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  1. Something like this, though if it has a charge up time I wouldn't mind it being a bit more powerful. Maybe faster reload or 90 full charge damage.
  2. Why do you think it would be better if they removed IC? And bolt has been essential weapon ever since what or when?
  3. It's not about the total damage, it's the fact that it's free, unpunishable damage that bothers me.
  4. The main point is that it's instant 80 damage with infinite range. As such, it's also the easiest weapon to use, as you only need to fire once for that 80 damage reward, compared to other weapons like rocket launcher where you have to predict, plasma where you have to predict and lead, ic where you have to track the enemy, and even shotgun where you have to get in range. It's not as bad as it is in CPM, but I'll try to give a few arguments: To deal damage with bolt you need a much smaller window of opportunity than with all the other weapons, you could wait, pre-aim at a spot and shoot as soon as you see an enemy, only to escape right away with minimum exposure. Whereas with other weapons you have to expose yourself for a while longer giving the enemy the opportunity to return damage. What this also means is that you only need to hold a small angle to deal 80 damage, as long as you can see a few pixels you're good to go. The range of the weapon is another thing that can make it impossible to counter. Often the only counter for bolt is another bolt. The bolt is the only weapon that can deal such unreturnable, unavoidable damage. But even when chasing someone it can be really annoying if the enemy can just instantly deal 80 damage. When running away it doesn't matter if you have 1 hp or 79, you'll just die instantly, and that is odd imo. CPM had it worse because there was no switchdelay, making shaft to rail a ridiculous combo, basically you could shaft someone then switch to rail for a guaranteed hit for 80 damage. An example of how I used it to get 160 unreturnable damage: https://www.twitch.tv/hal_9/v/80788165?t=2h3m30s
  5. As someone who does know how to play against it, and use it I still think the weapon concept is flawed.
  6. Yeah, or charge it before shooting like the plasma pistol in Halo
  7. Imo bolt is the least skillful weapon of all, and thus it is weird that it deals such high damage. My suggestions for bolt are: Short burst bolt (basically a high powered burst fire ic) that deals 90 damage over 3 shots in something like 300ms, then has a reload time of 1200 ms. This, I feel, would make it a more skillful weapon to use. Another idea is that it has different damage/reload time depending on the range of the shot. If it hits a close range target the damage is high but so is the reload time at 1.5s (to punish bad choice of weapons for close range), at medium range it deals medium damage and has a medium reload time of 1s, at long range low damage low reload of 0.5s. So it looks like this Close 80 - 1.5s Medium 40 - 1s Far 20 - 0.5s Reason for this it's that it's odd that one of the easiest weapons with infinite range deals such high damage, the only counter for bolt is often the bolt rifle itself.
  8. Hal used about 12cm/360 before, and now uses 25cm.
  9. Well right now it's possible at lower speeds, but a bit harder at higher speeds, I thought that was what you wanted. But as I said, I'm open for new stuff.
  10. I've heard that argument before, but don't think it makes much sense. It's not like it's easy to reposition using air control in the middle of a fight, the opponent is not gonna stop shooting you just so you can adjust your position. Jumping makes you more vulnerable, whether you have aircontrol or not.
  11. Personally, I see what you're getting at, and while that (consistent) type of movement would look and probably feel awesome, I don't think it'd make the game better. You'd see people trying to fly through the map rather than positioning themself strongly. What exactly do you mean with it being inconsistent though? Because I can consistently pull off the same movement regarding aironcontrol. Actually I'm all for experimenting withy movement, but not for the wrong reasons, and imo, saying "it's a mix from CPM and VQ3, so it SHOULD have this or that" is a wrong reason. For what it's worth, the movement seekax and I showed probably wouldn't really work in a duel, you'd be far better of just strafing on the ground unless you're certain your opponent has an ultralow sens and is running out of mousepad space. Again, I don't think it's bad in it's current form, or that it SHOULD be changed, I think it's just different from qw/cpm/vq3/ql/skyrim/painkiller. And that's fine imo. As for explaining the difference in w+s/a+d aircontrol to new players, it'd go something like this: Both give aircontrol A or D accelerate you while turning At low speeds, W or S give more aircontrol and thus sharper turns but it doesn't accelerate you Doesn't sound too difficult to understand.
  12. Why SHOULD it behave in any way? This is what the devs chose, it's not wrong and not right, just different.
  13. Like so? It's still moving forward, just turning, not exactly the same as moving sideways. There is a difference between +w aircontrol and +a/d aircontrol though, at low speeds +w gives more control, but a/d gives more speed while turning.
  14. I am confused here, with w people mean forward right? How is that strafing?
  15. Calling it W-strafing is so weird, because you're not actually strafing. That said, w aircontrol is not something new as it was very much the dominant way of moving around in Painkiller. Personally I like the Reflex movement a lot, and to many people cs aircontrol doesn't feel intuitive at first, it only feels intuitive to you because that's what you're used to.
  16. I agree with most of it, except IC being overpowered (I rather think it's the rocketlauncher being underpowered), and rewarding rushing. Rushing is a tactical decision you have to make, but I don't see why it should always be rewarded.
  17. You don't need a LUA script for that though. bind s weapon 7; cl_text_time 0 bind a weapon 3; cl_text_time 1
  18. It's faster for development of the game, no need to constantly add it to the .pak file. That, and the fact that a year ago Reflex didn't have .pak files so it's probably just legacy code, is the reason I think it's still in. But that's exactly the point... disabling the numbers is a matter of setting cl_text_time to 0, without altering any game files. It's removing visual effects without altering (or replacing) gamefiles. Because not everyone agrees with this.
  19. It's faster for development of the game, no need to constantly add it to the .pak file. That, and the fact that a year ago Reflex didn't have .pak files so it's probably just legacy code, is the reason I think it's still in. But that's exactly the point... disabling the numbers is a matter of setting cl_text_time to 0, without altering any game files. It's removing visual effects without altering (or replacing) gamefiles.
  20. Semantics. You're replacing a visual effect with another one, regardless of how that is achieved. Such functionality is in place because it's an absolute necesity, what are you trying to get at here? Why do you think such functionality is in place? Because I highly doubt it's for players to remove visual effects.
  21. Neither of those widgets alter game files. And yeah I don't have anything against custom sounds, except for the example Pill gave for timing items. Yeah many people did consider my executable a cheat, including arQon. But trust me, if you consider that a cheat you should re-evaluate all the results from all major quake 3 tournaments since 2008 I guess the community decided it's allowed though. The problem is not with the sounds, but with removing visual effects.
  22. The reason for not implementing it is not time, it's to prevent having 'pro configs' that give an advantage and to give the game a somewhat uniform look for every player. The latter is quite important to not confuse people whom are unfamiliar with the game and watching a stream.
  23. Aimbots/wallhacks ARE possible in Reflex (and a wallhack had already been made). Not sure why you think it isn't possible. The same argument extends to pretty much any game though, just because something is available to everyone, doesn't mean it's not a cheat.
  24. I really want to play that @Ammazzabanane
  25. IIRC truelightning -1 only removed your own beam? Don't think it ever affected the enemy beam. In the later stages you could disable it anyway as an option I think, but that's the whole thing, it became a cvar, so it was intended that way by the devs. Removing your own shaft beam is fine imo, because it's something you can do by altering a few cvars and the devs are aware of it (and haven't changed it.) Altering gamefiles to change the visuals to get an advantage is taking it a step too far. The "Anyone can use it" point is silly, anyone can use a wallhack or aimbot. The devs were trying to avoid "pro config advantegeous cvar" hell, hence why many things can't be changed.