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  1. Indeed. Was talking to a friend recently about this and I didn't realize it had gotten this bad. I don't even want to touch the game at this point. There is a big difference between customization and outright cheats. For those who don't know their Quake history it used to be common place back in the day to cheat with sounds replacing them in .pak files with timer sounds. Players shouldn't need to spend hours tweaking their setups to be competitive.
  2. I'll be brutally honest this is why I've given up on Reflex. It will never have a large enough community to support team modes or even a good 24/7 FFA server. I don't think this is fixable now. Reflex botched all the big free press it had. The initial version was released too early without good netcode. The CTF release came out with one map of questionable quality. The recent release had an opportunity to push team modes again but instead we got too many match making options to guarantee no one plays anything but duel. I feel like team modes were mostly ignored during development in favor of duel (the game balance is duel focused too). For years teams modes were broken without the ability to lock teams. When Reflex was announced years ago I was hyped. I expected a hardcore AFPS and it is. The problem is Reflex is essentially CPM. That I was not expecting. I thought it would be a hardcore AFPS inspired by Quake/CPM but doing innovative new things. The only major gameplay innovation was item timers and let us be honest that was a debacle. The design I've heard rumors of with the stake gun sounded innovative but the general public never saw it. At the end of the day CPM has never been popular and never will be. It was designed by committee for political purposes to appease fans of Q1-Q2-Q3 while trying to bring them together. It didn't work back then and it isn't working now. CPM has no real weaknesses but I'd also say it has no real strengths. I actually think CPM was better when it had 100 damage fast rail. At least then it had an extreme and was absolutely brutal. Then CPM ended up like QL with everything over balanced into blandess. Reflex is similar. With Diabotical and QC coming soon I'm expecting one of them will fill the team void I've been looking for and Reflex will just be a memory. For the record I bought multiple copies and got friends to buy copies too. I ran a 2v2 league about two years ago. I more than did my part supporting and trying to make Reflex succeed but sometimes you have to acknowledge reality. While I had fun in Reflex it never had the magic I felt in QW TDM for instance. Most of that magic came from intense competitive team modes and the community around it. In PVP games players are the content and you need a critical mass of them to be sustainable.
  3. Don't add weapon drop to TDM. It really cheapens TDM and makes it too easy. I feel the same way about power up dropping in any mode (even CTF). Just makes things too easy. Let players work some to build up or actually have teamplay please. It is much harder to have the right player in the right place at the right time with the right weapons/armor than for people to drop things for others at their convenience.
  4. I'm not a fan of powerup drop either as it negates control of powerups and puts more emphasis on armors, etc. It also disallows sacrifice plays to remove a powerup or means little if a player manage to neutralize a powerup yet their team retains control. The only mode I think powerup drop works in at all is FFA and even there I'd prefer no drop. As far as dropping of other things (weapons, ammo, heath, armor, anything!) I'm strongly against it. For instance with weapon drop it allows teams to optimize too easily and removes the specific geographical map ties weapons have to certain locations. If a map is designed so the weak side controls the RL for instance weapon drop will make their control of it much weaker. It is also cool to drop a fresh spawn a better weapon but again I think this snowballs too much and favors the team in control while hurting the weak team. Dropping of anything that allows players to live I'm against (QW style is suicide to drop back packs). It just allows too efficient play and removes control. Go watch some top level Q2 TDM matches. They train transfer across the whole map without players moving their control positions. There is something cool about this type of gameplay but I much prefer traditional TDM where the game flows and players must roam or rotate through items and positions. It makes TDM much more dynamic when movement is heavily tied to control and sweeping areas clear or raiding them for resources is required.
  5. It is no mystery. The game has no real ammo system in place. TDM requires an ammo system. Without an ammo system fast weapon respawn is required which means everyone will have lots of weapons and usually lots of ammo as well. Even 2v2 TDM is pretty sketchy right now.
