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  1. Hey, I know very little or nothing about scripting, but I wanted a couple simple scripts made, so I managed to hack together what I needed (with the help of some of you guys on discord /modding). I would put them on the workshop, but they are not very polished. I've no idea how to add options for them in the options menu. I've also been having a lot less time for these sorts of things lately. And as I'm no coder/scripter, I thought at the least I could put them up here incase someone might find them useful or improve them. Widget 1. AutoSwitchEnemyColour This will switch the enemy model colour to or from relative, depending on which mode you're on. So in race for example, everyone automatically get's their own uniquely chosen colour, where as in every team mode, cl_colors_relative is set to 1. What this widget is missing is options so people can choose what they want for each mode, or perhaps more importantly what 1v1 has. Widget 2. AutoSwitchMaxFps This is more a dial-down-cpu/gpu usage widget, for when you are idle and have alt-tabbed out of the game. I've set com_maxfps to 125 when fullscreen; but when windowed the game will automatically set com_maxfps to 30. Some low end spec users may find this helpful. What this widget is missing is options to set what maxfps they prefer for each state. The widgets could be modded for other commands easily. AutoSwitchEnemyColour.lua AutoSwitchMaxFps.lua
  2. Congratulations and thankyou. I've been mighty impressed with how you, a small team of devs, have dealt with us .. the Motley crew. Great job and I hope there are many more great things to come. Looking forward to those bots.
  3. You don't need to modify the internal.pak file. It's probably best to leave that alone. Just create a new folder structure next to the internal.pk3 file - /internal/characters/hostile/enemy - and drop in the new sound files there. Reflex will use those files (as long as they are named correctly) instead of the default ones. You might not even need to create the folder structure, but it's nice to have everything in order, so you can understand it if you ever come back to look. p.s. Great update guys, I love the new jump sounds. The self suicide/death sound however, I'm not sure if it's bugged for me, or if it's supposed to sound a bit roboticly glitchy. Under heavy use in race mode last night, the first few miliseconds of the sound file sound repeated to me and jarring. But other people liked it.
  4. Found the time to try this over the weekend. Really nicely done! And feels right at home as if it was implemented as an official widget. One thing I didn't understand is whether you need brandons race-leaderboard widget along side it for it to work off? I assumed it does, but you've not written that anywhere, so maybe it doesn't?
  5. This was discussed last night on discord, so I will update what we talked about here for future reference: Dawnlazy is running with optimal hardware, 1060 and an i5 46xx iirc windows 7. 144hz monitor. In regards to whether seeing any black screen/window/loading icon: "think I saw that window precisely once, on the previous time I bought the game but it instantly froze" Game does work by running the reflex.exe whilst steam is completely closed (not running and not in background). But obviously this is not a good solution as Steam is needed to play online. Has tried and failed with: running as admin, running without steam overlay fresh install of reflex potential fixes: Maybe a fresh install of gpu driver could help, using DDU. Or a fresh install of steam. I suspect steam is at fault here somewhere, but this is just a hunch I suppose. Dawnlazy spoke about having a 150+gb steam library and didn't want to try reinstalling steam due to uncertainty of having to redownload his large game library. If anyone is having similar problems, I've not tested this but aparently: "you can back up your steamapps folder near-instantly by just dragging it to somewhere else, then reinstalling steam, then replacing the clean steamapps folder with the old one. Or just close steam then delete all the files and folders in your steam directory that aren't steamapps or steam.exe and it'll do a clean install when you next launch steam."
  6. yea it's a good bug to keep, one of those so called "features" you hear about in code/game development. Ulti, solution is simple, make sure to have at least 2 unit thick jump pads. 1 unit produces this effect.
  7. Kind of 3wave/A&D? (Without the forced team defend / attack scenario, and also no self-damage... having played a lot of A&D, it all doesn't sound too good to me, there wouldn't be much flag capturing, just a few grabs instead.) I think ultimately if it turned into A&D/3wave, it would be nice to have. The other option is to remove the rounds, probably easier for the devs to implement, but this mode is less casual, and not having self-damage is a recipe for RJ disaster imo, fun for a while, quickly boring for the less movement skilled players. I'm not quite sure what's best, but something needs to be fixed, it's a dead mutator/mode combination right now.
  8. Joe, made a post on reddit, hopefully it will gather more ideas for mutators One idea I came up with (that to me seems to have more potential than my others) was to turn pickups into coins/points, perhaps except weapons. And basically you turn the game into getting scored for picking up items, and not for frags. The mutator/mode might then subtly train people to keep an eye out for items. Ofcourse the point system would need some balancing. Something like the 5-armor shards give 5 points, 100-YA gives 100 points, mega maybe double that to 200point etc, and whether you score points for frags I don't know. Rewarding people for grabbing items could change things up a bit, and also potentially help the less fragging players feel productive (depending on how it's balanced, a stacked player is probably going to dominate).
  9. Unfortunately CTF and the arena mutator doesn't spawn flags. But one round, one life, to capture a flag? .. perhaps it could work well if not only the flags spawned but the round based part of arena was disabled in this scenario.
  10. I'm not a quick mapper unfortunately, but I have an old map I could enter (that has been somewhat already previewed by a few, but barely played); I will also start work on a new map in-case a competition arises, and keep it quiet, but usually I'd need a lot of testing. Maybe I can think something up a bit more open-worldy. It'll be hard to make a good one with little testing though. The risk is I make a snore-fest of a map because the faster players find some horrid, slowing to a halt, or grindy sort of section.
  11. damn, a mapping competition! I took the wrong time to momentarily drop off the scene. I hope this is the first of many, congratulations to all the winners.
  12. Outline weapons / gun silhouette (like transparent weapons) - Widget would remove the weapon model and replace them with a coloured outline of what the weapon is. I guess an all out perfect widget for this would have xyz axis control, and just many different configurations available to the user, whether you want it on or off for certain weapons, a pure outline or a solid colour (perhaps transparant), and maybe even controling the thickness and colours of the outline. But all those extra configurations aren't necessary to me. edit: in a perfect world I guess some kind of weapon bob features would be optional too.. edit edit: could this just essentially be a modified crosshair widget at its most basic level?
  13. a very nice widget, and yes: that fix of using the scoreboard.lua also works for me too
  14. Also, in addition to what skytoon mentions, something I noticed is the tiny amount of time you are holding the jump key. Notice the jump keys length of press in both your video and skytoons. Skytoon seems to be holding jump for perhaps 50 percent of the time when moving, where as you are only tapping jump at the moment you land on the ground. How jump works in reflex is that one jump can be "preloaded" - as in, if you tap jump once and then immediately press and hold jump before you land, you will automatically jump when you land. but only the once. Because you are not preloading jump you are getting stuttering in your speed/acceleration.
  15. parry madness