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  1. This map is made to put heavy emphasis on flicks and reactions while also minimizing camping. It is only made for instagib. It has no pickups at all. 16 spawns, 8 for each team. Note that this isn't meant to be a balanced map or competitive. It is only made to get your arm going. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887336565
  2. Made a pass to get rid of those ugly pillars and tweaked lightning a bit. Updated screenshot in OP
  3. Yeah they are confusing. But they are consistent if you can spot the pattern. Colours of the walls indicate it somewhat.Orange and green don't mix so you could say it is two loops. Maybe four actually, one for each side but IIRC they do mix once you get into the loops. Each tele brings you one floor up except the top one that brings you down to ground floor. Just added a short 1min vid to the workshop page.
  4. Thanks guys. So far the time I spent playing on it seems to do what I was going for. Not sure about the spawn placement though. But I guess it will have to do unless I add complexity there's hardly any other spots to spawn. Might make a pass over the pillars and roof someday. Mostly for looks. Maybe cut of the outer corner of the pillars just a bit for flow.
  5. So I just violated the default Crosshairs.lua and made it so I can use sliders to set colour under options. Both for the fill colour and the stroke outline. I didn't bother keeping the cvars. It is all now saved in the config and only(?) customizable with the settings under options/widgets/CrosshairsMu. Colour fill/stroke by health will override the slider settings. CrosshairsMu.zip Updated 26/11-15 Added ugly hack to get stroke to work on all the default crosshairs. The more complex patterns will not have a uniform outline though. It is basically drawing the crosshair twice in slightly different sizes so the ouline will be either on the inside or outside.
  6. Dedicated Server Guide

    ​The only valid information that is relevant on that screenshot is the ports. Of course it can connect to steam as long as it has internet available. It doesn't mean that you can connect to the server at all. There is still lot of things outside the server program that can be wrong without the server making any indication of it. As long as you don't have an ISP with a special setup the fault should be on your side. Either software blocking the server, like a firewall. Or ports not forwarded correctly. You being able to connect to the server via its local network IP means that it has to be the portforwarding. Alternative your friend that are useless Best approach is having more then one trying to connect if you really think you done it right. Just to minimize the risk of them doing it wrong.
  7. Post your WIP screenshots!

    Been trying different layout solution and slowly getting the parts together to make up a whole map. This bit should stay almost the same to the final version.
  8. [duel] Amh_b1 (for contest)

    ​tehace has it. It was his lm file that worked.
  9. f14p2 (v1.8)

    ​ Doublecheck that you are using right file. At least if by visuals you mean all them pretty meshes and leaves. The version I loaded up just before writing this had them.
  10. [0.37.3] Freezes on servers

    ​What do you mean with hosting a lan server? Sv_public 0 or just others connecting over local network instead of internet?
  11. Competitive Duel Map Contest

    ​ That file loaded just fine for me. Including the light maps.
  12. [duel] Amh_b1 (for contest)

    I did manage to extract the map file and get that one to work. But the map is very heavy on building the lm so you really need to get it working. I also suggest keeping an eye on the GBuffer value (check r_profiler 2) The map is a bit heavy on it which means it will have poor performance on lower end machines. It's basically all the meshes doing it.
  13. Competitive Duel Map Contest

    ​Nope it said both where corrupt and couldn't be extracted. Are you using WinRaR?
  14. Competitive Duel Map Contest

    ​Just tried it and got corrupt on both files. Maybe you are running a bad firewall that steals traffic. I know that used to be the source of corrupt files way back.
  15. Competitive Duel Map Contest

    ​It is probably not the issue. Make sure you aren't in edit mode. Then reload the map. Then build the lightmap. Then restart the game and load map to check that you don't get lighting invalid. If you don't it should be ok to upload. It has something to do with entering edit mode before building lightmaps it seems.
  16. So there used to be a way to change the lightprobe distance. Unless I missed it completely that is no longer the case. Instead it is always 64u. Resulting in massive lightbleeding through brushes thinner than that. Is there any solution to it in current version or is it incoming? Reason I put the question under mapping is because it severely effects how you can use brushes.
  17. Lightmap sampling resolution in 0.37.3

