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  1. wow its that easy?
  2. should have elaborated better, i mean on a server we are running ourselves, not an official one.
  3. cs players won't leave their casual game they hate change.
  4. Yeah i was thinking that, once its polished up a bit, a free weekend would bring a ton of players in i think.
  5. Since matchmaking is out, I think now would be the time to do a free weekend, It would get a lot of players trying the game out, and possibly buying it, especially if their is a discount along with it. opinions? agree? disagree? Tbh we (the community) need to get this game as popular as we can before Diabotical and Quake Champions is out. I actually haven't been able to have a matchmaking game yet (Australia) as their just isn't enough players playing over here, and the ones that do play are pretty much veterans. way I see it free weekend > more players > more feedback > quicker game goes out of alpha Is a free weekend even possible in early access?
  6. Such a shame MM is pretty much dead in AU, just waited in a warm up server for about 20 minutes AU players, Buy a 4 pack and share it with your friends haha, I'm doing this once every month or so. you've made hundreds from me alone devs haha.
  7. good idea man, though recommend turning volume down on the mic a bit, literally scared the crap outta me haha.
  8. where are they located? can't seem to find them anywhere on server, or do i have to enable it somehow?
  9. Also, whats a good size for a map?
  10. Been watching a lot of videos regarding mapping for Reflex and decided I'm going to give it a go, But i want to know from a whole lot of players from all skill levels on what makes a good duel map for them, First I'm probably going to come up with a layout, then maybe get opinions on where i can place items from a few players. so anyways, what makes a good duel map for you?
  11. WDM5 has been made and kinda reflexed up, wish someone made WDM2 lol
  12. I'm assuming if it has the same name, yes, maybe add something to your copy before subscribing, or back then up in a seperate folder just in case.
  13. Issue fixed, host changed IP and server popped up, also bought another 4 pack to help grow scene here in Australia.
  14. Thanks man
  15. Not sure if this is the right section but I played this map not long after release and it doesn't seem to be in game anymore, is their any way to get it back?