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  1. I'll be starting a Duel guide series on youtube, mostly aimed at current and upcoming duelers that want to improve. Feel free to provide feedback on the videos and suggest topics you want to cover, the first few videos will be about the basics, I'll probably go into the more advanced stuff as the series goes on. Playlist 1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals 3. Movement Thank you for watching !
  2. A good way to not discourage mappers would maybe be to not endorse publicly mappers or maps that only focus on artwork. As a competitive player, there is nothing more infuriating than seing the devs adding maps officially to the map pool just because it has pretty meshes and the mapper has apparently spent alot of time on it. Sanctum was never play tested for a long period, was never in any tournament but it got added straight away just because it was a promeus map and looked "good". If I was a serious mapper that wanted to produce a good 1v1 map, I'd be pretty pissed about maps being arbitrarily added in the mm map pool and could just take the easy route on by working on art rather than proposing very solid gameplay in my map. Map making is not about the facade, if your map looks good but plays badly, it'll maybe be added in the match making pool if you make it shiny enough so the devs notice, it won't be however in any serious tournament or competition. If your map is good, it'll get played, if it isn't it won't, it's as simple as that, people still wonder why The Catalyst is the most played map in match making (check the replays), very simple explanation, it's the most balanced map currently in the game, people might not agree with that statement but it's the objective truth. Nobody is forcing people to play The Catalyst more than 421, certainely not the 10 people that make up the "top players". Shoving new maps down our throat in the mm competitive pool without a vetting process is not the right way to get them approved and is counter productive for the mapper. Also, I do agree that new maps can make it easier for some players to catch up, you'll have to invest alot of time anyways if you want to get to the top, regardless of the maps currently being played, it's not like it makes a difference, don't be delluded into thinking that new maps will magically make you catch up faster or even get to the top, it takes alot more than new maps being played. tldr : don't add maps just because they look pretty or because it's made by this mapper. Work on gameplay, not art. Don't shove maps down our throats.
  3. 3rd video of the series : Thank you all for the feedback and the suggestions, as I said in the first video and the first post, the first few videos will be about what I consider the most important aspects in duelling in reflex which can help you improve drastically, I'll probably do more advanced videos in the future, right now I'm trying to keep the videos below 10/15mins. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for watching !
  4. I've recently moved and now able to stream. Stream link : https://www.twitch.tv/ramagan I'll be streaming 1v1 99% of the time. If you want to help me improve the stream in any way (ideas/art) pm me on the Reflex discord ! Highlights from the stream can be found on my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Ramaganwow/videos Thanks for watching !
  5. Always experienced this since I started to set the volume at 0 sometimes. (1+ year easily)
  6. map vetos.
  7. Could the "3 map selection" thing that pops up be removed ? and just handled randomly, seems unfair in my opinion if you know your opponent and are able to pick a certain map. Could the starcraft 2 map preferences model be a thing ? Just like in the current reflex system, there is a "playlist" of map, and you have 3 vetos, and are forced to play the rest of the maps you haven't vetoed.
  8. List of quick suggestions in order of importance : -Display the map pool like you display the servers and let people choose what they want to play (starcraft/csgo style), some people don't want to play certain maps and others just want to only play a specific one. -Add an option so we're not forced to join an ffa server while waiting. -servers were laggy for me, they also happen to be all 16 slots for no reason. -Make the mmr visible, display the divisions (starcraft style). - I understand that the ruleset stuff isn't settled but please add the obvious stuff like you did in 47.1 Experimental: Player hitbox uses new bullet shape Max splash damage a rocket can now do is 85 (direct is still 100) . And wallclipping could be nice aswell. Oh and the last 2 rank names, please reconsider. Thank you.
  9. @shooter Hi, would be nice if the entire chatlog was displayed in the console as some stuff currently isn't (namely rolls or when a player joins/disconnects, goes to the spec etc). Thank you.
  10. Replay : https://www.dropbox.com/s/b259p9ii9k56osl/Furnace_Ramagan_Xv2_03Dec2016_1736_0markers.rep?dl=0 Also possible with grenades and plasma.
  11. As some of you may know, Reflex testers have now the possibility of using an "expplus" ruleset that unlocks many of the game's cvars. Some of these testers are producing different versions of "expplus", adjusting many variables, proposing different gameplay, weapon balance, movement, etc... In order to stimulate the feedback over these various rulesets, I (along others) thought it would be a good idea to have a central discord server to discuss the different aspect of each of the tester's ruleset and have some sort a think tank for more creativity and diversity. The ultimate goal is to unlock reflex's full potential in terms of gameplay and balance, and to enlarge the number of people testing the rulesets and providing feedback which will lead to more refined gameplay. Discord invite : https://discord.gg/yUgp8qR Everyone from all skill levels is welcomed, we will have extensive discussions on weapon balance, movement and all that good stuff. Your feedback and playtesting is geatly appreciated. NB : the rulesets we're testing will not be final or pushed in the game, this is only a temporary situation dedicated to testing and experimenting to help the developers.
