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  1. Try "sv_steam 1" in console
  2. People are definitely already abusing it :_D
  4. We've had two really nice trailers since that one, the most recent being from just a week ago. This is what shows up first when I search for Reflex Arena but your results may vary (the web is very tailored to our past interests) Anyway, you can help by spreading that updated trailer :-D
  5. Was mainly posting it to help you with updating your map. Not sure how to resolve your issue with playing workshop maps :-(
  6. I covered this in my workshop map publishing guide
  7. Because you are filtering for things with "white" in their name
  8. squash those bugs!!
  9. If this was CS I could write you an alias bind but we don't have the alias command in Reflex so it's probably better for someone to make this for you in lua. Regardless it's a good idea I hadn't thought of before
  10. I think the forum killed the formatting as it didn't work as you posted it. I found what you posted in the Discord which didn't get murdered and hosted it on pastebin ova here
  11. embed images
  12. Images in these update threads are a nice touch. More please
  13. BOXR is not interested in sponsoring you. Thank you
  14. Made this graph to aid in visualizing the rank elo correlation
  15. Are you in the Reflex Discord? There's always someone new floating around looking for a game Can join up at