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  1. This is just proof of concept, i have imported most of the assets from Guild Wars 2 ClockTower Jumping/Race map Yea i know its not quite legal, but i will try to recreate this map from the beginning using radiant/trenchbroom/cinema4d with q3 map exporter , i think its excellent idea for race map (2bad i cannot trigger portal vortex to rise from the bottom to top of the reflex map)
  2. Nice script. Is there any script/way to "inject" (copy paste) custom brush/verticles/faces into map I don't want to convert my map from reflex 6 to radiant format, but i want to add some new stuff from radiant to it Thanks
  3. New update available -some minor brush/tex tweaks
  4. Guys thanks for hosting Reflexgrounds SMR-Q3DM6I If you have trouble getting players for this map just rename it from SMR-Q3DM6I to Campgrounds Inverted GG and Quad !
  5. I hope you will enjoy playing Reflexgrounds
  6. Thanks, Please check for weapon/item placements and player spawn before uploading (and tweak them if you need) I will try to make junk,brush/texture fixes asap, and provide you with latest versions.
  7. REFLEXGROUNDS Download preview: More info, video & screenshots: Please leave Reflexgrounds comments & feedback on my site, so i can make it better (I'm aware of current brush& texture bugs) Thanks
  8. Reflexgrounds download preview: (this is just preview, a lot of optimization is needed)
  9. is there any way to replace those ugly green jumppad textures?
  10. k, give mi "a sec" to tweak some bugs...and add spawnpoints + nolight texture
  11. I want to apologize, The domain was unavailable for some time, and unknown reason... If you have trouble accessing domain, try direct Server link Thanks
  12. It is time to make some wipeout-ish fast race/dm tracks with rocket launchers and jumppads and i have few ideas to make this possible ...
  13. SMR-Relativity - Under Construction This map will be combination of multiple Escher Pictures combined into one big maze map with portals & jumppads
  14. Thanks, I'm using modified wordpress for cms, Disqus for comments, with free server and free domain (atm)
  15. Ok, ill try, disqus have 2 designs, for white bg and for dark bg, so i cannot change it, but i will try tweak other things for better viewing bg video opacity is set to 0.3 (30%), and bg video idea is just for sneak preview Thanks for feedback , I think i will have to find better (paid) server, there is daily/monthly traffic limit on this (free) one