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  1. I was just hanging with a few dudes. Breaker / Toni43 and some .. gentle-man.
  2. Whatever happens, something needs to change for racing modes, perhaps when a map is selected by the map maker as using race only, then an extra option can appear (or is forced) to use an easy/lite lower-quality lightmap producing a much smaller .light file; or the map can be uploaded without lm. Or perhaps the devs have better stuff to implement right now :s
  3. Oh nice, I did not know about that widget. I have been thinking about area control in a flag-carrying mode, I think that could be a really good tactical addition, but it just seemed to me a lot of work to ask for from the devs, for an unknown end-result. I was just on salads server now, and I noticed someone planted a turret; Suggesting to me a potentially a easy thing the devs could add for us to play around with and aid us in the 1-flag mode or even other modes, is to enable team orriented turrets (e.g. attack zeta team only).
  4. I started this new thread here in reference to Kovaaks "we need to talk..." discussion. This thread is all about the idea of finding and play-testing a new mode, utilising the tools that we already have available to us (just like how we botched in instagib before it was a mutator); therefore trying not to waste developers time with ideas that could be unsuccessful. Having said that, I don't think it would be unreasonable to put forward an argument to the devs towards implementing a perhaps hidden test feature / ruleset / mutator should it be paramount to get a working beta environment going for a new mode, so long as enough interest is gathered. Right! So in the other forum post, in my opinion I saw three viable ideas that could be playtested right now. Using 'capture-pits' as a means to force the map to be played in each specific way. I have quickly modified Promeus' map Skytemples to cater for the three variants: Capture - represents attackers having to get to the enemy (defenders) base and take that flag back to the attackers base, similar to regular CTF. Push - This is where the attackers take a flag and push it into the enemy's base, like UT4's mode "FlagCap" zRush - This represents Kovaaks suggested mode where any one member of the attacking team must simply get to the defending teams flag. I have ALSO converted and uploaded to steam an old map of mine that I felt useless for current ctf, and so was binned long ago, a bit large perhaps especially for zergRush. I have placed extra placed flags that are blocked off with a glass brush, so anyone can simply and quickly convert it to a Push or zRush type mode. If anyone has some other ideas and modes that can be manifested in Reflexes current state, I would love to see your idea in .map form if it isn't too difficult to portray. p.s. For the maps I have converted and linked here to work in their most basic form with the least amount of effort from the devs, it would need perhaps a mutator that makes the match a game of two halves. Think about that if you want to suggest a different mode, 'how can the devs make your mode testable in it's most basic form'
  5. I really like @thelawenforcer's ball push idea (perhaps the ball can be held along with your melee weapon), an idea like this or @KovaaK's where you are focused on one goal (just like in CS or in OW) it is something that everyone new and old can work together well and clearly on. I didn't know about UT's new mode FlagRun, and coincidentally I had a similar concept to it, and there could be a lessen to be learned from them which we could utilise. My idea was: 2 teams: attackers, defenders 1 Flag in defenders base. Goal is to take flag and bring back to attackers base Game of two halves Have pickups available and even quads/pu's to time I think it is important to have a mode that hints and utilises our pickups, so that a new player can learn and recognise the importance of cycling or timing and item, the Quad is a prime example of this, and in this new mode it should be Really loudly FLASHED in your face that it has a timer and it's time is coming! Everyone of our ideas can easily be mocked up to some degree in Reflex's current state, possibly just by converting a few ctf maps at first, and this is what is important; us testing a mocked up version to see how far the mode can go before it's depth and layers dissapear. And to see how much a problem a weak/new player see's the mode. A weak player in classic CTF for example is a high liability leaking holes through the defensive layers, but a weak player in a flagrun-like mode is much less a liability, rather than the player being a problem for his team mates and making him feel bad, the player simply just becomes less useful and not a hinderance; therefore imo possibly keeping the player happier. Also, I like how you (@thelawenforcer) put it: " the best model for Reflex would have been to go with the Severity model " I said this earlier, and I think it should be said again, this should happen for MM, I would suggest 1v1's 2v2's and at the forefront which ever new mode that we can all agree on as having potential.
