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  1. Thanks again to everyone involved, it was awesome to watch!
  2. turn on show clip in the top right corner
  3. colossal arms were my fault - i didnt test on low settings - its fixed internally, will be out in the next patch
  4. Having a curated workshop is something I've wanted to do for ages. Melee's would be the easiest place to start and then robot parts, model swaps for the base weapons could be possible but there are other ways to go about modifying the look that would definately suit a curated workshop. Would need a bit of setting up though and some nice tools for you guys to use for testing etc but it is definately something I'm keen to do!
  5. Thanks mate!
  6. Everybody seems to be loving the robo animal head cosmetics which is great it was a lot of fun making them. Had a bunch of requests for more so lets make a list here of any other ideas. oh and cool pics always help the process :ok_hand:
  7. give this a try, looks like the lastest amd update messed some shit up
  8. Release will be Mar 8, somewhere around 2 - 4PM PST
  9. We're very excited to announce that we will be officially launching out of Early Access! The whole team at Turbo Pixel Studios wants to thank you all for supporting us through the journey of Early Access. Season 1: Along with the launch we will be officially starting Reflex Arena's competitive Season 1. The Season will last 3 months and comes complete with leaderboards and downloadable replays: Available here We’ve updated the map pool after taking feedback and pre-season map vote statistics into account. Competitive 1v1 Aerowalk, The Catalyst, Static Discharge, Ruin, Furnace, Simplicity, Pocket Infinity Competitive 2v2 The Grave Site, Tephra, Iron Guard, Thermal Blast, Phobos Competitive CTF Sky Temples, Monolith, Suna Station During the season you will earn competitive points for your wins, which you will then be able to trade for epic gold weapons. You can preview these in-game in the updated Profile section. Bots: We’ve been working on bots behind the scenes for a while and we’re pleased to include them in this release. Check out the bots section under the TRAINING tab or host your own game to play versus them. The bots are targeted towards new players, and also players who wish to practise their aim. Changelog: The changelog from the last update to now is available here http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/topic/4265-reflex-arena-launch-changelog/ We want to reiterate that launching Reflex Arena out of Early Access is just the beginning. The whole Turbo Pixel team will continue to update, create content, and add new features to the game - we are here for our community, and today we celebrate the 1.0 launch - it’s a beginning, and not the end! The Turbo Pixel Team
  10. Open the map in notepad > Find and replace > profit
  11. Great tutorial vid from Nathan taking you through the process of publishing your map to the workshop.
  12. For people receiving "client: disconnecting due to excessive outbound reliable queue" we're aware of the issue -- a temporary work-around is to equip standard intentory pieces (i.e. default melee + hostile body parts)
  13. good job lads
  14. Shit. Looks like I broke it while adjusting the normals... It's fixed internally now, will be good to go in the next point release.
  15. Was just about to try this myself... not sure why its failing there though, hopefully deleting it and grabbing fresh will fix the issue.