  6. That is why but maybe not exactly in the way you think about it. There is no casual CTF scene. Most players need to play that Team FFA to learn in an environment that is more suited to their skill level. Most players never have interest in competitive nor advance past this state of play. In years past players could join giant public CTF games where teams were like 12v12 or more. It was chaos but fun. Good public CTFers eventually wanted more and started joining the competitive or private pickup scenes. Trying to start players in pickup games is terrible. It is hard on everyone both the new players and veterans. I agree with all your points except this one. I have no interest playing against players who have years of experience playing on old maps. Nor do I want to replay maps I myself already played in past games. The map pool for Reflex CTF is a critical weakness. I'm just waiting to see how the game develops. Trying to force growth in CTF or any other mode is going to be an almost impossible task and extremely frustrating unless there is a good amount of players to draw upon. Currently Reflex doesn't have enough players to warrant any kind of competitive scene for TDM/CTF/etc.
  7. Here is the original thread you are talking about... I'd hardly call byce and son! newbies or the fact I outscored them slightly a stomp. The BG was completely broken. It used to 60 dmg a hit, then it was slightly nerfed to 54 which is what it was when I posted about it. Now it does 30 dmg. If someone is coming after you with low health you can easily finish them with a BG shot or two even now. I wouldn't call that completely useless. I'm thrilled they aren't going to add a starter gun which is hitscan (I'd argue Reflex already has too much hitscan). That said until a lot of team modes are getting played it is hard to completely judge the BG.
  8. ​One of the greatest things I always loved about Quake was how it remained relatively stable and unchanging. It was up to us as the players to counter each other's gameplay advancements with our own. It was a struggle and sometimes we felt X, Y or Z was broken or too strong but eventually players always found ways to make the game work. I think what you are seeing is how Quake players hate change because we play a lot and become familiar with our game over time. I know Reflex isn't Quake but I definitely think people will say a lot less when things are set in stone and not in a state of flux. Also when things are open to change people will try their hardest to get their own preferences implemented. When gameplay keeps changing (especially something as practice intensive as movement) it messes up our personal struggle to get better and we fucking hate that.
  9. Here is an interesting side story, Recently it was admitted CS:GO pros are using adderall at pro lan tournaments. I'm not expert on drugs but based on what I read I think adderall would help with execution based tasks and stuff like reaction times. Given Reflex is even more execution heavy than CS:GO; is that the future for this game if it ends being competitive? All of us on uppers or adderall to compete? I have used caffeine to good effect in my past competitive AFPS history and it seems to help cause my reaction times go down. Part of it is I definitely think execution ability suffers with how many of these tournaments are run. They are marathon events. Even many Reflex tournaments are hours and hours long online. I've always preferred a season format where matches are spread out over weeks so you have time to prepare, practice and be fresh for every match.
  10. I think having team modes helps with match making especially for newer/lower skill players. For instance a team of skills such as player skill high, medium, medium vs low, high, high is probably a decent match. Or say low, low, high vs medium, medium, low as another example. However in duels there is not the same flexibility. Anyone not close in skill won't be a decent match. It is just the nature of duel and team modes. Hopefully we see some real work being done on CTF, TDM, or other major team modes soon. In all the draft leagues I took part in or spectated heavily (~15 seasons!) they worked because team modes allowed mix skill teams to be viable and competitive vs other mix skill teams. Team match making can work similarly. Perhaps some kind of mechanic with random captains and team picking in a lobby would be good in the short run as the best pickup communities I played in typically used these to their great benefit. The Reflex community is small enough where players would quickly become relatively known quantities about what you could expect from them in game. Once the game population grows more automatic match making can take over. Perhaps analyzing how the community captains picked their teams and how successful they were could even help with future match making.
  11. ​I never said it was solved, however there are very few choices to make and usually most are straight forward. If you have superior execution skills often it is clear cut and there are no choices at all; unless you want to toy with your prey. AFPS seem to only be decent games when you are near evenly matched in execution skills which is a shame especially since such even matches are rare. Let us go back to what you said about Hal. ​I strongly agree with Hal. Execution is what determines how you can play. There is very little outside of that which has such a big impact on the game. I would rather the game was balanced so other game elements had a much larger impact. I wish items/etc for instance were completely changed so if I could control or manipulate them in certain ways I could beat someone who significantly out aims me. Such play was possible in the 90s but no additional mechanics have been added since then and the gameplay is now very well understood. Back then stratagems such as syncing items times or delaying items was not common except at higher levels of play. Average players know about all these tricks now along with general information such as item times. I just wish balance was changed so things such as decision making, teamplay, item control, etc could trump someone with "mad skills" (aka great execution).
