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  1. A fun game mode based around one flag CTF was realized in a TF2 mod called bball. Definitely one of the most fun simple mechanical games I've played, check out some videos Could definitely be fun as a 1v1 or 2v2 on a small map like it was in TF2, but I would also love it as a larger more serious game mode. ED: One of the reasons I would advocate it as a gamemode is because, unlike in current two flag CTF, one flag CTF with two bases and a flag in the middle for both teams to fight over does *not* entail concurrent, unrelated objectives like two flag CTF has. I don't think we can make a .map like this because one flag can't be used by two teams... Would be interesting if we could do that though.
  2. Really cool work sesen!!! "... people still wonder why The Catalyst is the most played map in match making (check the replays) ..." - Ramagan :ok_hand: <tangent> Although it *is* a three way tie between the tehace maps -- I think that that says something about map making for competitive duel. People should remember that the three maps used to have the names t2, t7, and dm13... Those numbers are related to the number of maps tehace made. If you expect your first map to be a new wonder for the duel community, even if you're ready to take feedback and change it a lot you might be disappointed. Some map designs just aren't going to end up being fun for the majority of players. It's through trial and error, expedited by artless-prototyping, that you'll find a really fun and competitive map design to work with. (Tbf, tehace also had the benefit of all top players testing his maps whether they wanted to or not -- he was one of the *two* popular map makers at the time.) </tangent>
  3. Ah just saw this in Discord pins. For anyone else who comes to the forums before Discord: Temporary fix is equip all default parts in your profile; works for me
  4. Dedicated servers from the browser, or servers hosted on my own desktop (with and without steam integration). Error message:
  5. so which 5 reflex maps form the pool, and how is the pick ban done? ED: only picking b/c bo5; coin toss for first pick and alternate? or smash-style loser counter picks? or?
  6. nonono you'll never convince anyone of something unless you include some shittalk or passive aggressive comments in your post; haven't you seen the other posts in this thread??
  7. if the dp2 hud is used can you please have the scoreboard changed to default one so we might reference the accuracy statistics from the VOD?
  8. It seems to me bolt and shaft are much easier to change the balance of than rocket launcher, as the community does not react as adversely to changes in their damage / kb. Because of this, it would make the most sense to me to reach a point where rockets are well designed not because they are balanced in damage with other weapons (which we've had at a few points, but only because the kb was bleh), but because they are inherently skillful in a manner that is enjoyable and challenging to play both with and against. I personally feel the kb changes and splash changes are a step closer to this. Subsequent to having better designed rockets, bolt and shaft can be tweaked in damage, kb, radius, etc. to create a balanced triad of weaponry that is the hallmark of this weapon set. I think people are quite aware that rockets are overpowered right now, so I'm not worried about this balance being the final choice for the game. I AM very worried about moving away from improvements to rockets just to satisfy short term concerns about weapon balance while the game is still in alpha.
  9. get it? (although now it's not as funny an image b/c you commented too) itsajoke
  10. I love how my notification says "Electro commented on BOTS for the last time"
  11. I plasma hovered someone in a duel yesterday and ngl, it's the most satisfying thing!
  12. "not so good players who want to improve"
  13. After using the damage sounds for a while: Bassiness is good, but right now these sounds are very "hollow" which isn't super satisfying and gets a little annoying sometimes The kill sound is probably the best, but I think they could all use some changes to make them sound a little fuller (and possibly smaller for the low fast sound for shaft. I've always thought the dainty little metallic sound from Q4 was a good example of a nice shaft hitsound)
  14. I'm very used to comming in FPS from playing competitive TF2. Compared to what I hear in CTF pugs, almost too much so. Particularly these two calls: I don't hear people make these calls too often in the ~five CTF pugs I've played (same for the three 2v2 pugs). In TF2, you always call out when you discover someone unknown to your team, and you always call out when you do a lot of damage to an important target. I feel like in most pugs I've played (CTF or 2v2), I start off calling these two things a lot and then self consciously quiet down as the pug continues and I don't hear other people calling as much. From my TF2 habit is it possible I'm making these calls too often/unnecessarily and just cluttering comms? Or do you think these things are more commonly stated than I think and I just need to listen closer? Or I just need to better apply the "mix up priorities rule?" Or pugs are casual enough right now that people generally don't comm too much? I think we've played a pug or two together earlier this week, although not sure if you remember. Thanks for any help.