  12. I don't even know where to begin, so I'll just state the obvious. This tournament is probably the worse one I've ever played organization wise. - Servers : No dedicated servers, no planning - Stream/casting : No official stream/casting setted up before the beginning of the tournament - Communication : No official discord server (you genuinely thought that using the main global discord channel would be a good idea ?) - Prize pool : You taking 5% of the donations for """future events""" is simply a scam, people can donate for future events accordingly, stop pretending you'll be saving this money for future prize pools. Going on then in twitch chat saying that Europeans didn't "support the players" because they didn't contribute to your scam is also hilarious. - Prize pool distribution : 1st place gets 139.1$ (0.5*78.2+100), 2nd place gets 15.64$. Even though you said it beforehand, it doesn't make it less idiotic. I'm not playing cups or Reflex for the money, but this kind of distribution is not going to attract top players to your tournament. - Administration : Inexistant and disgraceful, not to mention that you spent the duration of the tournament in my twitch chat or the other stream's talking shit about pretty much everything. Yes you will get complaints whatever you do or try to host, most of them are legitimate, this is the internet, you either need to grow a pair or quit (The latter would be the better option in your case). I've hosted 2 major EU tournaments in the past (the second one is the one which you copy/pasted the rules from remember ?) and almost received nothing but positive feedback, maybe there is a reason ? Don't even start ranting about how great you are in real life because no one cares, it was quite funny and pathetic on the discord though. Same goes for your degenerate brother Thump4. On a positive note, I enjoyed playing against some of the NA guys, was good fun even with my ping, thanks to everyone that signed up and congratz to Necrophag1st !
  13. I'll be streaming my POV. Tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/ramagan
  14. Hi, I've been complaining about weapon balance on discord for the past few weeks, I feel it's time this issue gets addressed in a very serious and calm manner. This post is directly targeted at the devs. @shooter@Electro I've read the roadmap again, and it worries me as I don't see any kind of "weapon rework" in there in any of the future builds. What follows is strictly my opinion, feel free to disagree with me. (Sorry if some stuff is redundant, just trying to get my point across) I'll be considering "weapon balance" in a duel environment at top level as I think it's what weapon balance changes should be centered around (Just like in Starcraft 2). The weapon balance problem should be resolved and settled as soon as possible for many reasons : Map making (especially duel maps). It is very hard to make a balanced map that will be played by most in the long run with the current weapon balance (External) Tutorials, really hard to do if weapon balance is not settled, or they'll become obsolete It hinders top level play greatly (Reflex at top level feels like a cointoss, other top players can confirm this). Should be the core cameplay and therefore one of the first "final" stuff, I don't think it's a good idea to start tweaking weapon balance when getting closer to the final builds. On the subject of map making (duel maps) : 90% of duels are played on The_Catalyst There are 3 played maps currently in duel (The_Catalyst, Pocket Infinity and Furnace) It's close to impossible to create balanced maps with the current weapon balance as it's so fragile and inconsistent No matter how hard you try to shove new maps into people's mouth, they won't play them for more than a week I feel this could be resolved with a stable and fair weapon balance. I'll now enter the specifics for each weapon, with the current problems and my suggestions to fix them. Melee : Problems : Damage is too high Unregistered hits (metal sound is played but no damage) Suggestions : Reduce damage (100->75) Fix the unregistered hits Burstgun : Problems : Inconsistent, unreliable Damage is too low No ammo management Suggestions : Make it hitscan Increase damage Reduce ammo (10 on pickup, 20 max) Shotgun (probably the only semi-balanced weapon right now) : Problems : No ammo management Suggestions : Reduce ammo (10 on pickup, 20 max) Grenade Launcher : Problems : Inconsistent, hitboxes and radius are too big Damage is too high Suggestions : Reduce damage (100->75) Plasma : Problems : Damage is too high Knockback is too strong No ammo management Suggestions : Reduce damage (14->10) Reduce knockback Reduce ammo (40 on pickup, 80 max) Rocket Launcher : Problems : Knockback is too strong, random and inconsistent Splash radius is too small Suggestions : Reduce knockback (CPMA and TF2 have a perfectly coherent and logical knockback, please check it out) Increase splash radius Ion Cannon : Problems : Ground knockback is too strong Damage is too high Not impacted enough by ammo management Suggestions : Reduce ground knockback Reduce damage and overall dps (6->5) Reduce ammo/increase rate (75 on pikcup, 150 max) Bolt rifle : Problems : Damage is slightly too high Not impacted enough by ammo management Suggestions : Reduce damage (80->75) Reduce ammo (6 on pickup, 12 max) To sum it up : Some weapons need to be impacted by ammo management (Burst, Shotgun, Plasma, Ion Cannon, Bolt Rifle) as some of them feel like they have unlimited ammo when you pick them up (Shotgun, Plasma, Burst and Bolt to an extent) Make Grenades, Bolt and Melee the same damage (75). Tweak IC's damage and fix (Rocket) knockback I think ammo management and weapon balance should result in encouraging fast paced duels with high scorelines (If people want to have 6/3 scorelines in duel, let them play quake live, not Reflex). I would love to see some of these suggestions in the experimental build for the sake of testing stuff. Thanks for reading and keep in mind that despite of what I've said, I'm a big Reflex supporter and I've really appreciated the dev's work until now, especially the raw input update.