    Yeah if you are going to use floor/ceilings that aren't 64u inside your map you do have to pay attention to their height placement in relation to the probe grid. I did however experience a massive bleed from a lamp on a 14+2u thick bridge. It was build with probes aligned with the bottom surface. But then I went and placed the light right on top of a probe location and... well it didn't like that. If that is something to look out for then it might get annoying if we are able to change the probedistance. Packing them closer could lead to more hits on lightsources.
  18. Dedicated Server Guide

    ​Had a look around and everything I can see at first glance uses the server machines IP as external IP to. Might be some weird translation or something. Calling it external IP is very easily confusing. So in your screenshot above you should not actually enter the external IP but instead enter the servers local IP again. At least that is what it seems like. A lot of routers have their own way of making their interface hard to understand but this might be one of the great ones. The one example I did find that did use the external IP was also having problem with getting others to connect.
  19. So will there ever be damage events for scripting? I am talking about an event call that widgets can use to parse damage events to get damage dealt, what weapon, who target and shooter is and so on. Thus enabling a lot of additional functionality like statistics. Yes there is a risk for exploitative scripts. As I see it you can have three levels of logging. off, limited info and full info. Combine that with a cvar specified, serverside delay. Something like 5 or 10 seconds by default. So a cup duel match can be hosted on a server with no delay allowing casters to have widgets with hit accuracy and so on in real time. While a public server probably should use at least 5s delay. Probably should use a flag available for widgets to check if there is delay or maybe even how much. So they can automatically deactivate if they depend on realtime data. Like for example a per-fight accuracy evaluator for Ion cannon. Would be kinda strange to have the accuracy% lag behind in such a case. The important bit would be that even if the events are delayed it would provide an effective way to track stats over the course of a full game. Something I think a lot of people are missing right now. I haven't done any Lua but I would think something like a widget:DamageEvent(eventObject) would be nice. eventObject containing shooter, victim, weapon and amount.
  20. GUI & Main Menu Hidden

    Just a stab in the dark. In the console type "loadconfig game_default". Resets all keybinds and so on. If there is something that gotten messed up there.
  21. Dedicated Server Guide

    ​If it worked once but don't anymore it means something changed. Double check all the IP's. Most likely your server or your router have a new IP. If it all seems to be accurate restart the router. Cheap routers (usually the ones ISP's send out) can be a bit unreliable. One thing that is a bit odd is the screenshot. Usually you don't have to fill in an external IP. Reason being that it doesn't matter. Everything incoming on the chosen ports should be forwarded. Doesn't matter at all what IP you are receiving the traffic on. What brand and model is that on?
  22. Dedicated Server Guide

    ​Assuming BOTH is for both TCP and UDP, yes that looks right. Double check that it targets the correct internal IP. As in the IP of the server. Think that is what you blurred out. You don't have to fear sharing the IP's on your internal network. Those are only useful for you. If you can. Do check that you can connect to the server via local IP. That is assuming you are running it at home. There have been plenty of people I helped that forgot to let the server through the firewall. One thing you should do is reserve the IP of the server machine. Meaning even if you turn that machine of over night it will always get the same IP. If you don't it can get a different IP and then all the portforwarding don't work.
  23. graphic bug

    The "invalid lighting please rebuild" is due to lack of precompiled lightmaps. Basically you precalculate lightvalues and save them to get some better performance. To do so in Reflex you just run the command r_lm_build in the console. Can take a while depending on your computer setup. For more complex maps I recommend downloading them from ReflexFiles.com Usually the map comes with working light file. Not always though.
  24. Dedicated Server Guide

    When you forward a port in most routers you have to declare if it should be tcp or udp or both. Some force you to make separate entries for it. Both are part of TCP/IP network protocol. UDP being a subset that focus on low latency, maximum throughput data. Hence why almost all games use UDP. Sounds to me you don't have your portforwarding setup correctly. Alternatively the server is blocked by a firewall. These are things only you can check and fix unless you offer up more information. Unless you are using the wrong IP to connect to of course.
  25. Map editing on blue fang solutions servers

    I assume they changed their default server cfg to include sv_allowedit 0? Don't you get access to the server config?