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  1. After a week and a lot of manhours mapping and testing, dp9 terit4 is ready to be released. Thanks do def for his help making the map what it is, and thanks to fht for making it look all pretty! Thanks to everyone whom I've tested the map with. Itemlayout is subject to change, if you find any problems or bugs let me know. Download the map from Reflexfiles
  2. New duel map, needs lots of testing. Nothing is set in stone, it probably needs lots of adjustments to spawns, item layout and possibly geometry. Some info: 2xYA 1xRA 1xIC 2xRL 1xPG 1xSG 1xGL 1xMH http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888460764 Also, thank you def, greed, ammaccabanana for the feedback and help!
  3. Ah yes, I meant to change the pillar jump actually, I made a CPM version that has a different jump (though it still somewhat slows you down, which is intentional). If I can be arsed I'll change it in Reflex as well, building lightmaps is such a pita on my aging machine.
  4. Map has been updated! Changes: Mega drop removed, it's still a pit but has stairs Calendar room teleporter now leads to top instead of essentially having a 2way teleporter Bot support!
  5. So what is th general concensus on this map now? The players from the Aus Calendar cup told me the health is abundant and too easy to get, so I will look into it. Opinions on the megahealth are still 50/50. Looking for feedback so I can update the map.
  6. Guy on the left. Actual real life robot.
  7. Hey all! I've been uploading some duels to my youtube account, and I've made a playlist that can be found here. I'll try to update it often, and I'll try to upload matches with commentary. Right now there's only my own matches, but I do want to comment on some other matches as well.
  8. Added 2 new videos [Reflex] Terifire vs Kyto on Furnace [Reflex] Terifire vs Pill_ 2 duels on The Catalyst
  9. 1v1 Map originally made for QuakeWorld by Foogs. Features the following items 1x RA 1x YA 2x GA 1x MH 1x Carnage for team modes 8x25h And weapons: 1x IC 2x RL 1x SG 1x GL 1x PG And so far, plenty of lightleaks! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765350945
  10. I wouldn't say dp9 or dp4 are as rocket heavy as dp5. Either way if you want to see how the damage distribution is you can't exclude a map simply because it is expected to be rocket heavy, that's like saying "Oh this is expected not to confirm the theory so we can't use this". It's not that much different from confirmation bias.
  11. Uploaded some new videos [Reflex] Terifire vs LocKtar on Aerowalk with some commentary [Reflex] Terifire vs LocKtar 2 more duels on Ruin [QW] Terifire vs LocKtar on Aerowalk
  12. shadowfang keep vostok station inertia rani ki vav traveler 2 outlast 421 wings of doom Calendar
  13. Does anyone know who manages the mekkamannen server?
  14. I have been summoned?
  15. So many people saying it's just a second bolt, time to remove bolt perhaps?
  16. To best honest aerowalk is a broken mess anyway.
  17. I feel like it'd be pretty useless pretty fast, except if the ammo is upped.
  18. A small script I made to check your sensitivity settings. To use it enable the widget, position it to your liking, then type ui_tersensitivitytool_anglereset 1 in console (or bind this to a key). Now move your mouse from the far end of your mousepad along the width to the other end and note the results. TerSensitivityTool.lua
  19. It DOES apply to weapon stats as well.
  20. I have a qck+ too, and my sensitivity should actually be 15cm/360, but in that video it shows 15.3 because I hit my hand against the wall before the mouse sensor reaches the edge of the pad. Be sure the SENSOR is at the edge of the mousepad before you start moving it, some mice have an off-centre sensor. The hud is of my own making, yes.
  21. It sure as hell can bring more banter with it.
  22. The banter already happening is hardly a good argument. That's like saying "Oh well, people are pirating games already, I might as well just pirate it myself". It's a strange way of rationalising it. It might be useful to the devs, in that case I'd much rather have them gather that information without presenting it to the users.
  23. Great idea for race! But to be honest I can't see this leading to anything other than banter about playstyles in duel.
  24. Is there a way to download entire folders (so not the whole repos) as .rar or .zip in bitbucket?