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  1. Warmup is nice but as you mentioned it has self/team damage (+ a lower stack) and no self damage is an essential part of arena. I think it's just a design decision how to get to the non round based arena experience (warmup without self-damage or arena without rounds). Arena is just no self damage + full stack to me so I just suggested to just "outsource" the rounds. I would be happy with a no self/team damage mutator as well.
  2. Currently the arena mutator introduces round based gameplay into ffa (and other modes) rendering the mode ffa + arena mutator combination stale (avoiding early fights and just getting into the action at the end seems to be the most promising way to win). I suggest to add another mutator "round based" and to alter the arena mutator so it only adds "full stack, all weapons, no self/team damage". This way affa could be played round and frag based (+ as a side effect atdm could be played on a team frag basis + regular tdm could be played round based).
  3. @thyriaen it's x86 (32bit) wine 2.1. wine >2.1 produces some weird graphic glitches for me. It runs without anything else installed. (I tried installing dx11 via playonlinux and now even without dynamic lights some maps are playable).
  4. For the server: I don't know about the docker container but running it with the standard wine cmd is just as straight as it gets. You don't need X11 for it. If you need any help pm me. Why do you want to use a docker image? For the client: I just used plain playonlinux, installed steam with it, choose the wine 2.1 staging and ran the thing in window mode with dynamic lights on. Currently it caps at 60 fps which is the refresh rate of my monitor (makes sense when it runs in window mode). But it's pretty much maxed out cpu wise i think so i get 1/4th of my windows reflex frame rate but it's playable (I still switch to my windows only for the game because playing with 60 vs 240 fps is still a big deal). There is a bug that prevents the ambient light to be displayed correctly (I just assume it's some kind of missing blending functionality currently missing in the dx 11 wine implementation which prevents the lightmap to be merged into the scene correctly but just an educated guess). Without dynamic light barely anything can be seen. In the winecfg there are some overrides in the libraries section (guess it's from installing steam via play on linux) * d3dx11_42 (native, builtin) * d3dx11_43 (native, builtin) * dwrite (disabled) * gameoverlayrenderer (disabled) If someone is interested I can make a small video of it but I don't really see a point to do so. I assume in most major distributions it should be as easy as installing playonlinux and a decent driver for your gpu, install steam via playonlinux and install the game. At this point I would not recommend it though.
  5. Mouse input is working out of the box for me. Just tested wine 2.1 and there is a huge performance boost! It's now quiet playable for me.
  6. For me it runs on around 1/10th of my windows fps in wine 2. I got the same "dark lighting" problems that you seem to witness. Some maps work better than others + you can try switching dynamic lighting (For me some maps work better with and some do work better without it). I think wine dx11 support will improve in the near future so maybe give it a try again 2-3 months? I don't get those weird artifacts your stairs produce btw. It "feels" a little driver related. Are you on an amd gpu or are you using free drivers? Here are some examples i got using wine 2 rc4 (i think) and current nvidia drivers http://imgur.com/a/eQxrh on my 750Ti At the moment it's not playable for me but I still use it on linux for plugin development.
  7. I think @capodecima is talking about the feeling and not the actual damage of the weapon. I agree that it feels underwhelming shooting it and I only get satisfaction using the shotgun if it kills in one hit. I would appreciate another visual fx or sfx showing more impact for shotgun as well.
  8. Most ambitious newcomer @Jaguar
  9. I just tested reflex with the current 2.0-rc3 wine and reflex now runs (maybe walks would be more appropriate) on linux. The fps are terrible (I get around 30 compared to >200 fps on Windows) but it's playable. Seeing that dx11 is a very recent feature in wine I am pretty sure there will be decent improvements in the near future.
  10. Maybe we should move this insta switch discussion to a thread of its own? I would really like to have a mutator for this but I think by putting this here we are neither doing this thread any good nor can we milk out some mutation from shooter if we don't give this the exposure it might deserve.
  11. Yo @Purple Rain tell us what you think.Would be cool to get some insights from someone completely new in reflex.
  12. There is at least one big round of 8-10 EU players playing (a)tdm in the evenings from 2200 to past midnight almost every night. These guys play tdm and ctf as well so I think you have a decent base of players there. The eu pickup channel also shows some interest so I say lets try it. @NicholasWalters you might be right but by organizing regular matches you got the chance to gather this stuff and compile suggestions based on the opinion of multiple players that love tdm.
  13. The second time I reported a minor issue and it gets fixed the next day. :ok_hand:
  14. I see the difficulties here. If you add it to the arena mutator you miss out the chance to try stuff like disabling friendly fire for instagib and ctf. As lolograde suggested there could be some interesting mechanics no one has thought of so far (for example you can leech team mates hp in vamp mode with ff on). On the other hand by adding a friendly fire mutator you introduce pointless game variants like ff enabled arena tdm. Suggestion: Mutators should be restricted to game modes (they aren't right know, are they?) (e.g. low grav makes sense in all modes, vamp doesn't in race and "ff off" would make no sense in 1v1 and ffa). This way ff could be a mutator but only for modes where it is interesting. You have the default behaviour (ff enabled) and a mutator (ff off).
  15. 10 likes so far? @shooter I'm internet famous.