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  1. Who has what it takes in the NA to stand up against such Titans and be victorious??
  2. dude MMR cheats to Prime Overlord... uploads video to yt. LOL
  3. another dead clan- low level players with no competition. bottom/low tier attempting to compete in dead scene. lmk if you want me
  4. rumble in the jungle !
  5. good we will wage economic warfare on all of pristine with heavy focus on sane and drive him to the brink of starvation living on the streets and pleading for mercy from COD frat bros
  6. pro tip- stay the fock out of flag runners way
  7. I like this idea I would even make a mode with no weaps and a ball you can shoot. Can only jump 3 times or so before you have to pass... Shoot in a portal to score or somethin
  8. no more crashes on start! thank you !
  9. ‚ÄčI also use intel integrated gfx and have the same problem. Your card is much better than mine which gives me hope that its only some formality rather than a quality of hardware issue..
  10. I am also using integrated graphics on an i3 processor. Intel HD Graphics 4600. Just updated all drivers, still crashes on start. DirectX 11. Just to point out- I can run csgo, LoL, sc2, qlive all around 100 fps DxDiag_writhe.txt Seems like a lot of people using intel are having this problem. If anyone is using integrated graphics on an intel processor and Reflex is working for you- could you post here?
  11. duel

    woah sexy
  12. So I just stumbled across this thread after having been spammed to death by sane to join #pristine on irc. Anyways, imagine my suprise when I found there not to be even a single reply in regards to pristine gaming. Odd? I thought as much. But now I am thinking.. maybe not so odd. If your going to resort to spam and irc hype to force the community to believe you are "top in the world" you are just an idiot. Maybe this is just another no name clan that will be gone once the game reaches beta? Anyways, just my contribution. More contribution: Sane- your a little noob who started playing qw like 30 years after it came out and think your good now. GG. AZK - go back to CS. GLS - I dont even know what to say to you smh. If you guys ever get a 4th and if there ever is another serious clan on reflex; you would lose. Not top 3 in the world. Hey can I change my name to some hip 3 letter acronym and get in Pristine??? Arent all of you in phgp anyways? Go back to phgp smh
  13. - Moved from Tournament section Just thinking about the timers vs no timers issue. I come from doom where there is OS duel (old school) and NS duel (new school). OS being no freelook, and always switch on pickup. NS involving freelook, jumping, pref weapon order. Just wondering if Reflex might want to adopt a similar os/ns system, the only difference being timers or no timers. OS being no timers, NS being with timers of course. Why not have two methods of duel instead of forcing the community to accept one path. Its really just my 2 cents on the issue. I think this could be a simple solution.