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  1. If you pickup a shotgun pickup, it says low ammo even if you haven't fired it. Is this intentional?
  2. Hype
  3. It's comes long way, it's a fun awesome game! Edit: wait, bots? Sweet!
  4. I just used the default empty map but made the ground gray so you could see the curves easier
  5. Devs please fix I hate when my leg does the shoop-da-whoop
  6. They will be coming, just not for a while
  7. I'll give you Deadlock legs for them id/skytoon21
  8. Recently I've been playing some Dota 2 and how to ranked system works is you're given an MMR based off of your skill, then every game you gain or lose 25 points based on whether you win or not, then puts you up against people who have a similar MMR than you. I think this would be a cool Idea to do in reflex, but instead of gaining or losing 25 points, it could be based on the match. Like if you finish a duel that wen 12-8, you would gain 4 points. But if you lost a game that wen 2-9, you would lose 7 points. Everyone could start at like 30 and climb from there.
  9. First game I played I got dropped Danklock legs GG
  10. It happens to me a lot when I have high packetloss, do you have that problem too?
  11. I'll be mad if at the end of every game I don't get the "?" award at the end of every match. But good idea I would like to see it ingame
  12. +1
  13. "Another Perfect Oblivion" sounds good
  14. All arena modes are goof off modes for me and my friends.