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  1. this looks nice. love the ET creepin at red
  2. For those that played any Gran Turismo... yall already know what Im about to say !!! LICENSE SYSTEM License system like GT would be sooo dope. I think in GT it was like D class ---> C , B, A and then S class. Might be a nice single player mode for Reflex - just have a handful of maps that have certain times you must get for each license. You could even run tournaments in Race mode like "A Class only" "S class only" etc. But yea I think that would be fun to be licensed in Race
  3. new game mode that is not pvp competition
  4. Announcer scared the shit out of me first time I heard it hahah. Thoroughly enjoying it now
  5. I think it would be good to deny ranked play to newcomers until they reach a certain level. Similar to how League of Legends does not allow you to play ranked until you are level 30. It takes ~ 100+ hours to get to 30 in LoL
  6. This is an essential discussion for the future of this game yes! IMO the best possibility for getting a bigger player base and keeping it is a new game mode. As Kovaak said new players are leaving the game. A big reason for this (its already been mentioned multiple times in this thread) is they get discouraged. I think a great remedy to this would be something no one has ever seen before. I really think Reflex is in a position to blow up, but its going to take some creativity IMO. A new game mode that does not revolve around pure afps skill (timing 3 armors + mega, crazy aim, crazy movement) could be very beneficial towards building a player base and keeping new players. Learning the art of afps duel is a serious endeavor that 90% of newcomers simply are not willing to take. So... give us something fun, low stress, and non competitive! Other than this I agree completely that game play (at least casual) should be tweaked to lessen the skill gap between new players and vets. This is a crazy and awesome idea, this is the creativity Reflex needs. Hitbox increases the bigger you become?
  7. 1:54 here is great from DDK
  8. Who has what it takes in the NA to stand up against such Titans and be victorious??
  9. dude MMR cheats to Prime Overlord... uploads video to yt. LOL
  10. another dead clan- low level players with no competition. bottom/low tier attempting to compete in dead scene. lmk if you want me
  11. rumble in the jungle !
  12. good we will wage economic warfare on all of pristine with heavy focus on sane and drive him to the brink of starvation living on the streets and pleading for mercy from COD frat bros
  13. pro tip- stay the fock out of flag runners way
  14. I like this idea I would even make a mode with no weaps and a ball you can shoot. Can only jump 3 times or so before you have to pass... Shoot in a portal to score or somethin