  6. I'll start by saying I am a strong believe that quake champions will not become successful (for its community) if it's team modes are stuck using the old fashioned classic tdm/ctf manner (but we've yet to see what they may have up their sleeve). And it is for the same reasons I see Reflex struggling, neither tdm or ctf or even ffa is casual friendly (sure you can drop in and out of ffa casually, but the mode is an empty shell if you aren't trying to cycle items play the meta etc.), I've been trying to write this up for a detailed and open post I want to make on /r/arenafps; the tl:dr of it is that the modes don't appear to have depth to a newcomer, they are nothing more than a run and gun simulator in their minds and a new player can be a heavy liability to his team if he/she doesn't understand the meta of those modes, causing a sort self-punishing feeling. The real question here that I want to make is can Reflex implement a team based mode that supports a good amount of casual play and possibly spectatorship AND can the devs realistically implement this mode. The current CTF mode that was added is a classic example of us the community pushing the devs towards developing in the wrong direction. Anyway sure we could maybe come up with a good idea, what @KovaaK talks about with that one capture point I believe is perhaps a step in the right direction. It is a mode that I have been similarly trying to envision with my own mode, although the mode I have imagined myself is a different in many ways, it is also the same in many others; perhaps we can collectively form a mode like this and test it with the use of placeholders. I think I could hack a map to test that is similar to Kovaaks suggestion. But if there was to be a mode like this, then it really needs the full support of every single person in our community. Now on another note: Firstly I think we can all agree that the game needs another layer of polish in the form of clarity, not clarity in visuals or style, but clarity in the games depth. The armor stuff that I've suggested is probably not enough on its own, but small things like this added is whats needed to progress a new players understanding of the game more quickly. Can we form ideas that we believe the devs can realistically implement?? and Secondly: Those that have expressed negative and defeatist views on the game even being possible to 'fix' I am sort of with you, but I am also against you; the problem for me is that your views are not helpful whether they are right or wrong. I do agree that the game could grind itself to death the way it is, and it's duel-mode being at the forefront and the core of the game could be part of its demise. Which is why certain things need changing. Lastly and part of the above, I like that duel and 2v2 is the highlight for match-making, the other modes perhaps need to be removed from MM imo, and then a new mode that we can form needs to be at the forefront, ideally this mode would allow a player to learn the importance of picking up item, and therefore be the start of why they may want to try the intensive and challenging modes that are duel and 2v2.
  7. Perhaps the armor and hp stacks should morph a player into a more beastly perhaps larger looking bot in order to show a losing player what he is up against. The same progressing upgrades could somehow be shown clearly also to the one picking them up (maybe, you'd see yourself physically morphing or armors slaming into your body) . Then it would be more clear to a player that he/she is not losing because of aim, but because of the enemy progressing and morphing through armor upgrades. Ofcourse there is the arguement for keeping health/stacks unknown and separated in the high-level play; for this a compromise is either the progessive upgrade could only apply to when a player can withstand 2 rockets, or when he's only holding RA or something.. Or make the current way the ultimate competitive optional mode, but it should then be kept out of Match Making. edit/p.s. if an armor did attach to a players body and make them visibly larger, it is also another opportunity for some kind of customizable addon. Ofcourse it might be best kept the same colour as the player model due to team modes, unless in 1v1 applying colours of armors worked specifically for duel. But there's no reason why there couldnt be some kind of different designs for them, they might stand out very well.
  8. I had been thinking of this or a similar problem of not showing the importance of armors not too long ago, and so I tried to put an idea into a training map that would force the player to notice how to cycle picking up the armors. In my example map I made it the goal of picking up two armors, the YA and the RA, and cycling around the map forcing you (by the ugly means of floor-is-lava) to notice this cycling in order to be able to get the Rocket Launcher, hit the targets and progress through the map to fulfil the training checklist. The map being a training map means that you may want to see how fast you can do it, but this is probably not going to be understood well by new players. Ultimately I felt this map to be a little clunky, and not perhaps not clear enough. It assumes you are fine with bhopping around, and I still had to add text to convey the idea of what you were trying to do. I have not explained that you need the red armor to be able to get further, but reading a lot of text is something we want to get away from right. The idea of this map is just one small element in the grand scheme of trying to speedily teach a player how to become proficient at playing and understanding reflex. I've attached my bare-bones map idea, it's far from a solution, but maybe it can help rattle some ideas around here?
