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  1. Have had the HUD one day and an update with this comes out the next day: "Added customizable weapon rack glow for currently selected weapon"
  2. You can change it in the lua file. The line you want: -- Colors local crosshairFillColor = Color(255,255,255,255); local crosshairStrokeColor = Color(0,0,0,255);
  3. Didn't want to put this in a own thread but I would love if you get the dir of replays when you type the command in console. Or even better a own submenu to browse replays
  4. there is some z-collision on the first trainingmap. At the lavapit
  5. The first matches is to place your rank. So in the beginning the matches may be very hard.
  6. I think the menu.rep should have a combine version of replaymarkers of the week or so. Perhaps some filter/transition effect so you don't think of it like a replay if you know what I mean.
  7. Think it is already in loading screen but I can mistaken because I'm not sure.
  8. But would it be a good idea to have it in training section? It feels like there is so much that you can have in in it so where to draw the line? I would like to have many things explained in the training section because lets say you are new and you don't really get in touch with the community then you probably never came across with that info. would be nice if the message in trainingsection could reference to a video or something so instead of explaining a ciclejump in text they could show how to do it. Thought it was global My bad dansen.
  9. I'm just going to put this here. But I feel like the trainingsection should have more depth. And just wondering what you all people think about it? I have thought of doing my own sections but want to have some input first. My thought was to have stuff like this implemented in the training: Tip: bind mouse2 to jump Tip: weaponbinds for every weapon Section: Fast weaponswitch training Tip: a good mousesetting 20 -30cm/360 Section/tip: How sounds work in game (that the sound is global and that is a big deal) Tip: That you can buffer jumps Tip: Fov setting etc Or is this something that shouldn't be in the trainingsection? Not to shit on memphis parkourstaton but I liked the old version better because it was linear and no "find a way in" Just plain and simple.
  10. in my game.cfg: bind game ctrl +crouch I think I have made that bind via the console and in the settings menu the bind says unbound. If I play the movement training map the texttip says press unbound to crunch.
  11. I think Jaguar should be mention also. But don't know what category
  12. Some better training for the modes would be good. Massmans CTF guide is a good start but you shouldn't really have to go to an third party source to get that info. And even if you get that info. You don't really have a practicesession before the real deal. If you fire up dota2s training section they go thou the game one step at the time. Something like that would be gold.
  13. Best widget dev: Brandon best addon: Kawumm Best racer: Slobo. His movieclips is the foundation of the reflex race community