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  1. Thanks Jaggerz even I can finish these. :-)
  2. I like stake over bolt too. Would be cool if it was a bow of some sorts.
  3. hud

    This HUD is very clean been using it for a month now and I like it.
  4. Also this kinda reminds me of Doom 2016 which is a good thing.
  5. You know, someone rocket jumping sounds like: I love you guys for adding a party system!
  6. One of the best Arena 2v2 maps imo
  7. Cool, would be nice to see Linux folks on Reflex if they develop it further.
  8. Rush enemies like I was playing freestyle DeFrag. If opponent's too stronk be a sneaky ninja trying to lurk and get rushed by them in turn.
  9. I think burst gun is fine as it is. You can't take people out unless they're low on health. A weak gun PLUS wide spread would be more infuriating as a last resort weapon. Great job, devs! Drinking some wine with fresh matchmaking atm, dunno my rank yet
  10. map

    Love both versions dude keep it up
  11. Why does the game change resolution whenever I Alt+Enter to windowed mode? Not really a complaint, just curious.
  12. Damn it's like a Quake map with picmip transformed completely for UE4 Good job! What's the tune in that video btw?
  13. Looks really cool! Love the green lighting.
  14. Found lots of old clips collecting dust on external HDD. As usual, recorded in-game with gpu soft. I'll make one for arena mode too.
  15. Damn really amazing, some godlike clips! Gonna share this with friends.