  9. Hey, I know very little or nothing about scripting, but I wanted a couple simple scripts made, so I managed to hack together what I needed (with the help of some of you guys on discord /modding). I would put them on the workshop, but they are not very polished. I've no idea how to add options for them in the options menu. I've also been having a lot less time for these sorts of things lately. And as I'm no coder/scripter, I thought at the least I could put them up here incase someone might find them useful or improve them. Widget 1. AutoSwitchEnemyColour This will switch the enemy model colour to or from relative, depending on which mode you're on. So in race for example, everyone automatically get's their own uniquely chosen colour, where as in every team mode, cl_colors_relative is set to 1. What this widget is missing is options so people can choose what they want for each mode, or perhaps more importantly what 1v1 has. Widget 2. AutoSwitchMaxFps This is more a dial-down-cpu/gpu usage widget, for when you are idle and have alt-tabbed out of the game. I've set com_maxfps to 125 when fullscreen; but when windowed the game will automatically set com_maxfps to 30. Some low end spec users may find this helpful. What this widget is missing is options to set what maxfps they prefer for each state. The widgets could be modded for other commands easily. AutoSwitchEnemyColour.lua AutoSwitchMaxFps.lua
  10. Congratulations and thankyou. I've been mighty impressed with how you, a small team of devs, have dealt with us .. the Motley crew. Great job and I hope there are many more great things to come. Looking forward to those bots.
  11. You don't need to modify the internal.pak file. It's probably best to leave that alone. Just create a new folder structure next to the internal.pk3 file - /internal/characters/hostile/enemy - and drop in the new sound files there. Reflex will use those files (as long as they are named correctly) instead of the default ones. You might not even need to create the folder structure, but it's nice to have everything in order, so you can understand it if you ever come back to look. p.s. Great update guys, I love the new jump sounds. The self suicide/death sound however, I'm not sure if it's bugged for me, or if it's supposed to sound a bit roboticly glitchy. Under heavy use in race mode last night, the first few miliseconds of the sound file sound repeated to me and jarring. But other people liked it.
  12. Found the time to try this over the weekend. Really nicely done! And feels right at home as if it was implemented as an official widget. One thing I didn't understand is whether you need brandons race-leaderboard widget along side it for it to work off? I assumed it does, but you've not written that anywhere, so maybe it doesn't?
  13. This was discussed last night on discord, so I will update what we talked about here for future reference: Dawnlazy is running with optimal hardware, 1060 and an i5 46xx iirc windows 7. 144hz monitor. In regards to whether seeing any black screen/window/loading icon: "think I saw that window precisely once, on the previous time I bought the game but it instantly froze" Game does work by running the reflex.exe whilst steam is completely closed (not running and not in background). But obviously this is not a good solution as Steam is needed to play online. Has tried and failed with: running as admin, running without steam overlay fresh install of reflex potential fixes: Maybe a fresh install of gpu driver could help, using DDU. Or a fresh install of steam. I suspect steam is at fault here somewhere, but this is just a hunch I suppose. Dawnlazy spoke about having a 150+gb steam library and didn't want to try reinstalling steam due to uncertainty of having to redownload his large game library. If anyone is having similar problems, I've not tested this but aparently: "you can back up your steamapps folder near-instantly by just dragging it to somewhere else, then reinstalling steam, then replacing the clean steamapps folder with the old one. Or just close steam then delete all the files and folders in your steam directory that aren't steamapps or steam.exe and it'll do a clean install when you next launch steam."
  14. yea it's a good bug to keep, one of those so called "features" you hear about in code/game development. Ulti, solution is simple, make sure to have at least 2 unit thick jump pads. 1 unit produces this effect.
  15. Kind of 3wave/A&D? (Without the forced team defend / attack scenario, and also no self-damage... having played a lot of A&D, it all doesn't sound too good to me, there wouldn't be much flag capturing, just a few grabs instead.) I think ultimately if it turned into A&D/3wave, it would be nice to have. The other option is to remove the rounds, probably easier for the devs to implement, but this mode is less casual, and not having self-damage is a recipe for RJ disaster imo, fun for a while, quickly boring for the less movement skilled players. I'm not quite sure what's best, but something needs to be fixed, it's a dead mutator/mode combination right now.