server launch.", ["sv_startrotation"] = "<rotation name> Set which map rotation to load on server launch.", ["sv_startruleset"] = "<ruleset> Set which ruleset to load on server launch.", ["sv_startwmap"] = "<Workshop ID> Set which workshop map to load on server launch.", ["sv_steam"] = "<0/1> Server shows up on public server lists.", ["sv_timelimit_override"] = "<number> Set the time limit for each map in minutes. A value of -1 uses the game mode time limit.", ["sv_timelimit_round_override"] = "<number> Set the time limit for each round in minutes. A value of -1 uses the game mode time limit.",
  3. The addon install location changed a while back. steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base\addons
  4. One issue with increasing the size of certain weapons is firing over walls right in your face that you can just barely see over or around corners you will often hit them up close. A possible solution would be to have the projectile collision size start at 0 and increase to its designated size over a short period of time, but then that could introduce an issue of being able to shoot at someone who cant shoot back at you. A possible solution to that would be to have the weapon vs world collision size be 0 and for weapon vs players it would be the designated size. That might mess with performance as you are doubling the amount of collision detection required when people start shooting.
  5. This isn't meant to list all the unlisted effects and materials, only the ones which are useful. If you think some useful ones are missing PM me on discord with the info and I will update the thread. //Sounds industrial/sounds/sludge_bubble industrial/sounds/ambient1 industrial/sounds/ambient2 industrial/sounds/machine ancient_japan/sounds/wind-light ancient_japan/sounds/wind-heavy ancient_japan/sounds/water //Emitters internal/effects/steam/steam internal/effects/steam/steam_sml internal/effects/steam/steam_lava internal/effects/steam/dust_clouds_blow internal/effects/fluid/bubbles_tank_192 internal/effects/environment/snow/snow_192 internal/effects/bugs/bugs_flies //Random stuff internal/effects/godrays/godrays_256_64 internal/debug/primitives/primitives_sphere //Materials internal/generic/wireframe internal/effects/race/race_checkpoint internal/effects/race/race_finish internal/effects/race/race_start //Armor Hologram Materials internal/items/armor/armor internal/items/armor/armor_green internal/items/armor/armor_yellow internal/items/armor/armor_red //Ammo Glow Materials internal/items/ammo/ammo_rockets_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_bolt_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_burst_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_grenades_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_ic_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_plasma_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_shells_glow internal/items/ammo/ammo_stake_glow //Powerup Materials internal/characters/common/characters_quad internal/characters/common/characters_resist internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad internal/items/powerup_regen/powerup_regen internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_carnage internal/effects/powerup/resist/fx_powerup_resist
  6. To be fair, reflex is a clone of a quake 3 mod. Gameplay wise its not really groundbreaking either. The groundbreaking parts of reflex are the intuitive multiplayer map editor and the netcode (even tho it has its issues).
  7. It already does that...
  8. Is there somewhere we can grab the source?
  9. ??
  10. Ok here are some maps that need to be added.
  11. This is good.
  12. Changing mechanics to ones which are easier to understand is a bad idea. I've said this before but the UI needs to convey the tiered armour mechanics better to new players.
  13. Pretty sure they know about this bug. Its been in the game since the beginning, weapons would get stuck in walls.
  14. Im using this image as an example. Player is moving left to right. The first step is fine, second step you can not go over. I tested in q3 and the way it handles this issue is if you are going really slow it will stop you otherwise you go up like a normal step. Now you might be thinking but mad this isn't meant to mirror q3 movement 1:1. The problem isn't reflexs movement accuracy to q3. You are meant to walk up stairs, specifically you can step up/on on ledges even 16u high. The problem is when making stairs sometimes a step can end up off grid because of rounding errors. Even a teeny tiny rounding error can cause the step to be impossible to go up. Imagine the vertex by the red circle is off grid even a tiny bit and the rest of the verts are on grid, this will cause the step to be broken. I have seen this on a few maps now and only really figured it out a while ago what causes it.
  15. Its probably best to do benchmarks with a demo and a lua script to go with it. Demos contain the map file in them so everyone would be on the same map.
  16. bug

    I was on my own client hosted game with bots, game mode was ctf, I was adding bots and it spit out this error when I kicked one. I cant repro it. lua: [string "base/internal/ui/widgets/TeamHud.lua"]:108: invalid order function for sorting I might have had show self off in the TeamHud settings. Another thing I noticed, if show self is off in spectator it wont show the person you are spectating.
  17. Add some bots and hit them a few times. Not sure if it works for all weapons but I know it works for melee and grenades.
  18. Post these in the bug forum, devs might not see them here.
  19. In training open the scoreboard, hover mouse over someone who has a time from an old version, the tool tip shows on everyone else as well.
  20. Bots shouldn't look at spawn points if their only enemy is currently alive. Also is it possible to delay their reaction to events by 200ms? Another thing is they don't time items, if an item is not currently up they will not wait for it to come up. Another thing I noticed is on Use and Abuse the bots can get stuck in the corner by RA.
  21. This is minor but needs to be cleaned up. Im only going to list some of them because I don't know each one off hand. UI elements by their corner style: Rounded Corners No Outline: ScoreBoard UI ToolTips on the Awards Page Training Goal List Buffs Health/Armour Bar Ammo Count Rounded Corners With Outline: ChatBox KillFeed Square Corners No outline: UI ToolTips Menu UI Callvote Popup f1/f2 vote thingy Pickup Timers Scoreboard buttons (View steamprofile/friends) Inner Health/Armour Bar box
  22. The nav mesh doesn't recognize portals if the portal is in the air and not over top of ground. In FFA sometimes bots spawn inside eachother and just spin forever. There needs to be a stuck counter, if a bot doesn't move after 10 seconds give it a random input. We need some way to tell a bot not to go in certain areas or avoid areas. They dont seem to use air control to jump around a corner for example. I don't really expect bots to be able to do crazy trick jumps but im not sure what a solution would be for maps which rely heavily on them. The map quickfire would be an extreme example, bots can't get to RA.
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