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  1. Bots have the "add friend" & "view steam profile" buttons on the Scoreboard widget. They also get XP
  2. Say what you will about Doom 4's MP but I love what they did with the customization. It would be great to have more varied sets (the samurai is a great start). Some chunky medieval armor perhaps?
  3. - timestamps for chat messages
  4. Is it finally time to add ammo to the map?
  5. Different bug
  6. Not an advanced duel map? Not interested.
  7. What's the lore behind this map?
  8. Would love to hear your take on the hum sounds for Ion Cannon & Bolt Rifle
  9. Mouse wheel to scroll up/down in console Come on people, it's 2016
  10. You're the best! One small request: option for soft/hard drop shadows for the texts would be great.
  11. A widget that allows me to have gamemode specific binds