  15. Lots of new duels uploaded !
  16. Never said rocket dealt too much damage, I even said splash radius is too small, please read correctly. "I'll be considering "weapon balance" in a duel environment at top level as I think it's what weapon balance changes should be centered around (Just like in Starcraft 2)." This line is important, right now at top level : The game is slowed down due to lg knockback and dps being too strong. There is also no sort of ammo management which is just plain bad. Plasma's damage is completly off the charts, higher dps than IC, you can win using plasma against rockets at very close range right now, shouldn't be possible imo. I said Bolt rifle's damage is slightly too high, 80 damage for point and click from any distance feels a bit cheap, hence my 75dmg suggestion which I don't think is unreasonable. Also note that this could be solved with correct ammo limitations. Sorry to sound a bit arrogant but you (and possibly more people that will post here) need to understand that top level duel plays differently and some stuff I say might sound crazy from your perspective.
  17. The final results are : Rama : 50% (79.37€) + 1 melee weapon from @Warlord Wossman Kyto : 25% (39.68€) truck : 18.75% (29.76€) 4th gaiia : 6.25% (9.92€) YOUTUBE VOD TWITCH VOD Replays Date : 11/06/2016 Starting time : 16:00 CEST (15:00 to 16:00 for checkin) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/arenafps Brackets : http://challonge.com/reflexeu3 Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/TWhwutykXh Prize pool distribution : : 50% + 1 melee weapon from @Warlord Wossman : 25% : 18.75% 4th : 6.25% Current total : 158.75€ Donations : Paypal (guillaumeaj@yahoo.fr) Rama : 20€ Kyto : 20€ LKSR : 5€ Maker : 5€ Anon : 30€ Anon : 66€ Yasashii : 12.75€ Map pool : -The Catalyst (thct7) -Furnace (dp5) -Pocket Infinity (thct2) -Static Discharge -Simplicity (thcdm13) Rules : General : Join https://discord.gg/010nExV7yl2cxQMBt on discord. Default duel mode currently in the game using the competitive ruleset (no item timers). Any attempt to bypass the ruleset will result in disqualification from the cup. Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on discord. Unsporting behaviour may be penalised. Match system : Winner's bracket matches are BO3 except the Grand final which will be BO5 (The WB winner starts with a 1-0 lead). Loser's bracket matches are BO1 except the last 2 rounds which are BO3. Picking system : Use the 'roll' command to determine which player drops first. (Player with the highest roll is the roll Winner) W: Roll winner L: Roll loser BO1 : Drop(W)-Drop(L)-Drop(L)-Drop(W) - The map remaining is the map to be played BO3 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Pick(W)-Pick(L) - The last map is the tiebreaker map (Maps are played in order of picks) Finals (BO5): WB winner: Pick (This map won't be played and is won by the WB Winner) - LB winner: pick - WB winner: pick - LB winner: Pick - WB winner: pick Servers/non EU players : No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers Any server can be used as long as both opponents agree and only if the server records replays can be accessed. (NA players are allowed, they'll however have to play on EU servers if facing an EU opponent) In case of a ping/server disagreement, Afps servers located in Germany will be used. Admins : Organisation : Benz Qualx Ramagan tehace Anti-cheat : Qualx Servers : Benz Good luck to all participants !
  19. How will the hitbox work to make sure each body part is equal to the others in terms of exposure to damage @YasashiiKyojin ?
  20. The tournament is completed ! Thank you to all the players that signed up for this event, great games from everyone, really cool to see new players having fun in their first cup A big thank you to all the donators for their great contributions. A massive thank you to Benz and Qualx for the organization, you're the reason this cup runned smoothly and turned out to be a great event, wouldn't have been possible without you two. Great coverage by the afps guys (GMT, Gilanguar and Pill) with the stream, thank you for the support and the hype before the cup (props to crazyal for esr, Nathan for the Banners and the Reflex Devs on twitter). The final results are : Rama Kyto truck 4th gaiia YOUTUBE VOD TWITCH VOD Replays
  21. Tournament starts in less than an hour ! you can still signup. Don't forget to checkin too if you're playing !
  22. Current prize pool is 158.75€, thank you to all the donators ! Come on guys lets get more signups !
  23. 2 weeks left before the tournament, don't forget to signup if you haven't already ! You can also increase the prize pool with donations to the following paypal address : guillaumeaj@yahoo.fr
  24. sv_allowmodes works fine, except for a1v1 which doesn't seem to be affected by it (on my servers at least).