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  1. Great innitative ! <3 We need to play more new maps
  2. Seperate HOME and MATCH tabs. So you could go to HOME while being in match. I often want to check home page while in match (check friends, go watch some matches and etc), but I don't want to disconnect from match.
  3. To get all 7 golden weapons should be a task of a lifetime, not 7 months. I don't want to see everyone running with golden bolt in half a year.
  4. I have to shamelessly join the train on this. Current Casual MM situation is pretty bad. Very few people use because it's bad. Wait in queue for 5 minutes 3 people FFA is bizzare. Proper Quickplay is what this game so desperately needs ..
  5. Same to me
  6. If those coordinates are particular to some map, then show us the map. Because those coordinates in world map point to middle of Siberia. Also Lithuania <3 Good luck finding what you're looking for
  7. I think the only way for Stake gun to be something more than gimmick nobody uses. Is to make it start weapon. Would need to increase reload time and drastically decrease damage.
  8. If you reset MM ranking, lock Competitive MM with level cap. To protect total newbies from train wreck. I think level 10 to unlock comp mm would be okay. Also HYPE <3 <3
  9. I thought casual MM was to practice for competitive MM ? So I think map pools should be same for both. Also TDM pool is in duel maps... Why not just remove TDM at all, if it's 2v2 anyway.
  10. I think Reflex insane speed is a bad thing when talking about larger public games. It requires larger maps for fewer players compared to other games. And Reflex can't handle large maps well (low performance, insane amount of work to make them look proper). For example in cs dust2 is designed for 5v5, but there are tons of servers that run it 15v15 and it's works just fine. In reflex it's becomes huge chaos much faster. Also, it's hard to keep public game alive when it's max 5v5 and every single player leaving makes teams very imbalanced (compared to 10v11). Currently only 4 modes are actually fun at the moment: 1v1, FFA, ATDM and RACE. And I think focus could be made to those 4. While CTF could be popular in public play, I don't think that TDM has any chance to be succesful in pubs without remaking it from scratch. For teammodes to grow, it needs proper pub play, but that requires larger servers, that would make it easier to people rotate ( join/leave), but don't kill match. And it's impossible to build competitive play before public play. Edit: also, reason I think ATDM is better than CTF is scalability. 2v2 ATDM works way better than 2v2 CTF. ATDM could be played with any amount of players, while CTF requires specific amount before it's even playable. And any chance for teammodes to succeed in any way is bots.
  11. For some people input lag was fixed by capping framerate to monitors Hz. I know strange, but for some this helped
  12. Fully agree Quickplay should be separated from MatchMaking. Quickplay should be drop in/out. Atm it's just better join empty server than use MM.
  13. it wouldn't make it round based in any way. It just would make it different dynamically. And in my opinion less chaotic.
  14. I think for CTF would be nice to control game flow with "wave spawns". So team could spawn in fixed time intervals, for example 10 seconds. That would be make more streamlined attack/defend game flow. Also, I agree with changing scoring system + teamsize locking.
  15. To be honest, first picture looks pretty nice