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  1. Can't find it on the workshop atm and the link seems to be broken.
  2. Good games to everyone who played and thanks for hosting it Pill. Hope the developers will fix the frame issues the game has with higher player numbers on the same map. In general more support for teammodes would be great. (Still waiting for regen powerup lol)
  3. We kept 22 out of the pool for so long for the games own identity and to make it easier for new people to get into an AFPS and 22 has been played for ages. >Devs add it to the pool. >meme
  4. I swear there is something in this map that reminds me of another big title that came out in 2016
  5. @MAD_JIHAD probably because you can only walk on the clip
  6. That's a better idea in general I would say because with 5 maps in the pool it usually ends with the same maps getting banned all the time so they would get almost no playtime.
  7. I think ammo boxes with 25 IC cells are just too weak. Ofc you could place 2 next to each other but why not try having ammo boxes with the same amount as the weapon pickup ammo so they actually do play a role. Right now I wouldn't go for 25 IC cells if the weapon pickups gives me 4 times as much and I think the ammo pickups for all weapons are really weak atm. So yeah my suggestion is trying ammo packs with the same amount as the weapons themselfs. Sure some maps need to rethink ammo then but in the end pickups that matter would be cooler than having tiny amounts of ammo everywhere and most of the time nobody would go for them.
  8. How about no?
  9. Euros are banned from my cups in the future anyways. Oh okay great logic. I guess you are the Trump of Reflex now.
  10. Please don't start playing on super ugly maps, I am happy enough that we use the nice versions of t2 and t7 here. I think the game will do better if we don't play on blank maps which look like crap for newer people.
  11. Yep, i would rather tweak the reload time at this point if it needs a little nerf since the damage should be at least 100 imo. Promeus had a sick spawnfrag on me earlier on Ruin where he preshot a spawn. I think if it is still too strong (we will have to test way more to know tho imo) I would start uping the reload time in 100ms steps. In general duel maps would more or less have stake or bolt while you can hand stake out way easier than bolt in tdm or ctf since it gets way harder to hit on long ranges. For team modes the gun would suffer a lot if the damage would be lower than 100 (pretty sick that a quad stake does pretty much 1 hit everything if you got no resist on your map). The gun might not be the biggest thing for duel even if it helps creating maps with different style but for teammodes and race it's a blessing for the weapon sandbox and I can't wait to see maps that build around the stake gun (smiledm1 update when?)
  12. Damn the shitty music at the start almost got me :'D good job
  13. I think map remakes should only be in classic tournaments (where the whole map pool is old maps) and the rest of the cups should focus on maps that are made originally for Reflex. It helps to keep it interesting and also shuts down the people who always say "reflex is a quake/cpm clone"
  14. map

    I don't think it would work in comp tdm settings at all.
  15. There is only 24 days left, I think 5 maps would be too many to learn for teams + the current maps are the only ones directly designed for 2v2 tdm, other maps (like tephra or dp6) would probably need more testing and changes since they were designed as duel maps.