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  1. I'm not sure what has happened @Jaguar and @Stalast. Nothing has changed that I'm aware of.
  2. Thanks Chortas! I have updated my list.
  3. Thanks Jaguar, I have updated the list
  4. OK I have put together a list of what I can gather of the VODs. Please let me know if I have missed any or you know of some more. Also I noticed the score tables link has changed now to
  5. Yeah, I'm looking into that. Not sure why none of the images are showing correctly.
  6. If you check out the Reflex League website, there are score tables there. For example: You can just change the region to check everyone out. I will be trying to get a list of links for some games that were streamed and post them on the website/here. Hope that helps!
  7. Hi Everyone, Reflex Arena has finally been added to the YouTube Gaming Category. Please make sure when you upload videos to check if it has selected it automatically or if you need to change it. Let's add some videos to the Reflex Arena YouTube Gaming Channel! Thanks, Thaylia.
  8. I have done a bunch of the melees that are now in Discord
  9. So you guys have asked about adding new emotes to the Reflex Discord and we have heard you. We are only allowed 50 emoji uploads so make yours stand out and if you like, make sure you click the like button on the comment. According to Discord, you can upload them in sizes up to 128x128 pixels, but they will be resized to 32x32. Please embed them in png or svg file type below. This will be reviewed by our team and then uploaded if it's awesome. Note: These new emojis can only be used in the server they are uploaded.
  10. This has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, so the Reflex Arena Forums will be going down for it to be transfered to it's correct place in the website. This will happen sometime within the next 24 hours, I can't say the exact time sorry. We hope that this will be the final time if no issues arises from the move. The new forums address once it comes back up will be Thank you!
  12. The new Reflex Arena website has gone live! We have moved from and are now on Take a look around and see the new pages. We hope to bring more to the site in the future, but for now enjoy!
  13. Competition is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!