  12. ​In an effort to put this topic back on track I agree we need something new. We haven't seen anything truly new gameplay wise in Reflex yet and that scares me. I'd say Reflex has even been simplified with things such as no ammo packs. I like the concept of KISS but sometimes complexity is needed. Reflex would benefit from new gameplay which is not directly from CPMA, Quake, Painkiller, etc. I'm sure it would cause a big up roar and kick the trolls into over drive but I think change is needed. I think a lot of the weak decision making in AFPS as of late is due to how solved they are. Most of these games have close to pure solutions and have not changed much over the years. Mixed solutions are much more interesting and keep players adapting and reacting to each other much more. I also strongly believe making execution less of a dominant factor would be a massive improvement for most AFPS. In most AFPS if your execution skills are better you can ignore the rest of the gameplay which is beyond silly. You need not take items or armors if you can significantly out aim or move your opponent in a duel. I think AFPS pride themselves on how strong execution is in this genre but I also think it is a big reason no one plays these games anymore. There is no alternative to beat someone who hits 70% rail or 50% LG. Either you need to nearly match their aim or you lose. Other gameplay elements should matter and offer paths to victory. Decisions should be fuzzy and not a solved boring non-choice. Here is a related article which talks about pure solutions and mixed solutions: I hope people take a few minutes to read it.
  13. The playoff file seems to still work which is the most important. I'm not sure if the replays will even still play back (haven't tested it). Hopefully we will get some TDM/CTF/etc love soon and maybe we can do another teamplay focused NA league.
  14. I think most of us are fairly understanding but game forums tend towards extreme opinions. I'm mostly waiting around for teamplay modes and seeing what happens with those. I do miss the old newborn. The one who would frequently post long reasoning why things were done or his thoughts on random matters. That is one big reason I decided to invest some of my time and money in this project. I just feel a bit of a disconnect because when I read your posts newborn I agree with many of them deeply yet I am wondering why there haven't been more gameplay changes from someone who understands it so well. If Reflex is just going to be CPMA gameplay with some small tweaks I wish you'd tell us. That way I can stop reading the forum, stop buying copies and stop bugging my friends. I expected this project to go further than that. Push back on changes is not always a bad thing in the long run. It doesn't mean what the change intended to do was a bad idea but perhaps how it was accomplished and implemented. I've been playing competitive ArenaFPS a long time. I never liked how item timing worked that much either yet I also didn't care much for timers. Items feel too black and white; too limited. A player with good timing can swoop items. Picking up an item is all or nothing. There are no fine details, no nuances and no middle grounds. I think better changes would focus on the mechanics of items themselves instead of adding timers. Timers add free information but they do not touch the mechanics of items. Timing will always be in the game. Yet I want that timing to be more of the internal predatory sort. The timing of attacks and counter attacks. The timing of movement around a map route. Ambushes and races. Split second robot timing on items was never good gameplay yet it is impossible to extract from the game with the way items currently work.
  15. Most of those I don't like but this type of thinking is what I expected out of Reflex, not just a tweaked CPMA version. I hope we still get fundamental changes which drastically alter mechanics. I like your item ideas best I think. I could post up a bunch of crazy ideas too but until the developers actually show a real willingness to break out from the Quake/CPMA mold more it seems pointless. I like randomness a lot but it is very sensitive to how you use it. For instance randomness in roguelike level generation is great but randomness on match time or item spawn time is terrible. Instead of having a random time on the clock; I like ideas such as a 5 capture limit in CTF more. It is predefined so it is something you can plan for and around. Yet it still has the same effect as it will vary match times.